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UK Publishers’ Digital Revenues Grew By 5.2% in 2015

March 18, 2016 | Lucy Penn

UK Publishers’ Digital Revenues Grew By 5.2% in 2015

Last week, Deloitte and the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) revealed the findings from the latest Digital Publishers’ Revenue Index report (DPRI). The results showed that there was an overall revenue growth to £416.2 million for UK publishers!

The report showed that display advertising remains the largest source of revenue, with the category accounting for 46% of the total. Overall revenue growth was driven by three formats, online video (27% increase), sponsorship (19% increase) and mobile (11% increase).

Desktop display proved to retain its position as the most significant source of revenue but showed a slow and steady decline over the last year. Video advertising however, experienced positive growth throughout the year, showing an annual increase of 43.1% in the fourth quarter alone.

Mobile also continued to demonstrate a positive performance. Advertising revenue saw an 11% increase, largely driven by smartphone display advertising which showed a 43% increase. The introduction of larger-screen smartphones also helped the increase and may have contributed to the 11% decline for tablet revenue. Mobile advertising revenue now makes up 10.2% of total revenue, up from 9.6% last year.

The report also shows a total of seven years of sustained growth in video and mobile advertising revenue – this surpassed £50million for the first time!

The DPRI report clearly presents yet another year of success for UK publishers, with advertising remaining a strong source of revenue. For information on the various types of advertising available to digital publishers, have a read of our In-App Advertising White Paper.