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10 Ways to Make Your Digital Magazine More Engaging

January 19, 2016 | Lucy Penn

10 Ways to Make Your Digital Magazine More Engaging

Whether you have an app or e-magazine, engagement is essential in maximising the success of your publication. With so many digital magazines readily available for download, publishers need to know that consumers are reading their magazines and that they are fully engaged with the content.

Monitoring important factors such as; the number of active users, the number of sessions and the length of time spent reading the magazine, all allow publishers to determine how engaging their publications are[1].

PageSuite offers a range of versatile options to enrich your audience’s experience. Take a look at our 10 points to discover how you can boost engagement …

  • Include Video – Readers love eye-catching visuals to supplement their reading. PageSuite’s software allows you to integrate videos alongside articles to enhance the content and develop the user experience.
  • Interactive Ads – Interactive and animated adverts are a perfect way of increasing engagement. They also provide a great opportunity to boost digital ad revenue – read our In-App Advertising White Paper to find out more!
  • Social Media – Including social sharing options within your app or digital edition promotes interaction and content sharing and therefore increases exposure to your magazine.
  • Push Notifications – Send your readers push notifications to alert them of new articles and content. This is a useful way to re-engage your users!
  • Audio – Adding sound to your magazine will provide your users with a fully immersive experience. PageSuite has the ability to implement an audio-reader into your magazine; this therefore enables you to also engage all types of readers including those with visual impairments.
  • Geo-targeted Messages – Use cutting-edge technology to send your readers a scheduled message when they are at a certain location. You could send them a message when they are near a news agents to inform them of any offers on your print edition.
  • Archive & Supplements – Include seasonal supplements to enrich your readers’ experience. Having an archive of previous editions will also engage your consumers.
  • Brand Your Edition – Ensure that you include branding within your digital magazine or app. Customise the background, loading logo and add your logo to the interface to ensure that readers recognise your brand and sustain interaction.
  • Add a Contents List – Empower readers to browse sections of interest by adding a contents list. They will be able to navigate directly to a specific page within the edition. Readers will engage with their favourite content and not be put off by articles which do not interest them.
  • Include bookmarks – Use PageSuite’s bookmark functionality to highlight a specific feature or charge additional ad revenue. There are two different styles of bookmark available with our Digital Editions, standard bookmarks and roll-out bookmarks which will display as a pop-up menu when clicked.

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