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Spotlight on ‘MPU Adverts’

September 21, 2015 | Lucy Penn

Spotlight on ‘MPU Adverts’

This week marks the first post in PageSuite’s Advertising Series. This piece focuses on the characteristics and effectiveness of the renowned ‘MPU’ format which make it a popular advertising method for publishers.

MPU adverts are typically 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall and are displayed amongst the content of an app, so that they are almost ‘camouflaged’. Their unobtrusive nature enables them to become part of the ‘consumption experience’; users are therefore more likely to view the adverts – this makes them a useful tool for generating additional revenue.

The first visual below shows an MPU ad within the London Evening Standard mobile app. The second visual shows an MPU ad within an article view within Newsday’s app. These visuals show two ways that publishers can utilise MPU ads.  


The easy-to-use tools within the PageSuite app CMS enable publishers to effortlessly integrate MPU adverts into their apps to boost revenue.  The advert space can be used to promote supplements, publications or even to advertise third-party products without interrupting the user experience.

There is a selection of pre-built PageSuite Infinity templates available that already have space for an MPU advert to be inserted. Publishers can opt to integrate their apps with a third-party ad server, such as DFP, so that they can easily manage their digital ad revenue.

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