Header image of ePaper – The Biggest Driver of Supplementary Revenue?

July 4, 2017 | Lucy Penn

ePaper – The Biggest Driver of Supplementary Revenue?

Last month we ran a poll during our joint webinar with MPP Global, asking attendees ‘What is your biggest driver of supplementary revenue?’

The results were as follows…

– ePaper – 33.3%
– News apps or websites – 21.4%
– E-commerce or physical products – 19%
– New print product – 14.3%
– Spin-off brands – 11.9%

The ePaper was the overwhelming winner with 33.3% of respondents citing that it was their biggest driver of supplementary revenue, suggesting that it’s a crucial component when it comes to increasing digital revenues.

Ben Edwards, SVP of Business Development co-presented the webinar with Ana Lobb from MPP Global and added; “ePaper will always appeal to a sizeable digital audience and with continuous improvements to our platforms aesthetic, increasing functionality & accessibility, it’s a great time for publishers to maximise the opportunity.”

“For too long publishers have over-spent on expensive solutions that don’t deliver revenue-generating or highly-engaged audiences. ePaper resonates strongly as paid-for content and is almost too simple for some digital executives to appreciate as a way to hold or upsell to valuable subscribers and advertisers.”

“A small investment in ePaper for your main title or magazines can really add value. Successful publishers are also pushing new digital edition products to segmented audiences around healthcare, business, sport etc – and generating strong subscription and good advertising revenues. Classified advertisers can be sold their own branded digital-only supplements e.g. to drive leads to car dealerships or estate agents.”

Many publishers utilise their ePaper component as part of a subscription ‘bundle’ whereby they offer access to both their print publication and digital publication for a set fee. The digital edition, or ePaper, adds value and encourages traditional print subscribers to begin the transition from print to digital. When it comes to apps we are finding that publishers are offering the live feed content for free but are often locking down the PDF element and charging readers to access the ePaper component. The results from our poll show that this tactic is working and effectively driving revenue.

The second highest driver of supplementary revenue was news apps or websites, followed by e-commerce or physical products. Recently we have seen more publishers incentivising readers into purchasing a subscription. For example, GQ Magazine launched a subscription box containing mail grooming products.

News apps are a great way to offer readers ‘bonus content’. This can be through third-party feeds which offer content such as live weather reports, traffic cameras, puzzles and comics. They can also make use of the phone’s native features such as GPS and the camera.

You can view a full recording of the webinar here. We discussed how publishers can look to identify new revenue streams, monetise content and how they can make the most of premium audiences. We also took a closer look at digital-only brands, spin-off products and personalised packages.