Webinar 2 in 1 App Strategy

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2 in 1 - The Strategy For App Success!

How combining PDF content with Live News can be your strategy for success in 2018

Thursday 30th November at 3pm GMT/10am EST

In our next webinar we'll be looking at how you can dramatically increase engagement and in turn grow your digital revenue by launching a market-leading app solution that combines your regular PDF content with live website feeds. During our 60-minute webinar we'll explore:

  1. The benefits of the 2 in 1 app solution
  2. How you can increase engagement times
  3. Monetizing content to drive digital revenue
  4. Enhancing content with third-party integrations
  5. Driving results in 2018
Ben Edwards and Stuart Smith present the App Strategy Webinar
Dallas Morning News The Sun Newsday
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