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Mobile World Congress 2016

March 2, 2016 | Lucy Tozer

Mobile World Congress 2016

This year, PageSuite’s Marketing Team was lucky enough to attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We were amazed by the innovative technology on display and cannot wait to further develop our solutions to cater for the various new devices.

There was a mix of key product developments from each manufacturer, particularly surrounding virtual reality, which was a prominent theme throughout the four day congress. Samsung’s new virtual reality kit, Gear 360, and the LG 360 VR were both particularly impressive and the demos were thoroughly enjoyed by MWC attendees.

5G was also a major feature of the show, with most technology corporations showcasing the capabilities of the next generation of wireless networking. Tech giants such as Samsung, Ericsson and Intel have all committed to the prospects of 5G and even demoed their newest products across their 5G networks.

Throughout the course of the next few weeks, we will be publishing a series of posts spotlighting each of the major developments from the key exhibitors. Keep an eye on our blog to see the latest!