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July 21, 2017 | Lucy Penn

How Does An ePaper Add Value?

Our recent survey showed that the replica ePaper product clearly still provides great value for publishers when it comes to generating supplementary revenue. With 33% of respondents confirming this, the replica product remains a crucial component of a publisher’s digital strategy.

Publishers are continuing to come up with innovative ways to encourage audiences to pay for their ePaper replica product and convert them into paying subscribers. By focusing on the benefits to the reader and offering enhanced value publishers are generating loyal, paying subscribers.

Subscription bundles are one of the many techniques publishers are using to attract new paid users to consume their content digitally. By including an ePaper component as part of a subscription ‘bundle’ allows the reader to access both their print publication and digital publication for a combined fee. This gives the reader the option to read their publication on their favourite platform encouraging them to interact with your brand more frequently, adding additional value to the reader. By implementing the ePaper into a bundle gives the choice to consume how they want, whilst giving traditional print users the opportunity to appreciate and recognise the benefits of digital, risk-free.

Leading UK media organisation, DC Thompson, uses this strategy when helping transition users from print to digital. With the core goal to provide customers with access to fantastic content and value for money. By offering users the option to trial the digital format risk-free will eventually lead them to become more satisfied through new reading experiences converting the traditional print readers into paid for digital subscribers. Read about their solution here.

Another strategy publishers are implementing is to lock down their PDF replica edition within their apps and offer the live feed content, including breaking news and other live content for free. By charging readers to access the ePaper component but offering a free live element adds value and encourages readers to start interacting with your publication. There will always be a desire for the ePaper product and with all its increased functionality and intuitive interface bundled with live content encourages users to visit the app more frequently and purchase the ePaper product. The results of our poll show that this strategy is clearly working and effectively driving revenue for publishers.

Publishers are also looking at alternative ways to add value to their digital product by targeting segmented audiences and pushing targeted content to them. Large US publishers such as Tronc and Boston Globe have implemented this strategy, creating content around healthcare, business, sport, etc. These targeted digital editions generate loyal subscribers serving up content relevant to them.

With more and more users consuming digital content, an ePaper offering remains a crucial component of the digital strategy. It is a great way of adding additional value to the subscriber and generating supplementary revenues. The ePaper product can be more than just a static replica product, with the ability to be packed with engaging functionality and innovative features. Whether you currently have a print only solution looking to implement a digital strategy or you want to find out how you can increase your digital revenues contact us today.