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Product Overview

Display an enhanced, feature-rich edition across the web or via a native app. Our fully-automated Replica solution enables you to publish daily newspapers, weekly magazines or annual brochures. You’re able to make enhancements to your edition within our intuitive portal or you can simply send us your PDF files and our system will take care of the scheduling and processing for you.

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Slick User Interface

Our Replica solution features a modern and clean and user interface so that your readers can easily browse your latest edition across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Fully brand your edition by adding a splash screen or background image and by adding your companies’ colour scheme.

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Add Media

Enhance content and increase engagement by adding links, audio or videos via our easy-to-use Media Tool. Video content can be uploaded as an MP4 file or can be taken from YouTube or Vimeo.

Share Options

Your Edition can be shared across the most popular social media sites to help increase page views. Readers will also be able to share specific pages or even articles via our Clippings Tool.

Archive & Supplements

Our Edition product enables you to display an extensive archive, ordered by month or year, alongside your latest editions. Why not include your supplements or related content too?

Article View

Our Article View feature enables you to display articles within an optimised ‘pop up’ screen which is optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. To use our Article View feature you can either supply us with a content feed or we can discuss ways to extract content from your existing PDF files…

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Archived Editions

You can display a full archive within the menu of your ePaper, allowing readers to easily access previous editions. Some clients use this to display historical content which is placed behind a paywall to generate additional revenue…

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From banner ads to MPUs and interstitials there are a variety of advertising options available for you to generate additional revenue. You can also integrate your Edition with Google DFP for complete ad campaign management.



Track page views, time per session, popular viewing times and much more by integrating your ePaper with Firebase or other popular Analytics software.



If your Edition is paid-for you will be able to manage your entire subscriber database via our portal. You’ll also be able to integrate your Edition with third-party subscriber management software.

ePaper SDK

Our market-leading Replica ePaper is also available as a SDK. The SDK enables you to integrate our Replica ePaper solution into your existing mobile or tablet app. Using the documenation provided, you can customise the look and feel of your ePaper. The SDK has been written completely native to iOS and Android ensuring that editions are delivered in high resolution at fast speeds.

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"Our relationship with PageSuite has been the model of an ideal vendor relationship through both challenges and successes."