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May 18, 2016 | Lucy Tozer

Speed is a Key Factor in Driving Consumers’ Relationships with Digital Content

A recent INMA report produced by Grzegorz Piechota found that speed is a crucial factor in determining the success of consumer relationships with digital content.

The study entitled ‘Evaluating Distributed Content in the News Media Ecosystem’ revealed that the loading speed of content is a key performance indicator for websites and apps. How fast or slow content loads is a critical issue that drives digital consumer behaviour. Readers that lead fast-paced lifestyles want everything instantly, so if your app or digital edition is underperforming, they are likely to abandon it.[1]

Piechota noted that “Web site performance matters, and in mobile, every second counts.” He reported that when web performance company, Gomez, analysed page-abandonment data across more than 150 Web sites and 150 million pageviews, the average user expects pages to load in two seconds or less. After three seconds, up to 40% of users abandon the site.[2]

With this in mind, PageSuite has been working to improve the overall performance of our solutions. Our brand new product series launched on May 4th as part of our Spring Release and includes; a refined HTML5 reader, five optimised new app templates, Apple TV apps and several enhanced features. Our portal and products are now faster than ever before, which assures increased engagement and app retention rates. For more information on our Spring Release, view our webinar here.

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