Around the World in 80 Paid... Content Strategies

20th September @ 2pm BST

Our Business Development Director, Ben Edwards joins forces with MPP Global’s VP, Media & Publishing, Ana Lobb to present 'Around the World in 80 Paid... Content Strategies'

In this year's co-hosted webinar, Ben and Ana present a selection of paid content strategies and products from unique international markets, such as Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East, to see how these stack up against the likes of North America, Scandinavia, mainland Europe and Australia.

The webinar will cover:

  • How different markets are implementing paid strategies – global brands vs. small independent titles.
  • Strategies and devices - how do devices impact revenue models?
  • Charging for news – how does this differ across markets?
  • Find out how publishers are optimising the user journey and limiting barriers to entry.
  • Alternative avenues to consider to bolster publishing revenue streams.
Ben Edwards and Ana Lobb present the webinar

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