Trust in News



We’re pleased to announce the launch of a brand-new digital solution for the leading magazine group in Portugal – Trust in News (TIN). With over 100,000 subscribers and more than 1.7 million readers, TIN have chosen PageSuite to launch their new multi-title ePaper and app magazine solution.

Six from the 13 magazines titles will be launching on our innovative HTML5 desktop solution with more being added later, futureproofing their digital offering and guaranteeing the content can be viewed in the browser cross-platform. Alongside the HTML5 solution Trust in News will also be launching PDF replica app solutions for all titles. Locked behind a hard paywall subscription model these apps will be available on both iOS and Android platforms which benefits from the latest features and functionality.

The features include allowing readers to choose from multiple reading views, swipe and jump to specific pages, utilise the search bar to locate specific content via keywords and much more. The upgrade sees all of the Trust in News magazine titles move to an improved codebase ensuring that readers can benefit from a faster, improved reading experience with analytics and push notifications.

Trust in News will be taking advantage of our manual article extraction tool to populate the innovative Article View feature. This enhanced view allows readers to tap on an article which then opens it in an optimised ‘pop up’ window on mobile and tablet. Users can then seamlessly swipe through articles within the app, share content, view engaging image galleries within articles and adjust the text size.

The PageSuite solution comes with a whole host of benefits including a fully automated processing workflow, 24/7 365-day support and an extensive archive that TIN have added so that readers can revisit past editions for no additional cost.

We caught up with Director of IT at Trust in News Media, João Luis Mendes, to find out the magazines reasoning for choosing PageSuite to be their digital provider and their plans for the future of the large Portuguese magazine group….

Q&A with João Luis Mendes, Head of IT

Q. What was your reasoning behind launching your digital solutions and what attracted you to PagseSuite?

J.M. – What attracted us in PageSuite was the low production effort and the high-value features.

Q. What are you looking to achieve with your new digital solutions e.g drive subscriptions/engagement?

J.M – Excellency of product with a better engagement from our readers, and potential revenue from additional advertising methods.

Keep an eye out for The Trust in News as it launches on desktop, IOS & Android app stores.