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25% Annual Growth for UK Publishers for the First Time Since Early 2014

September 15, 2015 | Lucy Penn

25% Annual Growth for UK Publishers for the First Time Since Early 2014

A recent study by the ‘Assocation of Online Publishers (AOP)’ and ‘Deloitte’ showed that UK publishers have experienced significant positive growth since the beginning of 2014.

26% of participants who took part in the survey displayed annual growth in excess of 25% for the first time in five consecutive quarters!

Further to this, the results revealed that mobile advertising revenue continued to rise in Q2 of 2015, with a 21% increase over the year and a whopping 44% rise in smartphone display revenue! Advertising revenue was certainly cited as a key focus for future growth amongst publishers, as according to the ‘AOP Sentiment Index Report’, all publishers said that they forecasted growth in digital advertising over the next year. Compared to the previous quarter, 24% fewer publishers cited cost reduction as a focus for future growth, which suggests that digital advertising really is a top contender for boosting revenue!

Tim Cain, managing director of AOP, observed the recurring theme surrounding advertising revenue, he commented “The Q2 report once again highlights that advertising revenue reflects the increasing consumption of media on mobile and will remain a key focus for publishers during the next quarter.” Publishers recognise that digital advertising is now a crucial strategy for growth as a result of the changing media consumption habits.

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