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PDF-Driven Apps

We have a selection of pre-designed app templates that enable you to seamlessly display your replica edition across tablet and mobile. Readers will be able to swipe through pages, pinch-to-zoom in on certain content and choose from a selection of screen views for either portrait or landscape orientation. Full editions or brochures can be downloaded and saved for offline browsing. Our fully-optimized app template designs enable you to display archived editions, supplements and other content alongside your main PDF edition.

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Live Feed-Driven Apps

Provide readers with your latest news as it happens via a fully-optimized live feed-driven mobile and tablet app. Simply plug your news feed into one of our pre-designed templates, set your branding and add your logo. Stories will update within your app as soon as they are added to your website. Content can be organized into sections and you can offer your readers the option to personalize the in-app menu so that they can prioritize the stories that matter to them. Drive revenues by implementing effective ad solutions…

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Generate additional revenue from your app by utilising our range of advanced advertising options from native adverts to animated interstitials.


Whether you offer weekly, monthly or annual subscriptions or are looking to implement a gated subscription model we have the expertise to assist.

Push Notifications

Drive additional traffic to your app and alert your readers about breaking news stories by utilising our push notification tools.

Kiosk Apps

The kiosk app is a multi-title platform that gives users access to an entire catalogue of publications offering an alternative to launching individual apps for every title. The kiosk app provides increased advertising opportunities for each title and creates a simplified workflow for publishers. This strategy also allows publishers to offer discounts and bundle incentives, making readers more likely to diversify their reading habits and try new publications, therefore increasing your potential subscription revenues in the long-term.

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Edition App

Present a fully optimised crafted edition on our latest digital platform. The new Edition App extracts content from a range of sources, including replica PDFs, XML or JSON feeds. These are then paired with a selection of predesigned templates to best emphasise your digital content, be it text, images or video. Natively built and available for iOS and Android across mobile or tablet devices or as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

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Offline Reading

Enable readers to access content on the move when they don't have an internet connection...

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Saved Articles

Readers will simply be able to ‘force touch’ an article to add it to their ‘saved articles’ for reading at a later date.

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Pinch To Zoom

Simply pinch to zoom in on articles for a crystal clear reading experience across mobile and tablet devices.

"PageSuite understands the challenges faced by traditional publishers and has a range of services and products to help them navigate the fast-changing digital landscape."