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April 3, 2017 | Lucy Penn

New Feature: Lock Screen Widgets

Many top publishers are introducing new features to drive engagement within their apps. The likes of BBC Sport, ESPN, The Guardian and large US newspaper, Newsday are all utilising lock screen widgets across their iOS apps. This iOS10 feature allows the user to see information and updates at a glance from their favourite apps by simply swiping right from the lock screen. These widgets are fully customisable and can be added, deleted and reordered depending on the user’s preference.

Newsday is utilising the lock screen to display their most recent stories, the user can then click straight into the article to read more. You can also jump straight into ‘More Top Stories’ and ‘Print Edition’ from their widget. 

The Guardian display their latest headline and ‘deep link’ directly to the article within their app.

The lock screen widget is a powerful way to interact with your readers outside of your app. The feature not only encourages engagement from users with your app but also adds value for the reader, giving them the ability to keep up to date with a quick swipe.

Lock screen widgets are available as a bolt-on feature with PageSuite apps. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.