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Everything you need to know about PageSuite

We strive to be market leaders across our core digital, mobile and tablet products in quality, market penetration and client success. Our primary strength is the ability to create custom solutions focused on delivery to specification, through unique design and product development.

PageSuite is a leading privately owned and self-funded digital, mobile and tablet publishing company. Providing strategic solutions for future focused publishers, aiding them to deliver engaging content through multiple channels, enhancing the end-user experience. Servicing broad global content and publishing markets, with North and South America managed from our Boston office while the rest of the world is handled from our Headquarters in Kent, England, and our development office in London.

In 2006 PageSuite launched its first digital page-turning software product, which is still the core component to so many of our products today and now available as an SDK. Leveraging technological innovations, business referrals and industry knowledge has sustained our stable and continuous progression, attracting and retaining key clients and employees to grow with us. In 2009 we launched our first mobile application; we now have over 1200 apps live.

We have a strong presence with big brand national newspapers across the world – including the UK, USA, Europe,  Brazil, Caribbean and Southeast Asia as well as a market share of regional newspapers in UK, Ireland, USA and Canada.

Within the magazine market, whether it be B2B or consumer titles, our core competency attracts large publishing groups such as ITP and Northern & Shell.

Over the last 10 years we have developed solutions for some of the biggest newspaper and magazine groups across the world, including; The Boston Globe, Newsday, The LA Times, The Philippine Star and News UK. We’ve also enjoyed recent success in both the Middle East and central Europe.

Innovation, consistency and security are central to PageSuite, looking for resourcefulness across volume and niche brands focused on revenue generation and ease of distribution with minimal interruption to an existing workflow.

With a support and development infrastructure in place since the company’s inception to consistently be ahead of the trends, providing all clients access to stable products, training and impactful growth.

PageSuite operate two market principles; the first—providing strategic out-the-box solutions serving the majority of publishers and content holders driven over the longer term by our second principle—custom development for many large publishing groups each year.

Nathan Parrett, Founder, said; “PageSuite has come a long way over the past 10 years and over the past 24 months the company has grown considerably. We’ve continued to evolve as a business and develop our solutions to meet the demands of our growing international client base. We have some exciting client launches happening in the next few months and we’re all working hard to break into new territories over the coming months.” Sept 2016

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