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Spotlight on ‘Animated Adverts’

October 5, 2015 | Lucy Penn

Spotlight on ‘Animated Adverts’

Following the success of the interstitial advert, ‘animated interstitial adverts’ are becoming increasingly prevalent within the digital publishing industry.

Publishers are continuously looking to advance their digital advertising strategies and with user engagement becoming a key tool for gauging the success of an advert, ‘animation’ is rapidly becoming an essential device for further enhancing engagement and ultimately, increasing revenue.

Like standard interstitials, animated interstitials appear periodically within the article swipe. The user is therefore more likely to pay attention to the ad as it falls into the systematic flow of content.

A recent scientific study conducted by Neuro-Insight compared user engagement with animated adverts to engagement with standard display ads. It measured the following; the length of time audiences spent with each ad format, how well they remembered the ad and their emotional response to each of the two ad formats[1].  The study revealed that compared to standard display ads, users responded much better to animated adverts; engagement was 29% higher, positive responses were 25% higher and user dwell time was 41% higher!

Several of PageSuite’s clients have implemented animated adverts into their solutions. The example below showcases the latest interactive ad for ‘Volvo’.


Users are able to reposition the sun in the sky to view how the new Volvo model adapts to different environments. Users are also able to click on the different ‘touch-points’ of the ad to explore different features of the car.

The interactivity of animated adverts creates a more positive and memorable experience for the user. Users want to interact and explore the various functions of the advert, which therefore make the ads part of the in-app experience.

This type of advert can be easily integrated into any of our app solutions. For further guidance, contact one of our Mobile and Tablet Specialists by calling 01233 721030 or emailing