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Product Overview

Our Live solution enables you to offer clients a regularly updating news experience, either from a feed of existing content or within the Content Management System. Live provides a simple CMS, multiple common and reusable templates and a reliable and graceful end-user application that works in a consistent manner on multiple platforms.

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Native UI on iOS and Android

Our Live app is natively built for iOS and Android so that we can deliver a faster, smoother and more ensure that it’s more performant that HTML web views.

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A PageSuite LIVE Example

Subscription Integration

We have integrated with major subscription providers to enable existing subscribers to log in and gain access to content

Offline Reading

Feed content is downloaded when the app is launched and all text saved for offline reading

Share, bookmark & save downloads

Share using the native share function on the device. Bookmark articles and download editions to read later

Flexible Templated Design

Mulitple use cases have been considered to offer a templated solution where possble, speeding up design and development times. You can also include your Replica edition within the app, utilising our Replica SDK.

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A PageSuite LIVE Example

Personalsed Sections

Provide readers with the opportunity to control content within your app. Any number of topics or categories can be chosen and the order in which they appear within the app can be edited. This can be written back to sync with website preferences via an API

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A PageSuite LIVE Example
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Push Notifications

Firebase provides a console for segmenting audiences and sending push notifications

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The platform is integrated with Firebase out of the box so that standard events are tracked

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DFP integration for IAB standard ad units

"Integrating video and picture galleries is pretty straightforward and provides our readers with a richer experience."