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January 17, 2017 | Lucy Penn

5 Ways to Grow Digital Audiences

This blog will explore 5 ways that you can grow digital audiences

  1. Produce Quality Content

Quality content is shared more via social media. Therefore it’s important to offer users content which is of value to them.  They’ll be far more likely to share articles which are authentic and credible vs. the hundreds of ‘fake’ news stories now littering our social media feeds.

  1. Study Online Behaviour

In order to produce content which is of value to your readers you will need to study your users’ online behaviour. Learn what content they find most engaging, what time they consume your content and from there you can optimise your user flow to create a better user experience overall. Find the perfect balance and you’ll find your digital audience growing organically.

  1. Convert Visitors into Subscribers

Once you have readers coming to your app you’ll want to keep them coming back and convert them into paying subscribers. This will not only keep your readership levels consistent, but will also help to increase digital revenues and maintain a steady revenue stream.

  1. Make Your Content Easily Consumable on Mobile Devices

If your content is not optimised for mobile devices then you will potentially be driving hundreds of readers away due to poor user experience. It’s imperative that you design content and apps for both mobile and tablet devices. Make use of the native functionality to ensure that you make the most of the device features and enhance the overall viewing experience. For example, this can include map features or the camera for UGC. A bad user experience might be what stops a reader becoming a subscriber.

  1. Convert Print Subscribers

Consider including a digital subscription within your publication’s subscription bundle to drive your digital audience and add value to your digital offering. Many publishers are now adopting this strategy to increase traffic to their digital editions or apps. In some cases some publishers are charging slightly more to access their digital products, say £1 extra, which makes it an easy decision for the consumer.

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