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Display all your publications within one app with this multi-title app platform...

Kiosk App

The kiosk app is a multi-title platform that gives users access to an entire catalogue of publications offering an alternative to launching individual apps for every title. Housing all titles within one core location makes it simpler for the publisher to manage and offers an improved reading experience for consumers as they can access multiple publications from one app. The kiosk app is a cross-platform solution that allows subscribers to access their downloaded editions across all devices, wherever they are.

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The kiosk app provides increased advertising opportunities for each title and creates a simplified workflow for publishers. This strategy also allows publishers to offer discounts and bundle incentives, making readers more likely to diversify their reading habits and try new publications, therefore increasing your potential subscription revenues in the long-term. This new way for readers to consume your content encourages them to stay engaged with your brand for longer.

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Here are some examples...

App Features

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Premium Feature

User Profiles

Create individual profiles within the app and save your favourite publications.


Completely brand the kiosk app, include your logo, fonts and company colours.


Incorporate any subscription strategy into the kiosk app, whether you offer a single subscription for all your titles, individual subscriptions for each title, or some form of metered paywall we can cater for this.


A number of premium advertising slots are available, alongside individual advert options within each title.

Article View (bolt-on)

Allow readers to view articles in an optimised ‘pop up’ view.


Give users access to an entire catalogue of publications.

Premium Feature

Favourite publications

'Like' your favourite publications so they appear first within the app

Download Editions

Download full editions to read offline.

Push Notifications

Alert readers about breaking news stories to drive additional traffic.


Search for publications or search for terms within current or previous editions.

Premium Feature

Sort by publication category

Filter which category of publications are viewable.


Integrate a variety of third-party APIs into your app to provide your readers with enhanced content.