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Designing For Device: Utilising Space

March 15, 2016 | Lucy Tozer

Designing For Device: Utilising Space

A vital consideration when designing an app is how best to utilise the space. Designing for smaller devices such as smartphones significantly reduces the amount of available space, so designers have to find solutions for fitting the same amount of content into a phone as the tablet edition.

Using different functionalities can help to tackle this potential issue. Incorporating functions such as menus and dropdowns can help to filter areas and even hide less important items without removing them altogether. Establishing the hierarchy of app content and features helps with this, as it eases the decision on what needs to be eliminated from the mobile app.

PageSuite’s Lead Designer, Emily Jarvis, says “Having a clear idea of the goals of the app and keeping the content focused is key to avoid unnecessary clutter. Even though space is limited, it’s important to make effective use of white space too and give sufficient padding to graphical elements and text to ensure the mobile design is user-friendly and readable.”