Header image of Google to phase out Flash

May 18, 2016 | Lucy Tozer

Google to phase out Flash

Google plans to phase out full support for Adobe’s Flash software on Chrome by the end of 2016.

The decision comes as a result of Flash becoming increasingly popular with cyber-thieves, who exploit bugs to compromise web users. Google is following other firms such as Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla, all of which have terminated support for Flash.

Only 10 sites will have the technology enabled by default, these include YouTube, Amazon and Facebook. All other sites will require the user to manually activate Flash. The 10 sites that will enable the functionality were chosen according to internal metrics that revealed the most visited sites that use Flash. Anthony Laforge, Google Chrome’s technical lead, stated that Chrome will seek to use alternative functionality such as HTML5 to play videos on all other sites.

On May 4th, PageSuite’s Spring Release Webinar unveiled our new HTML5 reader, which supports the tech firms’ decisions to abandon Flash. Our enhanced digital edition software replaces the Flash version and enables your publication to be read across all platforms including; desktop, tablet and smartphones. Now, your publication can be accessed via all browsers without the hassle of manually enabling Flash.

PageSuite’s innovative HTML5 reader also provides more ways to display content than ever before. Coupled with greater marketing tools and various advertising options, the new reader permits an optimised performance and enhanced end-user experience.

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