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Designing for Device: Consider the Amount of Content

March 17, 2016 | Lucy Tozer

Designing for Device: Consider the Amount of Content

The amount of content should always be considered when designing apps for different devices. The volume and depth of the content changes depending on the size and purpose of the device.

A tablet for example, is a lot bigger and is generally used for more in depth reading of books and news and magazine articles. The environment in which media is consumed on these devices is also crucial, as tablets are used to leisurely consume content in a relaxed environment at home or on a long commute. We are therefore given more room to play with when designing a tablet app, there is much more room to fit all kinds of content and the user will usually be in a comfortable position to consume the media.

Smartphones are smaller, yet also a popular content consumption channel. There is slightly less room, so buttons and menus are often designed to maximise the amount of space for important content. Smartwatches however, are mostly used ‘on-the-go’, so a quick notification of breaking news or a snippet of a headline is more useful here. Users will not want to read in depth stories on a small, wearable device.

Consumers use different devices for different things, so trying to ascertain people’s needs and specifications for an app on a specific device is critical.  The same app across different devices will hold different purposes for the user, so the amount of content needs to be relative to these.