Gathered Insights from our New Edition App

27 November 2018


Earlier this month, our SVP of Business Development Ben Edwards and Lead Developer Ben Holmes presented the first look at our new enriched Edition App to publishers across the world and asked for their feedback.
The webinar demonstrated how the new solution intelligently extracts your content from a range of sources, including replica PDFs, XML or JSON feeds and allows you to ‘re-curate’ content back into an easily digestible format. The solution gives the publisher full control of branding, logos and fonts, whilst having the option whether to spend time crafting each edition or automate this process entirely.
Ben Holmes talked through the automation functionality within the Edition App explaining that once set up the entire process can be fully automated, via a content output directly from your CMS. Once the flat plan is set-up within the PageSuite portal you will then be able to manage how your articles, adverts and sections are organised. The content is then displayed within a selection of optimised templates that best showcase your digital content, be it text, images or video.
During the live webinar, we asked attendees to share their thoughts and provide feedback on how they would implement and create additional revenue opportunities from the Edition App…

  1. What do you see the use case for this solution being?

When asked how publishers would potentially use this solution the results were pretty close. Targeting new audiences and Special & Supplement Editions scored the highest, demonstrating publishers want to target new revenue streams with this solution.

2. What advertising model would you adopt for the Edition app?
Results from the poll revealed that publishers are overwhelmingly more likely to create new revenue streams with digital adverts (66%) compared to just replicating print ads within the solution (16.6%).

3. What do you see the immediate challenges being with this solution?
Being a new solution, we wanted to understand the challenges and potential pitfalls publishers were having with the Edition App. The feedback we got was interesting, ‘positioning it alongside our existing solutions’ was raised as the biggest concern.
Editorial time constraints were also raised as an issue, however, with the full automation functionality of the Edition App, this shouldn’t be an issue for publishers.

Our Edition Apps are natively built and available for iOS and Android across mobile or tablet devices or as a Progressive Web App (PWA). If you are interested, please get in touch for a personalised demo or you can watch the demo here.