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Designing for Device: App Journey & App Aesthetics

March 7, 2016 | Lucy Tozer

Designing for Device: App Journey & App Aesthetics

It is important to give thought to the user’s app journey and how your design can facilitate smooth navigation around an app.

Planning the user journey should be done during the initial app design stages in order to visualise the user requirements and app functionality. It is important to consider the user’s goals, motivations and main tasks they want to achieve when using the app.

You will need to think about the following five steps when planning the app journey[1]:

1. Context – What is your target audience and where are they? Are there likely to be any external factors which may be distracting them? E.g. commuters on public transport

2. Progression – How many steps does it take the user to find and read an article?

3. Devices – What device are they using and what features does it have?

4. Functionality – What type of functionality are they expecting? Is it achievable?

5. Emotion – What is their emotional state in each step, are they engaged or bored?

The fluidity of the journey is relative to the aesthetics of the app. It is essential that the interface is simplistic as possible so that the user knows how to use the app effectively. Using common images, icons and buttons will enable the user to clearly identify their function, for example, using a magnifying glass as a search icon.

Icons and buttons are also particularly useful when designing for mobile devices. They can be used to section off parts of the app to make room for more content and to minimise cluttering.

The pre-designed templates within our Infinity portal enable your users to efficiently navigate their way round your app and find their desired content. Alternatively, our Designers are on hand to assist with any custom projects.

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