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November 18, 2016 | Lucy Tozer

How Archant are Promoting Their Digital Only Christmas Campaign

Regional magazine and newspaper publishers, Archant, are running a price point based campaign this Christmas to promote their festive digital subscription offer. The offer is available across 33 magazine titles and is specifically for their Digital Edition and App products.

It enables readers to purchase an annual digital subscription for just £14.99, which is a saving of up to 71%!

Here’s how they are promoting the offer:

  1. Splash Screen: As the Digital Edition is loading a splash screen displaying details of the offer is displayed on the screen so all readers are immediately notified of the offer.
  2. Page Zero Ad: This is located directly next to the magazine cover within the Digital Edition to reinforce the message.
  3. Text Push Notifications: Are sent to all users to inform them of the offer and to explain how they can view it within the app.
  4. Rich Push Notifications: These are sent to the ‘in-app inbox’. Readers are alerted of the rich push message by a text-based message and by a red circle within the app (see below). Upon opening the rich push message they will be presented with an advert which links directly to the subscription page so that readers can purchase the offer without having to leave the app.
  5. Banner Adverts: Banner adverts are visible in all apps to help reinforce the offer across mobile and tablets. These also link directly to the subscription page.

rich push notifications

(rich push notifications)

Chris Scarle, Digital Magazines Manager at Archant said, “Utilising new functionality available within the Infinity app platform we have been able to market our digital Christmas offer in a range of exciting and effective ways. We’re also utilising the ability to make real-time changes to our app templates to build in additional short term promotional activity, which allows us to work reactively as the campaign progresses”.

In addition to promoting the offer across their apps and Digital Editions, Archant are also running campaigns across social media, email and across their websites.

Earlier this year Archant launched over 60 new mobile and tablet apps, featuring both PDF and feed-based content. They are now leveraging all the features within these solutions to run a true cross-platform marketing campaign for their digital-only Christmas subscription offer.

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