Header image of Baylis Media Ltd Launch a 200-Year Digital Archive with PageSuite

November 14, 2019 | Lucy Penn

Baylis Media Ltd Launch a 200-Year Digital Archive with PageSuite

We are delighted to announce the launch of Baylis Media’s digital archive for their titles, The Advertiser, The Windsor Express and Slough Express.

We’ve digitised more than 800,000 pages of archived content which was held on microfilm so that local communities can now access historical content across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Jason Baylis, chairman of Baylis Media said, “We had a significant library of microfilm here at our main office and we thought it would be a fantastic resource for our community to have all this digitised. We worked with them [PageSuite] to develop and build an archive incorporating this page-turning service”.

“The best part of this is you can browse any week, any month, any year, or you can do word or phrase searches”.

Content is now live and accessible via www.baylismediaarchive.co.uk/. Readers can choose to purchase a single edition, 7-day, monthly or annual subscription. There’s also the option to browse a sample edition prior to purchasing a subscription so that readers can browse the content available.

Once purchased, readers can browse content, zoom in on articles or images, download or print pages.

We hope readers enjoy accessing this historical content!