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October 6, 2016 | Lucy Penn

Are You Making the Most from Your Digital Solution?

With a number of high profile vendors changing the direction of their product offering we’ve seen several publishers re-evaluate their digital solutions.

Some publishers have spent thousands on solutions that are generating minimal rewards across desktop, tablet and mobile.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are seeing rewards from their digital proposition. We are seeing a strong appetite for publishers looking for a ‘fully inclusive’ solution which covers the replica edition view, live feed content, puzzles, sports, traffic and more.

The growth area right now is mobile. We’ve seen a huge growth in users accessing news on their smartphone and this is also an area that many news apps are failing to capitalise on. Because of the limited real-estate it’s essential that mobile news apps offer a compelling UI.

Whether it’s a fully native solution or a designed-for-device app with an optimised mobile UX we have the expertise to help you migrate to a solution that will see you drive engagement and revenue across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Contact us today for more information or see this blog post on changing vendors.