Header image of Adblock Plus Launches Platform to Sell ‘Acceptable’ Ads

September 29, 2016 | Shaun Bremner

Adblock Plus Launches Platform to Sell ‘Acceptable’ Ads

One of the world’s biggest adblocking companies, Adblock Plus, will soon begin selling “acceptable ads” for publishers to display on their websites.

The platform will allow publishers and bloggers to show and sell pre-whitelisted ads that conform to Adblock Plus’s strict criteria. These “acceptable ads” will be allowed to pass through Adblock Plus’s filters, provided they aren’t too intrusive or disruptive to users. Full details of this criteria, which dictates the size, placement and labelling of these ads can be found here. 

By allowing certain ads to be shown, Adblock Plus has explained that this will be beneficial in two ways:

  • Encourages the ad industry to pursue less intrusive ad formats and thus have a positive impact on the Internet as a whole.
  • Provides a viable source of revenue, which we need to be able to administer the Acceptable Ads program and continue development of a free product.*

According to the ad-block company, 80% of the advertising revenue sold through the marketplace, publishers will retain, and the rest will go directly to Adblock Plus and various other parties involved. Users will be able to specify which type of ads and online tracking they do not want and also the ability to turn this program off.

The program is currently in beta and is launching later in the year. Does this mean the end for ad free websites? We doubt it, but as ad blocking technology like Adblock Plus continues to affect publisher’s revenue streams, they will continue to seek out measures to counteract the harming effects of this software.

Source: https://adblockplus.org/acceptable-ads#criteria-general