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Designing For Device: Purpose & Unique Aspects

March 16, 2016 | Lucy Tozer

Designing For Device: Purpose & Unique Aspects

Designing for unique aspects and purposes of different devices is becoming increasingly prevalent within the digital arena. The introduction of revolutionary devices such as smartwatches and larger screen tablets has intensified the requirement for extensive design measures.

It is imperative to consider the purpose of the device in order to effectively tailor your designs. For example, smartwatches serve a very different purpose to a smartphone or tablet, so it is important that the apps reflect this. Larger screen tablets such as the iPad Pro would be used for reading, watching movies and even drawing, whereas smartwatches are primarily used ‘on-the-go’. App designs for tablets can therefore be more intricate and contain more content. Smartwatch app designs have to be more simplistic and visual.

The ability to tap into the unique aspects of the device is what can separate an app from the rest, for example, taking full advantage of the elite functionalities on a smartwatch. App designs for wearable devices such as the Apple Watch are continuously evolving and are building upon the personal aspects of the device.  The Activity and Workout apps provide simple visual snapshots of your daily activity, including charts of how many calories you have burned.