Create a 'completable' digital edition from a PDF or existing feed content

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Edition Overview

Our Edition platform enables you to create a digital edition, either from a PDF or from existing feed-based content. Whether you choose to create your edition from a PDF or from existing feeds, we’ll deliver an edition that looks and feels like a newspaper or magazine.

Edition can be used to create a print-replica edition that can be viewed across the web or within a native app, or it can completely replace your print edition. You can choose to offer readers an optimised ‘digital-only’ edition or you can present your digital-only edition alongside your existing print-replica to offer subscribers a choice in how they consume your content. This powerful platform is a great way to offer readers digital content in a format in which they are familiar with.

We also offer you the option to combine Edition with our Live platform so that you can present a live news feed alongside your edition.

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Clean, Modern UI and UX

Edition offers readers a clean, modern UI but with a familiar behavior. Readers will be presented with a ‘print-like’, completable reading experience through the use of flexible, templated designs. Content is available to read offline and readers are able to share, bookmark or save articles to read at a later date.

We hold regular product sessions with our clients to ensure that our solutions meet expectations of publishers across the globe.

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A PageSuite EDITION Example

Flexible templated designs

Optimised for the web, mobile and tablet and designed to highlight your content


We have integrated with major subscription providers to enable existing subscribers to log in and gain access to content

Push Notifications

Firebase provides a console for segmenting audiences and sending push notifications

Article View

Our Edition solution has been designed to offer users a seamless experience across all devices.

Article View offers you more ways to display your content. Readers will be able to simply tap on articles within your Edition to view them in a pop-up, ‘optimised’ window for a more convenient browsing experience. From here, they can swipe through articles, control text size and share individual articles.

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A PageSuite EDITION Example

Print-Like, Completable Reading Experience

You’ll be able to create an HTML-based edition from feed content that looks and feels like a replica newspaper or magazine. This digital-only edition can sit alongside the replica in the app, as an evening edition, a sports special or any kind of supplement.

The edition shares the same behaviour and UI as the print-replica edition, so existing audiences are using something with which they are familiar

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A PageSuite EDITION Example


Full page adverts can either be uploaded and inserted in the edition flatplan at specific points, or the edition can be set up to call for a full page ad after a defined number of pages



The platform is integrated with Firebase out of the box so that standard events are tracked


Share, bookmark, save downloads

All content in the app can be shared via the native share options on the device and pages can be bookmarked and saved to read later

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