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January 10, 2017 | Lucy Penn

Increasing Digital Revenues Series. Part 3

There are many opportunities for digital publishers to increase digital revenues and boost profits from their digital editions and apps. 

Generating revenue from your e-paper or app is easily achieved when implementing an effective advertising strategy. Advertising options range from traditional banner adverts to interactive interstitial advertisements; all of which can be seamlessly integrated into an e-paper or app solution. Native ad solutions are also an alternative way of including advertising, which can be effectively incorporated into content without disrupting the reader’s experience.

When implemented correctly paywalls and subscriptions are an additional way of generating constant revenue that publishers can take advantage of and are a useful tool for forecasting. By implementing a paywall subscription model, publishers can offer readers single edition payments, weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions as well as bundles and much more! The use of subscriptions also generally improves the average customer lifetime value, creates a sense of brand loyalty and an increased potential for future purchases and cross-selling.

PageSuite works with multiple publishers to implement a vast range of solutions from fully locked down to completely open access. Some publishers also offer time-based free trials, article snippets, article previews, etc. PageSuite’s flexible subscription solutions enable the publishers to easily manage subscriber data whilst helping increase customer retention, generate revenue and sustain print circulation. Using third party subscription platform providers we are able to assist our clients in managing their subscription packages to enable them to drive ROI.

La Presse+, Canada’s French-language newspaper is a key example of a newspaper successfully transitioning from print to digital; not only sustaining advertising revenue but increasing both readership and digital revenue.

The Canadian publisher achieved this by approaching their advertising content differently to most publishers, by offering advertisers a range of innovative, creative, effective and measurable advertising products that truly meet their needs.

Three years after the launch of their app, “advertising revenues from La Presse+ already account for more than 75% of La Presse’s total advertising revenues,” while all of its digital platforms, taken together, generate “88% of those revenues.”

To date, according to La Presse+, some 1,800 advertisers have chosen this leading-edge digital vehicle, publishing close to 30,000 ads. These excellent results show that tailoring advertising offerings to fit seamlessly with your digital edition and/or app are a far more effective way of generating revenue and retaining readers.

‘Thirty months after its launch, La Presse+ is now more successful than the print version of La Presse after 131 years of existence’ – Guy Crevier, President and Publisher of La Presse

As you can see there are many ways publishers can to increase digital revenues and boost profits from digital editions and apps. If you would like to find out more about optimising your current e-paper or app solution, please get in contact.

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