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April 13, 2023 | Lucy Penn

PageSuite India – Our First Annual Meet!

Launching PageSuite India right at the beginning of the pandemic meant that we could only officially open our office last May. Since then, our operations in India have been going from strength to strength and we were delighted to host our first Annual Meet in March to celebrate 3 years of operations and all the success we’ve had along the way…

The event was attended by PageSuite Group CEO, Ross Murphy, Operations Director, Darren Buddle, HR Director Patrick Pinto and all of our PageSuite India team.

It was a fantastic night enjoyed by all, with music, dance and lots of good food! Ross and Darren delivered a presentation to the team, focussing on PageSuiteā€™s vision and drive for building market-leading products and delivering excellent service to our global client base.

During the evening we recognised the top performers of 2022, who went above and beyond. They were welcomed on stage and presented with a trophy. We then enjoyed a splendid performance from our employees, which included lots of singing and dancing!

Here’s a glimpse of the evening…

PageSuite India Presentation

PageSuite India Dance