PDF Apps

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PDF App Features

PageSuite’s powerful digital publishing suite enables you to enhance content to provide your readers with a superior browsing experience. The following great features are all available with our PDF replica template apps.

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Customisable Branding

Fully brand your app by customising the background, logo and colour scheme.


Whether you offer weekly, monthly or annual subscriptions or are looking to implement a gated subscription model we have the expertise to assist.


Generate additional revenue from your app by utilising our range of advanced advertising options from splash screen adverts to animated interstitials.

Article View (Bolt-On)

Users will be able to seamlessly swipe through articles via an optimised ‘pop up’ view within your edition, adjust the text size and share content.

Full Edition Archive

Display an extensive archive, ordered by month or year, alongside your latest editions.

Multiple Supplements

Some app templates enable you to display multiple supplements alongside your main publication.

Image Galleries

Include multiple images within your articles, enhancing your editorial content and creating a more engaging experience.

Social Media

Encourage users to share your content across social media by integrating your app with social media functionality.

Push Notifications

Drive additional traffic to your app and alert your readers about breaking news stories by utilising our push notification tools.

Download Editions

Enable readers to access content on the move when they don't have an internet connection.

Saved Content

Readers will simply be able to ‘force touch’ an article to add it to their ‘saved articles’ for reading at a later date.

Pinch to Zoom

Simply pinch to zoom in on articles for a crystal clear reading experience across mobile and tablet devices.