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App Usage: It’s all about the Top 10!

October 8, 2015 | Lucy Penn

App Usage: It’s all about the Top 10!

For publishers, having an app is universally perceived as prerequisite of being successful in the media industry.

With the emerging data showing that people in the US spend 90% of their time per day using apps[1], it would seem that those trying to expand their digital audience should ensure that they explore the prospect of an app solution.

However, further studies also show that smartphone users in the US spend 80% of their total app time in their favourite three apps and 96% in their top ten apps![2]  This is now proving to be a concern for publishers, as having an app is no longer enough, the pressure is on to make the top ten favourites!

There is a correlation between the genre of the app and its popularity. In most cases, the top three favourite apps amongst smartphone users are those used to consume media, for example, messaging and social networking apps. Publishers should not be disheartened though, as it would seem that instead of pushing out other content, social media apps have become a platform for users to share, access and consume content.

In light of this, publishers should be considering integrating social sharing options into their digital solutions as a way of getting their content seen by a wider audience. To find out how to implement social sharing into your solution, contact one of our Digital and Mobile Specialists today on +44 (0) 1233 721030 or email