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MWC 2016: LG

March 8, 2016 | Lucy Penn

MWC 2016: LG

LG also announced some major developments at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress. They unveiled their new handset, the LG G5. The handset has a dual camera on the back and has a removable battery.

The release of the LG G5 is supplemented by further announcements of a new line of bolt-on accessories, such as the LG CAM Plus and LG HiFi Plus. The CAM Plus attaches itself at the bottom of the device and enables the user to take photos more comfortably and efficiently. It provides the user with a better grip and even boosts the battery life!


LG has also released their virtual reality kit; the LG 360 VR Headset and the LG 360 Cam. The headset is extremely lightweight and you can wear it like a pair of glasses. LG’s VR headset is much more comfortable than the Samsung Gear, as Samsung’s version is quite bulky and heavy. However, in terms of user experience, we preferred the Samsung Gear. Gear provided a more authentic simulation of reality.

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