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July 19, 2016 | Lucy Penn

Take A Closer Look At Our New HTML5 Reader

Our new market-leading HTML5 publishing solution enables you to seamlessly display your publication across desktop, mobile and tablet.

By visiting our Digital Edition Showcase page you can take a look at three different examples which showcase just some of the features available.

The first demo shows a basic edition with all of the entry-level functionality. You’ll see different levels of zoom, a range of page view options, clippings tools, search and share functionality.

We know that everybody has different reading requirements which is why we enable you to display your content in a number of ways. As well as viewing content in the standard PDF format, you can also include article pop ups which display article text in a ‘pop up’ box designed to suit desktop, mobile and tablet screens. Further to this you can also showcase your content in the ‘Advanced Article View’ which features a live news ticker and a sleek interface. Take a look at demo 2 to see how this works.

There’s a multitude of advertising opportunities available so that you can implement a strategy to help drive digital revenues. Take a look at the third example and you’ll see sponsored splash screens, animated interstitial ads, banner adverts and more.