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Cross Platform Publishing

Whether it is a national, daily newspaper with over 100,000 subscribers or a bi-annual brochure, our HTML5 Digital Edition software will enable you to bring your content to life and be viewed across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Our new HTML5 digital edition interface features improved performance and a whole host of exciting new features…

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Interface & Navigation

Our sleek, user-friendly interface ensures that your readers can easily browse through your edition. They will be able to choose from multiple reading views, jump to specific pages or utilize the search bar to locate specific content via keywords. Readers can access the menu to create bookmarks, access your archive or even print specific pages from your edition.

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Add Media

Enhance your regular PDFs and increase engagement by adding links, audio or videos via our easy-to-use Media Tool. Video content can be uploaded as an MP4 file or can be taken from YouTube or Vimeo.

Share Options

Your Digital Edition can be shared across the most popular social media sites to help increase page views. Readers will also be able to share specific pages or even articles via our Clippings Tool.

Archive & Supplements

Our Digital Edition software enables you to display an extensive archive, ordered by month or year, alongside your latest editions. Why not include your supplements or related content too?

Article View

Offer your readers another way to view your articles by taking advantage of Article View. Users will be able to seamlessly swipe through articles within your app, adjust the text size and share content. Article View can be populated using our Article Management Tool or can be automatically populated using feeds.

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A PageSuite Digital Editions Example

Article View Mode

If you have feed content you can utilise Article View Mode within our Digital Edition software to provide your readers with your latest content in-between editions. Order content into sections, create brand new sections or utilise the ‘live ticker’ for breaking news stories.

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A PageSuite Digital Editions Example
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From banner ads to MPUs and interstitials there are a variety of advertising options available for you to generate additional revenue. You can also integrate your Digital Edition with Google DFP for complete ad campaign management.

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Track page views, time per session, popular viewing times and much more by integrating your Digital Edition with Google Analytics and Omniture.

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If your edition is paid-for you will be able to manage your entire subscriber database via our portal. You’ll also be able to integrate your edition with third-party subscriber management software.

Digital Edition SDK

Our new reader SDK allows you to seamlessly plug your edition directly into your existing iOS app solution. With just a few lines of code, it’s the easiest way to add engaging digital editions to your app. The SDK is fully native so you can offer your readers high clarity editions that load amazingly quickly and are optimized for mobile and tablet. We’ve packed in all your favourite reader tools and functionality so you can customize the reader the way you want it. Watch this space for our Android SDK coming soon.

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