Innovation is central to PageSuite, we are always striving to stay ahead of the curve and offer clients the latest innovative platforms. See below to find out what technologies we work with...

Innovative Solutions

PageSuite always strives to stay ahead of the curve and offer our clients the latest cross-platform solutions. Following the rise of new innovative digital platforms such as intelligent virtual assistants and the latest virtual reality platforms, PageSuite is working with a selection of our clients to launch solutions that work seamlessly with these new devices. If you’re looking to utilise a new smart device as part of your digital strategy, contact our team today to set up a meeting with our specialists.

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Amazon Echo & Google Home

Amazon Echo and Google Home are both hands-free speakers that the user controls with their voice. Allowing the user to play music, ask questions, news, sports scores, weather and so much more.

PageSuite is currently trialling how this intelligent smart assistant can be integrated and beneficial for our clients. For example, imagine getting a “flash briefing” every morning from your favourite news sites about the top stories for the day, just from a simple command. The BBC, The Washington Post and The Guardian are just a few who have already launched on Alexa but we expect many others to soon follow suit.

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Smart Watch

Smart watches, such as the Apple Watch, can be utilised to display snippets of information from your regular app. For example, why not alert readers about a breaking news headline or enable them to access the latest weather via their watch whilst they are on the go. They will be able to choose which articles to ‘hand off’ and view in full via their phone or tablet app. The Apple Watch can be used to enhance your existing strategy and offer your readers another platform on which to view your content.

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Virtual Reality

While the majority of publishers are still only in an experimental phase and attempting to understand what virtual reality could mean for their business, many are creating VR teams because they understand this is a major growth area. PageSuite currently has members of staff working with our existing publishers to develop solutions that best suits them and enhances their reader’s experience.

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TV Apps

Through apps, platforms such as Apple TV, give the user access to a range of exciting entertainment and informational content, from music, TV shows, radio, movies and so much more. Publishers can also take advantage of this platform by using an app to display the latest local news, high school sports, breaking headlines and so much more, all of which is on demand.

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"Our aim was to get all of our apps available in Apple and Google Play stores as soon as we could, as all our competitors were doing the same – it felt like a race!... The apps work for both DC Thomson and their readers and bring in significant revenue, showing that their digital strategy has been successful."