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March 15, 2017 | Lucy Penn

How Amedia Set Out to Increase Digital Audiences

In our final ‘Subscription Spotlight’ blog we look at how Amedia implemented a three-stage strategy to increase digital audiences.

Amedia are Norway’s largest media company, publishing 62 newspapers across the country.

Back in 2014 they began looking into ways that they could grow audiences across their digital platforms after suffering from a steady decline in advertising revenue.

Phase 1
The first step involved Amedia converting their existing print subscribers into digital subscribers. They developed a log-in system that enabled them to gain deeper insights into ‘registered non subscribers’ so that they could actively target upsell opportunities.

They incentivised their existing print subscribers into switching to digital by allowing them access to brand new content. The idea behind this move was to prompt their print subscribers to ‘develop digital habits’.

Each newspaper offered readers three subscription options:

  • Complete access to print and digital
  • Weekday digital access plus weekend print readership
  • Pure digital subscription

To help widen their digital audience, Amedia gave subscribers the option of giving five family members access to their account.

Phase 2
The next step in Amedia’s plan was to gain deeper insights into their reader’s viewing habits. They did this by offering non-subscribers the option to register for a ‘free trial period’. During this period they would have access to all of the exclusive content that paid subscribers get with their digital subscription.

Once the free trial ends the log-in remained valid. They would have access to all content that regular subscribers would receive, bar the ‘exclusive’ digital content. Amedia were therefore still able to gain an understanding on what content was being consumed, by which ‘subscribers’. This enabled them to produce more targeted content for their 700,000 users.

Phase 3
The final goal was to ‘move users up the value chain’. This involved using data insights for cross and up-selling opportunities. To be able to do this it was vital that they got their readers to log into their accounts as they said, “Registration is worthless without usage”. They ran a series of campaigns to drive subscriptions, these included a Black Friday promotion which saw subscribers increase by 4,600.

Amedia are committed to testing different models and using data to deliver more personalised and targeted content.