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Driving Digital Engagement

January 19, 2016 | Lucy Tozer

Driving Digital Engagement

With reports confirming that 56% of digital media time in the UK is spent on smartphone apps , it is no wonder that publishers are turning to digital.

However, the success of an app or digital solution is largely dependent on the level of engagement. For example, nearly 90% of users will delete an app if it fails to engage[1], this can have dramatic implications for customer retention and consequently revenue. Engagement is thus a crucial requirement to ensure victory within the digital arena.

We recommend focusing on the following techniques to drive digital engagement …


The first step to driving digital engagement is to ensure that you really understand your consumers. Publishers can now utilise the intelligence derived from mobile usage data to gain an insight into their audience’s consumption habits and identify the true level of engagement[2]. This data can assist in establishing the type of content favoured by your users and the times of day they are most engaged.


Push notifications are useful tools for driving engagement. They provide up to date information for users and alert them to breaking news and new content. Push notifications are a valuable way of re-engaging lapsed subscribers as they remind users that the app is there and is bursting with fresh content. Using advanced analytics, publishers are able to track the open rate, interactions and the situations which generate the highest levels of engagement[3]. A recent study revealed that push notifications can result in an increased retention rate by 125% for the average 30 day audience. The average 60 day retention rate can increase by 150% and average 90 day retention rate is increased by 180%[4].


It is fundamental that users do not tire of boring, static content. Enhance your app or digital edition with fresh, updated articles and interactive content such as videos, photo galleries, puzzles and much more. Selected brands using interactive content within their digital solutions have reported seeing up to 70% more conversions compared with conversions from static content at around 36%[5].

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