Present a fully optimised crafted edition on our latest digital platform

Edition App

The new Edition App platform intelligently extracts your content from a range of sources, including replica PDFs, XML or JSON feeds and allows you to ‘re-curate’ content back into an easily digestible format. Once setup our Edition Apps can be fully automated, with a content output directly from your CMS. The content is displayed within a selection of optimised templates that best showcase your digital content, be it text, images or video.

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The Edition App gives the publisher the choice whether to spend time crafting each edition or automate this process entirely. Insert your own branding, logos and fonts, whilst having the option of curating a fully crafted front cover for each edition. Once the flat plan is set-up within the PageSuite portal you will then be able to manage how your articles, adverts and sections are organised.

Our Edition Apps are natively built and available for iOS and Android across mobile or tablet devices or as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

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Edition App Features

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If you don’t have time to curate each Edition, the Edition App can be fully automated directly from your CMS.


Completely brand the Edition App, include your logo, fonts and brand colours.


Incorporate any subscription strategy into the Edition App, whether you completely lock down the Replica publication or introduce some form of metered paywall we can cater for this.


A range of premium advertising slots are available to monetise each edition, including a sponsored front cover.


Track your reader's habits by implementing a third-party analytics API such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

Interactive Content

Include interactive content such as puzzles and functionality to save articles to drive engagement within your app.

Voice Technology

Compatible with Siri and Google Home. Just set up the shortcut and ask 'what are the top headlines'.

Social Sharing

Encourage users to share your content across social media by integrating your app with social media functionality.

Push Notifications

Notify readers when a new edition is live to drive traffic to your app.


Search for key terms within the edition.


Display an extensive searchable archive, ordered by week, month or year.


PageSuite integrates with a variety of third-party APIs to enhance your app offering..