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Growing Digital Magazine Audiences

January 19, 2016 | Lucy Tozer

Growing Digital Magazine Audiences

Following the upward trend noted over recent years, digital magazines are continuing to experience overall growth.

In a report published by The Association of Magazine Media (MPA), results revealed that the total monthly average audience for digital mags grew from 1.55 billion to 1.73 billion from 2014 – 2015[1]. The numbers included web, mobile web, and video. Print+digital audiences also grew by 0.2% thanks to the growth of digital editions. The study also showed that the percentage of US adults that read digital magazines has more than quadrupled in the last three years and 99% of the top 15 Lifestyle apps were magazine apps.

The growing digital audience comes as a result of refined marketing strategies used by media companies. Traditionally, the only way to read content was to buy a publication but the web has completely transformed that. Today, articles are part of a “large pool of digital content that the audience consumes on their terms via their device”[2]. Social media plays a large role in this growth.

A study conducted by Ofcom reported that social networking apps were most popular in 2015 with 65% of UK adults accessing social networking sites weekly[3]. Articles and news stories are now becoming increasingly accessed and shared across social media.  Publishers therefore should definitely look to implement social sharing integrations within their digital magazines to drive their digital audience. Organisations such as NewsCorp have realised the importance of social media integration within their digital solutions. NewsCorp have turned to a real-time social curation company, Livefyre, to assist them in leveraging the 24 hour news cycle. This allows them to share breaking news, live sport updates and encourages user engagement through hashtags, photo sharing and live comments[4].

In order to secure the success of their social media strategies, magazine publishers must ensure that they utilise social platforms to generate conversation and make their brand the content hub. It is fundamental that they focus on conversion rates by measuring how many users turn into registered users[5].

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[3] Offcom, 2015, International Communications Market Report 2015