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May 23, 2016 | Lucy Penn

Facebook as a publishing platform – good or bad for publishers?

One of the key points we took away from the PageSuite Spring Innovation Conference, was the universal acknowledgement that social media plays a significant role in reaching audiences. Social media sites are where the audience is, so publishers are now striving to create a bustling community on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and the increasingly popular Snapchat.

Tony Silber, VP of Folio, observes that Facebook is no longer a place for people to share photos and personal updates; it is now a source of news, information and increased video content[1]. Publishers have witnessed increased traffic, more subscriptions and additional sales as a result of publishing across social media. The ability to share stories on social platforms enables publishers to extend their reach and further grow their audiences.

In April, Vox Media announced that they will officially launch a new outlet named Circuit Breaker, which is essentially a Facebook page that publishes news about technology[2]. Facebook’s new Instant Articles make it easier for publishers to submit content on Facebook and allows them to receive faster responses. The set of tools also gives publishers access to native multimedia and permits them to sell advertising directly with the content they post[3]. This therefore makes it easier for publishers to engage with their audiences.

At the opposite side of the spectrum, it can be suggested that this type of publishing trains audiences to consume news via social media, not via the websites of the publisher. In this light, Facebook is rapidly becoming a media company without the expense of content creation. The solution? PageSuite’s software enables social sharing which links the story directly back to the edition. If you intend on sharing your content on social media, why not publish just a snippet of the article and include a link to view the full story. The link drives the traffic straight back to your website and enables the reader to engage with other articles on the site.

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