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PageSuite’s New White Paper: In-App Advertising

September 22, 2015 | Lucy Penn

PageSuite’s New White Paper: In-App Advertising

PageSuite is excited to announce the release of our latest white paper ‘In-App Advertising’! The paper examines the shift in digital advertising trends as a result of changing media consumption habits. The discussion concentrates on the growing focus upon making adverts more engaging and how PageSuite’s various advertising solutions enable publishers to achieve this. The paper explores the standard adverts including banner ads and MPUs, as well as our more sophisticated implementations including; animated interstitials, takeover ads and cover wraps.

The white papers can be found within the new ‘Resources’ section on our website. In this section, we provide a series of webinars, product brochures and white papers so that our clients can refer to these to enhance their solutions. Whether you are an existing or prospective client, our webinars will provide you with the understanding to utilise our solutions effectively. The product brochures offer information on our various solutions to cater to a range of publishing requirements, and our white papers examine the latest industry-related research and technologies.

To visit our Resources section, click here!