Header image of PageSuite Collaborate with The Post Newspapers on Revolutionary ‘Mobile First’ Strategy

June 3, 2016 | Lucy Penn

PageSuite Collaborate with The Post Newspapers on Revolutionary ‘Mobile First’ Strategy

The Post Newspapers have re-imagined their paper to fit with their new vision to ‘marry digital with traditional print’ in a way that enhances both offerings.

We were delighted to work closely with The Post Newspapers in assisting them with the development of their major digital transition.

The idea has been in planning for two years and was born out of Bruce Trogdon’s, The Post Newspapers CEO, desire to make their newspaper easily accessible across smartphones, whilst ensuring that their printed paper remained as good as ever. The team at The Post Newspapers have been gradually transitioning their traditional print pages into a new format designed specifically for smartphones. They have adjusted column widths, amended type sizes and re-worked the layouts.

They have since launched with a series of PDF-replica apps and digital editions for each of their titles which are available across desktop, phone and tablet on iOS or Android. This new suite of products is a result of their new vision to make their content designed-for-device and accessible to their readers across all platforms.

We have been able to undertake this approach and by utilising the flexibility in our systems, deliver apps to accommodate this new way of publishing.

Bruce Trogdon, CEO at The Post Newspapers said, “I believe in the importance of newspapers to their communities, but I also see how much more powerful and valuable they could be if we could utilize the power of digital to enhance the existing print vehicle rather than complete with it”.

Jason Pyne, VP Operations at PageSuite said, ‘The Post Newspapers presented us with their business strategy for transitioning to a ‘digital first’ approach. With our shared expertise we have worked on amending page sizes through their production team and our developers have specially crafted apps that are aligned with their ‘mobile first’ vision. With the re-engineering of their printed pages for both print and digital, editorial and advertising is delivered immediately across multiple platforms.”

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