[ { "title": "Webinar – Introducing Our New Edition App", "category": "", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "On this webinar we unveiled our brand new Edition App, presenting you with a new way to deliver a fully-optimised, enriched edition on our latest digital platform. With minimal production requirements, our Edition App will offer your readers a curated, ‘cover to cover’ experience cross-platform, whilst offering you the ability to re-launch ‘evening editions’, re-package existing content and ultimately attract new audiences and drive additional revenue. Watch the webinar here - [embed]https://youtu.be/I1plzrh5wiE[/embed]  ", "date": "16-11-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Edition_App_Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/introducing-new-edition-app/" }, { "title": "What Paid Content Strategy is Most Likely to Convert Visitors to Subscribers?", "category": "Blog, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Last month PageSuite’s Business Development Director, Ben Edwards, teamed up with MPP Global’s Ana Lobb, VP, Media & Publishing, to showcase a live webinar - Around the World in 80 Paid…Content Strategies. In the webinar, Ben and Ana discussed a selection of paid content strategies from various publishing markets across the world. During the webinar, they ran a live poll asking attendees to give feedback and their thoughts regarding the best strategies implemented in their markets to convert visitors to subscribers. The options included: Free trials, personalised content, third-party collaboration, percentage discount and anything else. Attendees overwhelmingly voted that offering a free trial to prospective readers was the most successful strategy when attempting to convert visitors to subscribers. Almost half of the attendees, 40%, agreed this is the best way to convert visitors. 20% of the viewers said personalised content was best, 14% looked to third-party collaborations, 13% felt discounts were the best strategy to adopt and the remaining 13% offered other approaches. Various examples of publishers implementing these strategies were discussed during the webinar. Subscription powerhouse, The New York Times, has a varied strategy when it comes to converting readers into digital subscribers. Firstly, the US publisher offers limited free subscription trials to brand new readers, which is followed by discounted subscription rates to both encourage new readers and combat churn. The NYT also allows new digital subscribers access to Spotify premium for free when they sign up for long one-year+ all access subscription packages to The Times. This strategy has helped the publisher reach 2.9 million digital-only subscribers, out of 3.8 million total subscribers. UK newspaper and magazine publisher, Archant, is a great example of how to gain subscribers via an incentive-led strategy. The publisher offers Amazon’s Alexa to potential subscribers when readers sign up to long 18-month subscription terms. If you missed the webinar you can watch the full recording here.", "date": "24-10-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/MPP_Webinar_Poll_Results.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/paid-content-strategy-likely-convert-visitors-subscribers/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Move to a New HQ!", "category": "Company, Homepage News, Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We’re delighted to announce that we've moved into a brand new office in central Ashford, Kent's premier new office space! We were previously working from two separate offices in Aldington and Smeeth in rural Kent and have now moved all of our UK-based employees into one large, open-plan office just a stone’s throw from Ashford International train station. A key benefit of being in our new office is that we can be in central London in just 38 minutes and mainland Europe in under an hour making it easier than ever to meet with clients. Over the past few years as our client base has grown, we have continued to enhance our solutions and improve our offering. This move once again demonstrates our commitment to improving our products and providing our clients with the highest level of service. We now have our developers, project managers and our QA team working alongside our support, marketing and sales teams which means improved communication and better collaboration thanks to the many breakout spaces located across our brand new office. As well as creating an inspiring environment for our staff to work in, we’re also hoping that it will become a great place for our clients to visit too!", "date": "18-10-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/PAGESUITE_NEWS_BANNER_2.jpghttps://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/PAGESUITE_NEWS_BANNER_2.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-new-hq/" }, { "title": "New Digital Brochures & Custom Landing Pages for TUI", "category": "Industry, New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "The Brief TUI approached PageSuite in early 2018 to upgrade their digital brochures and website landing pages. They were looking to provide their customers with an optimised reading experience and ensure that their travel brochures could be enjoyed across all platforms. Their goal was to launch two brochure pages, one for TUI and one for First Choice, which were both on-brand and featured a modern new look. They were also looking to integrate interactive features, custom bookmarks, shortlisting functionality and more… What We Did We worked together to develop and design optimised landing pages for both TUI and First Choice to house their collection of digital holiday brochures. It was essential that the pages seamlessly fit in with the design of the rest of their websites, featured a modern design and intuitive user experience. We also created digital versions of their holiday brochures using our market-leading HTML5 digital brochure software. We made custom changes to the brochures to meet their specific requirements and ensured they all featured Omniture integration so that they could fully track user activity. The Results In July 2018 we launched both landing pages featuring all of their digital holiday brochures so that customers could browse their holidays seamlessly across all devices. Kathia Ramirez, Content Distribution Manager at TUI Group said; 'PageSuite proved to be an efficient development company able to work on any custom project at competitive prices. We’re very satisfied with the outcome and we look forward to continuing working with them to upgrade our holiday brochure websites and deliver an exceptional online reading experience to our customers. As the world’s leading tourism group, we were delighted to work with TUI on this project and look forward to working with them on any future digital projects! View the solution here.", "date": "24-09-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/TUI_first-choice_News2.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/launch-tui-digital-brochures-landing-pages/" }, { "title": "Cox Media Group Cover Hurricane Florence", "category": "Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Last Friday Cox Media Group (CMG) were looking to insert a special 2-page ‘News Extra’ piece into all of their daily publications to provide additional coverage on Hurricane Florence. As we operate a 24/7 support operation we had team members on-hand to action this request and turn this around in a short period of time. Matt Sabath, Senior Manager Platforms and Projects at Cox Media Group Newspapers said; “PageSuite provided exceptional service today in assisting the Cox Newspapers in adding a News Extra around Hurricane Florence. Their team was very proactive and provided great communication ensuring everything went smooth”. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a superior level of service to our clients around the clock and ensure that we’re always able to adapt to meet their demands! See the coverage for yourself in the Atlanta Journal Constitution", "date": "19-09-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/CMG_Hurricane2.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/cox-media-group-cover-hurricane-florence/" }, { "title": "Apple’s Special Event 2018", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Eagerly anticipated by the PageSuite team, last night's Apple event was live from the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino. At the event, Apple launched its next generation of devices and features. This included three new iPhones: the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and a brand new Apple Watch. To make it simple here’s an overview of each new device - iPhone XS Looking almost identical to its predecessor (iPhone X) with its 5.8-inch super OLED screen, the iPhone XS has had some slight upgrades and refinements. The camera has a significant upgrade, the screen is more durable, it is now fully waterproof for up to 30 minutes and it is now available in gold, silver or space grey. iPhone XS Max The iPhone XS Max is Apple's biggest, most expensive phone yet. Boasting a full 6.5-inch screen, with edge-to-edge design making it a significantly larger screen than the iPhone 8 Plus. The performance of the new iPhones have also been significantly upgraded, now 'powered by Apple’s new A12 bionic, the first 7-nanometer chip in a smartphone. It can process 5 trillion operations per second. This will result in your iPhone feeling faster and allow software developers, like PageSuite, harness that power to create even more powerful apps. The iPhone XS & XS Max comes with three storage options: 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB. Preorders start on Friday 14th and shipping will begin September 21st. iPhone XR Apple has introduced a lower priced iPhone too, the iPhone XR, replacing the iPhone 8. Being the cheaper iPhone, it does have some compromises, the screen is a 6.1-inch LCD screen - which compared to the OLED technology isn't as bright. It also lacks the dual screen and 3D touch which may not be a priority for everyone. The iPhone X is also available in a range of 6 brightly coloured aluminium cases, including coral and blue! Available from 19 October. Apple Watch Series 4 Apple also launched their fourth Apple Watch, the Series 4 which boasts a 30 percent larger display, 2x faster performance, a louder speaker, new UI and much more. The new device is slightly slimmer too and the inclusion of haptic feedback on the digital crown. This year Apple has focused on upgrading the health features of the watch. There is now an inbuilt ECG to measure the small electrical activity of the heart that alerts the user of irregular heart rates. Fall detection has also been implemented – which automatically calls emergency services if you remain immobile for one minute. Preorders start September 14th, available September 21st. Don't forget you'll be able to update to iOS 12 on Sept. 17 and MacOS Mojave on Sept. 24 PageSuite are constantly working with Apple to make full use of the new iOS and new features that are introduced to the new iPhones and other smart devices. Make sure you keep an eye on the blog for our latest advancements! What are you most excited about?", "date": "13-09-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Pagesuite_Apple_Special_Event.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/apples-special-event-2018/" }, { "title": "WEBINAR: Around the World in 80 Paid…Content Strategies", "category": "Events, Homepage News", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Ahead of our collaboration at the World Publishing & DCX Expo in Berlin this October teamed up with MPP Global for our second joint-webinar. ‘Around the World in 80 Paid… Content Strategies’. Our SVP of Business Development, Ben Edwards, teamed up with MPP Global’s Ana Lobb to look at trends across continents and strategies deployed by a range of our clients. In the webinar we covered; - How different markets are implementing paid strategies – global brands vs. small independent titles - Strategies and devices - how do devices impact revenue models? - Charging for news – how does this differ across markets?   [embed]https://youtu.be/PUFxonTcbwk[/embed] Watch here.", "date": "29-08-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Webinar_MPP_PageSuite.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/webinar-around-world-80-paidcontent-strategies/" }, { "title": "Are We Seeing a Resurgence of Ad Blockers?", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Concerning news for publishers as reports show the use of ad-blockers is on the rise again. After a sustained period of consistency, the latest Reuters Digital News Report identified that there has been an increase in readers using advertising blocking software. Countries such as Greece are witnessing four in ten readers (42%) using some form of ad blocking software, the greatest amount in the world. Germany (33%) and the United States (27%) have also witnessed large increases, possibly fuelled by the recent privacy concerns coupled with a greater awareness for the technology. Publishers have also seen ad blockers being used alongside privacy browser extensions that allow specific advertisers to be blocked. The ad blocking culture is showing no sign of slowing down as users become more aware of the issue. 31% of computer users now use ad blocking software globally and we're seeing increased numbers of smartphone users now blocking ads (10%). For Brazilians, the use of ad-blockers increased by almost a third over the last year as readers seem to be more concerned about security and privacy issues. Countries such as the UK are only seeing 21% of readers using an ad-blocker which is relatively low compared to the majority of the other countries studied. To combat this publishers must take steps to rethink their digital revenue strategy. Initially analysing the advertisement placements available to provide a better ad experience - too many adverts can frustrate users and drive them to install blocking extensions. More dramatically some publishers are choosing to block content to those who have ad-blocking software enabled, explaining to the reader how vital the ad revenue is. There are alternatives, earlier this year Google announced a new tool to help publishers tackle ad-blocking. The new tool gives publishers a number of options such as serving a dismissible message that requires ad blocker users to pay after viewing a certain number of articles, or block their access until they turn off their ad blocker or pay for an ad-free experience through another program called Google Contributor. Obviously, Google takes a 10% cut of revenue through this service. With this news and advertising revenue continuing to fall it’s up to the publisher to think strategically about how they can monetise their content and connect better with their audience. We are witnessing many publishers implementing a subscriptions strategy and locking premium content behind an ad-free paywall. If this is a strategy you would like to explore or interested in finding out more about alternative revenue generating models feel free to get in contact by emailing hello@pagesuite.com. Sources http://media.digitalnewsreport.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/digital-news-report-2018.pdf?x89475 https://digiday.com/media/dont-forget-ad-blocking-lost-revenue-uk-publishers-rises-63000-year/ https://digiday.com/media/google-expands-tool-publishers-combat-ad-blocking/  ", "date": "02-08-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Resurgence_of_Ad_Blockers.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/resurgence-ad-blockers/" }, { "title": "Join PageSuite in Berlin for The World Publishing & DCX Expo!", "category": "Company, Events", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Find PageSuite in Germany for the upcoming World Publishing & DCX expo 2018. Taking place from 9-11th October, you can find us on Stand A.02 beside the DCX stage (Hall 21b). The PageSuite digital team will be at the expo demonstrating our latest innovative solutions and discussing future publishing trends with like-minded industry professionals. This year we are debuting our partnership with leading subscription & billing provider, MPP Global, at the show with a shared stand demonstrating how our technologies work cohesively for the benefit of agile organisations. This year sees FIPP, the network for global magazine media, join forces with WAN-IFRA, representing the global newspaper industry to collaborate and bring both international associations together for the exhibition. The decision to collaborate was taken to collectively address the future challenges of the publishing industry and take advantage of the opportunities shared between them. If you are interested in attending the expo we have a limited number of complimentary tickets available. So, if you want to find out more or would like a personalised demo at the event, please get in touch by emailing hello@pagesuite.com and we will arrange a time that fits your schedule. Be quick we only have a handful of tickets remaining! It’s set to be a great expo. We hope to see you there!", "date": "24-07-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Ticket_Wan_Ifra_2018.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/join-pagesuite-berlin-ifra-dcx-expo/" }, { "title": "Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2018 – Key Findings", "category": "Homepage News, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "The highly anticipated 2018 Reuters Institute Digital News Report was released last month, once again packed full with industry insights and informative data. PageSuite has deciphered the 144-page study to highlight three of the key findings to discuss how these future trends are going to affect publishers. Readers are paying for news As publishers continue to persuade readers into paying for their content, the hard work is showing signs of paying off. The average number of people paying for online news has increased, especially those smaller markets who have a strong tradition for reading and subscriptions. This is particularly the case for Nordic countries who lead the world in paying for online news. Readers within this territory have an average of 22% willingness to pay for news, with Norway (30%), Sweden (26%), and Finland (18%) continuing to grow. All publishers within this territory implement an assortment of paywall strategies, compared to other fragmented markets such as the UK and Germany where many publishers still offer online news content for free. The USA has managed to sustain last year’s ‘Trump Bump’ with 16% of readers paying for some form of online news content. This is not the same story for the UK, persuading users into a paid for culture has been a slow transition with only 7% willing to pay in the UK. Fake News Fake news remains a major concern for readers, with 58% of respondents concerned that the news they consume is completely made up. However, the Reuters reports identified that when consumers talk about ‘fake news’ they are often just as concerned about poor journalism, clickbait, or biased/spun journalism. The report explains this is the ‘type of misrepresentation that readers say they are most often exposed to (42%).’ The proportion of readers that are extremely concerned about what is real news and what is fake differs considerably depending on which country. As you can see from the below graph certain political events trigger a concern about what is fake news, this is particularly the case for Brazil, Spain and USA. According to the report as a general overview, the average level of trust in the news remains relatively stable at 44%, with over half agreeing they trust the news media that they use. Trust in social media for the first time has seen a decline, with only 23% of readers saying they trust the news found in social media. This decline reflects the relationship that Facebook and news which is proving even more unreliable. Voice-activated devices The emergence of voice-activated devices has been a significant driver for the demand of audio news content. Digital assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo continue to rapidly grow with almost one in ten (9%) now using them in the United States, 7% in the UK, and 5% in Germany. Around half of those who have voice-activated devices are using them for news and information. Other Noteworthy Points Donations and Membership are emerging as an alternative to subscription models for smaller organisations. According to the report, only 1% donate today but 22% said they may do in the future, which is worth publishers considering. The Guardian continues to adopt this strategy, since 2016 the newspaper has received over 600,000 voluntary payments which the newspaper continues to stick with. There has also been a resurgence in readers using ad blocking software which is negatively affecting publishers. After ad blocking software seemed to plateau last year, this year has seen another significant rise – globally 27% of readers are using ad blockers. The saving grace for publishers is that only 10% of mobile news readers are using ad blockers compared to 14% on tablet and 31% on desktop. Keep an eye out for future posts as we continue to analyse the report. You can download the full Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2018 here.", "date": "11-07-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Reuters_Institute_Report.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/reuters-institute-digital-news-report-2018-key-findings/" }, { "title": "PageSuite & MPP Global Debut Partnership at IFRA World Publishing Expo 18", "category": "Blog, Company, Events, Homepage News, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "PageSuite is pleased to announce our partnership with MPP Global, a leading subscription & billing platform. MPP Global delivers eSuite, the world’s smartest subscription & billing platform providing enterprises with the freedom to deploy flexible business models that drive recurring revenue streams. eSuite provides next generation lifecycle management that enables the identification, acquisition and retention of customers. With offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, MPP Global has an impressive track record of maximising customer lifetime value. PageSuite’s ePaper & app functionality and MPP Global’s eSuite platform have been applied in tandem on several shared clients’ projects in recent years, including DC Thomson and, more recently, Racing Post. Lucy Tozer, SVP Marketing, PageSuite, adds: “Subscriptions are a fundamental part of any publishing app or website, and increasing digital revenue and driving engagement are key for publishers. We believe that by effectively utilising both PageSuite and MPP Global’s solutions, publishers have access to the technology needed to do just that.” Paul Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder of MPP Global, adds: “Our solutions fit nicely together, with PageSuite providing publishers with the digital platform and MPP Global providing the payment and billing solutions for innovative publishers looking to drive revenue from their platform.” PageSuite and MPP Global will officially debut their partnership at IFRA World Publishing Expo 2018 in Berlin from 9-11 October. Both organisations will share a stand to demonstrate how their respective technologies work cohesively for the benefit of agile organisations. Lucy continues... “We’ve exhibited at the previous five IFRA World Publishing Expos on our own stand, but this year we will team up with MPP Global to showcase our collaboration and debut our partnership with co-branded talks,” Lucy explains. “Past experience has told us that there is a good fit with our two companies – at the Digital Publishing Expo in 2017, we presented our first co-branded webinar with MPP Global – and we want to utilise and build on this partnership further to present this year’s IFRA event attendees with best-in-class solutions, case studies and live working examples.” Paul Johnson concludes: “By working together with PageSuite, we help our clients to deliver more personal, engaging and profitable media experiences to their customers. We’re looking forward to working together closely in the build-up to the three-day IFRA Expo event this autumn to present attendees with valuable and thought-provoking demonstrations and insights.”", "date": "09-07-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/MPP_Global_Partnership.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-mpp-global-debut-new-partnership-ifra-world-publishing-expo-2018/" }, { "title": "Native & Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): What’s the difference?", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Continuing with our PWA blog series we thought we’d compare the features and functionality of PWAs and Native Apps. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and in this post, we attempt to highlight the differences. First here’s an overview of each solution … Native Apps – A native app is a software program that is developed for specific use on a platform or device. Because a native app is built for use on a particular device and its operating system, it has the ability to use device-specific hardware and software. Progressive Web Apps - PWAs are similar to mobile apps but are delivered via the web. PWAs work and look like native apps because they follow the same app-like format, which offers app-style gestures and navigation. However, unlike native apps, PWAs are developed on web and can work on all devices. Let’s compare the basics… App Analytics highlighted the two priorities that today’s mobile app users expect – they want to use their devices’ memory wisely and demand high performance. PWAs seem to have solved the memory solution as they are web-based so are very small to store. Both solutions have high-performance abilities when optimised. Here’s a snapshot of some of the other major differences… Snapshot of Native App Advantages Full use of inbuilt operating system features and functionality – Fingerprint scanner, Facial recognition, camera, Bluetooth, telephony features, contact integration, push notifications, etc Native apps get full support from the relevant app stores and marketplaces. Meaning users can easily find and download apps of their choice from these stores. Familiar experience for users when downloading an app Snapshot of PWA Advantages Cross browser compatibility – One codebase across all devices Functionality easily refreshed — no need to go through the app store approval process to push updates Does not need app store approval or revenue share Discoverability – Content can be found by search engines Large data saving - Smaller file size compared to native Offline functionality Users won’t need to actively download/update anything to access new functionality. Cross-browser compatibility Continue reading about PWAs here. If you would like to find out more about our Progressive Web Apps or Native Apps solutions please don’t hesitate to contact us.", "date": "27-06-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/pwa-news-image.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/native-and-progressive-web-apps-comparison/" }, { "title": "Have you checked out our sister company SixPorts?", "category": "Blog, Company, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "SixPorts is the brand new custom development arm of PageSuite Holdings. The innovative agency specialises in developing and designing products that take advantage of the latest cutting-edge technology, including fully custom apps and emerging technologies such as augmented reality and voice technology. SixPorts launched at the end of January and has been through a busy launch period since the business’s inception. Since then we have launched a full suite of digital solutions for the Fiji Times including a website solution, completely transforming their digital offering. You can view that project here. In-between new launches we have been busy networking at the latest industry events including the AI Summit London and discussing the current state of the tech industry over on the blog… We have also added another member to the team in Business Development Manager, Laurence Whittle. Laurence is a problem solver and a strong advocate of increasing results through development. At the forefront of developing the SixPorts brand, Laurence is the first to know about emerging technologies and keeping up with changes within the industry. Catch him at a tech event near you or find out more about him here. Do you already have a digital project or idea in mind that SixPorts could help with? Reach out directly to the SixPorts team who are ready to start the conversation. Make sure you keep up to date with all the goings on at SixPorts by signing up to the newsletter and checking out our blog.", "date": "26-06-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/sixportsNA.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/checked-sister-company-sixports/" }, { "title": "88th INMA World Congress Round-up", "category": "Events, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Last week hundreds of media executives across the globe descended on Washington, DC for the 88th INMA World Congress. Attendees and speakers discussed everything from new business and editorial practices to digital transformations and emerging trends. PageSuite had the opportunity to exhibit at the show for the third consecutive year and once again found it extremely valuable to network with industry professionals and listen to presenters from leading publishers across the globe. Hot topics at the event included current subscription model trends, alternative revenue models, digital transformation and so much more. Highlights included a panel discussion between The Australian, Aftenposten and Politico who discussed Freemium, Metered and Hybrid subscription models. The Australian charges for premium content, Aftenposten offer 6 articles free a week and Politico Pro is completely locked down via a membership scheme. All publishers agreed that educating readers to pay and understanding their propensity to pay was key. If you succeed with this, you can create relationships with your readers that will last longer than a simple subscription. The future landscape of digital was also a key talking point with The Atlantic, The Washington Post and NPR all discussing what their product teams have been focusing on as mobile usage starts to plateau. Unsurprisingly, the conversation focused on voice technologies explaining that they are growing and integrating faster than smartphones originally did. The three publishers also discussed AR (mixed reality), the future launch of 5G which is said to be 10x faster than what we already have and how these products are affecting our listening/reading behaviours. The event was extremely thought-provoking and gave PageSuite a great opportunity to meet up and showcase our latest products to existing clients – who picked up a couple of awards and network with other publishers across the world. For more insights from the INMA18 conference and video highlights from the Congress view here. See you next year in New York!", "date": "14-06-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/INMA-follw-up-news.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/88th-inma-world-congress-round/" }, { "title": "Apple’s 2018 WWDC – What’s New in iOS12?", "category": "Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Last night Apple took to the stage for their annual Worldwide Developer Conference to announce details of iOS 12. The changes weren't as big as we've seen in previous years, however, there was one update which publishers should be aware of; Push Notifications: Apple announced a few updates to the way that push notifications will be displayed and can be managed across their devices. Users will be given more control over when and how they receive notifications by using the 'Manage Notifications' feature. Users can either  completely stop receiving notifications or can opt for them to be delivered 'quietly'. The latter option means that notifications won't appear in the lock screen, but instead will appear within the notification center. Another change will see notifications being grouped together which some argue will make it easier to see specific notifications as alerts from iMessage wont 'clutter' the feed. Apple are also calling upon Siri to help intelligently detect when users are not interacting with notifications. When Siri sees that users are not engaging with particular notifications they will ask the users if they want to disable notifications from that app altogether which makes it more important than ever to make sure that your notifications are engaging! As well as the new push notification features, here's some other key announcements; One of the main announcements was the arrival of ARKit 2 and the introduction of a new file format, USDZ, which Adobe also announced they would be supporting. This will reduce some of the challenges associated with the early AR releases and will make it more accessible. We're sure our sister company, SixPorts, will be looking forward to getting their hands on ARKit 2! In an attempt to enhance Siri and compete with the likes of Alexa and Google Assistant, they announced 'Siri Shortcuts' which enables users to create command prompts for specific apps. It will also intelligently make suggestions based on your usage and previous activities. A new Screen Time feature will allow users to manage the amount of time they spend interacting with their phone. It will create daily and weekly activity reports, analyse how often you interact with your phone and also enable you to limit the time spent within specific apps, creating a warning when your 'allotted' time is about to expire. Do Not Disturb will also receive some enhancements meaning that it can be automatically controlled by time or location. Facetime can now handle 32 parties! There will be new Animojis and a new 'Memoji' feature which lets you create a cartoon version of yourself... ", "date": "05-06-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/news-WWDC-2018-1-copy.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/apples-2018-wwdc-whats-new-ios12/" }, { "title": "Google Subscribe – Making it easier for readers to subscribe", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "In an effort to support publishers, Google has introduced a simple new tool called Subscribe that makes it easier for readers to pay for premium news content - this is all part of Google’s News Initiative. This new service builds on the previous solution which allowed readers to subscribe by form via Google Play. The difference is Google Subscribe works directly in-browser and the payment process can be completed within two clicks. All the reader is required to do is, when prompted, select the publisher offer you’d like to buy, click Subscribe, and then start reading. After being automatically signed in the reader can pay securely with any payment card that’s been previously used on your device. Google controls all the billing and allows readers to manage subscriptions all in one place making it so much easier for readers to sign up and start consuming content. See how it works here… For example, when you’ve used all your free articles for the Washington Post, you can quickly set up a subscription via your Google account and pay for the service on your saved payment cards and continue reading. With this service, Google is turning the subscription process into an impulse purchase. Google is further incentivising this service for the publisher by giving preference to news organisations that sign up by ranking relevant articles higher for search queries that are news topic related. In theory, readers get the news they want, whilst publishers get more money and better metrics. Google has been testing this with several publishers, the launch partners include Les Échos, Fairfax Media, Le Figaro, the Financial Times, Gannett, Gatehouse Media, Grupo Globo, The Mainichi, McClatchy, La Nación, The New York Times, NRC Group, Le Parisien, Reforma, La Republica, The Telegraph, and The Washington Post. Find out more on Google’s website here.", "date": "22-05-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Google_Subscription.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/google-subscribe/" }, { "title": "Four Key Takeaways from our Subscriptions Webinar + Poll results!", "category": "Company, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "On Thursday 3rd May we presented a webinar exploring how leading publishing groups are developing their paywalls and subscription strategies to increase ‘reader revenue’ whilst implementing techniques to attract a younger audience. If you weren’t able to attend ‘The Key to Subscriber Success’ webinar, you can watch the full recording of the webinar here. From the research gathered and topics discussed within the webinar, we have highlighted four key areas that should be considered by publishers in order to drive subscriptions, starting with incentives… Incentives Incentives are a great way to encourage users to sign up to your publications, the reader believes they are getting something for free and the publisher gets the reader to begin consuming their content. A great example of a publisher successfully implementing incentives includes the New York Times. This large US publisher allows new digital subscribers access to Spotify premium for free when they sign up for a one-year all access to The Times. This bundle includes unlimited reading across the Times website and apps at a weekly cost of $5. The New York Times as of Q1 2018, surpassed 2.6 million digital-only subscriptions. Tempting Readers Publishers are using various methods to ‘tempt’ readers into subscribing by directing them down a content funnel and discounting prices to get the reader hooked. This long-term strategy focuses on gathering reader data, persuading readers to try your product then later down the line appealing to their specific requirements with the aim for them to pay more/take out a full subscription. The Times uses a specific 3-step process with a 90% success rate if the subscriber meets all criteria: Step 1. Get readers to consume 10 articles Step 2. Download The Times app Step 3. Attend an event. (Premium subscribers) This is all with the aim to deeply engage subscribers, tempting them to buy into The Times membership model. Optimised User Journey The primary aim when planning the user journey and implementing changes should ultimately be to reduce the barriers for the reader’s route to pay. It must be made as easy as possible for the consumer to subscribe and access your content, this includes, but not limited to: the steps to pay, optimising for operating system and device. Apple has made it easy to pay for services such as subscriptions, allowing one-click payment via finger-print or facial recognition. By storing payment details securely on a device makes the paying process simple for the reader to instantly pay – long payment forms are a thing of the past! Newly launched Google Subscribe lets you buy a subscription, using your Google account, on participating news site. You’ll automatically be signed in to the site, and you can pay–securely with any credit card you’ve used with Google in the past. See how it works here UX/UI also plays an extremely important part when encouraging users to subscribe. Readers can get easily frustrated if your route to pay has lots of complicated steps or if it is not optimised for device. Content & Messaging Arguably the most important element, the content you are creating. The reader must feel like they are receiving value from your publications and are receiving content they can’t get for free elsewhere. The New European is a great example of this - A paid-for weekly newspaper created post-Brexit, providing a hub for relevant targeted content. The newspaper is still going strong and recently upped their cover price, proving readers will pay for relevant wholesome content. We have found that by providing content that is valuable and unique, readers are more than prepared to pay for a subscription. The webinar urges publishers to ask ‘what can you offer that readers can’t get elsewhere or for free?’. Chicago Sun-Times recently made a powerful statement to its audience by publishing a completely blank front page. Asking readers to ‘Imagine our city without our headlines’ encouraging them to pay $7.49 a month to support the newspaper. See the front page here. https://chicago.suntimes.com/imagine-chicago-without-the-sun-times/ During the webinar, we asked attendees to choose which of the four areas would be prioritised by them when encouraging subscriptions. The results were interesting, 40% of the audience unsurprisingly said Content and Messaging was their key focus. Relying on the value of their content and how they presented the subscription options was key. Secondly introducing incentives to get readers hooked, hoping they will stay. Watch a recording of the webinar here or get in contact to discuss your subscription strategy.", "date": "15-05-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/webinar-takeaways-news-image.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/four-key-takeaways-subscriptions-webinar/" }, { "title": "PageSuite & SixPorts collaborate!", "category": "Homepage News, New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "The launch of a new website, ePaper and app signals a change in direction for The Fiji Times... Following on from the successful launch of a new app and ePaper for The Fiji Times, we called upon our new ‘sister’ company to develop a brand-new website for the Fijian news brand. As the leading news site in Fiji, they were looking to upgrade their website, which was previously launched in 2004, with a brand new responsive website which could meet the demands of their readers. Hank Arts, General Manager at The Fiji Times said; “From January 2017 till now the team at The Fiji Times have been evaluating the best sites from around the world.  We then searched for a suitable partner that could assist us in achieving the standard of website we were looking for.  We contracted PageSuite to provide our development, incorporating the best of those sites we evaluated”. Following discussions with The Fiji Times, we engaged with our ‘sister’ company, SixPorts, to undertake the website project. Development commenced in November 2017 and the site was launched just 6 months later in April 2018. The site is fully responsive and provides The Fiji Times with complete control over their content and media. The website content is currently free to view, however The Fiji Times have the ability to switch on the metered paywall through the CMS controls. PageSuite initially collaborated with The Fiji Times in 2015 to launch a Flash-based ePaper which was integrated with their payment system. An upgrade to PageSuite’s latest HTML5 ePaper solution came in 2017, closely followed by the launch of a PDF-replica app housing their daily newspaper editions. Following the launch of their website, The Fiji Times will be launching a new feed-based app in the coming weeks. You can view the new website here. 'Working from the other side of the world, the team at The Fiji Times has been impressed with the attention, service, knowledge and quality of the development team at PageSuite.  Very impressive indeed and we are delighted with the outcome', says General Manager Hank Arts.", "date": "08-05-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/FT-website-news-image.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-sixports-collaborate-update-fiji-times-digital-presence/" }, { "title": "Discovering the Key to Subscriber Success Recording", "category": "", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "In this 45-minute webinar, Ben Edwards discusses ways that publishers across the world are tackling the decline in print revenue by implementing various subscription strategies and how they are attracting a younger readership in order to future-proof their publications. Watch here: ", "date": "08-05-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/news-sub-success-webinar-1.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/discovering-key-subscriber-success-recording/" }, { "title": "Millennials and the ‘Subscription Culture’", "category": "Blog, Company", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Introduction As publishers continue to fine-tune their digital strategies to create sustainable revenue models, some publishers have already identified they need to create a new demand to attract a younger audience in order to future-proof their solution. Many subscription-focused publishers within the industry are already applying techniques to attract young readers aged 18-24, however, are struggling to turn the paying process into a habitual process for that younger audience. This is because it is not a change that can be applied overnight, content must be adapted, integrated socially and in a tone younger people can relate in order to begin nurturing the habit of subscribing. There is some good news for publishers…A common misconception is that younger audiences in the 18-24 bracket won’t pay for news content, however research from Reuters Institute Digital News Report shows that the proportion of people willing to pay across age groups is consistent. It is also clear that this age group are willing to pay for subscription model services with the success of Netflix and Spotify. However, the Reuters report highlights the number one issue troubling publishers across the globe, that only 3% of people pay for online news and 54% say the reason they do not pay for news is that they can get it free elsewhere. The Challenge The main barrier to attracting younger paying subscribers for publishers seems to be identifying a price point between content that can be accessed for free across social media – which they are used to - and identifying a typical monthly subscription rate that the reader gains added value from and deems worthwhile. The next obstacle for publishers is then winning their limited attention time against the intense competition in the market. Nic Newman, editor of the Reuters Institute Digital News Report expressed every publisher’s main concern on the subject, “The fear is young people aren’t going to grow into the tradition of subscribing”. Some publishers are having an amount of success implementing strategies to attract the young audience, they include The Economist, The Telegraph and The Financial Times. 3 Publisher examples tackling the issue THE ECONOMIST Over the last two years, The Economist has been tackling the issue by running specific campaigns targeting students. They have directed their efforts into content-led articles and events at universities, tone of voice was the key factor here featuring consistent creative, design and copy, including phrases that the demographic can relate to such as the campaign tagline “Some trends need more than a hashtag”. THE TELEGRAPH The Telegraph has tried a completely different approach, by going straight to social media to acquire a younger audience. They have seen great success within the 18-34 subscriber segment which is their fastest growing audience. According to Robert Bridge, Chief Customer officer at the Telegraph, over the last three months on Snapchat they have reached an “average of 4.9 million users per month,” considering that 33% of the Snapchat audience is aged between 18-24 that could have a significant future impact. Bridge explained that “Snapchat is a brand play over an acquisition play. Our strategy is long-term: encouraging users, when ready, into the next best product — in this case, the app.” Other publishers pursuing the emerging Snapchat audience are The Washington Post, Le Mode and Verdens Gang. THE FINANCIAL TIMES The FT are turning their attention to an even younger audience, offering free access to FT.com for all 16-19-year-old school students globally. This strategy is in a hope of turning them into paying subscribers when they leave school and increasing brand awareness within this demographic. After analysing these examples, it is clear that in order to appeal to a younger audience three key features need to be taken into consideration. Firstly, the platform on which you target them - entering their medium and communicating in their tone so readers can relate. Secondly, incorporating social components into the strategy and finally Speed, to appeal to their limited attention spans. Of course, there are many other components that can be used to attract this audience. Such as adapting content to bitesize, mobile-focused snippets, but ultimately, the entire strategy and the way publishers deliver content to this audience must be re-evaluated. Bringing these components together enables publishers to reach their target audience with the right messages at the right time in their familiar browsing experiences. On 3rd May 2018 Ben Edwards, SVP Business Development is presenting a free webinar on discussing this subject. More details can be found here http://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/discovering-key-subscriber-success/ Sign up here. References: https://agency.reuters.com/en/insights/articles/articles-archive/how-are-publishers-using-snapchat-to-attract-younger-audiences.html https://digiday.com/media/subscription-publishers-trying-build-paying-content-habit-young/ https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-can-publishers-reach-and-engage-millennials https://aboutus.ft.com/en-gb/announcements/the-financial-times-extends-free-access-to-ft-journalism-to-school-students-around-the-world/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/deeppatel/2017/07/04/how-to-reach-and-engage-millennial-audiences/#cb6fc94789e2", "date": "23-04-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/news-target-subscribers.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/millennials-the-subscription-culture/" }, { "title": "Discovering the Key to Subscriber Success – Webinar Recording", "category": "Blog, Company, Homepage News, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "On Thursday 3rd May we presented a webinar exploring how leading publishing groups are developing their paywalls and subscription strategies to increase 'reader revenue'. Ben Edwards, our SVP of Business Development, presented the webinar which also discussed; Advertising vs. Subscriptions Netflix model & The Subscription Economy Millennials + Paid for Content Watch the 45-minute webinar to find out how publishers across the world are tackling the decline in print revenue and are working to attract a younger readership... Watch Here.", "date": "16-04-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/news-sub-success-webinar-1.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/discovering-key-subscriber-success/" }, { "title": "PageSuite complete roll-out of ePaper solutions for Mediahuis’ newspaper titles", "category": "Company, Homepage News, New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We are delighted to announce the launch of a new ePaper and ePaper SDK for ‘Het Nieuwsblad’. Readers of Het Nieuwsblad are now able to read the ePaper on desktop, mobile and tablet devices via PageSuite’s market-leading solution. Further to this, our ePaper SDK has enabled Mediahuis to ‘plug in’ the ePaper component to their existing iOS and Android apps which were developed in-house. Michiel Van de Velde, Product Owner at Mediahuis said; “The launch of 'Het Nieuwsblad' our largest newspaper - was the smoothest and most successful launch thanks to the efforts of all teams, both internally and externally. Thanks to the good cooperation with PageSuite, we have successfully been able to migrate all our titles on our new platform in a short time.” Mediahuis have been able to customise the look and feel of the ePaper that resides within their apps to ensure that it stays on-brand. In some of the apps, Mediahuis offer readers the option to view either the replica ePaper content or a ‘digitally-optimised’ version so that they can consume content in their preferred format. PageSuite has been working with Mediahuis, a leading media group in Belgium and Netherlands, since 2015 when they collaborated on a similar project for ‘De Standaard’. Since then, they have continued to roll out solutions for each of their newspaper titles. PageSuite also interviewed Product Owner, Michiel Van de Velde to see why they selected PageSuite as their digital vendor, read the interview here.", "date": "12-04-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Mediahuis.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-complete-roll-epaper-solutions-mediahuis-newspaper-titles/" }, { "title": "What Are Progressive Web Apps?", "category": "Company, Industry, Products", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Progressive Web Apps As web technologies have grown, the differences between native mobile apps and web apps are starting to shrink. Desktop and mobile browsers are now able to interact with devices in ways previously only native apps were capable of. PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are a product designed to combine all the modern features of the web, giving a rich user experience similar to that of a native app, but in a mobile or desktop browser. There are a number of technologies at use in PWAs that work hand in hand with key UX fundamentals, which include: Content download, to allow offline viewing Push Notifications Native Sharing Instant page loading Smooth navigation animations Responsive Layout Add to homescreen prompt. Not only do PWAs load faster, they are often a lot smaller than their native counterpart. This is clear to see on Android with the Twitter app (25MB) and Twitter’s PWA, Twitter Lite (600kb). This small size and the use of the ‘Add to Homescreen’ Prompt, makes installing PWAs very fast and unobtrusive. This is also a great advantage as Comscore found last year that 51% of mobile app users do not download a single app in any given month. This combination of technology and UX design gives a much more fluid experience on the web, however, the best way to understand these concepts is to see them in action. Financial Times PWA A number of companies have developed web apps and seen very positive results. One of the most well known is that of the Financial Times. As soon as a user opens the FT web app, the page loads instantly while articles are downloaded in the background. This allows the content to be read offline or on a slow connection without having to get the same data again when the page is reloaded. The user is also prompted to add the page to the devices homescreen. This allows the web app to sit alongside the native apps of the device and gives much easier and faster access to the content. The FT also took advantage of the offline capabilities of PWAs, allowing users to read stories without a connection, which greatly increases reliability for web apps. Forbes PWA In 2017 Forbes updated their mobile site to a progressive web app. The new design used featured images as the top stories and takes advantage of gestures to swipe through articles. After the redesigned web app, Forbes saw user engagement raise by 100%, a 43% increase in sessions per user, a 20% increase in advert views. While Google is leading the way with progressive web apps, Apple is beginning to introduce the necessary technical features required. Most recently in iOS 11.3, Apple added the ability to create an offline web app, which can be added to the device’s home screen. Microsoft is also making headway, scraping the web to find PWAs and adding them to the Windows 10 app store. While PWAs are still in their early stages and under active development, it’s easy to see how they have the ability to completely change the mobile app landscape. Gartner Research believe by 2020, progressive web apps will have replaced 50% of the general app marketplace, and it’s clear to see how the publishing and news industry can take advantage of them. Guest Post by Ben Holmes, PageSuite Web Developer. References (Comscore, 2017) The 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report - https://www.comscore.com/Insights/Presentations-and-Whitepapers/2017/The-2017-US-Mobile-App-Report (Gartner, 2017) Progressive Web Apps Will Impact Your Mobile Strategy - https://www.gartner.com/doc/3645344/progressive-web-apps-impact-mobile (Google Chrome Developers, 2017) Forbes - Redefining Modern Web Development - https://youtu.be/JmC0xkCMFCE (Mevish, 2018) Twitter vs Twitter Lite: Is Lite App Worth it? - https://www.guidingtech.com/twitter-vs-twitter-lite-app-comparison", "date": "05-04-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Progressive_Web_apps_Banner2.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/progressive-web-apps/" }, { "title": "PageSuite to Exhibit at the 88th Annual INMA World Congress", "category": "Events, Homepage News", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "PageSuite are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 88th Annual INMA World Congress in Washington. We are excited at the prospect of networking with representatives from the leading news media companies across the world and showcasing our latest desktop, ePaper and app solutions. INMA is a great way to identify emerging trends, technologies and opportunities from industry-leading newspaper publishers. You can find our Digital Specialists in Washington from 4th-5th June at booth 2! We will be releasing more details closer to the event but if you would like to meet up in Washington to discuss ways we can help improve your future digital solution, please drop us an email here or leave us a comment below. We look forward to meeting you at the event. More details about the 2018 World Congress can be found here.", "date": "13-03-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/INMA-news2.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-to-exhibit-at-the-2018-inma-world-congress/" }, { "title": "Weatherbys Launch Special Cheltenham Festival Edition", "category": "Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "For the first time in its successful print-only 19-year history, The Weatherbys Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide is being produced as a digital e-book. The digital guide replicates the print edition, however, includes additional exclusive editorial articles and utilises the added functionality that comes with a PageSuite digital product. The digital guide is viewable on mobile, tablet and web browser and is available to download as a PDF, enabling offline viewing. Weatherbys have chosen to add PageSuite’s innovative article pop-up feature, allowing readers to view articles in a mobile-friendly view, enhancing the user experience. The in-depth 200+ page guide also makes use of revenue generating features such as clickable advertising, sponsored interstitials and intuitive clickable betting sections allowing readers to place bets via SkyBet directly from the guide. “Our Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide has been a firm favourite with punters for many years and we are delighted we can now offer a Digital version using the PageSuite platform. “Being able to consume on desktop, tablet or mobile, as well as being able to access within a couple of minutes of purchase, have been two key features our customers have enjoyed.” “We are already looking forward to producing our Aintree & Punchestown Festivals Betting Guide with PageSuite, as well as developing and enhancing our Cheltenham Guide for 2019.” Ben Roe, Marketing & Product Development at Weatherbys The digital guide is available to download now.  Weatherbys is a leading name within the racing world, administering British racing on behalf of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), including ownership registrations, receiving and processing entries and declarations, generation of pre-race data and providing financial services. ", "date": "08-03-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/weatherbys-news-post2.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/weatherbys-launch-special-cheltenham-festival-edition/" }, { "title": "Choosing The Right Subscription Pricing Strategy", "category": "Blog, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "As many publishers continue to analyse and adjust which digital strategy best suits them, print advertising revenue and home delivery subscriptions continue to fall. Choosing the right approach is crucial, a familiar, engaging and easy to navigate platform are all essential elements required to encourage users to pay and subscribe to your publication. U.S. daily newspapers witnessed a sharp decline in weekly circulation figures in 2016 falling for the 28th consecutive year, according to the 2017 Pew Research Centre report. Unfortunately, this is the same case for advertising revenue that observed a “double-digit decline in advertising revenue” in 2016 marking an all-time low for the industry, cutting the generated revenue by a third compared to a decade ago. This reinforces how important the move to a subscription-based strategy is. Digital media including mobile now accounts for nearly 49.6% of all media time according to eMarketer and 90% of all mobile time is spent in apps. These statistics cannot be ignored and publishers must learn to adapt to how readers now consume digital media. So what does this mean for publishers? The significant decline to their traditional revenue streams is forcing publishers to pursue a new direction towards a sustainable digital subscription model. This includes figuring out what that subscription strategy entails and ensuring that it attracts paying subscribers. However, determining a pricing strategy that generates a primary revenue source whilst enticing subscribers to take out a digital subscription can be difficult… A recent American Association Press report looked into this issue with an attempt to identify which pricing structure to choose. Analysing the individual price of digital subscriptions of 100 newspapers the report uncovered a number of key findings, including: The weekly price of digital access for the 100 sites ranged from $0.46 to $7.85. The median digital subscription price was $2.31 per week. This research indicates how varied the pricing structures are for digital news subscriptions, selecting one that your readers find valuable is vital. The research also looked into billing frequency, identifying the “majority (71%) of the 100 news organizations had monthly billing, 24 charged weekly and five charged annually”. A noteworthy point found by the research was that ‘Discounted trial subscriptions’ resulted in higher conversion rates than 'free trial subscriptions.’ Free trials resulted in conversion rates of ‘less than 25%, while discounted trials resulted in conversion rates of at least 26% (through the majority was at least 76%). Pricing is just one element used to entice subscribers. The research also identified that publishers encouraged digital subscribers to pay for their digital subscription by adding perks and added benefits. These included things such as: fewer advertisements, subs sharing, free e-cookbooks, free movie screenings, Spotify access and much more. All of which attempt to get the readers to try the digital platform and ultimately become a loyal subscriber. The research also looked into ways to help define which pricing model publishers should set. Unsurprisingly, ‘market testing’ came out on top with an average importance level of 4.20 out of 5. Corporate-set pricing (3.58) followed by competitor pricing followed (2.33 out of 5). All of the elements discussed within this article need to be considered to establish a viable digital subscription strategy. If applied correctly, a robust subscription strategy can combat the sharp decline in print advertising and home delivery subscriptions that have sustained traditional newspapers for so long. If you would like to find out ways that PageSuite can use their extensive industry expertise and knowledge to help create a relevant subscription model for your readers, please get in contact. Sources https://www.americanpressinstitute.org/publications/reports/digital-subscription-pricing/ http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/06/01/circulation-and-revenue-fall-for-newspaper-industry/ https://www.blog.rhapsodymedia.co.uk/blog/what-are-industry-experts-saying-about-digital-publishing-and-monetisation  ", "date": "06-03-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/digital_subscription_pricing_strategies.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/choosing-the-right-subscription-pricing-strategy/" }, { "title": "GDPR Update", "category": "Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "The deadline for compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fast approaching. PageSuite, like many other businesses, have been busy implementing new processes to meet the new regulations in time for the 25th May deadline. The GDPR regulates the “processing” of data for all EU individuals, which includes collection, storage, transfer, or use. Therefore, PageSuite is actively working to put the correct procedures in place which is requiring some necessary changes to our systems ensuring that we are within compliance of the regulation. We have already identified a number of areas that will be affected and are currently making the necessary changes. We will be following up on this post with more detail as these new procedures are implemented, contacting you via email alerting you of any action you may need to take. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. Read our previous post on GDPR.", "date": "22-02-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/GDPR_2.jpghttps://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/GDPR_2.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/gdpr-update/" }, { "title": "The Rise of Reader Revenue Models", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "In an effort to sustain a more reliable revenue model, publishers are looking for alternative ways to generate revenue. The reliance on advertising revenue or revenue generated from the ‘duopoly’ appears to be lessening as publishers look to ‘reader revenue models’ to generate a more consistent and dependable income. According to a report from Axel Springer, 70% of those surveyed have evidence that reader’s willingness to pay for content has increased in the past year. As a result, lots of leading newspaper publishers have launched paid content models over the past 12 months. Stefan Betzold, Managing Director of Bild Digital, said; “Unlike ad revenue, where the big platforms like Facebook and Google take such a large proportion, digital readership revenues and the relationships we can develop with readers provide another revenue stream that helps us reduce dependency on platforms”. News Corp Australia recently launched an ‘app only’ subscription for four of its metro titles in an effort to accelerate mobile subscriptions. De Standaard recently introduced a metered model on their website so that they could continue to give readers access to their ‘plus content’. Dagens Nyheter have also recently moved to a ‘digital subscription model’. They were looking to reduce high churn rates, simplify the sign up process and increase digital subscribers. Publishers will realise the benefit of developing a relationship with their readers and analysing all of the engagement metrics that come from the behavioural insight a subscription login can provide...", "date": "16-02-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Blog_Reader_Revenue_Models.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/rise-reader-revenue-models/" }, { "title": "Cosmo App Demo", "category": "Blog, Company, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "We have recently launched a new section on our website, giving publishers the ability to test a basic interactive demo of our PDF driven app, Cosmo. The demo allows you to customise branding, colour schemes, and add or disable advertising. You can also see how the archive section would be displayed within the app and how some parts can be locked down, accessible only via a valid subscription.   Please note, this is just a taster to see what a PageSuite Cosmo app can do and we have limited some functionality for the purpose of the demo. Try the demo here. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch for a full demo.", "date": "05-02-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Cosmo_Demo_Banner.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/cosmo-app-demo/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Holdings Launch SixPorts!", "category": "Company, Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of our brand new sister company, 'SixPorts'. SixPorts will become the ‘custom development’ arm of PageSuite Holdings, specialising in designing and developing all custom app and digital projects across a range of business sectors. This move will enable PageSuite to focus on our core product range of ePapers, Feed and PDF-driven Template Apps and Edition-Based Apps for clients across the publishing and media sector. As well as specialising in custom mobile solutions, SixPorts will also be investing a lot of time and research into developing innovative solutions for new technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Voice Technology. Ross Murphy, CEO of PageSuite and SixPorts said; “We’re really excited to launch SixPorts into the marketplace and offer businesses unique mobile solutions to help drive their sales and marketing strategies. This move also means that we can ensure more focus is placed on maintaining and developing the core PageSuite product range.” If you have a requirement for a custom mobile solution or want to utilise the latest Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Voice Technology please contact hello@sixports.com to start discussions. Alternatively, you can find out more here: www.sixports.com   ", "date": "30-01-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/sixports-news2.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-holdings-launch-sixports/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s 2018 ePaper Insights Report", "category": "Company, Homepage News, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Throughout December, PageSuite carried out extensive industry-wide research looking into various industry ePaper challenges and trends. The report also identified publisher’s biggest drivers of revenue, subscription strategies, the most popular platforms and much more. The ePaper insights report discovered some fascinating trends and revealed that the platform receiving the greatest level of traffic was mobile (65%) however users spent the most time engaging with the ePaper on Desktop (48.28%). If you would like to read the full report and find out further ePaper insights from publishers around the world, you can by downloading the report here.", "date": "29-01-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/ePaper_Insights_Report_News.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-epaper-insights-report/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s 2018 Digital Publishing Predictions", "category": "Company, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "2017 has been an extremely busy and eventful year for PageSuite. We had a number of world renown publishers launching their digital products on the PageSuite platform and travelled across the globe attending and exhibiting at a number of industry events. In 2017 PageSuite gained industry insights by visiting clients and like-minded publishing experts across the world to help improve and future-proof our market-leading digital solution. This year also saw a significant upgrade to brand new servers and major improvements to our support service infrastructure allowing us to provide clients with 24/7 support. With this year set to be even more exciting and challenging for publishers with the introduction of GDPR, increase in VR/AR and voice technologies and the ongoing battle between advertising vs subscriptions models, we asked PageSuite’s board of directors to collate a number of key predictions for the year ahead… Nathan Parrett, PageSuite Founder Nathan begins with predicting that there will be a “push for more assistant style devices and Google Assistant will become as popular as Alexa. Whilst AR will become more mainstream with more interactive apps, restaurant reviews etc. “Newspapers and Magazines will continue to search for ways to be digital first but explore ways that the process can be automated as opposed to labour intensive workflows. Machine learning will become more a necessity rather than a nice to have resulting in users expecting apps to learn from their reading habits. Displaying content that is relevant.” Nathan also expects foldable phones to come into play, along with fingerprint sensors inside the screen. He also believes that Microsoft will launch a Surface phone. Ross Murphy, CEO Ross forecasts that “Content will continue to follow in advertising’s footsteps with growth to deliver personalisation based on user interaction with articles and media content. This will include efforts to deliver personalised content as people switch through their various screens and devices. There will be a rise in importance of the loyal consumer whose repeat visits become more valuable as some publishers target subscriptions and memberships over advertising revenues.” Continued from last year’s successful prediction, Ross thinks “Facial and Biometric login will continue to grow and become a consumer preference” Finally, his most wild prediction is that he thinks “England has an outside chance of winning a penalty shootout in this years’ World Cup!” Lucy Tozer, SVP Marketing Lucy forecasts three key predictions, including rising digital subscriptions revenue, GDPR reform and the rise in Voice Assistant Technologies… “Digital subscription revenues will rise. More and more publishers will learn how to bundle their content and encourage their readers to develop ‘digital habits’ to successfully harness digital subscription revenue in 2018. 2017 saw many publishers successfully incentivise subscriptions by including premium content offerings, such as music licenses and other products. This year, more publishers will follow suit, learning how to monetise their content and grow digital subscribers. Publishers will spend the first half of 2018 getting to grips with their data. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in May 2018 and will change the way that publishers are able to communicate with their audience. It will be essential for all companies to get consent from anybody they wish to collect data on and to ensure that any external systems they use are fully GDPR compliant! Voice Assistant Technologies will gather momentum. Last year publishers ‘dabbled’ in voice recognition technology, utilising ‘Flash Briefings’ and similar concepts -  this year lots of publishers will be looking for more ways to get involved! Voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s HomePod [coming soon] are now far more mainstream and intuitive making them an integral part of our everyday lives. Publishers will be seeking to ensure that their content is consumable across these platforms and will look for ways to monetise this service.” Ben Edwards, SVP of Business Development Ben predicts that “a couple of major non-publishing apps will go live through SixPorts” – the custom development arm of PageSuite. He also thinks PageSuite’s move to “24/7 business will reap rewards and bring on new clients across Asia and Australasia too.” Jason Pyne, Global Key Accounts Director “Last year I predicted an increase in mobile, this year is much the same. However, in 2018 there will be a greater emphasis on video and image content through editorial delivery. Whilst video streaming will see an increase in advertising revenue. Apple and Samsung will launch new products with dazzling new screens, stronger resolution and cameras that test the Paparazzi’s long lenses and shutter speeds costing thousands of Pounds (Dollars or Euros), so of course phone usage becomes naturally even greater over tablet or desktop PC. Pushing news information to the phone is great for supplying news content in whatever form, but this will always be just a snapshot– a quick read. Advertising will have to catch the imagination for dwell time, as the user is often ready to swipe ahead before they have even started to read the content Occasionally when readers do want to kick back and have a good read in an easily readable format. Tablets and Desktop PCs will in my opinion always own this space but will become more directed to premium content available exclusive to this environment through crafted editions fed by publisher’s content at set times. Trusted brands will always be able to keep their audience hooked if they deliver the standards of content they have strived to deliver for years and be true to the marketplace they serve. Thank you for reading our Director’s predictions if you have any predictions for the coming year please feel free to leave a comment on this post.", "date": "03-01-2018", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Directors_Predictions-1.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-2018-digital-publishing-predictions/" }, { "title": "GDPR – What Publishers Need to Know", "category": "Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "From 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force and replace the way publishers are able to store, use and distribute data. The new regulation will supersede the outdated 1998 Data Protection Act. Introducing harsher fines for non-compliant companies and giving people across European countries more control over what organisations can do with their personal data. Under the new legislation personal data now extends further than personally identifiable information (PII) data which currently includes: name, email address, purchases, etc. GDPR now incorporates non-personally identifiable information for the digital age such as anonymous cookies, location-based data, IP address, etc. All the information collected must have a clear opt-in/opt-out process and explain what data is being collected and why. The new legislation will affect all EU countries and those companies that are based outside of the EU if they collect or use personal data of European residents. Failure to follow the new legislation could result in a serious fine. There are two levels of fines, the first is up to €10 million or 2% of the company’s global annual turnover. The second is up to €20million or 4% of the annual worldwide turnover (whichever is greater). A supervisory body can also decide to force an organisation to cease all collecting and use of data if regulations are not followed. The new GDPR affects individuals, organisations, and companies that are either Controllers or Processors of personal data. Controllers – The entity that decides the purpose and use that the personal data you have collected is used Processors - The entity that processes the data on behalf of the controller. This role includes obtaining, recording, adapting or holding personal data. GDPR will have a larger impact on some organisations more than others, however, it will affect every company that collects data in some way. Many parts of the regulation are similar to the current Data Protection Act and can relate to information that is collected through an automated process. However, there are new elements of the new regulation which require significant changes. Therefore, you will be required to review your approach to data protection and change the way your business handles all data. In short, all EU business and those who deal with EU citizen’s data will now be more accountable for their handling of people's personal/digital information. Businesses must have data protection policies, data protection impact assessments and relevant documents on how data is processed in order to be fully GDPR compliant. Businesses must have data protection policies, data protection impact assessments and relevant documents on how data is processed in order to be fully GDPR compliant or face substantial fines. Further Reading: Full regulation document: http://ec.europa.eu/justice/data-protection/reform/files/regulation_oj_en.pdf Union's official website for the regulation https://www.eugdpr.org/ The ICO's 12 step guide to prepare for GDPR: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr As soon as we have more information about what publishers need to do we will post it on the blog. *This blog post provides general information on how GDPR are going to affect our clients and should not be taken as legal advice", "date": "14-12-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/GDPR.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/gdpr-publishers-need-know/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s 12 Days of Christmas Video", "category": "", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Season's Greetings and Happy New Year, from all of us at PageSuite! We would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with you in 2018. As part of our annual Christmas tradition, our design and marketing team have created a short Christmas video for your enjoyment! [embed]https://youtu.be/XEfUoy4B93A[/embed]", "date": "12-12-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Christmas_Video_News.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-12-days-of-christmas/" }, { "title": "7 Ways to Drive Ad Strategies in Your ePaper", "category": "Company, Products", "author": "Emily Jarvis", "content": "We’ve recently introduced some great new enhancements to our ePaper software, bringing you more advertising opportunities to help drive your digital revenues and we’ve also added DFP integration to all the major ad formats including banner adverts and pop-up interstitials. Take a look at some of the options now available below… Splash Screen Banner Ad Displays on the launch screen of your ePaper Includes DFP integration You can also utilise this spot to a display a sponsor logo or additional branding Left-hand Ad A full-page slot positioned adjacent to your front page This is an image-based ad that displays in double-page-spread view on desktop and in landscape orientation on mobile and tablet devices Include a hyper link Banner Ads Banner ads feature in a fixed position below your ePaper Includes DFP integration  This ad area can also accommodate an image-based ad with a hyperlink to promote other services or sister publications Wrapper Ads Small image-based ad position that displays on desktop view only. These can repeat on either side of you edition or can feature on just one side Include a hyperlink Can be used as an eye-catching area to promote a sponsor, for social media channels or to link out to news and blog sites Menu Ads Small image-based ad position that displays in the main menu Include a hyperlink A great space to promote a sponsor or use to display a masthead for another publication Pop-up Interstitials An attention-grabbing format that takes over the full screen Control how many pages the user must swipe or turn before an interstitial advert appears Includes DFP integration Article View Ads Please note, these advert positions are only available to clients that have Article View implemented on their editions. A Banner ad option is also available to display when a user scrolls down and reaches the end of an article Feature MPU ads within article content Includes DFP integration across both MPU and banner ads   Full details on advert sizes can be found on our advert options spec sheet here. You can find out more about how to implement our advert options by checking out the videos and help guides on our client support site or if you would like to discuss a custom ad strategy of your own, please get in touch with our sales team.", "date": "12-12-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/ad-ops-blog-image.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/7-ways-to-drive-ad-strategies-in-your-epaper/" }, { "title": "Key Takeaways from our Latest Webinar – 2 in 1, The Strategy for App Success", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "In our latest webinar Stuart Smith, Digital Mobile Specialist and Ben Edwards, SVP of Business Development explored various app strategies and discussed how to future-proof your digital app solution. During the hour-long webinar, we identified a number of opportunities whilst looking at a number of leading industry examples. Here are five key takeaways from the webinar: Mobile first growth The rise of mobile is shaping the form of content audiences expect and the way they interact with this content. As devices continue to evolve and the popularity of consuming news on mobile rises, publishers must focus more on their mobile strategy. These enhancements include bigger screen sizes, improved processing power, quicker downloads and larger storage capabilities. These improvements are allowing publishers to create more feature-rich applications and deliver news to their readers much faster than before. This, therefore, provides a better mobile experience providing more digital revenue opportunities. According to the Pew Research Centre 2017 report, 45% of U.S. adults often get news on a mobile device. That is up from 36% in 2016 and 21% in 2013. Compared to desktop nearly two-thirds (65%) prefer mobile for their primary source of news. App usage up vs web browsers Research shows users are spending much more time in apps than browsing on mobile optimised websites. This is supported by a recent App Annie report that established a number of significant findings, firstly that apps have higher average engagement times vs web views and they also receive a higher volume of repeat traffic too. The pie charts below show the breakdown in comparison for Android devices of mobile browser use vs apps which clearly shows the large opportunity within apps. If you are considering an app strategy and would like to find out the benefits of an app we posted a recent blog post giving you three reasons how an app can help your digital strategy. Read here. 2 in 1 App - Importance of ePaper vs. Live News Create an app strategy that gives the publisher the ability to cater to different demographics that in turn widens your target market and provides your existing readers with the experience they expect. Within the webinar we identified five strategic questions that can be used to discover what functionality you need to help deliver the results and app strategy you desire: What are your audience reading preferences? – Do they prefer the finish ability of an entire edition or constant live updates or both? Who is your target demographic? – Younger audiences are found to prefer live news vs older demographics who prefer full editions or combine both to cover both demographics. How to add value to print? – Generally adding more functionality increases engagement, what functionality and enhancements do your readers expect? What drives spending? - Advertising vs subscription strategies, propensity to pay for an edition – perception of feeds = web = free Which devices or operating systems are key? – Design and optimise to the most used device. One Big App & Spin-off app opportunities Identify the appeal of having one big app that combines all of your content while exploring opportunities for popular niche spin off projects. Before choosing a specific app strategy look at the following elements: Audience, Products, Scale, Stakeholders and Speed requirements. Then decide if there is a feasible opportunity for a niche separate app. According to a recent App Annie report, smartphone users are spending more time in apps than in past years and now access 30 various apps on a monthly basis. Of those apps, users only launch an average of nine apps per day and use them as a daily habit. Your app should aim to be one of those nine apps that readers use habitually every day. In order to achieve this provide added value to your app and make it as useful as possible for readers, encouraging increased in-app engagement. For example, combining puzzles with news, latest weather forecasts, traffic cameras etc, encourages users to return to keep returning to the app. Constantly review and improve your digital solution With even more features and functionality being available as mobile device capabilities improve, publishers must keep ahead of the ever-changing requirements of their readers. Future-proof your digital strategy by choosing a digital app provider that is constantly innovating and adding new functionality to the app product. This gives you the ability to grow and evolve as the market does, allowing you to move your revenue strategies to be more aligned with engagement metrics through advertising and subscriptions. To see live examples of different app strategies in action, with live examples watch the full recording of the webinar here. Sources: https://reutersinstitute.politics.ox.ac.uk/sites/default/files/Digital%20News%20Report%202017%20web_0.pdf http://www.oneaudience.com/mobile-news/ https://www.appannie.com/en/insights/market-data/new-app-usage-report-how-many-apps-do-users-install-a-month/ https://www.appannie.com/en/insights/mobile-strategy/mobile-web-app-advantage-report/", "date": "06-12-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Webinar_Takeaways.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/key-takeaways-from-our-latest-webinar-2-in-1-the-strategy-for-app-success/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Develop Kiosk App Solution for Egmont Publishing’s FLIPP Solution", "category": "Homepage News, Industry, New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We're delighted to announce the launch of three separate ‘FLIPP’ apps for each of Egmont’s Publishing divisions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Each of the FLIPP apps are customisable and contain multiple magazine titles designed to be read by a range of audiences. The latest technology enables readers to create ‘profiles’ so that multiple users can personalise the publications they see within the app. For example, a reader can ‘favourite’ a specific title and only these will appear when they select their own profile within the app. The app can be accessed on five different devices at any one time making it ideal for families.  'We chose PageSuite to develop the upgrade to our FLIPP apps after reviewing several European companies. We valued the features and roadmap of PageSuite's platform. In addition, PageSuite was very positive about co-developing a comprehensive API solution for the communication between the app and backend. Furthermore, we needed to reduce risk as much as possible as we already had many users in the first version of FLIPP – and PageSuite's operation proved as expected to be honouring this.' Peter Lund-Sørensen, Head of Data & Insights at Egmont Publishing   Publications within the app are locked down and require a subscription to be viewed. However, readers are able to read the first five pages of each publication via a metering model so that they can sample content before purchasing. Currently all users are offered a free one-month trial and are then required to pay a set amount per month for unlimited access to their publications. The app has been designed with readers in mind to ensure they are delivered a superior reading experience. Readers can search publications by category, search for specific content within a publication, view and access downloads as well as bookmark individual pages to access at a later date. Egmont Publishing is a leading European producer and publisher of entertainment, magazines, books and other digital services. FLIPP is owned by Egmont Publishing. ", "date": "06-12-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Egmont_Flipp_Launch.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-develop-kiosk-app-solution-egmont-publishings-flipp-solution/" }, { "title": "WEBINAR: 2 in 1 – The Strategy for App Success!", "category": "", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "On Thursday 30th November Stuart Smith, Digital Mobile Specialist and Ben Edwards, SVP of Business Development explored various app strategies and discussed the following topics: The benefits of the 2 in 1 app solution How you can increase engagement times Monetizing content to drive digital revenue Enhancing content with third-party integrations Client case studies Driving results in 2018 Watch the webinar below: [embed]https://youtu.be/wkpDF2YfVLU[/embed]", "date": "01-12-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/The-All-in-One-App-Strategy.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/webinar-2-1-strategy-app-success-2/" }, { "title": "Three Reasons How an App Can Benefit Your Digital Strategy", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "When deciding your digital strategy there are many different approaches to consider. To help make informed decisions leading app researcher, App Annie, recently compiled a report identifying a number of top-level insights recognising the benefits of considering an app within your overall digital strategy. We have broken down the research into three key findings and benefits to help with your decision making. Increased loyalty and engagement ‘Globally in H1 2017, native mobile apps accounted for 88% of time and 93% of sessions on Android phones (the remainder was spent in browsers). Smartphone users spend 7x more time in native apps than in browsers, and tend to access them 13x more often.’ This proves that users are spending much more time in apps than browsing on mobile optimised websites. This is reconfirmed by the amount of time we are using apps for, which is ‘well over 2 hours each day. The top 20% of users spend more than 4 hours a day in apps.’ Presenting a big opportunity for businesses. The increased time spent is mostly the result of the extra capabilities available within an app such as push notifications, geo-targeting and rich media when deployed effectively can increase repeating traffic through engagement. Giving apps a distinct advantage over website only solutions since the majority of these features are unavailable when interacting with a website on mobile. Revenue Opportunities ‘In the US (a more mature mobile market) over half of consumers have made a purchase via mobile, and half of those prefer to use apps.’ ‘Some successful retailers are now seeing more than half of their sales come through mobile channels, and app users specifically convert at 3X the rate of mobile web users.’ This makes it clear that there are potential revenue opportunities within apps, particularly when the additional features are being utilised and users have a habitual relationship with your app. Apps Have Better Compatibility with Device Hardware and Functionality Native apps can offer a tailored and immersive user experience by allowing in-app personalisation and customisable features, delivering a more familiar experience on user’s mobile devices. They are a highly engaging and targeted channel when interacting with users due to their access to engaging features. Native apps are created for specific operating systems allowing all the features and functionality the platform holds. For example, taking advantage of optimised app features such as push notifications that can contain rich content (images & videos) which can be sent depending on user behaviour, cameras, GPS, fingerprint/face authentication all resulting in more compelling user experiences. With time spent in apps almost doubling over the past few years and rapid sustained growth predicted, an app strategy cannot be overlooked. Apps are becoming the primary channel for many users and it is a great opportunity to engage with existing consumers while enticing a new audience. App Annie is a leading app market data company gaining insights from over 11 million apps across the globe being used by 94 of the top 100 publishers across the globe. The full App Annie report can be downloaded here. We also held a recent app webinar, focusing on how combining PDF content with Live News can be your strategy for success in 2018. which can be viewed here.", "date": "27-11-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Three-reasons-how-an-app-can-benefit-your-digital-strategy.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/three-reasons-app-can-benefit-digital-strategy/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s Annual 2017 ePaper Insights Survey", "category": "Company, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "The publishing industry is constantly evolving and changing, therefore it is in everyone’s interest to continuously monitor what strategies other successful publishers are implementing to grow and develop their digital audiences. As a market leader, PageSuite strives to keep ahead of industry trends and is once again carrying out their annual digital publishing insights survey, this time focusing on ePaper strategies. We would love to hear about your current and future ePaper strategies in order to better map the current state of the publishing industry – There’s even a chance to win a £100/€100/$100 Amazon voucher! The survey results will be compiled to create an in-depth industry report which will discover the various industry ePaper challenges and trends. The report will also identify publisher’s biggest drivers of revenue, subscription strategies, the most popular platforms and much more. If you would like to contribute to the survey you can begin here. The survey is short and should only take 5-7 minutes. After you complete our survey we will enter your name into a free prize draw to win the Amazon Voucher. Thank you in advance for your support, your response is extremely valuable to us. Begin Survey   T&Cs Once you have completed our survey you will be automatically entered into a free prize draw to win the Amazon Voucher. Winner will be picked completely at random and will be notified via email. (Voucher will be £100, $100 or €100 depending on your local currency)", "date": "10-11-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/ePaper_Survery_News.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-annual-2017-epaper-insights-survey/" }, { "title": "WEBINAR: 2 in 1 – The Strategy for App Success!", "category": "Blog, Events", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Find out how combining PDF content with Live News can be your strategy for success in 2018. In our latest webinar we looked at how you can dramatically increase engagement and in turn grow your digital revenue by launching a market-leading app solution that combines your regular PDF content with live website feeds. Stuart Smith, Digital Mobile Specialist and Ben Edwards, SVP of Business Development explored various app strategies and looked at the following topics: The benefits of the 2 in 1 app solution How you can increase engagement times Monetizing content to drive digital revenue Enhancing content with third-party integrations Client case studies Driving results in 2018 The webinar ran for 60-minutes which includes a 15-minutes for a Q&A. Watch it here", "date": "02-11-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/The-All-in-One-App-Strategy.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/webinar-2-1-strategy-app-success/" }, { "title": "The Dallas Morning News launch new app and HTML5 desktop solution", "category": "New Launch", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "We are delighted to announce that we have been working with The Dallas Morning News, one of the largest paid-for daily newspapers in the USA, to launch their new digital project. We produced a new digital solution including a PDF multi-title replica app and HTML5 desktop solution for The Dallas Morning News. The ePaper launched on PageSuite’s HTML5 reader which guarantees the content can be viewed in the browser across mobile and tablet devices as well as desktops.  Both the app and ePaper feature PageSuite’s latest functionality, guaranteeing that The Dallas Morning News are offering their audience the latest cross-platform browsing experience. The PDF replica app and the desktop solution includes our innovative translations feature and pop-out article functionality which allows readers to select an article of interest and read it in an enhanced ‘pop up’ view. This alternative reading view permits subscribers to read the content clearly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We are delighted to be collaborating with such a respected title to improve their digital presence and provide their subscribers with a superior reading experience. Eric Evans, Product Manager at The Dallas Morning News said “PageSuite has enabled us to reach more users than ever before by providing a solution that works across multiple platforms and ecosystems. We are thrilled to have the chance to increase engagement within our digital product portfolio through the most advanced ePaper platform available.” The Dallas Morning News has moved from a stand-alone iPad replica solution and has now launched their first Android replica solution alongside a mobile and tablet iOS app on PageSuite’s 'Cosmo’ template. The move also sees them launch a vastly superior desktop ePaper solution with additional functionality and reader features. The Dallas Morning News has launched with two other complementary newspapers, The Denton Record-Chronicle and Spanish title Al Dia. Download the iOS app here.", "date": "30-10-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Dallas-Morning-News.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/dallas-morning-news-launch-new-app-html5-desktop-solution/" }, { "title": "Feature Spotlight – Classic Editions", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Maximise revenue from your archived editions by showcasing historic or classic editions within your Digital Edition and charge a fee for downloading. The Classic Editions feature gives the publisher the option to select historically significant past editions and transform them into a digital edition for the reader to consume. This not only adds further digital revenue for publishers but also extra value for your readers. By transforming these editions into a digital format allows for additional features in the historic edition, such as extensive image galleries, additional advertising and more. One newspaper that is making great use of their ‘Classic Editions’ is large daily US publisher, Newsday. Their app contains a section that includes various landmark editions, including their coverage of the 1969 moon landing, Hurricane Gloria and other historic publications. Contact us here to find out more about Classic Editions.", "date": "23-10-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Classic_Editions-1.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/feature-spotlight-classic-editions/" }, { "title": "PageSuite to Exhibit at the Mega-Conference", "category": "Events", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Later this month PageSuite will be exhibiting in San Diego for the 2018 Mega-Conference! We are already looking forward to networking with fellow industry professionals and showcasing our latest solutions. Find our Digital Specialists at the event from 26th-28th February at booth 206 showcasing our latest desktop, tablet and mobile digital publishing solutions. As well as showcasing some of our latest solutions we'll also be talking attendees through some of our recent client launches. We are in the process of launching ePaper and app solutions for some of North America's largest publishing groups and cannot wait to showcase these! If you would like to meet up at the event and discuss your future digital publishing strategies just drop us an email, we would love to meet with you.", "date": "20-10-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/mega_conference_New.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-exhibit-mega-conference/" }, { "title": "Gibraltar Chronicle Launch New Digital Solution", "category": "Homepage News, New Launch", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "We’re pleased to announce the launch of a brand new HTML5 desktop and iOS replica app solution for the Gibraltar Chronicle. The new solution sees Gibraltar’s oldest established newspaper, The Gibraltar Chronicle, launch on PageSuite’s interactive ‘Cosmo’ PDF-replica template app. The new fully optimised app is available on tablet and mobile and boasts a number of highly interactive features, allowing readers to easily browse through the latest editions. Readers can choose from multiple reading views, swipe and jump to specific pages, utilise the search bar to locate specific content via keywords and much more. Brian Reyes, Editor of The Gibraltar Chronicle said 'This is an exciting step for us. The Chronicle’s core product is its print edition but, in line with trends elsewhere, many of our loyal readers want news delivered to their phones and tablets. As a small newsroom, our challenge is to offer a quality product in both print and digital. Working with PageSuite means we have a top-end digital edition and round-the-clock technical support, which in turn allows us to focus on delivering the quality journalism our readers demand. The app is stylish and retains the classic Chronicle look, while adding exciting new features that will help us build our digital presence into the future.' Their new digital offering includes PageSuite’s innovative Article View feature which allows readers to tap on an article to open it in an optimised ‘pop up’ window on mobile and tablet. This view lets users seamlessly swipe through articles within your app, share content, view engaging image galleries within articles and adjust the text size giving your readers a better reading experience. The daily newspaper is locked down via PageSuite’s subscription platform. Requiring readers to purchase a weekly or monthly subscription to view the ePaper and drive digital revenues. The Gibraltar Chronicle was established in 1801 and has been in print continuously since then, the new solution is now available to view online and download on iOS tablet and mobile devices.", "date": "19-10-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Gibraltar_Chronicle.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/gibraltar-chronicle-launch-new-epaper-app/" }, { "title": "HTTPS Announcement", "category": "Company, Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Following the recent industry efforts to promote the importance of HTTPS/TLS, PageSuite will be enabling this for all customers who use our standard ePaper domains. These domains are as follows; 1. edition.pagesuite.com 2. edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk A further announcement will follow shortly that will detail exactly what you need to do to enable HTTPS/TLS for your ePaper. Should the domain name where you access your ePaper solution not be listed here please contact your Account Manager for more details of how PageSuite can enable this for you. Further details to follow...", "date": "06-10-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Security_News.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/https-announcement/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Set to Collaborate with Chile’s Largest Publisher, Grupo Copesa", "category": "", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "We’re pleased to announce that we are going to be launching a new replica app and HTML5 desktop solution for Chilean media conglomerate, Grupo Copesa. Copesa is launching their leading daily newspaper, La Tercera, on the PageSuite platform, followed by seven other magazines and newspapers three months later. La Tercera is a daily newspaper published in Santiago, Chile and will be launched on our PDF-replica ‘Cosmo’ app template. This template displays the regular edition of the newspaper as well as supplements and an extensive 90-day archive. This allows the reader to seamlessly swipe through past and present editions in a user-friendly format that utilises PageSuite’s latest software. Readers will be able to access content on mobile and tablet devices across iOS and Android. La Tercera will also be launching an ePaper on our innovative HTML5 reader, ensuring readers can consume any edition via a browser across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Both the PDF-replica app and ePaper solutions feature PageSuite’s latest features and functionality ensuring that Copesa are offering their audience the latest cross-platform browsing experience. Copesa’s VP of Customer & Audience Development, Christian Díaz, said: “This partnership with Pagesuite is consolidating parts of the ecosystem we need in order to achieve our digital strategy. We needed an upgrade on user experience and Pagesuite delivers a good product with fine metrics”. Grupo Copesa is one of the largest media conglomerates in Chile. The group has several online newspapers and magazines, including La Cuarta, La Hora and Qué Pasa. Through their cross-site ad network, they control more than 15 million unique visitors monthly.", "date": "02-10-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/copesa-news-story.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/?post_type=news-article&p=5220" }, { "title": "WAN IFRA Releases World News Publisher Outlook Report", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "We all know that challenges arise daily for publishers, occasionally playing a major role in forcing them to completely rethink their future business models. Therefore, each year WAN IFRA creates a World News Publisher Outlook report, which analyses the ‘world’s most profitable media companies’ looking at what they are investing in to help other businesses prosper in the digital world. After surveying 235 news executive and managers working in media across 68 countries, WAN IFRA found that a ‘reluctance to innovate’ [1] was their number one concern. This was followed by identifying new ‘revenues streams and a sustainable business model’. These concerns could be down to a number of differing factors, including limitations on in-house resources or a lack of insight. The analysis also found that there was a ‘significant relationship between the innovation culture in firms and their financial performance. In fact, companies that prioritise innovation are more likely to report organisational and financial success compared with companies that don’t.’ [2] Reinforcing the need to have innovation at the heart of your business infrastructure. This is why PageSuite doesn’t just work with publishers but we aim to act as an extension of your business. PageSuite are constantly innovating and trialling new revenue generating business models to advise you on digital strategies that would best suit your business. We’re constantly monitoring new software updates and technology launches to see how we can utilise them within our products. The report then explored the top areas that publishers are looking to invest in. The top result was video which comes as no surprise. Software and app development was also in the top three results, reinforcing the view that publishers must adjust to the way readers are now consuming their content. See the full results below. The WAN IFRA report highlights many other key findings including culture change, digital strategies and methods to increase digital revenues. You can download the full report here. If you would like to discuss how PageSuite could help your company to innovate and meet your business goals don’t hesitate in getting in contact! Sources - [1] http://www.wan-ifra.org/press-releases/2017/09/20/now-available-world-news-publishers-outlook-2017 [2] https://blog.wan-ifra.org/2017/09/20/publishers-fear-reluctance-to-innovate [3] http://www.niemanlab.org/2017/09/what-newsroom-execs-around-the-world-think-should-be-the-next-big-areas-of-focus-for-their-companies/", "date": "25-09-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/wan-ifra-report-news-img.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/wan-ifra-world-news-publisher-outlook-report/" }, { "title": "Orlando Sentinel Launch Special Edition", "category": "Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "The Orlando Sentinel, owned by Tronc, created a second print edition on September 13th so that they could publish additional coverage of the devastation left by Hurricane Irma. Their editors wanted to quickly launch a second digital ‘extra’ edition that same day so that their readers could access their content across desktop, mobile and tablet as soon as it was launched. Due to the way that we automate our file processing and have support staff working around the clock we were able to process and launch this edition within a very quick timeframe to meet the Orlando Sentinel’s needs. Todd Stewart, Assistant Managing Editor/Visuals & Multimedia at Orlando Sentinel said; 'When disaster struck our area, PageSuite allowed us the ability to connect with our readers in unique, timely ways and helped us redefine what to expect from an e-newspaper.' View the edition here", "date": "18-09-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Orlando_Sentinel_Hurricane_Irma.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/orlando-sentinel-launch-special-edition/" }, { "title": "Key Takeaways from the September 2017 Apple Event", "category": "Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Key Takeaways from the September 2017 Apple Event On Tuesday 12th September at the newly built Steve Jobs Theatre in California, Apple held their annual product and software keynote. Marking 10 years since the first iconic iPhone, the keynote was always going to be a special one. The unveiling started with a short audio clip of Steve Jobs and went on to launch three new iPhones, an Apple Watch, Apple TV 4K and ended with their signature ‘One more thing…’ announcing the iPhone X. Here’s a rundown of the top releases: iPhone X The iPhone X (pronounced ten) is the latest flagship product to be released by Apple. Boasting a 5.8-inch OLED button less screen, it features a complete redesign, wireless charging, an upgraded processor, water-resistant and a longer battery life. The iPhone X is packed with new camera features such as the new portrait lighting features alongside its new powerful 12-megapixel camera. iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus For everyday users not interested in the high-end iPhone X, Apple also released two new iPhones the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus upgrading from the iPhone 7. Looking very similar to its predecessor aesthetically, however, it did receive some major hardware improvements. The new iPhones now have an aluminium-framed glass body available in Space Grey, Gold, and Silver. With a brand new ‘A11 Bionic chip featuring a six-core CPU design with two performance cores that are 25 percent faster and four efficiency cores that are 70 percent faster than the A10 Fusion chip in previous-generation devices.’ (Source) Apple Watch Series 3 The Apple Watch Series also got refreshed, looking nearly identical from the previous model except for a new distinguishable red digital crown. The upgraded watch now has the capability of cellular data, meaning it can stream music, take calls and Siri can perform without your phone. It also got a processor upgrade and a new barometric altimeter for better activity tracking with the upgraded WatchOS 4. Apple TV 4k The Apple TV hasn’t been upgraded since 2015 and got a software bump at the event, the Apple TV now has the ability to stream 4K and has been fitted with a faster processor. Facial recognition Face ID can now be used to unlock the phone, authenticate Apple Pay and interact with the new animoji. Animoji - Scan your face and the animoji will match your facial expression in a short animation. Wireless charging All of the newly released iPhones will have wireless charging functionality. Apple didn’t release any specific wireless charging hardware, however, showed a preview of its new charging matt called ‘AirPower’ that will charge all of Apple’s wireless chargeable devices (apple Watch, new iPhones & AirPods). iOS11 & Watch OS4 iOS 11 will be available from 19th September and as we already know from June’s WWDC event in San Francisco saw major changes. Including, design changes throughout the operating system, the control centre and lock screen have been entirely redesigned, drag and drop facility, Siri improvements, peer-to-peer Apple Pay and much more. More details on iOS11 can be found here. Oh, one more thing… Apple stores are now being referred to as ‘Town Squares’ by Apple! Key Dates iPhone 8 and Plus – Pre order 15th September, available 22nd September iPhone X: Pre order 27th October, available 3rd November Apple Watch Series 3: Pre Order 15th September, available 22nd September Apple WatchOS 4 – Available 19th September iOS 11 – 19th September Apple TV 4k - Available 22nd September", "date": "13-09-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/apple-event-blog-post.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/key-takeaways-september-2017-apple-event/" }, { "title": "World Publishing Expo Audio Tours", "category": "Blog, Events", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "This year in Berlin PageSuite will be taking part in two of the official Guided Audio Tours. Both tours are a great way for the participants to visit our stand and listen to a short presentation about our current offering and latest developments. Each of the tours lasts one-hour and begin during the breaks between the main keynote conferences, ensuring you don’t miss any of the talks. PageSuite will be presenting during the following times: Multichannel Publishing - Tuesday, 10th October, 11:00am CMS Publishing Systems - Tuesday, 10th October, 1:00pm Alternatively, if you are unable to attend the audio tours you will find our Digital Specialists on Stand D.01 in the DCX hall showcasing our latest market-leading digital solutions throughout the three days. More details on the content of these audio tours coming soon. Full details of the event can be found here.", "date": "04-09-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/news-audiotours.jpghttps://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/news-audiotours.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/world-publishing-expo-audio-tours/" }, { "title": "PageSuite are Exhibiting at the WAN IFRA World Publishing Expo & Digital Content Expo!", "category": "Events", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "We are pleased to announce that we will be returning to Berlin for the 2017 WAN IFRA World Publishing & Digital Content Expo this October. We will be exhibiting from 10 - 12 October at the Messe Berlin, Germany – full location and event details can be found on the WAN IFRA website. You’ll be able to find us in Hall 21b, Stand d.01 showcasing our latest market-leading digital solutions. This year we will also be taking part in two of the official Guided Audio Tours. Both tours are a great way for the participants to find out more about PageSuite and see our industry-leading desktop, mobile and tablet solutions. See full details about the audio tours here. If you would like a personalised demo at the event, please get in touch by emailing hello@pagesuite.com to pre-book a demo and we will arrange a time that fits your schedule. We hope to see you there!", "date": "22-08-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Meet-with-PageSuite-in-Berlin_NEWS.jpeghttps://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Meet-with-PageSuite-in-Berlin_NEWS.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-exhibiting-wan-ifra-world-publishing-expo-digital-content-expo/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Upgrades Servers and Support Desk Software", "category": "Company, Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We constantly strive to provide our clients with a platform that is efficient, reliable and responsive. This month, we have upgraded to brand new servers and made significant improvements to our support desk software. The new servers boast a more stable and reliable system, which is monitored around the clock. We have also upgraded our support desk software, now partnering with support specialist Zendesk, to provide an improved communication channel with our clients. This move will help us create stronger client relationships provided by our fully trained support staff. SVP Global Key Accounts, Jason Pyne said 'This is a great move in the development of the support team as we always look for ways to improve communication with our clients'. With the recent improvements to our new server and investment into our support infrastructure, we continually aim to provide the highest level of service to our clients and are constantly looking at ways to improve our services. If you do not receive an automatic case number please check your spam folder, or call in to check the status. Please also add support@pagesuite.zendesk.com to your safe sender's list to ensure that you receive replies from our ticketing system.", "date": "15-08-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/News_SupportUpgrade.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-upgrades-servers-support-desk-software/" }, { "title": "Digital Edition Webinar", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "On Tuesday 8th August our Digital and Mobile Specialist, Richard Waghorn, presented a live webinar showcasing our latest HTML5 Digital Edition solution. He used live examples to show the full array of reader features, advertising and subscription options, branding and customisation features and much more. Watch the webinar below: ", "date": "10-08-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/news-showcase-webinar.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/digital-edition-webinar/" }, { "title": "New Digital Solutions for Australian Jewish News", "category": "Homepage News, Industry, New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We're pleased to announce the launch of a brand new app and ePaper for Australian Jewish News as part of their plan to enhance their existing digital offering. We replaced their existing app with a new feed-based app which provides their reader’s with more regular content in-between weekly editions. It combines the latest content direct from the AJN website with their weekly print replica edition to offer readers a choice of viewing styles. “We did extensive research to find a replacement for our existing digital platform, which was proving to be more and more limited. PageSuite offered us a multi-platform solution that supported our current subscriber base but also gave us the opportunity to break news throughout our community with its news feed capability,” said Rod Kenning, General Manager of The Australian Jewish News. “We get 24/7 support from PageSuite – important to us due to time zone differences, and have developed a great working relationship with the team.” The ePaper element of the app is locked down and requires readers to purchase a weekly, 6-month or annual subscription. However, the feed content can be read without a subscription being required. Many publishers are opting to use this revenue model to drive digital revenue. The desktop ePaper solution also requires a subscription and can be viewed on desktop, mobile and tablet devices via a web browser. Both the desktop ePaper and the ePaper component of the app utilise PageSuite’s Article View feature which means that readers can tap or click on an article to open it in an optimised pop-up window. As well as providing an optimised reading experience the Article View feature also provides additional advertising opportunities for publishers. AJN will be able to take advantage of our range of tools, such as text push notifications, to help drive traffic and alert readers of breaking news stories. Both the app and ePaper also include regional editions and supplements. Both are now live and the app can be downloaded to iOS or Android devices.  ", "date": "21-07-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Client-Launch-Australian-Jewish-News-copy.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-launch-new-digital-solutions-australian-jewish-news/" }, { "title": "How Does An ePaper Add Value?", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Our recent survey showed that the replica ePaper product clearly still provides great value for publishers when it comes to generating supplementary revenue. With 33% of respondents confirming this, the replica product remains a crucial component of a publisher’s digital strategy. Publishers are continuing to come up with innovative ways to encourage audiences to pay for their ePaper replica product and convert them into paying subscribers. By focusing on the benefits to the reader and offering enhanced value publishers are generating loyal, paying subscribers. Subscription bundles are one of the many techniques publishers are using to attract new paid users to consume their content digitally. By including an ePaper component as part of a subscription ‘bundle’ allows the reader to access both their print publication and digital publication for a combined fee. This gives the reader the option to read their publication on their favourite platform encouraging them to interact with your brand more frequently, adding additional value to the reader. By implementing the ePaper into a bundle gives the choice to consume how they want, whilst giving traditional print users the opportunity to appreciate and recognise the benefits of digital, risk-free. Leading UK media organisation, DC Thompson, uses this strategy when helping transition users from print to digital. With the core goal to provide customers with access to fantastic content and value for money. By offering users the option to trial the digital format risk-free will eventually lead them to become more satisfied through new reading experiences converting the traditional print readers into paid for digital subscribers. Read about their solution here. Another strategy publishers are implementing is to lock down their PDF replica edition within their apps and offer the live feed content, including breaking news and other live content for free. By charging readers to access the ePaper component but offering a free live element adds value and encourages readers to start interacting with your publication. There will always be a desire for the ePaper product and with all its increased functionality and intuitive interface bundled with live content encourages users to visit the app more frequently and purchase the ePaper product. The results of our poll show that this strategy is clearly working and effectively driving revenue for publishers. Publishers are also looking at alternative ways to add value to their digital product by targeting segmented audiences and pushing targeted content to them. Large US publishers such as Tronc and Boston Globe have implemented this strategy, creating content around healthcare, business, sport, etc. These targeted digital editions generate loyal subscribers serving up content relevant to them. With more and more users consuming digital content, an ePaper offering remains a crucial component of the digital strategy. It is a great way of adding additional value to the subscriber and generating supplementary revenues. The ePaper product can be more than just a static replica product, with the ability to be packed with engaging functionality and innovative features. Whether you currently have a print only solution looking to implement a digital strategy or you want to find out how you can increase your digital revenues contact us today.", "date": "21-07-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Generic-ePaper-image.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/epaper-add-value/" }, { "title": "Webinar: Digital Edition Product Showcase", "category": "Events", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Take a look at our latest HTML5 Digital Edition Software on August 8th at 3pm when our Digital & Mobile Consultant, Richard Waghorn, presents a 30-minute showcase. Utilised by leading publishers and media brands across the world the platform is now more intuitive, faster and packed with more reader features than ever before. With new features being added fortnightly the innovative software continues to advance, ensuring that our Digital Edition solution remains the best in the market. What we will cover: An overview of the entire PageSuite digital edition interface. We will explore a range of advertising options available to you to increase your digital ROI. Discover how to fully automate content to reduce workflow and speed up your production process. Find out how to take advantage of advanced reader features such as an optimised Article View. Learn more about PageSuite’s various subscription options to suit your readers. See how you can fully brand and customise the reader. Live industry examples. The product demo will run for 30 minutes and there will then be an additional 15-minutes for a Q&A session. This webinar has now taken place, you can watch a recording here", "date": "14-07-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/news-showcase-webinar.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/webinar-digital-edition-product-showcase/" }, { "title": "Does Google Discriminate Against Paid News?", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "In February The Wall Street Journal revealed that they were pulling out of Google’s First Click Free model due to the fact they had discovered users ‘playing the system’ to access locked down content for free. This news once again raised concerns over whether paid for content gets less exposure than ‘free’ content within the major search engines. The First Click Free model was introduced by Google so that users could access a limited amount of paid news content without facing the publisher’s paywall barrier. Publishers have the choice to ‘opt’ into this model which typically allows readers to access a minimum of 3 stories per day for free, however, publishers can choose to increase this. The benefit of this model for publishers is that their content can be fully indexed by Google to rank within the Google News search engines – in return they offer the first article requested by a reader for free without them needing to purchase a subscription. By making this decision The WSJ knew that they risked receiving less traffic from Google due to the fact that their articles were not going to be indexed as well, however this was a risk they were willing to take to promote the value of their content. Results showed that The WSJ increased subscription revenue after removing themselves from the Google FCF model as they found their audience were willing to pay for their content. Their content still appears within Google but has a ‘subscription’ label alongside the headline to alert users that it is paid content. To help with the transition they offered various subscription incentives which were designed to encourage their readers to adopt digital habits. In the final three months of 2016 the WSJ saw subscriber numbers jump by a record 110,000. However, from a traffic perspective they revealed that visitor numbers from Google dropped by 44% which is a significant figure. Suzi Watford, the WSJ’s Chief Marketing Officer, said in an interview with Bloomberg: “Any site like ours automatically doesn’t get the visibility in search that a free site would. … You are definitely being discriminated against as a paid news site.” So, the argument as to whether Google discriminates against paid news is still prevalent – now that The WSJ has cut ties with the FCF model their search engine traffic has plummeted. The hope for The WSJ is that any loss in ad revenue will be countered by a rise in subscription revenue.", "date": "12-07-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Does-Google-Discriminate-Against-Paid-News-BANNER.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/google-discriminate-paid-news/" }, { "title": "ePaper – The Biggest Driver of Supplementary Revenue?", "category": "Blog, Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Last month we ran a poll during our joint webinar with MPP Global, asking attendees ‘What is your biggest driver of supplementary revenue?’ The results were as follows... - ePaper – 33.3% - News apps or websites – 21.4% - E-commerce or physical products – 19% - New print product – 14.3% - Spin-off brands – 11.9% The ePaper was the overwhelming winner with 33.3% of respondents citing that it was their biggest driver of supplementary revenue, suggesting that it’s a crucial component when it comes to increasing digital revenues. Ben Edwards, SVP of Business Development co-presented the webinar with Ana Lobb from MPP Global and added; “ePaper will always appeal to a sizeable digital audience and with continuous improvements to our platforms aesthetic, increasing functionality & accessibility, it’s a great time for publishers to maximise the opportunity.” “For too long publishers have over-spent on expensive solutions that don’t deliver revenue-generating or highly-engaged audiences. ePaper resonates strongly as paid-for content and is almost too simple for some digital executives to appreciate as a way to hold or upsell to valuable subscribers and advertisers.” “A small investment in ePaper for your main title or magazines can really add value. Successful publishers are also pushing new digital edition products to segmented audiences around healthcare, business, sport etc – and generating strong subscription and good advertising revenues. Classified advertisers can be sold their own branded digital-only supplements e.g. to drive leads to car dealerships or estate agents.” Many publishers utilise their ePaper component as part of a subscription ‘bundle’ whereby they offer access to both their print publication and digital publication for a set fee. The digital edition, or ePaper, adds value and encourages traditional print subscribers to begin the transition from print to digital. When it comes to apps we are finding that publishers are offering the live feed content for free but are often locking down the PDF element and charging readers to access the ePaper component. The results from our poll show that this tactic is working and effectively driving revenue. The second highest driver of supplementary revenue was news apps or websites, followed by e-commerce or physical products. Recently we have seen more publishers incentivising readers into purchasing a subscription. For example, GQ Magazine launched a subscription box containing mail grooming products. News apps are a great way to offer readers ‘bonus content’. This can be through third-party feeds which offer content such as live weather reports, traffic cameras, puzzles and comics. They can also make use of the phone’s native features such as GPS and the camera. You can view a full recording of the webinar here. We discussed how publishers can look to identify new revenue streams, monetise content and how they can make the most of premium audiences. We also took a closer look at digital-only brands, spin-off products and personalised packages.", "date": "04-07-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Digital-Banner.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/epaper-biggest-driver-supplementary-revenue/" }, { "title": "The Product & Pricing Strategies You Need to Succeed", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Our Business Development Director, Ben Edwards joined forces with Ana Lobb, VP of Media & Publishing at MPP Global, to present the ‘Product & Pricing Strategies You Need to Succeed.’ The webinar focused on digital product strategies and examined how publishers are implementing subscription models to drive revenue. In the hour-long webinar, Ben and Ana looked into: 1. The various subscription models and industry examples. 2. How to capture new audiences through innovative products. 3. How best to remodel and repurpose content to engage different audiences. 4. How print & core digital products still represent value for publishers. 5. How to target different reader behaviours & add incremental revenue streams.   MPP Global is the only cloud platform to identify, engage and monetise your digital audience. They have a global presence and work with some of the world's largest companies. You can find out more about MPP Global here. We hope you enjoy the webinar. [embed]https://youtu.be/Vgktx4qpQdI[/embed]", "date": "20-06-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/june-webinar-news-image.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/product-pricing-strategies-need-succeed/" }, { "title": "Rise of the Kiosk App", "category": "Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "As B2B and B2C magazine publishers seek to identify the correct digital strategy that best suits them, a digital trend amongst some regional publishers is emerging. The kiosk app is a multi-title platform giving users access to an entire catalogue of magazines offered from one publisher and offers an alternative to launching individual apps for every title. Housing all titles within one core location makes it simpler for the publisher to manage and offers an improved reading experience for consumers as they can access multiple publications from one app. The kiosk app is a cross-platform solution that allows subscribers to access their downloaded editions across all devices, wherever they are. There are many other advantages for publishers adopting this strategy, such as increased advertising opportunities and simplified workflow. Within the kiosk app, a number of premium advertising slots are available, alongside individual advert options within each title. PageSuite’s flexible solution allows you to incorporate any subscription strategy into the kiosk app, whether you offer a single subscription for all your titles, individual subscriptions for each title, or some form of metered paywall we can cater for this. By offering discounts and bundle incentives, readers are more likely to diversify their reading habits and try new publications, therefore increasing your potential subscription revenues in the long-term. This new way for readers to consume your content encourages them to stay engaged with your brand for longer. With Adobe DPS phasing out their DPS product, publishers are beginning to look at the easiest workflow system and the option that will offer the greatest return on investment for their digital publications. This alternative all-you-can-use content app solution offers up additional magazines as a value-added proposition to subscribers, reducing costly individual licence fees and workforce resource. Publishers are already having great success with this strategy. Large UK publisher, Archant recently launched ‘Magazine Club’ a new multi-title platform giving users access to over 35 monthly magazine publications. Subscribers are able to read the latest magazine or explore an extensive archive of over 650 past magazine issues all in one central place. Find out more about Archant’s newly launched Magazine Club here:  Costa Rican publisher, Grupo Nacion also launched a ‘kiosk app’ that houses their newspaper and magazine publications all in one solution. With subscription integration from Evolok, Google DFP and a selection of analytics integrations this innovative solution makes for an engaging one stop solution. Read more about Grupo Nacion’s strategy here: If you would like to find out more about our kiosk app solution, please get in contact.", "date": "19-06-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/kiosk-apps-post.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/rise-of-the-kiosk-app/" }, { "title": "3 Key Publisher Takeaways from WWDC 2017", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Earlier this week at Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco a range of new software updates were revealed. Now that we’ve had some time to digest all the detail we have summarised all of the key features that will be of interest to publishers… iOS11 Apple revealed lots of updates to iOS but the key features that we think publishers will be keen to learn more about are the new ‘Multi-Tasking’ view and ‘Drag and Drop’. Drag and Drop will allow your readers to drag and drop text, images and other pieces of content between apps. The Dock on iPad will become more like the ‘Dock’ we are accustomed to seeing on Mac – users will be able to place as many apps as they like in there and easily access them to open them up and even use them side by side in split-screen mode. It also sounds as though we can expect video to play a bigger role in Apple News as Apple announced that videos will now appear in the ‘Today’ view. They also announced that Siri will be able to detect what users are searching for in Safari and will present related news articles within the Apple News feed in a move that appears to highlight the importance of ‘personalisation’. App Store – New and Improved  The app store experience is being completely redesigned for the first time in 8 years for iOS11. The newly revamped App Store replaces the Categories and Top Charts tabs splitting the view into four separate sections: Today, Apps, games, and search. The design is very similar to Apple Music’s layout making it easier to highlight new apps and learn more about the developers that created them. Each tab will highlight the most popular apps and games featuring interviews, useful tips, and curated relevant categories. Individual app product pages have also had a redesign. They are now more in-depth featuring 30-second app previews, clearer App reviews, the ability for localised screenshots and a new subtitle field that can be used to highlight new features and promotions. Apple also announced that App Store downloads are ‘up 70 per cent in the last 12 months and the number of paid subscriptions delivered through Apple’s portal have increased by 58 per cent.’ We know that we now use fewer apps on a daily basis but this shows us that we are downloading more apps than ever before, resulting in a higher churn rate. Following this, Apple stated that app review times will be reduced to less than 24 hours and they will be removing all 32-bit apps from the store as they will no longer run on iOS11. There will also be updates to Siri, which will be particularly important for their new HomePod. HomePod + Siri On the hardware front, Apple revealed HomePod, their rival to Alexa. Apple hasn't revealed too much information about exactly how we are going to be able to develop for this platform just yet but it’s definitely something that we will be taking a closer look at. First and foremost it’s a speaker designed to ‘bring music into the home’. However, much like Amazon’s Alexa it is expected that we will be able to ask HomePod questions such as ‘Hey Siri, ask The Guardian what’s going on with the UK General Election’ or ‘Tell me the latest football results’. Publishers will no doubt be waiting to see sales figures for the HomePod (which is released this December) before deciding whether to develop for this platform but we are already looking forward to seeing how we can integrate our apps into HomePod!", "date": "08-06-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/ios11-news-image.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/3-key-publisher-takeaways-from-wwdc17/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Raise over £600 for Pilgrims Hospices", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Over the past month we have raised a total of £661.44 in two separate fundraising events for our charity of the year, Pilgrims Hospices. On 29th May Shaun Bremner (Marketing Executive) ran the Vitality London 10,000 on behalf of Pilgrims Hospices. The race began at The Mall and took runners past many of the major landmarks in London including, the City of Westminster, St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Shaun completed the circuit in an impressive time of 44:37! Shaun raised a total of £285.94 through his fundraising efforts. We also raised an additional £375.50 by auctioning two tickets for the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Arsenal.  ", "date": "05-06-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/pilgrims-hospice-article.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-raise-600-pilgrims-hospices/" }, { "title": "AMBA Wins Best Digital Publication Award", "category": "Events, Products", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "The Association of MBAs was shortlisted and won Best Digital Publication in the Membership Excellence Awards 2017, for their Ambition magazine. Ambition is a world-class magazine that serves 27,000 MBA student and graduate members in 150 countries. PageSuite worked with AMBA to transform their previous quarterly print newsletter to relaunch as a fully interactive global newsletter. The digital magazine is now viewable on screen, tablet, or smartphone and is packed with features such as multimedia content, social sharing, pop-out articles and more. A huge achievement for the newly launched magazine, the judge’s feedback applauded AMBA's use of innovative features and the way they utilised the PageSuite platform commenting: “There is a real feeling of innovation, excitement and progress with this entry. The layout is attractive and readable with encouraging page-turning sounds. The judges loved the way readers could ‘cut out and keep’ their favourite bits, as well as the innovative use of video interviews and vox pops. Reader feedback and membership engagement is extraordinary. An amazing in-house achievement!” This is AMBAs first win and second shortlisting for a significant award less than a year from launch. Again, we would like to congratulate AMBA on this award! Read more about AMBA’s solution here: http://www.pagesuite.com/clients/ambition-the-association-of-mbas-amba/", "date": "31-05-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/NewsImageAMBAcase.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/amba-wins-best-digital-publication-award/" }, { "title": "Grupo Nación Launch PDF-Driven Container App", "category": "Company, Homepage News, Industry, New Launch", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "We are pleased to announce our collaboration with leading Costa Rican media brand, Grupo Nación to launch five individual newspaper and magazine titles within one PDF-driven container app. The newly created container app gives the reader an enhanced way of consuming news and magazine content. Using our innovative solution, the app allows the reader to access all of Grupo Nación’s newspapers and magazines within one place, making it easily accessible for the reader while keeping them engaged with the brand. The brand new PDF-driven app will be available across mobile and tablet devices on iOS and Android and features an advanced article pop-out functionality.  This enables readers to view articles in an optimised ‘pop up’ view providing the reader with an alternative reading view that can be read clearly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Users will be able to seamlessly swipe through articles within the app, adjusting the text size and sharing content that suits them. Pedro Abreu, General Manager of Grupo Nación said: 'This brand new solution is a key part of our overall strategy to deliver our content through top of the line experiences. We are sure our readers will enjoy all the new features and enhancements we will be rolling out from this new partnership with PageSuite.' The container app includes Grupo Nación's biggest titles including La Nación, the largest Costa Rican daily newspaper and also includes their other titles: La Teja, El Financiero, Perfil and Sabores. All five publications will be available to view within the container app, which features an extensive archive and supplementary publications. PageSuite’s SVP of Business Development, Ben Edwards, said: “We are delighted to have launched a brand new container app for Grupo Nación and look forward to working closely with them in the future to enhance their digital presence.” The app is now available to download for both iOS and Android users. If you would like to find out more about our digital offering please don't hesitate to get in contact.", "date": "17-05-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/grupo-nacion-apps.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/grupo-nacion-launch-pdf-driven-container-app/" }, { "title": "Webinar: The Product & Pricing Strategies You Need to Succeed", "category": "", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Join PageSuite and MPP Global for a joint webinar focusing on digital product strategies and examining how publishers are implementing subscription models to drive revenue. Our Business Development Director, Ben Edwards joins forces with Ana Lobb, VP of Media & Publishing at MPP Global, to present the ‘Product & Pricing Strategies You Need to Succeed.’ In this hour-long webinar Ben and Ana will be looking into: How print & core digital products still represent value for publishers. How new innovative mobile products can capture new audiences. How content can be re-modelled to engage different audiences. Subscription models, what works best? How to target different reader behaviours & add incremental revenue streams. We hope you can join us for one of our sessions. To ensure that we cater for all territories we have scheduled two webinars: Tuesday 20th June 11:00-12:00 BST – Click here to register Tuesday 20th June at 11:00-12:00 EDT – Click here to register MPP Global specialise in cloud subscription and billing technology to maximise customer acquisition. They work closely with publishers to drive print and digital subscription revenue. We hope to see you there!  ", "date": "10-05-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/june-webinar-news-image.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/webinar-product-pricing-strategies-need-succeed/" }, { "title": "Digital Media Europe 2017 Round-up", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "PageSuite had a great few days in Copenhagen for Digital Media Europe! We had a busy, but enjoyable three days networking with fellow publishing professionals and listening to many interesting industry talks. Besides networking with hundreds of fellow publishers, PageSuite got the chance to listen in on some great industry talks. Here are our highlights: A Media’s Executive Vice President Pål Nedregotten spoke about their digital success story, breaking their strategy down into three-phases. If you would like to find out more about this story, we covered it in a previous post, which can be found here. James Waddell, Social Media Writer for the Economist discussed the work he is doing to attract millennials to the 173-year-old paper. James focused on his approach to implementing a successful strategy to attract and grow millennial subscriptions. Politiken spoke about being at the start of their digital journey, moving from a focus on driving the number of page views (to generate advertising sales) to shift the emphasis on creating quality content to drive subscriptions. Politiken currently controls 48% of all online news readership in Denmark. The fourth largest media group in Scandinavia and the second largest digital publisher, Aller Media presented their lean workflow system. Explaining what inputs they use while identifying core goals and methodology to achieve them in the most “lean” (cost effective) flow possible. There were so many other great in-depth talks over the three days which we will be covering in the coming weeks, keep an eye out on the blog for these! We hope you enjoyed Digital Media Europe as much as we did, we hope to see you next year! If you didn't get the chance to speak to us at the show but would like to learn more about our digital solutions, please don't hesitate to contact us.", "date": "03-05-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/DigitalMediaEurope-News.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/digital-media-europe-2017-round-up/" }, { "title": "New Digital Launches for Kenyan-Based Media Group", "category": "Company, New Launch, Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We are delighted to announce the launch of 10 new apps and e-papers for Nation Media Group. The apps are all available to download to iOS or Android devices and can be found in store now. The templated apps feature the replica PDF edition of the publication as well as archived editions and supplements. They are built using our latest software which has been optimised for speed, clarity and offers an improved user experience. The e-papers have been put on our latest HTML5 reader which can be viewed on browsers across desktop, tablet and mobile. Some of the paid-for titles feature PageSuite subscriber integration which enables Nation Media Group to manage subscribers across their titles directly within our portal. Nation Media Group are the largest independent media house in East and Central Africa. We have launched solutions for titles including; Daily Nation, Daily Monitor, Business Daily and The Citizen.", "date": "20-04-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Nation-media-group-apps.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/new-digital-launches-kenyan-based-media-group/" }, { "title": "Publishers Grow Increasingly Frustrated with Social Media Giants", "category": "Blog, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Publishers continue to be frustrated by the ever-changing algorithms and updates that Facebook and Google force upon them. They are complaining that the duopoly of these social media giants is significantly affecting the reach of their content and ultimately, their digital revenues. Facebook has attempted to create a balance for publishers who are looking for a solution to their falling traffic numbers but have only seen their efforts frustrate newsrooms further. This is down to Facebook’s constantly shifting priorities and numerous algorithm changes. Their latest annoyance with Facebook came when they decided to make articles less visible within the newsfeed, this resulted in a sharp decline in organic visitors. Facebook has also been extremely vague with the analytics they provide, which has added to publisher frustrations because they can’t gauge where they are losing their traffic and whether their digital strategy is actually working. Facebook suffered one major setback in September when they had to publically apologise for overestimating the time users spent watching videos on the platform, this was exaggerated by up to 80%. Putting an additional strain on the relationship between the two parties. [1] A recent study undertaken by INMA reinforced the current disgruntled relationship, finding that ‘More than half of respondents said they were dissatisfied with the revenue they generate with ads sold against content on Facebook and how Facebook has informed them of changes in their products and services’. Google ads have also come under fire from publishers as they aren’t thrilled with the ad revenue that its generated from the platform. Solely relying on Google ads has proved unsustainable for publishers and they are now looking at alternative strategies in order to generate revenue from their digital solutions. These ongoing issues have triggered publishers to take action. This month two dozen regional publishers in the UK, including Johnston Press, Archant and DC Thompson called on brands to reject the ‘blind programmatic’ ad buying which is directly aligning them with fake or extremist content online via Facebook and Google. This show of partnership between publishers has to happen in order for them to take on Facebook and Google and secure a sustainable digital model. [2] The lack of transparency when it comes to Google and Facebook seems to be the main issue with Publishers. They know their audience is on Facebook, however, the platform is making it difficult for them to reach them. This is an ongoing issue and is in both sides interest to find a solution, we plan to monitor this relationship closely as it progresses. In the meantime, let us know what struggles you have faced with either of these digital giants by commenting below. [1] http://www.editorandpublisher.com/columns/digital-publishing-why-publishers-are-shifting-away-from-facebook/ [2] http://www.1xl.co.uk/adcharter/adcharter.pdf  ", "date": "11-04-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/news-facebook-google-ads.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/publishers-grow-increasingly-frustrated-with-social-media-giants/" }, { "title": "New Feature: Lock Screen Widgets", "category": "Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Many top publishers are introducing new features to drive engagement within their apps. The likes of BBC Sport, ESPN, The Guardian and large US newspaper, Newsday are all utilising lock screen widgets across their iOS apps. This iOS10 feature allows the user to see information and updates at a glance from their favourite apps by simply swiping right from the lock screen. These widgets are fully customisable and can be added, deleted and reordered depending on the user’s preference. Newsday is utilising the lock screen to display their most recent stories, the user can then click straight into the article to read more. You can also jump straight into ‘More Top Stories’ and ‘Print Edition’ from their widget.  The Guardian display their latest headline and 'deep link' directly to the article within their app. The lock screen widget is a powerful way to interact with your readers outside of your app. The feature not only encourages engagement from users with your app but also adds value for the reader, giving them the ability to keep up to date with a quick swipe. Lock screen widgets are available as a bolt-on feature with PageSuite apps. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.", "date": "03-04-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/newsday-lockscreen-news.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/lock-screen-widgets/" }, { "title": "How Amedia Set Out to Increase Digital Audiences", "category": "Blog, Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "In our final ‘Subscription Spotlight’ blog we look at how Amedia implemented a three-stage strategy to increase digital audiences. Amedia are Norway’s largest media company, publishing 62 newspapers across the country. Back in 2014 they began looking into ways that they could grow audiences across their digital platforms after suffering from a steady decline in advertising revenue. Phase 1 The first step involved Amedia converting their existing print subscribers into digital subscribers. They developed a log-in system that enabled them to gain deeper insights into ‘registered non subscribers’ so that they could actively target upsell opportunities. They incentivised their existing print subscribers into switching to digital by allowing them access to brand new content. The idea behind this move was to prompt their print subscribers to ‘develop digital habits’. Each newspaper offered readers three subscription options: Complete access to print and digital Weekday digital access plus weekend print readership Pure digital subscription To help widen their digital audience, Amedia gave subscribers the option of giving five family members access to their account. Phase 2 The next step in Amedia’s plan was to gain deeper insights into their reader’s viewing habits. They did this by offering non-subscribers the option to register for a ‘free trial period’. During this period they would have access to all of the exclusive content that paid subscribers get with their digital subscription. Once the free trial ends the log-in remained valid. They would have access to all content that regular subscribers would receive, bar the ‘exclusive’ digital content. Amedia were therefore still able to gain an understanding on what content was being consumed, by which ‘subscribers’. This enabled them to produce more targeted content for their 700,000 users. Phase 3 The final goal was to ‘move users up the value chain’. This involved using data insights for cross and up-selling opportunities. To be able to do this it was vital that they got their readers to log into their accounts as they said, “Registration is worthless without usage”. They ran a series of campaigns to drive subscriptions, these included a Black Friday promotion which saw subscribers increase by 4,600. Amedia are committed to testing different models and using data to deliver more personalised and targeted content.", "date": "15-03-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/subscription-spotlight-AMedia.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/amedia-set-increase-digital-audiences/" }, { "title": "Subscription Spotlight – The New York Times", "category": "Blog, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "The New York Times has recorded significant success with their digital, paid-for strategy. The Times’s commitment to a subscription based revenue model that is less reliant on advertising revenue seems to be working well for the publisher. The publisher reported that digital advertising revenue rose 6% last year, to $209 million. The Times Company added 514,000 net digital-only subscriptions for its news products during the year, bringing its total to 1.6 million. In the last three months of the year, the company added 276,000 net digital-only subscriptions. This has been accelerated by the Presidential election and adds up to more additions than in 2013 and 2014 combined. The New York Times believes that by improving the quality of their journalism and concentrating on their core offering they will attract digital subscribers to pay for their content, ultimately strengthening their bottom-line. By offering enhanced content, the publisher believes that a subscription to the Times will eventually become indispensable to the lives of its existing subscribers and create a demand for new ones securing a lasting future for the 165-year-old brand. This model has been inspired by strategies from Netflix and HBO who both invest heavily in their core offering, creating a powerful demand for customers to use their platform. The New York Times president and CEO Mark Thompson commented on this strategy saying that “The continued excellence of our journalism and our consumer-first focus led to incredible strength in our circulation business, both in the fourth quarter and for the full year.” It seems to be working, the statistics show that in the third quarter digital subscriptions grew at their fastest rate since their original 2011 paywall model approach. However, the inevitable is still upon the New York Times, the publisher is not immune to the dramatic decline in print advertising revenue which is still impacting the financial results of all publishers. The New York Times reported a fall of about 2% revenue for the year, slipping to $1.6 billion. Their advertising revenue has halved in less than a decade driven by a 16% decrease in print, showing the newspaper is still heavily dependent on its print business. Digital subscriptions account for just over a quarter of total circulation revenues, while online ad revenues account for 36% of overall advertising sales. The New York Times is in the process of rethinking their complete outlook on their editorial strategy, with a view to prepare for a future digital first strategy. This year the publisher’s top editors have announced a review of their newsroom, with a view to cut a number of print-centric editing and production roles in an attempt to accelerate digital growth. With an ambitious target to reach $800 million in digital revenue by 2020, the NYT hopes to be best positioned to take advantage of changing media consumption habits. The growth seen since the implementation of a subscription-based strategy has been extremely positive for the New York Times. Although it is impossible to plan for the continued decline in print revenue, the Times are creating valuable content that readers are more inclined to pay for. This shift to a willingness to pay for online news will take time but the Times success is promising for all publishers to hear. Next Week: See how A Media implemented their 3-stage subscription plan Source: https://www.ft.com/content/7c6e25da-e96b-11e6-967b-c88452263daf https://www.wired.com/2017/02/new-york-times-digital-journalism/ https://www.themediabriefing.com/article/digital-subscription-lessons-from-the-nyt-s-q1-2017-results", "date": "09-03-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/subscription-spotlight-NYT.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/subscription-spotlight-the-new-york-times/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s MWC Top 3!", "category": "Blog, Company, Events", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Two of our Suitors’ attended Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week to check out the latest technology, devices and industry news. Here are our 3 key takeaways: Back to the Future – Nokia announced the re-launch of the iconic Nokia 3310…and yes, it does come with Snake! Renowned for having a long-lasting battery and low cost, the device will appeal to those who aren’t looking to browse the internet or any of the features that we’re so accustomed to with our smartphones. It’s perhaps more likely to be used as a ‘second phone’ by those prone to losing or damaging their expensive smartphones. Its design is very reminiscent of the original device and it most definitely has a nostalgic feel…but is it all a bit gimmicky?! VR – Virtual Reality was as big as ever at this year’s event. Samsung launched their latest GearVR headset with software powered by Oculus and demonstrated this on an interactive ‘full body’ simulator for maximum impact. It comes with a VR Controller so that it can also be used in a gaming environment. Alongside this, many smartphone makers launched their own VR headsets and also revealed 4k screens to ensure that users are able to make the most of their VR/smartphone experience. Following Google Cardboard, Google have now released ‘Daydream’, a stronger, more ‘robust’ headset made from a unique material design. Speedy Connections – Teased at last year’s show and definitely a major focus this year was 5G wireless connection. Despite the technology not actually existing just yet, many of the leading technology companies were eager to show off their innovations. Samsung, LG, Ericsson and Nokia all revealed news about projects they were working on that utilised 5G technology. Later this year Samsung are set to release a new range of 5G mobile ‘network products’ but it won’t be until 2018 when we really see this superfast connection in action…and we can’t wait! We're already looking forward to MWC 2018! ", "date": "06-03-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/mobile-congress-news.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-mwc-top-3/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Launches New Client Support Site", "category": "Company", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "We are pleased to announce the launch of our new client support portal. This will allow our clients to find answers to their most common questions and find a wide-range of support material, helping users to take full advantage of the PageSuite system. The support site features how-to guides and videos which can be easily accessed via the PageSuite portal.  The support site is separated into relevant categories making it easy to find what you’re looking for, alternatively, you can search for your question via the integrated search bar. The search bar will also recognise keywords as you search and will display a list of suggested articles. This should help users find what they are looking for quickly, helping them get the most out of the support site. We will be adding additional support content to the site constantly. If, in the meantime, what you are looking for is not there and you need an answer there is a ticketing system also available within the support portal. If there are any specific parts of our system you would like additional instruction on, please feel free to let us know, and we'll expedite that article. We hope you find the support site useful if you have any questions please let us know. ", "date": "03-03-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/client-support-site.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/?post_type=news-article&p=4271" }, { "title": "Industry Spotlight – Shift in Subscription Strategies", "category": "Blog, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "As the traditionally dominant revenue streams of print and online advertising come under pressure, the majority of newspapers are looking to introduce a subscription based model for digital access to their newspapers. The original model of relying on large numbers of visitor traffic to generate advertising revenue is struggling due to dwindling reader numbers, therefore publishers are looking at alternative strategies to increase their digital revenues. Many publishers have seen recent success by creating loyal subscriber databases whereby they offer premium content for these subscribers. These subscription based plans are available in a variation of forms, ranging from digital only to combinations of print, online and mobile subscriptions. The large Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten is the most recent publisher to see the value in creating loyal subscribers over simply trying to increase reader numbers. The past year has seen Aftenposten’s paying readers double from 32,000 to 70,000*. Chief Commercial officer, Tor Jacobsen explained: “There’s been a shift in mentality from views, reach and page impressions to how many subscribers we have and how we can make them happy”. They are now looking at articles that draw the most subscribers, not the most traffic. Previously, Aftenposten allowed non-subscribers to read six articles a week, however, they understood that there was so much news content available in numerous places, such as Twitter and Facebook, that a change in strategy was required. The Norwegian newspaper realised that to get people to pay, they needed to add value. Therefore, in 2015, the publisher introduced more premium content for subscribers, while keeping the metered paywall. Now about 20 percent of Aftenposten’s 150 daily articles include more in-depth long form pieces. The result has been outstanding, 65% of Aftenposten’s revenue now comes from subscribers, and 35% is from advertising. Typically, a monthly digital subscription is $24, but it also offers print and digital bundles for a higher price. As a comparison, five years ago, 60% of their revenue came solely from advertising. The Post Newspapers launched with PageSuite in 2016 with the aim to completely change their traditional print strategy. By adopting a digital-first approach Post Newspaper re-imagined their paper to fit with their new vision to ‘marry digital with traditional print’ in a way that enhanced both offerings. This involved completely changing the way their traditional print pages were set up, creating a new format designed specifically for smartphones. They have adjusted column widths, amended type sizes and re-worked the layouts. With the re-engineering of their printed pages for both print and digital, editorial and advertising is delivered immediately across multiple platforms. The New York Times has also committed to a subscription based model and has thus far proved extremely successful. Revenue from the company’s digital-only subscriptions jumped 17% in 2016, to $233 million and they now have more than three million paid subscribers. Mark Thompson, Chief Executive of the Times Company explained that their “subscription-based revenue model is now less reliant on the advertising revenue derived from page views and clicks”. The digital-first models seem to be working well for the NY Times, with digital-only subscription revenue rising 22%, to $64 million and digital advertising revenue rising to 11%. The New York Times is no longer trying to maximise clicks and sell low-margin advertising as a way of creating revenue. Executive Editor, Dean Baquet, believes that The Times will be much better off creating a business strategy that “provides journalism so strong that several million people around the world are willing to pay for it”. Although this subscription model may be working for these large publishers, there is not one model that fits all. You must extensively research your readers to determine whether they perceive your content valuable enough to pay for. We predict that as print readerships continue to decline more publishers will have a change in mentality towards opting for a digital-first strategy. If you would like to read more about the subscription options that are available to digital publishers, we have a whitepaper you can download here. Alternatively, speak to our Digital and Mobile Specialists for further information about going ‘digital first’.   Source https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/02/business/media/new-york-times-q4-earnings.html?_r=0 http://digiday.com/uk/norwegian-daily-aftenposten-doubled-digital-subscribers-year/", "date": "28-02-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/PublishersShiftingStrategies.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/shift-in-strategies/" }, { "title": "Alternative Futures Group Go Digital", "category": "Company, Industry, New Launch, Products", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "We are delighted to announce the launch of a series of new digital editions for Alternative Futures Group. We collaborated with AFG to develop ‘mobile-optimised’ digital editions for several of their company brochures and handbooks. Gary Vyse, Head of PR & Engagement said 'PageSuite seemed a natural supplier to allow AFG to develop our digital approach. PageSuite's software has enhanced AFG's promotion of key messages and information.' Read the full case study here.", "date": "21-02-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/NewsImageAFGcase.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/alternative-futures-group-go-digital/" }, { "title": "What is Fake News?", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "When the term “fake news” first came about, it mainly referred to content designed to misguide the public. While not a new concept, fake news is putting news brands at growing risk. The term is increasingly being misused, misunderstood, and undermining the confidence in trustworthy media sources. Placing such power in the hands of social media puts news brands in a challenging position. Over the last few months, the term has taken on a wider range of meanings, to the point where it is sometimes used to discredit news from mainstream media. It is becoming more difficult for readers across the world to discern the authenticity of news content. According to a recent survey by channel 4, only 4% of UK adults could correctly identify whether a news story is true or fake. The spread of “fake news” masquerading as authentic journalism, could be harmful to the reputation of news publishers, and detrimental to audiences’ trust in news media. From the same survey, more than half of respondents agree that the government is not doing enough to tackle fake news, suggesting the issue is now on the 'public’s national agenda'. 53% of people said broadcast news (TV/Radio/Online) was their primary source of news, while newspapers appear quite low at 17%. Interestingly, by comparison, only 6% cited Facebook as their primary source of news, and only 2% cited Twitter. Which goes against common misconception that most news content comes from and is shared via social media due to our increasingly digital lives. Reaching more than 1 billion users daily, Facebook still claims to be a curator of news rather than a traditional media company. This could be set to change this year though after Facebook recently integrated fact-checking into it's publication and following a new ranking algorithm which has been added, which identifies misleading or “spammy” posts and lowers them within news feeds – until recently they have been unable to verify the legitimacy of news which has made it harder for the public to distinguish the truth from fiction -the latest attempt from the social network to prove it values authentic content and the responsibility to control what is published on its platform. 1   Channel 4, discontent with social media devaluing its brand, is working to verify facts circulating across the internet in hope that this will prove its purpose in the news ecosystem. Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Dave Brooke’s, believes forcing social media to comply with a set of fact-checking standards is where the solution lies.2 However, there is no simple solution when it comes to addressing the issue of “fake news”; so far there are a lot of questions, but not many answers. Various publishers and UK Newspapers have launched projects aimed at strengthening the credibility of the news media in the face of fake news, quickly becoming active participants in the ongoing struggle: for instance, Le Monde has created a database of 600 unreliable websites and is developing a suite of products aiming to curb the spread of misinformation. On a more positive note, contrary to the hype, the fake news “epidemic” does not signal the end for the publishing industry. Is it not worth publishers putting more efforts into their other digital platforms, such as apps – where readers know they can rely on authentic news. Now, more than ever, readers are perhaps at a stage where they are more willing to pay for content too as they crave genuine/quality news. In today’s media environment, publishers who offer verified, quality content will have an advantage. With increased consumer support comes revitalised monetisation opportunities, and the chance to regain control of advertising.", "date": "15-02-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Fake-News3.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/what-is-fake-news/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Collaborate with Grupo Nacion", "category": "Company, Industry, New Launch, Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We are delighted to announce that Grupo Nacion and PageSuite will be collaborating on developing a series of new apps and e-editions for 5 newspaper and magazine titles in Costa Rica. We will be working with Grupo Nacion to develop 5 e-editions and PDF-driven mobile and tablet apps which will be available across iOS and Android. Both the e-editions and apps will feature PageSuite’s article pop-out functionality which enables readers to select an article of interest and read it in an optimised ‘pop up’ view. This feature provides readers with an alternative reading view and ensures that content can be read clearly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We are delighted to be working with Grupo Nacion on this upcoming project to enhance their digital presence. Always at the forefront of technology, Grupo Nacion is a leading press company in Costa Rica focused on producing information in different print media, internet and radio. La Nacion is the main Costa Rican daily newspaper. We will also be producing e-editions and apps for La Teja, El Financiero, Perfil and Sabores. “We are very excited to be working with Page Suite, we feel their expertise and technology in e-editions will really help us achieve a better experience for our readers and hopefully help us gain more digital subscriptions.” said Pedro Abreu, General Manager of Grupo Nación. PageSuite’s SVP of Business Development, Ben Edwards, said “We are delighted to be working with Grupo Nacion on this upcoming project. We already have clients based in North & South America and in the Caribbean and now we have our first client in Central America”.", "date": "13-02-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/LaNacion-News5.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-collaborate-grupo-nacion/" }, { "title": "PageSuite to Exhibit at Digital Media Europe in Copenhagen", "category": "Company, Events, Industry", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at Digital Media Europe this April. The conference is taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark from 24-26 April 2017– you can view full event details here. Throughout the three days our Digital Specialists will be showcasing our latest digital publishing solutions to all stand attendees. To ensure that you don’t miss out on seeing our latest desktop, mobile & tablet solutions you can pre-book a demo by emailing hello@pagesuite.com and we’ll arrange a time that’s suitable for you. We will be releasing more information about our participation at this year’s conference in due course… In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you there!", "date": "13-02-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/DigitalMediaEurope-News-1.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/exhibiting-at-digital-media-europe-2017/" }, { "title": "A Guide to Customising HTML5 Editions", "category": "Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Our latest video showcases the range of customisation options available within our HTML5 Digital Edition Software. Utilise these features to ensure that your e-edition is fully customised in line with your company's marketing and branding. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF6SjNEebdk[/embed] Customisable features include: Splash screen Pre-loading graphic Background colour Reader interface Reader bar colour Icons Menu colours Sponsor text Left hand ads Wrapper ads Interstitial ads Banner ads ", "date": "08-02-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/AGuidetoCustomisingHTML5Editions-News-copy.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/guide-customising-html5-editions/" }, { "title": "PageSuite are Exhibiting at the INMA World Congress in New York", "category": "Events, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2017 International Media Association (INMA) World Congress conference in New York this May. This year the conference will take place on the 21-23 May at the TimesCenter near Times Square. Our Mobile and Digital Specialists will be at Stand 4 showcasing our latest digital publishing solutions. This will be a great opportunity to network with fellow publishers and for you take a closer look at PageSuite's latest desktop, mobile and tablet publishing solutions. It would be great to meet up with you at the conference to showcase our market-leading software. If you want to learn more about PageSuite's digital publishing solutions, then pre-book your demo by contacting us today. We hope to see you there!", "date": "08-02-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/INMA-2017-News.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-are-exhibiting-at-the-inma-world-congress-in-new-york/" }, { "title": "Spotlight on New Technologies: Voice-Activation", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "Amazon launched the Echo in November 2014, becoming widely available for purchase in June 2015. Since then, the device has received rave reviews and prompted many people to think about how they can utilise voice-activated technology. News is one of the device’s core features and therefore a variety of publishers are trying to determine how they can make it work for them. So far, there are two main ways it can be utilised; 1. The Flash Briefing: where Alexa delivers pre-recorded updates from popular broadcasters (such as NPR, BBC News, and the Economist), the latest news headlines from The Associated Press, and weather information from AccuWeather. 2. Skills: which must be installed by the user but can have a more active interface — including asking Alexa for specific pieces of information. EG, The Washington Post built two skills: one that covered the Summer Olympics and another focused on its political coverage. Making it's debut in the UK in September 2016; The Guardian was among the first publishers in the UK to jump on Amazon Echo, making its podcasts, news, opinion and reviews accessible. Echo users can get headlines or news on a particular topic, like sports or the U.S. elections, or Brexit news. Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, similar to Apple’s Siri, will then respond with the top three headlines. The Guardian may be among the first to openly declare its Alexa plans, but others are just as interested in the opportunity voice-activated technology presents. Johnston Press, which owns national newspaper the i, is also internally testing both Messenger bots and Alexa. “We don’t have anything close to rolling out yet, but we are thinking of how to let people use voice commands to access local content and news, like local events and anything that’s around you,” said JP Chief Digital Product Officer, Jeff Moriarty. The Daily Mail also utilise the Echo speaker to read out news on demand as part of Mail Plus, the paid for digital edition, content from the Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday and weekend magazines. The publisher integrated a ‘skill’ allowing users to navigate the news by page, columnist and section in addition to a shuffle feature that randomly reads the news. Simon Regan-Edwards, Production Director of Mail Digital Publishing, said: “We’re thrilled that Mail Plus is the first news brand in the world to offer its entire newspaper editorial content via Alexa. This new Alexa skill will deliver even greater convenience to Mail Plus subscribers and allow them to get our world class content in a totally new but fun and easy way.” While all publishers are focused on growing audience on the Echo, some have begun to look for ways to monetise as well. In July 2016, the Post became the first publication to sell ads in its Flash Briefing. It’s still very early days when it comes to publishing on the Echo and Alexa. But as Amazon spreads the Alexa software to additional devices and consumers become more comfortable with connected home devices, it is expected that the appeal of voice-controlled news will grow. And whether its additional Flash Briefing offerings or additional skills, publishers are continuing to experiment with Amazon and Alexa.", "date": "02-02-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Voice-Control-Technology-News-Image4.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/voice-activated-technology/" }, { "title": "Spotlight on New Technologies: Virtual Reality", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Publishers are currently experimenting with the exciting new challenge of integrating virtual reality platforms into their business models. Although still in an experimental phase, publishers are attempting to understand what VR can do for them. Publishers know that virtual reality can immerse the audience in a way that no other medium can, so are obviously keen to take advantage. Tech forecasters expect Virtual Reality to significantly change the industry, however, they are uncertain in what way and how soon. Publishers see the potential and know this technology could not only be used for long-form storytelling but to boost consumer engagement and increase brand loyalty across all content. Pioneering companies such as The Guardian have already created new teams solely dedicated to working on virtual reality as 'an ongoing commitment to digital innovation in journalism and working with emerging technologies to create immersive and impactful storytelling'. Source 1 The Guardian perceive the technology to be revolutionary for journalism, completely changing the way long-form storytelling is consumed. VR can uniquely immerse the reader into a story allowing them to see and experience it like reporters do, taking them to the event. Many of the large publishers such as the New York Times, Economist, USA today, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post are among those that have already put substantial resource into this area. To launch their new VR venture, the New York Times created an app and teamed up with Google, mailing out over one million cardboard headsets to Sunday paper subscribers. This resulted in over 600,000 downloads. According to editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein, it was their most successful app launch in the history of The New York Times. This reinforces the idea that there is a huge appetite from readers to consume content in this new format. Source 2 To cover the inauguration of Donald Trump becoming the 45th president, publishers are taking the opportunity to show off their virtual reality capabilities. USA Today will air a four-hour HD live stream in VR and 360-video, covering the Capitol building, parade route and the National Mall. USA Today’s VR team consists of 16 people overseeing the production and a separate 6 team “VRtually There” news show. USA Today said, “We tested it and we think there’s an opportunity to serve people who want to get up close while still feeling like they’re virtually there.” This is a unique offering that the publisher is providing and is sure to bring those who have the required VR equipment get close to the action. It is clear that this three-dimensional computer generated experience will be widely used by publishers in the future. However, for now, the technology is still in its infancy and publishers are unsure how best to utilise it. Large tech companies continue to invest money, experimenting and researching how best to make it accessible to the masses while also trying to monetise the platform. This is a major issue as virtual reality isn’t yet a reliable source for revenue but is presenting new opportunities to create content and connect with consumers, which cannot be ignored. Here at PageSuite we are constantly innovating and exploring new technologies, we are already testing how publishers could potentially use VR. We currently have members of staff working with our existing publishers to develop a solution that best suits them. PageSuite strives to continuously enhance the reader’s experience, while at the same time looking at avenues for publishers to help monetise these platforms. If you would like to find out more, please click here… Also, keep an eye out for an upcoming interview for a behind-the-scenes look at what PageSuite is doing with VR and Alexa. Source 1: https://www.theguardian.com/gnm-press-office/2016/oct/04/the-guardian-announces-virtual-reality-project-team Source 2: http://digiday.com/publishers/inside-5-publishers-efforts-monetize-virtual-reality/ Source 3: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/13/magazine/editors-letter-take-flight-with-virtual-reality.html?_r=2  ", "date": "31-01-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/VR-Publishers.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/virtual-reality/" }, { "title": "Strategies for Success", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "With digital technology becoming more sophisticated all the time; new and developed digital marketing trends are beginning to emerge. The scope for brands and businesses to engage with consumers is seemingly endless, and it is going to prove even more valuable in 2017. Online Publishing is exploding, but many publishers are still figuring out how to build a highly converting revenue stream online. The transition from print to digital has brought new challenges and opportunities to publishers.   Here are some of the key trends publishers should keep in mind in order to make the best of the year ahead. With fierce competition and declining audiences, Publishers are still learning to adapt. Therefore, an increased focus on growing digital audiences and advertising revenue to keep readers engaged is key. At the end of June 2016, there were 413,600 subscribers to The Times and The Sunday Times, an impressive 3.4% rise since June 2015.  182,500 of these subscriptions are digital only, an increase of 172,000 in the same one year time period. According to The Times, in order to increase growth, subscriptions and engagement will be the focus of their efforts in 2017. Currently, 12% of its audience generates 90% of its digital revenue. “Many of our competitors focus primarily on attracting as many uniques as they can with a view to building an advertising-only business … We see our business as a subscription service first, which requires us to offer journalism and products worth paying for,” a leaked internal memo said. 1 2016 saw many new introductions into the social media instant news space. The growth of Google AMP and Facebook Articles has caused even more challenges for publishers. Facebook Instant Articles seems to be the most adopted and effective, but it was surprising to see the majority of publishers, we surveyed, are not using any of the new rapidly growing platforms. Will this stance change in 2017? New metrics are being introduced into publisher’s digital strategies, with emphasis on driving engagement. More and more publishers are trying to opt out of the page view cycle, instead adopting the cost-per-hour (CPH) metric tracking attention/time-spent – personalisation allows publishers to create more efficient matches between consumers and advertisers. Dominic Good, the Financial Times' advertising sales director, explained: “Adverts seen for five seconds or more on FT.com show up to 50% higher brand recall and familiarity than ads that are visible for a shorter period of time”. Native advertising and content has become an inevitable opportunity for publishers to bring in revenue to their publications. But, for online publishers and media brands, personalisation is key to creating value. It’s the most powerful way of boosting engagement and driving value. Publishers must use personalised solutions across all devices and platforms to really find out about their audience and deliver the content readers want. 45% of our survey respondents said personalised content will be developed further in 2017. Publishers like the New York Times and Washington Post have experimented with personalisation and customisable push alerts that allow readers to tailor notifications to their interests: this way they’ll never receive an annoying push notification again, because the content is something they are actually interested in. An engaged reader is always more valuable. An engaging experience is worth paying for. Through registrations, subscriptions and visitor data, publishers know who their readers are, what interests them and the content they are likely to click on. It is important for publishers to start implementing additional features which enhance the standard product.   The industry is ever evolving and changing therefore it is in everyone’s interest to continuously monitor what strategies other publishers are applying to grow and nurture their digital audiences. The question is: are you digitally ready for 2017? Find out how we can help you achieve you goals in 2017.", "date": "24-01-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/digital-success-blog-post.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/strategies-for-success/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s Digital Publishing Report", "category": "Company, Homepage News, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "In December, PageSuite conducted industry-wide research surveying over 100 publishing executives in an attempt to find out more about the various industry challenges and trends encountered over the last 12 months. The Digital Publishing report explores how publishers are adapting to rapidly declining print circulations and the digital strategies that are being implemented to combat the downward momentum.  The industry is ever evolving and changing, therefore it is in everyone’s interest to continuously monitor what strategies other publishers are applying to grow and nurture their digital audiences. The report discovered some fascinating trends including, 38.8% of publishers believe creating engaging adverts will be a key strategy to increasing profitability in 2017. The report also reveals what their biggest priorities and concerns are for the forthcoming year while featuring a selection of industry predictions. If you would like to see a full breakdown of the report with more interesting findings of the ever-changing publishing landscape, you can download it here.", "date": "19-01-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/News-article-header2.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-digital-publishing-report/" }, { "title": "Increase Your Digital Offering & Streamline Workflow", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Streamlining workflow is an essential component when configuring your digital solution. When successfully done, it can reduce overheads and result in less strain on internal resources. There are a number of methods publishers can implement to streamline their solutions and enhance their digital offering. The app, which is powered by feeds & templates, enables publishers to deliver selected editorial content into optimised editions, resulting in a more cost-effective workflow. This process requires minimal resource due to the automated scheduling setup which is ideal when publishing multiple editions per day. The workflow involved with digital editions can be streamlined just as easily, by uploading your PDFs and allowing the system to auto-populate your articles creating a digital edition in minutes. A key strategy we observed from some of our clients in 2016 was the inclusion of an e-paper solution being integrated into the app solution. This is done by seamlessly plugging in PageSuite’s e-paper software into the existing app solution with our new SDK reader. By integrating your digital edition into your app you’ll be driving reader engagement, offering your audience a familiar browsing experience and enhancing your digital offering. This process is simple and quick to implement; it is a great way to cut costs while adding value for your readers. Advertising is a crucial component of any digital strategy when trying to maximise revenues. A wide range of advertising can be seamlessly added into your app or digital edition. This can be added via a URL, image or DFP ad code which will then auto-populate advertising throughout the edition, making it easy to start generating additional income. PageSuite’s flexible solutions can adapt to complement a variety of workflows and processes. We are able to develop fully automated solutions, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Alternatively, we can ensure that you have full control over your e-paper or app, giving you the power to craft individual editions and content on a daily or weekly basis. Whatever your preferences, our solutions offer the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with your internal practice. If you would like to find out more about streamlining your workflow and increasing your digital offering, please do not hesitate to get in contact.", "date": "19-01-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/streamline-workflow.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/increase-digital-offering-streamline-workflow/" }, { "title": "Apple to raise App Store prices by 25% due to Brexit!", "category": "Blog, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Apple has announced that it is raising the prices of apps in the UK App Store by 25 per cent after the recent 19% fall in the value of the pound, following June’s vote to leave the European Union. The change means that an app that costs $0.99 in the US, and used to cost £0.79 in the UK, will now cost £0.99. The app store price increase was announced in an email to app developers, telling them “When foreign exchange rates or taxation changes, we sometimes need to update prices on the App Store”. Britain isn’t the only country seeing these price changes. App Store prices in Turkey and India are also rising due to changes in service taxes and the depreciation of the Turkish Lira. Apple also commented: “Price tiers on the App Store are set internationally on the basis of several factors, including currency exchange rates, business practices, taxes and the cost of doing business. These factors vary from region to region over time.” This is likely to result in similar price increases for other Apple stores, including the iTunes Store for music and video and the iBooks Store. Source  ", "date": "18-01-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/news-Apple-App-Prices.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/apple-raise-app-store-prices-25-due-brexit/" }, { "title": "5 Ways to Grow Digital Audiences", "category": "Blog, Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "This blog will explore 5 ways that you can grow digital audiences Produce Quality Content Quality content is shared more via social media. Therefore it’s important to offer users content which is of value to them.  They’ll be far more likely to share articles which are authentic and credible vs. the hundreds of ‘fake’ news stories now littering our social media feeds. Study Online Behaviour In order to produce content which is of value to your readers you will need to study your users’ online behaviour. Learn what content they find most engaging, what time they consume your content and from there you can optimise your user flow to create a better user experience overall. Find the perfect balance and you’ll find your digital audience growing organically. Convert Visitors into Subscribers Once you have readers coming to your app you’ll want to keep them coming back and convert them into paying subscribers. This will not only keep your readership levels consistent, but will also help to increase digital revenues and maintain a steady revenue stream. Make Your Content Easily Consumable on Mobile Devices If your content is not optimised for mobile devices then you will potentially be driving hundreds of readers away due to poor user experience. It’s imperative that you design content and apps for both mobile and tablet devices. Make use of the native functionality to ensure that you make the most of the device features and enhance the overall viewing experience. For example, this can include map features or the camera for UGC. A bad user experience might be what stops a reader becoming a subscriber. Convert Print Subscribers Consider including a digital subscription within your publication's subscription bundle to drive your digital audience and add value to your digital offering. Many publishers are now adopting this strategy to increase traffic to their digital editions or apps. In some cases some publishers are charging slightly more to access their digital products, say £1 extra, which makes it an easy decision for the consumer. If you have any questions about this blog post or would like to find out more about our solutions contact us by emailing hello@pagesuite.com", "date": "17-01-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/digital-audience-blog-post.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/5-ways-grow-digital-audiences/" }, { "title": "Driving App Engagement", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "The success of an app or digital solution is largely dependent on the level of engagement. For example, nearly 90% of users will delete an app if it fails to engage them. This can have dramatic implications for customer retention and consequently revenue. Engagement is thus a crucial requirement to ensure victory within the digital arena. It is fundamental that users do not tire of boring, static content. Interactive content dramatically outperforms static content typically achieving a1:         50% click rate         55% conversion rate         80% completion rate         13% share rate Static content lets users learn about you; interactive content lets you learn just as much about them. Interactive content enhances the value of existing content and according to digital marketing expert, Aaron Agius, interactive digital content is going to come into its own in 2017. In the current digital landscape, engagement is everything, and publishers succeed when their audience not only consumes content but also enjoys and acts upon it. Selected brands using interactive content within their digital solutions have reported up to 70% more conversions compared with conversions from static content at around 36%.2 This can be achieved by enhancing your app or digital edition with fresh, updated articles and interactive content such as videos, photo galleries, puzzles and much more. An effective way to deliver a unique experience is to tailor your content based on your user’s location. Users are increasingly expecting apps to recognise their whereabouts and deliver relevant information. Location-based personalisation brings value to the consumer as it can provide useful details in regards to their daily routines – inevitably boosting loyalty and a reason to return to the app. Including location-based weather information is a great example of personalisation. Users are able to check forecasts for their exact location as well as browsing forecast for other places. Everyday, more than 1 billion people worldwide look to AccuWeather for forecasts. Is having an app important for a weather service? Yes, it’s a main driver for AccuWeather’s overall traffic, with 5x more traffic via mobile platforms vs. website directly.3 AccuWeather use Urban Airship to send push notifications and API technologies to deliver automated content to each user. Because weather lends itself to information “snacking” (shorter, more frequent visits), employing personalisation and localisation in tandem helps create a richer, more individualised experience that drives engagement and keeps users coming back. Traffic is another effective feature of in-app personalisation. Users are able to check traffic conditions for their surrounding area. One of our US daily newspaper clients, feature a collection of traffic cameras whereby the user can see the exact traffic situation on a variety of nearby highways. Personalisation relies on 'big data'.  As this data becomes more and more important, according to the Wall Street Journal, app makers will see the development of usable tools that get them closer to automating the personalisation process. Relevant content improves users’ everyday lives as they are able to access tailored traffic updates, weather alerts and news etc, all of which are based on their preferences and location. This creates a sense of dependence on the app, as all users’ consumption needs are fulfilled within a single place. The concept of in-app personalisation is inevitably becoming increasingly prevalent within the digital publishing industry. With digital technology getting more sophisticated all the time; new and developed digital marketing trends are beginning to emerge. The scope for brands and businesses to engage with consumers is seemingly endless, and it is going to prove even more valuable in 2017. The question is: which interactive content will you develop to engage with your audience? PageSuite works with a variety of third party providers to integrate traffic and other features into apps. Are you digitally ready for 2017?", "date": "11-01-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/engagement-blog-post.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/driving-app-engagement/" }, { "title": "Increasing Digital Revenues Series. Part 3", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "There are many opportunities for digital publishers to increase digital revenues and boost profits from their digital editions and apps.  Generating revenue from your e-paper or app is easily achieved when implementing an effective advertising strategy. Advertising options range from traditional banner adverts to interactive interstitial advertisements; all of which can be seamlessly integrated into an e-paper or app solution. Native ad solutions are also an alternative way of including advertising, which can be effectively incorporated into content without disrupting the reader’s experience. When implemented correctly paywalls and subscriptions are an additional way of generating constant revenue that publishers can take advantage of and are a useful tool for forecasting. By implementing a paywall subscription model, publishers can offer readers single edition payments, weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions as well as bundles and much more! The use of subscriptions also generally improves the average customer lifetime value, creates a sense of brand loyalty and an increased potential for future purchases and cross-selling. PageSuite works with multiple publishers to implement a vast range of solutions from fully locked down to completely open access. Some publishers also offer time-based free trials, article snippets, article previews, etc. PageSuite’s flexible subscription solutions enable the publishers to easily manage subscriber data whilst helping increase customer retention, generate revenue and sustain print circulation. Using third party subscription platform providers we are able to assist our clients in managing their subscription packages to enable them to drive ROI. La Presse+, Canada’s French-language newspaper is a key example of a newspaper successfully transitioning from print to digital; not only sustaining advertising revenue but increasing both readership and digital revenue. The Canadian publisher achieved this by approaching their advertising content differently to most publishers, by offering advertisers a range of innovative, creative, effective and measurable advertising products that truly meet their needs. Three years after the launch of their app, “advertising revenues from La Presse+ already account for more than 75% of La Presse’s total advertising revenues,” while all of its digital platforms, taken together, generate “88% of those revenues.” To date, according to La Presse+, some 1,800 advertisers have chosen this leading-edge digital vehicle, publishing close to 30,000 ads. These excellent results show that tailoring advertising offerings to fit seamlessly with your digital edition and/or app are a far more effective way of generating revenue and retaining readers. ‘Thirty months after its launch, La Presse+ is now more successful than the print version of La Presse after 131 years of existence’ – Guy Crevier, President and Publisher of La Presse As you can see there are many ways publishers can to increase digital revenues and boost profits from digital editions and apps. If you would like to find out more about optimising your current e-paper or app solution, please get in contact. Find out about our latest mobile & tablet solutions. Source: https://plus.lapresse.ca/cdn/pdf/Communique15avril2016_en.pdf", "date": "10-01-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/digital-revenues-blog-post.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/increasing-digital-revenues/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s 2017 Digital Publishing Predictions", "category": "Company, Industry", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "2016 was a big year for PageSuite. From travelling the world meeting clients and exhibiting at a number of industry events, to hosting our own Innovation Conference. We launched a suite of new market-leading products and celebrated our 10th Anniversary. 2016 was also an eventful year for the digital publishing industry itself. With the death of flash imminent, lots of publishers have been facing “the big move” onto HTML5. The vast majority of publishers were forced to investigate new revenue streams in order to bridge the gap between declining print income and digital revenues. In support of this, digital is becoming an increasing support for print with the adoption of subscription bundles keeping loyal customers and enticing new subscribers. This is aided by “big data” more commonly known as personalisation. It’s not enough anymore to know what, when and how readers consume content. Publishers must learn what they do when they’re not reading it. Through registrations, subscriptions and visitor data, publishers know who their readers are, what interests them and the content they are likely to click on. In addition, more and more publishers are also adopting the CPH metric, allowing them to create more efficient matches between consumers and advertisers. Proving far more lucrative than standard digital advertising strategies. Other big changes this year included the adoption of video, the rise of news appearing first on social media and increased sharing of “fake news” and the exploration of virtual reality.   So, with the arrival of 2017, we thought it would be an ideal time to collate a set of industry predictions with exclusive forecasts from PageSuite’s board of directors for the year ahead. We anticipate further developments across subscriptions and added benefits, enriching the user experience and the rise of VR. Nathan Parrett, PageSuite Founder, says “I expect that Alexa/Google assistant will become more widely used. The same with VR along with the headsets becoming smaller. I predict that Samsung will launch their S8 in March, which will be technically the best phone in the market but will have to fight to overturn poor PR it has received in recent months. Respectively, Apple will launch a new iPhone that will be radically different to their previous phones. Lastly, I anticipate that PageSuite will launch an office east of the UK.” PageSuite’s CEO, Ross Murphy, forecasts his industry predictions “I predict more biometric login/authentication processes - The rise of facial recognition and Touch ID to access accounts from major retailers and service providers.  Virtual Reality will be adopted by industries such as retail as they’ll start using the technology to replicate a ‘changing room’ scenario, publishers will be paying close attention. Personalisation will continue to gain momemtum and publishers will offer their readers a more personalised experience than ever before. I predict that content providers will follow marketing automation tech to provide readers with the most relevant articles and content based on KPIs and intelligent tracking. Ben Edwards, SVP of Business Development, says “I think 2017 is the year people start paying for digital content. In the wake of Brexit, Trump & social media hijacking editorial & pushing fake news stories, comes an investment in getting people back into traditional news brands. Publishers will start pulling content back from social media sites, offering more enticing products (e.g. benefits to subscribers) and building stronger relationships with readers. This will be in reaction to the surge in native advertising spend; currently predicted to go to the likes of Facebook, when it is journalists who create the content & whose commercial teams can best partner with brands, rather than giving it away for free on social sites for Facebook to monetise.” Our SVP of Sales, Chris Took, predicts “the demise or re-launch of Twitter. Digital engagement, growth and value add will continue for publishers who invest in a coherent strategy. Micropayments for articles will become increasingly mainstream (eg: 1p/5p an article/section). PageSuite’s expansion into new territories and success in existing territories will continue apace”  Jason Pyne, SVP of Operations, says “I see the continued pattern of mobile first. Phone technology and user engagement is only becoming more apparent and I see publishers embracing this further by targeting through digital only content and utilising the birth of ‘content by command (voice recognition)’ news delivery by way of the introduction to the Amazon Echo and soon to be Google Assistant. I predict that Apple will follow suit. With technology allowing content to be extracted from PDFs and using this to combine additional digital only content, images and videos, I see more usage continuing to produce apps and HTML5 products as feed driven viewable apps. I see new opportunities for publishers to deliver digital only content from their trusted brands in this way too, but allowing them to target advertising by way of digital only using audio and video and not just replication of the print based PDF. I can even see a consumer being able to build their own container app and craft content how they would like to see best viewable creating their own personalised news room.”   Within the last decade, the digital publishing industry has rapidly evolved and we are really looking forward to seeing further growth in the coming year. We are interested to know your thoughts too, feel free to send us your predictions via Twitter, using the handle @PageSuite and hashtag #PageSuitePredictions.", "date": "04-01-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/PredictionsFor2017.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-2017-digital-publishing-predictions/" }, { "title": "Related Content Strategies", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "An engaged reader is always more valuable. An engaging experience is worth paying for. We all know the age old saying “content is king”, but with the wealth of free information available online today, content has become commoditised.  Digital publishers need to become more creative in their approach. Content needs to appeal to all readers and be relevant, which is impossible unless you know your audience well. It’s not enough anymore to know what, when and how readers consume content. Now more than ever publishers must get to know their audience by learning what they do when they’re not reading it; hobbies, interests etc. are traits which need to be understood in order to give their audience what they want. Through registrations, subscriptions and visitor data, publishers know who their readers are, what interests them and the content they are likely to click on. It is widely known, the most common way publishers monetise is through advertising. However, today’s digital trends mean that more and more publishers are looking to diversify revenue streams and shift their focus to monetising consumers instead. To support this, the focus for digital publishers should now be upon engagement rather than page views. Increasingly more publishers are trying to opt out of the page view cycle, instead adopting the cost-per-hour metric tracking attention/time spent –  allowing publishers to create more efficient matches between consumers and advertisers. Proving far more lucrative than standard digital advertising strategies. Improved engagement can only be achieved through personalisation. First by driving content strategy through audience engaged data and second by using technology that can leverage audience data and recommend additional content view. Writers, editors, reporters, bloggers and journalists are embracing data to get insights into audience’s perspective in order to serve them better. A number of the more innovative publishers have filled the gap with complementary products and services designed to engage their readers. Magazine media companies like Future Plc and Condé Nast are now recognising that they need to be driven by the need to differentiate themselves in an overcrowded publishing landscape. Newsday have created a spin-off sports fan product enabling them to harness an audience subset. There are a number of reasons why UGC (user generated content) as a feature, is also worth considering. It allows you to build a closer relationship with your audience and increase engagement. Your readers are increasingly mobile and as newsrooms get smaller, readers that witness newsworthy events could help your brand to break the story first. It could be a source of 24/7 content generation while enhancing your apps feature-set. The next step in the personalisation journey is to understand your audiences. It’s imperative to know who they are as well as what they want to keep them engaged, advocating loyalty & social sharing. Once you are better informed you can combat key issues such as, low user loyalty & engagement and high bounce rates; most commonly affected by the way users discover content away from homepage. Readers who arrive at news sites directly visit more pages than those coming from social media. According to Pew Research Center, visitors that originally arrive to online news sites tend to view 24.8 pages in the duration of their visit. In contrast, visitors arriving from Facebook only view 4.2 pages. In the New York Times Innovation Report, the media giant revealed that traffic to their homepage dropped by 50% in the past two years. According to Smart Insights, this “confirms that visitors are primarily coming to the site through their discovery of specific stories of interest found on external sites rather than using their site as a means to discover important news.”1 Cxense Personalisation solutions will assist with creating user segments, including an understanding of what content is being consumed the most (or the least) within each audience segment.  This information will fuel the process of building richer content experiences. Cxense: “With the right platform, you can deliver what people want to increase your digital revenue. Personalisation is the key to creating value. It is the most powerful way of boosting prospect acquisition, retention and advocacy. Personalise every action. Create an experience. Be remembered.”", "date": "03-01-2017", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/related-content-blog-post.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/related-content-strategies/" }, { "title": "Follow our story so far…", "category": "Events, Industry", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "PageSuite was founded in 2006. Over the past 10 years we have gone from strength to strength. Now employing 60 staff across four offices in Aldington, Smeeth, London and Boston USA, developing market-leading app and desktop solutions for some of the biggest newspaper and magazine publishers across the globe. Our global client base includes the likes of The London Evening Standard, The Independent, OK! Magazine, The Boston Globe and The Philippine Star. We’ve also enjoyed recent success in both the Middle East and central Europe. Follow our journey so far… ", "date": "22-12-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Milestone-Timeline-News-Image.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/follow-our-story/" }, { "title": "Christmas Video 2016", "category": "Company, Events", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "2016 has been an exciting year for PageSuite! We’ve had a BIG year, from travelling the world meeting clients and exhibiting at many industry events, to hosting our own Innovation Conference, launching a suite of new market-leading products and celebrating our 10th Anniversary! We would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with you in 2017. Turn the music up loud and enjoy PageSuite’s 2016 Christmas Video! [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hMrmhRDIm0&feature=em-upload_owner[/embed]", "date": "16-12-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/xmas-vid-2016-news.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/christmas-video-2016/" }, { "title": "Sending Powerful Pushes", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "Using push notifications can be an effective and powerful way of gaining reader attention and boosting engagement on mobile apps. But what is the best way to implement these and maintain readership? The challenge with push notifications is to not over abuse the function as this could lead to users either turning off the feature or deleting the app. Notifications need to either be insightful or offer value.   A study by the Engaging news project confirms that mobile news app users who allow push notifications open them significantly more often than those who don’t allow notifications; 27% of users who turned on notifications opened the app daily vs 12% who didn’t have alerts on. A study by Newscycle across more than 1,000 news, sports and weather mobile apps, found that when an article is sent to a user via push notification the average time spent in-app is 3 minutes 17 seconds. In contrast, the average time spent in the same app without an article push is just 44 seconds. A 78% increase in app engagement time over a user who navigates an app separately from the receipt of a push notification. A survey by Localytics revealed that the most popular alerts among 100 respondents were personal sales offers, followed by breaking news and thirdly personalised content and location-based offers. 52% of the same readers, also found push messages to be 'an annoying distraction.' Trust is critical to the successful relationship between publishers and their readers. There is a need for balance between getting user attention and respecting their other time commitments.   For years, publishers have been used to being able to reach out to readers with text based notifications but there are now many more options available. The Guardian are building additional functionality into their app allowing for greater customisation and using behavioral data to prompt personalised push notifications. E.g. If you are reading sports & tech news, you might be asked if you would like push messages on them. “We want to give our readers as much freedom in following the stories they want and looking at options to take that forward,' said Subhajit Banerjee, Mobile Editor. Instead of re-creating the front page of a website in the form of a mobile app, breaking news.com engage users with personalisation and push notifications that have resulted in higher app store ratings and increased usage. Whenever The New York Times breaks a big story, within 24 hours, up to 60 percent of all global traffic to that story can typically come via push notifications. That’s not due to the magnitude of the news alone but a carefully crafted push-alerts strategy. Now, the publisher is ramping up how it tailors push notifications to be more locally relevant to its international markets, starting with the U.K. and Australia. “For a long time, push notifications were really a broadcast experience. You hit the publish button, and it lights up on millions of phones. But people expect more granular control now. Push notifications are a natural extension to how we reach new audiences” said Andrew Phelps, New York Times product director. “As we evolve, thinking how our journalism meets certain readers’ needs will be an interesting question we have to grapple with,” added Eric Bishop, a Times assistant editor.1 Users of the Newsday app can follow a developing story, automatically receiving updates as the story unfolds. A reader opts to receive push notifications; these contain teaser content whenever a journalist updates a specific story. Newsday promoted this during the US Election, so that subscribers could see the latest comments, videos or galleries as the story progressed throughout the day. In addition to Newsday, The Sun & The Telegraphs have recently implemented deep-linking push notifications to their live news feed Apps that takes a user from a push direct into the story, rather than just the homepage which results in a far better experience for the user.   Publishers are continuing to experiment with personalising their messages, but obtaining personal data to differentiate notifications remains challenging. Peggy Anne Salz, Chief analyst at MobileGroove, wrote an article for EContent Magazine where she describes the challenge succinctly; 'If it's going to be personal, there needs to be value, and that value comes from knowing and understanding me… & reflecting that in how you communicate with me by push notifications.' Urban Airship is one of the most popular mobile engagement and marketing platforms in the market. It offers an automated solution which allows pushing 300,000 in-app messages every second. It enables you to set a custom rules-based engine with up to 20 rules per app for delivering targeted mobile marketing campaigns to thousands of audiences. The platform also offers a segment builder using location history, real-time analytics and engagement reports to allow sending push notifications based on user segmentation and location.   Content may be king, but delivery is queen. With all the noise, competition and fake news out there, the battle for digital space has never been so fierce. Perhaps most encouraging for publishers is the fact that mobile push notifications measurably boost audience engagement, which in turn leads to greater content monetisation opportunities. A study conducted by the University of Texas showed that, over half of those receiving news notifications opened the app or went to the news website to learn more about a notification. '37.1% searched for more information after seeing a notification and 23.4% turned to social media after seeing a notification.' It is important that publishers take full advantage of push notifications. By finding the right balance between commanding attention and respecting audience preferences, push notifications will continue to be a valuable and engaging weapon in the mobile content arsenal. Further to this, driving engagement will also enable publishers to charge premium ad rates, especially when adopting the CPH metric.   Find out more about third party integrations APIs Read more about The Importance of Personalisation", "date": "13-12-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/powerful-pushes-blog-post.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/sending-powerful-pushes/" }, { "title": "Personalising the App Experience", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "“Personalisation will help save news organisations. It will allow publishers to increase engagement with their audiences and create an even more relevant experience for readers” Petteri Vainikka, VP Strategic Business Development, Cxense. Personalisation is increasingly becoming a major challenge for online publishers. With a growing trend for live news to become personalised and consumers increasingly expecting a more personalised experience encompassing relevant and engaging content; how can you give readers an unrivalled experience, tailored to their individual interests and behaviours?  For online publishers and media brands, personalisation is the key to creating value. It is the most powerful way of boosting engagement and driving value. As social media platforms rapidly become the main source for accessing content, publishers must use personalised solutions across devices and platforms to deliver what readers want. Part of the problem publishers are facing, is the enormity of digital platform usage making it difficult to understand the entire user journey and experience. Despite challenges, some publishers including The New York Times and The Washington Post have invested in and successfully integrated strategies with both personalisation and data capabilities. So, is it worth all the trouble?  Content Personalisation Increases User Engagement. Giving users content tailored to their interests, needs, and location is the key to making the most of mobile technology. Mobile apps are responsible for 58.4% of all media usage time, signifying the importance of having optimised product. Through registrations, subscriptions and visitor data, publishers know who their readers are, what interests them and content they are likely to click on. According to a study by Evergage, 73% of digital companies who employ real-time personalisation saw significant increases in user engagement leading to increased time-on-site and lower bounce rates. Alexander Spangher, a New York Times data scientist wrote, “We want to provide the most relevant news and information to our readers so they stay longer and read more.” The idea behind personalisation is to tailor the experience from the moment it begins.“61% of consumers feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and are more likely to buy or convert” according to a demand metric study. Personalisation is ultimately about what might encourage users to subscribe and/or what they expect to continue their subscription. EG. The London Evening Standard allows its users to organise the content sections according to preference and even hide those that aren’t.  Content Personalisation Increases Monetisation. It is true that personalisation leads to more time spent on the site, meaning exposure to more ads. But, the data accumulated to serve personalised content has a powerful use: by understanding who your users are–including what they like and engage with—it’s possible to match readers with advertisers. As more and more publishers are trying to opt out of the page view cycle, instead adopting the cost-per-hour metric tracking attention/time-spent – personalisation allows publishers to create more efficient matches between consumers and advertisers. Proving far more lucrative than standard digital advertising strategies.   Earlier this year, Polaris Media, which owns 35 regional media houses and is Norway's third-largest media group, introduced fully automated personalisation to iTromsø’s mobile news site in a bid to create a dynamic front page and to drive traffic, click-through-rate and user engagement.1 Within three months of introducing automated personalisation, CTR fell by 5 percent compared to the year before but the media group recorded an increase in traffic and user engagement. User engagement on the front page increased overnight and after three months the average reading time spent on it went up from 22 seconds to 28 seconds. The same development could be seen with article pages where user engagement increased by 15 percent even though no changes had been made to them.   The successors in the future will be those publishers who have harnessed the power of deeper user insights and data to drive more engagement, revenue and subscriptions. Going forward, businesses that do not incorporate an element of personalisation into their offering, risk losing revenue and customer loyalty. You can read more about personalisation in our 'The Importance of Personalisation' white paper here.", "date": "09-12-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/personalisation.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/personalising-the-app-experience/" }, { "title": "Overcoming This Year’s Biggest Digital Challenges", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Our Solutions Engineer held a live webinar focusing on how you can refine your strategy to ensure that you get the most out of your digital solutions in 2017. During the hour-long webinar we focused on some of this year’s biggest talking points, including: – Ad Blockers – Combating declining print circulations – Increasing revenue through digital – Driving engagement across your app and e-paper solutions We hope you enjoy the webinar. [embed]https://youtu.be/2aoqJs2QcFg[/embed]", "date": "01-12-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/webinar-news-image.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/overcoming-years-biggest-digital-challenges/" }, { "title": "How to benefit from a flexible publishing platform", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "Black Friday is not just for traditional and online retailers (it wasn’t that long ago it was purely a US-only Thanksgiving tradition) – with everyone from hotel chains, car manufacturers and, of course, publishers marketing their very own discounted-for-a-day offers. Archant are offering a Special Half Price offer - offering users a 12 month subscription to any of their range of lifestyle, sport & leisure magazines for just £9.99. By using our flexible solutions, Archant have effectively self-built and advertised their “Black Friday Deals” offers through their Digital Edition, which is a short-term discount across individual or a bundle of titles. With over £2m expected to be spent by shoppers every minute today, and over half of this online, Archant’s digital & mobile focused offer is well-timed and placed. Here is an example from the London Evening Standard, of how to benefit from our flexible in-app publishing platform. Christmas is historically an important time of year for print magazines and newspapers, with people gifting subscriptions for friends and family – so with Black Friday exactly one month before Christmas Day, it marks an interesting opportunity to harness consumers early online spending power! We have observed similar trends with digital & App subscriptions leading up to Christmas, but the big boost is on and after the day itself - as people unwrap a new phone or tablet present and download their own favourite brands Apps. Seasonal offers are a great way to attract new subscribers and if your market has specific opportunities you want to harness, speak to your Account Manager today.", "date": "25-11-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/black-friday.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/archant-blackfriday/" }, { "title": "How Archant are Promoting Their Digital Only Christmas Campaign", "category": "Industry, Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Regional magazine and newspaper publishers, Archant, are running a price point based campaign this Christmas to promote their festive digital subscription offer. The offer is available across 33 magazine titles and is specifically for their Digital Edition and App products. It enables readers to purchase an annual digital subscription for just £14.99, which is a saving of up to 71%! Here’s how they are promoting the offer: Splash Screen: As the Digital Edition is loading a splash screen displaying details of the offer is displayed on the screen so all readers are immediately notified of the offer. Page Zero Ad: This is located directly next to the magazine cover within the Digital Edition to reinforce the message. Text Push Notifications: Are sent to all users to inform them of the offer and to explain how they can view it within the app. Rich Push Notifications: These are sent to the ‘in-app inbox’. Readers are alerted of the rich push message by a text-based message and by a red circle within the app (see below). Upon opening the rich push message they will be presented with an advert which links directly to the subscription page so that readers can purchase the offer without having to leave the app. Banner Adverts: Banner adverts are visible in all apps to help reinforce the offer across mobile and tablets. These also link directly to the subscription page. (rich push notifications) Chris Scarle, Digital Magazines Manager at Archant said, 'Utilising new functionality available within the Infinity app platform we have been able to market our digital Christmas offer in a range of exciting and effective ways. We’re also utilising the ability to make real-time changes to our app templates to build in additional short term promotional activity, which allows us to work reactively as the campaign progresses'. In addition to promoting the offer across their apps and Digital Editions, Archant are also running campaigns across social media, email and across their websites. Earlier this year Archant launched over 60 new mobile and tablet apps, featuring both PDF and feed-based content. They are now leveraging all the features within these solutions to run a true cross-platform marketing campaign for their digital-only Christmas subscription offer. Click here to view the titles on offer ", "date": "18-11-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/news-archant-xmas.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/archant-promoting-digital-christmas-campaign/" }, { "title": "World Publishing Expo Audio Tours", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "At this year's World Publishing Expo, PageSuite were involved in two pre-organised exclusive Audio Tours. Giving us the opportunity to speak to a large number of industry professionals for fifteen minutes to introduce the vast range of solutions PageSuite has to offer. Below is a recording of both of these presentations. Digital and App Editorial Systems  Our VP of Business Development, Bed Edwards, spoke about Digital and App Editorial Systems during an Audio Tour at the World Publishing Expo in Vienna. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDwIkYjzvZk[/embed]  Increasing Digital Revenues  Richard Waghorn, PageSuite's Digital & Mobile Consultant, spoke at this year's World Publishing Expo in Vienna on Increasing Digital Revenues. Watch his webinar to find out 5 ways you can increase revenues across your digital, mobile and tablet solutions... [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5Q-BoA1uQ0[/embed] If you would like to see our full WAN IFRA roundup please click here. We hope you have found these presentations interesting, for further information about the services we provide don't hesitate to get in touch.", "date": "18-11-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/news-audiotours.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/wan-ifra-audio-tour-presentations/" }, { "title": "Increasing Digital Revenues Series. Part 2", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "2. Digital: An aide to print subscription  In general, print media needs to make up revenue somewhere and with the decline of print they must make it up where profits still exist; digital. This explains why there is a resurgence and renewed focus on the E-Paper, because it adds value (perceived or real) to a subscription, improving retention. Digital editions appear to be very popular with premium audiences as they enable them to associate replica products with paying for content.  So, lots of publishers are heavily marketing basic or more enhanced E-Paper solutions as added-value to subscriptions. Newspaper publishers have realised this trend and are now starting to heavily invest in subscription models and adding value to their user experience and subscriber packages with e-paper, apps and premium content. Offering incentives so that the premium element drives people to use both print and online solutions. The reason for this appears to be that print customers are still most valuable. Whilst travelling, one publisher told us they had been able to get 35% of print subscribers regularly using a digital product eg; app, e-paper or website. Brands like The Times, have really led the way in “adding-value” with Premier League & Rugby highlights, invites to exclusive events, small group sessions with journalists etc. Plus, they have the advantage of a long term paid strategy.   For publishers, it has become important to maximise their offering with digital and print subscription bundles and sign-ups. By charging a bit more for digital + print editions, you are increasing the odds that people will use both features. While most people probably read both editions, if the gap between paying for one or the other was massive, they’d probably choose just one. With digital being the future, they’d probably increasingly choose digital. This is why keeping the price gap between digital or print only and the combination package small is key. A great example of this would be The Economist, who have made the decision to price their print and digital subscriptions the same £145 per year stand-alone & £179 for a combined subscription; sending the message it is perceived, that the digital edition is just as valuable, and just as worth paying for, as the print edition. It could actually be argued that the digital edition should be more expensive, because it has less advertising. Prices are not just a function of customer demand; they are also a function of advertiser demand. Obviously adding value doesn’t have to just be the above suggestions. A daily US newspaper has found that traffic & weather play huge parts in the readers lives. Snow drifts, storms, tailbacks & roadworks impact city lives – so providing in-depth data, personalised updates & live video streams are proving very popular in an app or digital experience. We have also spoken to a few publishers who have suggested they are migrating to a model where more generic content is free to view & monetised by advertising and implementing paywalls on both website and in-app, for more premium content. This way the print customer gets more added value for their subscription than a non-print customer in a bid to drive retention.   As the digital medium evolves & adds more value to the customer experience, the digital edition will one day be valued more than the print edition thus will be priced even higher. Digital reading is the future, and there is no way of escaping this reality. Find out about our latest mobile & tablet solutions.", "date": "18-11-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Digital-An-aide-to-print-subscription.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/digital-subscription/" }, { "title": "The Great PageSuite Bake Off", "category": "Company, Events", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "In August we announced Pilgrims Hospices as our Charity of the Year. Since then, we have hosted a couple of events including a silent auction for a pair of tickets to the England v Scotland World Cup qualifier at Wembley Stadium and a Halloween “Great PageSuite Bake Off”. So far, we have managed to raise £100 to add to our running total and are hoping to increase this figure substantially over the coming months. Pilgrims Hospices has been providing end of life care and support for more than 30 years, with hospices located in Ashford, Canterbury and Thanet, enabling them to provide care across the whole of the county. They rely hugely on donations to provide the fantastic level of care to their patients and their families and we’re delighted to be working with such a great cause. Throughout the coming months we will be taking part in and hosting various events to raise money for the Kent Hospice.", "date": "14-11-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/SilentAuction_HalloweenBakeSale_ChristmasEffort.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pilgrims-hospice/" }, { "title": "Increasing Digital Revenues Series. Part 1", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "Over the last 12 months we have been lucky enough to visit countries spanning the globe including; Australia, North & South America, Dubai, Hungary, Croatia, Iceland & Africa. Most recently we have been spending a proportion of time within the European media space including Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria at the World Publishing expo in Vienna. Giving us some great opportunities to network with publishers, clients and fellow industry professionals discussing the latest industry trends and news. Looking forward to 2017, we wanted to share a handful of the most relevant key take-aways/hot topics we took away from our trips which are working well within the market, predominantly focused around increasing digital revenues.   1. Mobile first 1 Mobile growth represents a huge opportunity for newspapers and other news brands. According to comScore, the top 10 digital media brands in the US have on average 37% of their audience visiting via mobile only. In markets such as France, Germany, Japan, Australia and Canada, more than one third of the adult population use mobile to access news media content – and growth is rapid. It has been reported that time spent using smartphones now exceeds web usage on computers in the US, Canada, the UK and Italy with desktop numbers continuing to fall. 2 La Presse+ developed a tablet edition unlike any other, that has continually sought to make the most of the tablet platform. Stopping their weekday print edition confirmed the relevance of their digital transformation and since then, weekly readership has increased by almost 30%. In addition, Ad revenues from digital tablet, mobile and desktop platforms, account for more than 82% of total advertising revenues. To support this migration, it appears, and we have seen throughout Scandinavia, that newspapers are splitting their Digital teams from print production – meaning editors have different priorities and decisions to make depending upon the platform. New audiences expect value and engagement. We’re working with Newspapers who are starting their content creation focused on digital first so as to satisfy the 24/7 need of customers. Then passing on these stories to a separate print team who curate the best/most transferrable to a one-off product for tomorrows print edition.  Quite a contrast to a lot of newsrooms still focused first on creating a print product, supported by a digital presence. Distribution models for digital publishers are changing. As digital technologies continue to develop, it is up to publishers to utilise the systems and platforms that make their content accessible, interactive and adaptable. The content delivered must be more engaging, more contextually relevant and personalised to the individual. By leveraging a mobile platform built with HTML5, publishers will experience faster content conversions, better format, structure and design quality and quicker input of rich content and multimedia features. Mobile first is all about consumers, not devices. Planning the right experiences for the right devices, ensuring all materials and information are easily accessible and seamlessly translated across all channels. Find out about our latest mobile & tablet solutions.  ", "date": "10-11-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Clients-around-the-globe-Mobile-first-publishing.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/mobile-first/" }, { "title": "Webinar: How to Overcome This Year’s Biggest Digital Challenges to Ensure a Successful 2017", "category": "Company, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Join our Solutions Engineer for a live webinar focusing on how you can refine your strategy to ensure that you get the most out of your digital solutions in 2017. During the hour-long webinar we will focus on some of this year’s biggest talking points, including: 1. Ad Blockers 2. Combating declining print circulations 3. Increasing revenue through digital 4. Driving engagement across your app and e-paper solutions   We hope you can join us for one of our sessions. To ensure that we cater for all territories we have scheduled two webinars: Tuesday 29th November 14:00-15:00 EST - Click here to register  Wednesday 30th November at 13:00-14:00 GMT - Click here to register   Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn't miss our webinar: 1. Learn how to increase your digital revenues 2. Learn how to create a more engaging experience for readers 3. Find out how to implement a range of subscription solutions 4. Learn how to optimise content for every device 5. Learn how to get the most out of advertising on your e-paper or app   We hope to see you there!", "date": "02-11-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/webinar-news-image.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/webinar-overcoming-this-years-biggest-digital-challenges/" }, { "title": "Triangle offers new mobile experience for MER Magazine readers", "category": "Company, New Launch, Products", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "We are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new digital edition for Triangle Management Services. We collaborated with Triangle to develop a digital edition which is fully mobile optimised and offers an engaging experience. PRESS RELEASE: Triangle Management Services. The specialist provider of value add services to the mail and express industry, are pleased to announce the launch of a new look digital edition of the Mail & Express Review (MER) Magazine. Coinciding with the release of the new Winter edition, MER Magazine will be available digitally on a market-leading HTML5 publishing solution created by PageSuite. The new digital edition of MER will leverage the innovative PageSuite platform and incorporate its powerful new features. As well as being able to view MER in the standard PDF format, readers can now access and share MER content in the article ‘pop up’ up view, designed to improve the reader experience across any device. The digital edition is now completely mobile optimised, creating a more engaging experience for our readers wherever they may be. A host of new advertising opportunities have also opened up for our partners who can look forward to more sophisticated branding options to help reach our unique audience in ever more creative ways. Triangle’s Managing Director of Media & Events, Tom Ross-Joannou commented: “We were very impressed with the PageSuite platform and how it could help to improve the user experience for our readers. MER has become the definitive voice in the fast-paced and dynamic mail and express industry. The new features allow us to improve the reach of MER, providing greater convenience for our busy readers who can access its valuable insights across any of their mobile devices.” PageSuites’ Vice President of Marketing, Lucy Tozer commented: “PageSuite’s latest HTML5 platform is creating a richer digital experience for our customers and their readers. We’re delighted to work with Triangle on improving the product they offer and helping them to grow the scope of an excellent industry magazine.” The Winter edition of MER magazine is available now in both print and the new HTML5 digital formats. The latest issue investigates the recent developments in autonomous vehicles and delivery robots as well as exploring life after Brexit for the mail and express industry. Find out more about the magazine and subscribe to the digital edition for free by visiting www.triangle.eu.com/mer.   About Triangle Management Services Triangle Management Services Ltd, founded in 1984, delivers a unique range of business services to leading companies and senior executives managing and shaping the mail and express industry. Triangle’s extensive portfolio of services includes high-level conferences, online and print media, industry-specific research, and strategic consultancy, and provides access to senior players in the sector worldwide. For further information, please contact: Greg Fox, Group Marketing Manager, Triangle Management Services greg.fox@triangle.eu.com, +44 (0)1628 642910 www.triangle.eu.com   About PageSuite PageSuite is a leading digital, mobile and tablet publishing company that provides strategic solutions for future focused publishers. Their speciality lies in working directly with newspaper and magazine publishers to help them deliver engaging content through multiple channels, cutting print and distribution costs and enhancing the end-user experience. For further information, please contact: Lucy Tozer, Vice President of Marketing, PageSuite lucy.tozer@pagesuite.co.uk, (+44) 01233 721030 www.pagesuite.com", "date": "02-11-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Triangle-MER-news-3.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/triangle-pr/" }, { "title": "New App Highlights Video!", "category": "Blog, Company, Products", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "We’ve just launched a brand new video to highlight our latest market-leading app offerings. View the video below to see how you can seamlessly launch an engaging PDF or feed driven app across mobile and tablet devices… Contact our sales team to schedule a demo. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSK7cFgkyNs&feature=youtu.be[/embed] ", "date": "26-10-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/PagesuiteAppVideoBlog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/new-app-highlights/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Expands US Operations", "category": "Company, Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "PageSuite is pleased to announce the official opening of our new US office, in Boston. Situated in Central Boston, the new office will be filled with a team of Sales and Support Executives enabling us to progress with our international expansion plans and to provide a more enhanced service to their existing clients based in the US, Canada and South America. The office will be managed by Chris Took, PageSuite’s SVP of Sales who has relocated from the UK to oversee the running of the new office. By having the US and the UK support team we are able to service clients 24 hours a day which is essential for newspaper and magazine publishers processing editions around the clock. Ross Murphy, CEO, said; ‘We made the decision to re-locate our US office from Burlington to central Boston as we’re looking to expand our US operations and want to capitalise on the fantastic talent pool within the city. Our relocation and expansion will enable us to provide an enhanced level of service to our growing US client base.’ PageSuite continues to grow and now has four offices located in Kent, Boston and London with over 60 members of staff working with over 1,500 publishers worldwide. Full details of our offices and contact details can be found here. PageSuite’s new office launch features on inPublishing! New Boston Office Address: 470 Atlantic Avenue, 4th floor, Suite 4032 Boston MA 02210", "date": "26-10-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/NewBostonOfficeBlog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-expands-us-operations/" }, { "title": "Key Takeaways from the World Press Survey", "category": "Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "WAN-IFRA’s yearly World Press survey looks at insights, audience trends, concerns and highlights of the publishing industry over the past year. This year’s survey revealed many valuable insights about the growth and development of the digital publishing space. Here are the key findings from the study. Digital newspaper readership is increasing - In some of the most developed economies, readership on all digital platforms has surpassed the number of readers in print. The World Press Trends analysis has estimated that at least 40% of global Internet users read newspapers online.  Global newspaper reach 2015 – More than 40% (1.3billion) of all internet users read newspapers in digital formats. New opportunities for Mobile growth - In the US, more than 80% of people are engaged with newspaper digital content, and more than 70% of Australians and Canadians read a newspaper via a digital device. Mobile first - More than half of the US newspaper digital audience uses only mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) for their newspaper digital content - according to the Newspaper Association of America. In markets such as France, Germany, Japan, Australia and Canada, more than one-third of the adult population use mobile to access news media content – and growth is rapid. ComScore report highlights digital growth - The top 10 digital media in the US have on average 37% of their audience visiting only via mobile and another 31% visiting via both mobile and desktop. Several major traditional print publishers experienced online visitor gains of more than 20% in 2015, led by the growth of mobile. Paid digital circulation - Revenues continue to grow at double-digit rates and have increased 30% in 2015 and 547% over five years. With revenues of more than US$ 3 billion, digital circulation is now starting to make up for lost print circulation revenues in many markets. Amongst online news users – as opposed to the entire population – about one in five pay for online news in the countries studied. Ad blocking - According to the latest report from PageFair, at least 419 million people (22% of the world’s 1.9 billion smartphone users) are blocking ads on the mobile web. Ad blocking on the mobile web grew by 90% globally in 2015. Early adopters are now blocking ads on apps and walled-garden platforms such as Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and Apple News as well. These results from the WAN IFRA survey has revealed some remarkable statistics about the current digital publishing market. The digital media news space is growing at a significant rate, however, is still faced with issues, such as ad blocking software. Are you currently considering your digital solution? We work with thousands of publishers to reach their rapidly growing audience, you can see all of our digital solutions here. Keep an eye out for PageSuite’s survey later this year! Have you read our round up of PageSuites time in Vienna at WAN IFRA yet?  Source: http://www.wan-ifra.org/articles/2016/06/12/full-highlights-of-world-press-trends-2016-survey Source: comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform, U.S., Dec 2015/Dec 2014 Source: PAGEFAIR | 2016 Mobile Ad Blocking Report", "date": "24-10-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/WAN-IFRA-blog-banner.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/wan-ifra-world-press-trends-survey-highlights/" }, { "title": "WAN IFRA 2016 Round Up", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "PageSuite had an amazing World Publishing Expo this year, held in the beautiful Austrian city of Vienna. Here is a roundup of our expo highlights!  On day one head of SVP of Business Development, Ben Edwards, was involved in a pre-organised exclusive Audio Tour. Giving Ben the opportunity to speak to a large number of industry professionals for fifteen minutes to introduce the vast range of solutions PageSuite has to offer. Ben presented an informative talk on ‘Editorial Systems’, highlighting how publishers can optimise their content for digital. The presentation explained five of the key points when publishing digital content and elaborated on how PageSuite can help publishers enhance their reader’s experience. Day two was the busiest of the three. With many exciting pre booked meetings confirmed and a drinks and nibbles reception planned, the PageSuite team were in for an eventful day. The drinks and nibbles kicked off at 12.30 and attracted a large crowd of exhibition attendees. On the final day we had the opportunity to take part in another organised Audio Tour. PageSuite’s Digital and Mobile consultant, Richard Waghorn, delivered an insightful ‘Increasing Digital Revenues’ presentation for 15 minutes to a crowd of industry professionals. The presentation highlighted 5 key ways to maximise revenue from your apps and digital editions. This presentation was very well received and sparked lots of interesting questions and further discussions. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to connect with us at this year’s expo. We thoroughly enjoyed networking with some of Europe’s biggest newspaper and magazine brands who took an interest in our solutions.  Our two WAN IFRA audio tours and presentations, Editorial Systems & Increasing Digital Revenues will be available via email within the next few weeks. To get a copy of these or if you would like to discuss our products in further detail, please email hello@pagesuite.com or get in touch by calling +44 (0)1233 721030.  See you next year in Berlin!", "date": "17-10-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/wan-ifra.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/wan-ifra-2016-roundup/" }, { "title": "Are You Making the Most from Your Digital Solution?", "category": "Blog, Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "With a number of high profile vendors changing the direction of their product offering we’ve seen several publishers re-evaluate their digital solutions. Some publishers have spent thousands on solutions that are generating minimal rewards across desktop, tablet and mobile. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are seeing rewards from their digital proposition. We are seeing a strong appetite for publishers looking for a ‘fully inclusive’ solution which covers the replica edition view, live feed content, puzzles, sports, traffic and more. The growth area right now is mobile. We’ve seen a huge growth in users accessing news on their smartphone and this is also an area that many news apps are failing to capitalise on. Because of the limited real-estate it’s essential that mobile news apps offer a compelling UI. Whether it’s a fully native solution or a designed-for-device app with an optimised mobile UX we have the expertise to help you migrate to a solution that will see you drive engagement and revenue across desktop, tablet and mobile. Contact us today for more information or see this blog post on changing vendors.", "date": "06-10-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/adblock-news.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/making-digital-solution/" }, { "title": "Mobile v Desktop Challenge", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "Digital news media usage time is rising considerably, driven mainly by mobile apps. More than two thirds of digital media time is now spent on mobile with desktop sharing only 32% of digital attention. The latest comScore report, found that “smartphone apps constitute 50% of all digital media time, roughly 44% up than just a year ago.” However, despite its shrinking share, desktop still leads online conversions. It is imperative that publishers don’t view at Apps vs. Web as an either/or situation, rather, both forms of content delivery are essential as they tend to tick different boxes that can help monetisation. User experience should remain solid across all platforms. Mobile is an equally exciting and frustrating platform, publishers must adapt and embrace it. Although we are very much in a cross-platform world, mobile is, for the now, without a doubt primary. Mobile growth expresses audience demand for “real-content,” better technology and ad experiences. As consumers concentrate increasing amounts of time on digital media, changing content consumption habits, it becomes much more challenging for publishers to reach and engage them. More and more digital publishers are making themselves accessible to mobile users and have understood the delivery of attractive, image-driven, fast-loading user experiences. It has never been more challenging for publishers to engage with their audiences meaningfully. Looking to change app vendor? It isn’t as difficult as you may think… Our latest range of optimised app templates feature improved performance and a selection of customisable features so that you can tailor your app to suit your branding. Enabling you to showcase your content in a variety of ways cross-platform. We have a wealth of experience in tailor-made Custom App development and have integrated a variety of third-party APIs to create some fantastic apps for some leading publishers. Our in-house design and development teams will work closely with you to develop a solution that meets your internal strategy. Encourage readers to interact and engage with your content. Speak to our dedicated team to find out how you can enrich your content and increase time spent in your app.  ", "date": "02-10-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/news-mobile-growth.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/mobile-desktop-challenge/" }, { "title": "Adblock Plus Launches Platform to Sell ‘Acceptable’ Ads", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "One of the world’s biggest adblocking companies, Adblock Plus, will soon begin selling “acceptable ads” for publishers to display on their websites. The platform will allow publishers and bloggers to show and sell pre-whitelisted ads that conform to Adblock Plus’s strict criteria. These “acceptable ads” will be allowed to pass through Adblock Plus’s filters, provided they aren’t too intrusive or disruptive to users. Full details of this criteria, which dictates the size, placement and labelling of these ads can be found here.  By allowing certain ads to be shown, Adblock Plus has explained that this will be beneficial in two ways: Encourages the ad industry to pursue less intrusive ad formats and thus have a positive impact on the Internet as a whole. Provides a viable source of revenue, which we need to be able to administer the Acceptable Ads program and continue development of a free product.* According to the ad-block company, 80% of the advertising revenue sold through the marketplace, publishers will retain, and the rest will go directly to Adblock Plus and various other parties involved. Users will be able to specify which type of ads and online tracking they do not want and also the ability to turn this program off. The program is currently in beta and is launching later in the year. Does this mean the end for ad free websites? We doubt it, but as ad blocking technology like Adblock Plus continues to affect publisher’s revenue streams, they will continue to seek out measures to counteract the harming effects of this software. Source: https://adblockplus.org/acceptable-ads#criteria-general", "date": "29-09-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/news-ad-block.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/adblock-plus-launches-platform-to-sell-acceptable-ads/" }, { "title": "Google crack down on “intrusive interstitials”", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "In November 2015, Google launched “app install interstitial penalty”, determining that app interstitial ads which cover a significant amount of page content, would not be considered mobile-friendly and would therefore not rank as well as mobile-friendly web pages. On 10th January 2017, the search engine is introducing new mobile-specific ranking criteria, limiting ‘intrusive interstitials’ because, they say “this type of ad can be problematic on mobile devices where screens are often smaller”. Since 51% percent of digital media is consumed via mobile compared to 42% on desktop, this is a bid to improve user experience. However, not all pop-ups are the same, so there are some specifics around which types of interstitials Google considers to be disruptive. Some are legally required, like those which include age verification displays, so they won't impact the page's rank. According to the official statement, interstitials affected by Google's crackdown include: Showing a popup that covers the main content, either immediately after the user navigates to a page from the search results, or while they are looking through the page. Displaying a standalone interstitial that the user has to dismiss before accessing the main content. Using a layout where the above-the-fold portion of the page appears similar to a standalone interstitial, but the original content has been inlined underneath the fold. These changes provide a great opportunity to enhance your marketing presence on mobile. For Marketers, replacing intrusive interstitials with valuable content, not only gives the user what they are searching for, improving your rank accordingly, but you're also eliminating invasive pop-ups that, come January, would be lowering it. This being said, although Google are limiting ‘intrusive interstitials’ they are still a highly effective ad solution and when implemented correctly they can help raise digital revenues. PageSuite continuously promotes ways for our clients to monetise their app and digital editions. There is a growing focus on making ads more engaging to ensure enhanced user experiences. PageSuite offers a catalogue of effective advertising options which can meet your strategy and adhere to guidelines.", "date": "20-09-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/google-crackdown.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/google-crack-down-on-intrusive-interstitials/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Turns 10!", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "This September PageSuite celebrated its 10th Anniversary! Founded in 2006, we now employ over 60 staff across four offices in Aldington, Smeeth, London and Boston. First launched by Nathan Parrett in a converted garage, PageSuite continues to grow from strength to strength. Ten years ago PageSuite launched its first digital page-turning software product, which is still the core component to so many of our products. Leveraging technological innovations, business referrals and industry knowledge have sustained our stable and continuous progression, attracting and retaining key clients and employees to grow with us. In 2009 we launched our first mobile application; we now have approximately 1000 apps live across the iOS, Android and Windows app stores. To celebrate PageSuite’s milestone, Suiters got together for an anniversary party last Friday. Celebrating at the Secret Garden in Ashford, the night was filled with a hotly contested quiz, fancy dress photo booth, food, speeches, dancing and music! Below are some pictures of the night. PageSuite is looking forward to further expanding the business and breaking into new territories, continuing to grow over the coming months. Here’s to the next 10 years!  ", "date": "20-09-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/PS-anniversary-img.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-turns-10/" }, { "title": "Why you should join us at the World Publishing Expo 2016", "category": "Events", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "3 simple reasons to join us this October in Vienna at the World Publishing Expo 2016. Network with PageSuite at stand C.444 - Where you’ll find our team of dedicated Digital Specialists ready to demo our latest desktop, mobile and tablet solutions throughout the expo. Connect with PageSuite during the Audio Tours. PageSuite will be on both the 'Editorial Systems Tour' at 11:30am on Monday 10th October and the 'Increasing Digital Revenues Tour' at 11:30am on Wednesday 12th October. To book your place simply visit the official website and contact the expo organisers. Join PageSuite for nibbles and drinks from 12.30- 14.30pm on Tuesday 11th October. A meeting point for fellow publishers offering in-depth discussions on the latest digital trends and industry news. To ensure that you don’t miss out you can pre-book a demo by emailing hello@pagesuite.com and arrange a time that’s suitable for you.", "date": "14-09-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Wan-Ifra-News.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/join-us-world-publishing-expo-2016/" }, { "title": "5 Reasons to Make The Switch From Flash to HTML5", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Considering the move from Flash to HTML5? This blog post gives you 5 reasons why you should make the switch now. The ongoing battle between Flash and HTML5 seems to finally be over. Readers deserve the best possible experience no matter what platform they choose to consume their newspaper content on. Now with Flash’s incompatibility with some mobile devices, and HTML5’s easy adaptability for multi-device usage this is driving the switch to HTML5. Chrome and Firefox have also stated that they are dropping Flash from 2017 paving the way for a HTML5 future. The below infographic shows the primary reasons to make the switch from Flash to HTML5: Take a closer look at our new HTML5 reader here.  Alternatively contact us on hello@pagesuite.com to find out more about switching from Flash to HTML5.", "date": "13-09-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Digital-Edition-Demos.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/5-reasons-to-make-the-switch-from-flash-to-html5/" }, { "title": "Ten Key Takeaways from the September 2016 Apple Event", "category": "Industry", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "On Wednesday 7th September, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, Apple unveiled its latest range of devices. This included, the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the Apple Watch Series 2. So, what’s new!? 1. No headphone jack The iPhone 7 will now be shipped with a pair of Lightening EarPods, these connect through the charging port. Alternatively, wireless Apple AirPods are available at an extra cost. In the box there will also be an adaptor for your standard headphones. 2. Dust and Water Resistant Water resistant up to 50m, encouraging you to take your Apple Watch swimming with you. 3. iPhone 7 Camera The camera has been upgraded to a larger, single-lens 12MP rear sensor. With Raw support, 50% more light, 60% faster, 30% more power efficient. Also boasting a 7MP front camera, perfect for FaceTime. The iPhone 7 Plus comes with an additional 12MP camera, one of which is a telephoto lens that can zoom 2X in high quality without using the software zoom. 4. New iPhone Colours Apple has introduced two new colours for the iPhone 7, replacing the space grey. The new colours include jet black and matte black alongside the previous gold, silver and rose gold colours. 5. iPhone Home Button The home button has been redesigned and is now a force pressure-sensitive button that has a new Taptic engine for feedback. Users will feel unique vibrations through the home button making them aware of notifications for text messages and calls. 6. Battery Life The two new iPhone models will have the longest battery life ever in an iPhone. An iPhone 7 lasts, on average, two hours longer than an iPhone 6s and an hour longer than iPhone 6s Plus. 7. Faster A10 Fusion Processor The new iPhone models will be fitted with Apple’s A10 Fusion processors which has a 64-bit 4 core CPU. This means it will be forty percent faster than the iPhone 6s. It also has a ramped up graphics performance which is also 40 percent more powerful than the previous models. 8. Apple Watch Series 2 GPS Chip With a new in-built GPS chip you can now track your activity without your phone. Nike also made an appearance announcing a Nike-branded Apple watch, dedicated for those who specifically use their Apple Watch for fitness. 9. Waterproof Apple Watch Water resistant down to 50 meters, meaning swimmers can now take their new Apple Watch Series 2 with them. 10. Design and Display The series 2 watch features a new S2 dual-core processor, providing 50 percent better performance while also doubling the graphical performance of the Apple Watch. The new Apple Watch also has double the brightness of the original Apple Watch, making it much easier to see in sunny conditions. Again, some really exciting releases from Apple this year. We can’t wait to get our hands on the new devices! Key Dates iPhone 7 Pre-orders September 9 Release date September 16 Apple Watch 2 Pre-orders start September 9 Release date September 16 iOS 10 Downloadable from September 13 Read more about iOS 10 here.", "date": "08-09-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Apple-2016-Release.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/ten-key-takeaways-from-the-september-2016-apple-event/" }, { "title": "Publishers to embrace cost-per-hour ad campaigns", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "The expansion of internet-based advertising is transforming the advertising business, by providing more efficient methods of matching advertisers and consumers. More and more publishers are trying to opt out of the page view cycle, creating more efficient matches between consumers and advertisers by instead, pushing the idea that what their advertisers really want is not page views, but attention. Nowadays, advertising is facing fresh digital challenges, like ad blocking, lack of trust and transparency, and the growing difficulty of measuring exposure. The Financial Times has been at the forefront of the attention metrics momentum, after testing their concept in 2014 which discovered that measuring ads by cost per hour (CPH) represents a new opportunity. Their pilot programme offered advertisers an avenue by which they could reach a highly influential global audience with greater brand impact through genuine views and engagement. Charging advertisers on exposure time, as opposed to impressions. The cost-per-hour metric prioritises quality over quantity. As digital technologies have evolved, our ability to offer a more sophisticated and rewarding methodology has improved. Clients are only being charged for ads that are actively seen for five seconds or more, with active time indicated by whether a person scrolls, clicks, or uses a mouse. The Wall Street Journal, Economist and Bloomberg have also experimented with selling ads based on attention metrics. The Economist Group was the first publisher to offer marketers the opportunity to buy user attention cross-platform – both in-app and online, rolling out a new set of attention metrics to help advertisers buy time rather than impressions for their ads. Does this signal the need for a review of how we measure campaign success? Jonah Goodhart, CEO and co-founder of Moat analytics, emphasised the importance of this trend “The trend for marketers and publishers to begin transacting on attention metrics is a key shift in the industry and signals the importance of changing how we evaluate advertising success in digital.”", "date": "05-09-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Blog_Analytics.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/publishers-embrace-cost-per-hour-ad-campaigns/" }, { "title": "Should we all be adopting a paywall?", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "Digital Media is still struggling with revenue despite an increase in numbers of paying readers. In recent years, the Guardian has experienced huge losses despite recording a growing number of readers across their digital platforms. The opposite to The Times, who are reportedly experiencing growth in profit, despite a relatively small number of subscribers. Most of that profit is down to their paywall with digital subscription totalling 182,000 readers across The Times and The Sunday Times, with subscription fees of around £6 per week. From 5th September, The Daily Mirror is going to start charging for access to its weekday tablet edition, which has been free since launch in 2012. In a letter to tablet readers Mirror group editor Lloyd Embley said: “The news industry is facing unprecedented challenges, but in this momentous year, I firmly believe properly resourced, independent journalism you can trust is more important than ever. Our new charge works out at just 23p a day. I hope you agree this still represents great value for our award-winning exclusives, agenda-setting columnists and unrivalled team of experts.” All media outlets are competing fiercely but there is still a massive movement of new media trying to snatch readers by enticing them with free content. Reassuringly though, it appears, paid media is still of great relevance and substance with readers advocating that they will pay for the media that suits them best. This generates a requirement for a heavier focus on content. For Publishers this introduces the need to evaluate which additional services actually enhance the reader experience. The Financial Times for example, makes most of its money from content, essentially flipping the modern newspaper business model on its head. More behavioural and demographic insights that come with membership plans and paywalls, helps newspapers move towards more valuable engagement metrics like time spent. Read our ‘Subscription Models’ White Paper to discover the various types of models available and how they can assist in driving revenue.", "date": "25-08-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Charging-for-subscriptions.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/should-we-be-adopting-a-paywall/" }, { "title": "Chrome 53 blocks Flash in favour of HTML5", "category": "Blog", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "As part of a larger transition of the web to HTML5, Chrome will begin to de-emphasise Flash. This initiative has been in the works for some time now and in September Chrome 53 will begin to block it. Flash has been an integral part of the internet making it a rich, dynamic experience and has shaped the modern set of web standards. Today, HTML5 is a better way to get the same sort of interactive content running on the web, and it also works on mobile devices. HTML5 is a lot less resource-heavy, more responsive and efficient. In December, Chrome 55 will make HTML5 the default experience, with the exception of sites with Flash-only support. You’ll be given the option to enable Flash when you visit, so it won’t change too much from the way you already browse the web. Google says that “all chrome users will see a benefit from this move.” Firefox 48 was announced last week with some Flash content being click-to-play and all Flash being blocked by default in 2017. And in the Windows 10 anniversary update, Edge uses click-to-play for non-essential Flash elements. Google continue to work closely with Adobe to ensure that web experience is as fast and secure as possible to aid the transition to HTML5. PageSuite’s new HTML5 digital edition solution is available now and enables you to publish content across all platforms. Source", "date": "15-08-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Google-HTML5.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/google-html5-transition/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Celebrate 10 Years in Business", "category": "Company, Events", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "Over the past 10 years we have gone from strength to strength. Now employing 60 staff across four offices in Aldington, Smeeth, London and Boston, developing market-leading app and desktop solutions for leading newspaper and magazine publishers across the globe. Our global client base includes the likes of The London Evening Standard, The Independent, OK! Magazine, The Boston Globe and The Philippine Star. We’ve also enjoyed recent success in both the Middle East and central Europe. PageSuite was founded in 2006 by Nathan Parrett who setup office in a converted garage in his garden. Within one year the company employed 10 permanent members of staff and moved to our current headquarters in Aldington, Kent. In 2010 we opened our first US office in Atlanta to assist our ever-growing US client base. An office in London was opened in 2014, the US office was re-located to Boston and a second Kent-office was opened in Smeeth in 2015 to accommodate our growing Development and IT Support teams. PageSuite employ 50 staff across Kent and we work closely with the University of Kent to nurture local talent. We have had a number of Computer Science students take up annual work placements and also work with First4Skills, a government apprenticeship scheme. Nathan Parrett, Owner, said; “PageSuite has come a long way over the past 10 years and over the past 24 months the company has grown considerably. We’ve continued to evolve as a business and develop our solutions to meet the demands of our growing international client base. We have some exciting client launches happening in the next few months and we’re all working hard to break into new territories over the coming months.” We are planning an event to celebrate our 10th birthday this September.", "date": "12-08-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/PageSuite-10th-Anniversay-.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-celebrate-10-years-business-september/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s Charity of the Year", "category": "Company, Events", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We’re delighted to announce that Pilgrims Hospices are our Charity of the Year. Throughout the next 12 months we will be taking part in various events to raise money for the Kent Hospice. We’ve already raised £341.50 from a football auction earlier this year and are hoping to increase this figure substantially over the coming months. We have a whole range of events planned from a Christmas-themed lunch to a company-wide quiz. Pilgrims Hospices has been providing end of life care and support for patients with lime-limiting illnesses for more than 30 years. They have hospices located in Ashford, Canterbury and Thanet, enabling them to provide care for patients and families across the whole of the county. They rely hugely on donations to provide the fantastic level of care to their patients and we’re delighted to be working with such a great cause.", "date": "04-08-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/pilgrimshospices.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-charity-year/" }, { "title": "Visit PageSuite in Vienna this October!", "category": "Company, Events, Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We are delighted to announce that once again we will be exhibiting at the World Publishing Expo this October. The exhibition is taking place in Vienna, Austria from 10-12 October - you can view full event details here: Expo Site. Throughout the three day expo our Digital Specialists will be showcasing our latest digital publishing solutions to all stand attendees. To ensure that you don't miss out on seeing our latest solutions you can pre-book a demo by emailing hello@pagesuite.com and we'll arrange a time that's suitable for you. You'll be able to find us on stand C.444 which is close to the Digital Advertising Pavillion in the main hall. We will also be taking part in the official Guided Tour once again. This gives all tour participants the opportunity to visit our stand and listen to a short presentation about our latest developments. We will be releasing more information about our participation in this year's expo in due course... ...but in the meantime, we hope to see you there!", "date": "26-07-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/wan-ifra.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/visit-pagesuite-vienna-october/" }, { "title": "Take A Closer Look At Our New HTML5 Reader", "category": "Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Our new market-leading HTML5 publishing solution enables you to seamlessly display your publication across desktop, mobile and tablet. By visiting our Digital Edition Showcase page you can take a look at three different examples which showcase just some of the features available. The first demo shows a basic edition with all of the entry-level functionality. You'll see different levels of zoom, a range of page view options, clippings tools, search and share functionality. We know that everybody has different reading requirements which is why we enable you to display your content in a number of ways. As well as viewing content in the standard PDF format, you can also include article pop ups which display article text in a 'pop up' box designed to suit desktop, mobile and tablet screens. Further to this you can also showcase your content in the 'Advanced Article View' which features a live news ticker and a sleek interface. Take a look at demo 2 to see how this works. There's a multitude of advertising opportunities available so that you can implement a strategy to help drive digital revenues. Take a look at the third example and you'll see sponsored splash screens, animated interstitial ads, banner adverts and more.", "date": "19-07-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Digital-Edition-Demos.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/take-closer-look-new-html5-reader/" }, { "title": "Brand New App for ‘The New European’ Launched by PageSuite", "category": "Company, New Launch, Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "On 4th July Archant announced the launch of a brand new ‘pop-up’ weekly newspaper aimed at people who backed the ‘remain’ campaign. The ‘pop-up’ paper will contain an ‘eclectic and energetic mix of content’ and will feature articles written by leading voices from within the UK and across Europe. Since the announcement of ‘The New European’ there has been huge press interest and media attention from across Europe. Archant explained that the new paper will run for just four issues initially, with subsequent issues being run dependent on reader interest. The New European will be delivered to market faster than any other British newspaper in history which required our development team to turn around the app within the space of  just a few days. Chris Scarle, Digital Magazines Manager at Archant said, 'Creating an app to run alongside the print version of the paper was an important element of the launch for us but we needed to move very quickly. We managed to go from concept to live on the App Stores in just four days, making this our quickest app launch so far. This enabled us to have both the Android and iOS apps live on the day of launch, increasing exposure and giving our readers the choice of how to access'. The app features the weekly edition in PDF format which enables readers to access the content on their phone and tablet devices on the move. About The New European: The New European from Archant is not aligned with old political divisions but with an enthusiasm and love for Europe; a new quality newspaper that gives voice to the values of the 48%. Download The New European on iOS or Android today.", "date": "11-07-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/The-New-European.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/brand-new-app-new-european-launched-pagesuite/" }, { "title": "PageSuite to Launch Over 60 Apps for Archant", "category": "Company, New Launch, Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Over 60 new mobile and tablet apps will be released over the coming weeks across iOS, Android and Kindle Fire in one of our largest app projects. We developed all of Archant’s apps using three custom-built templates designed for phone and tablet devices. The apps feature either a combination of live ‘feed’ content and PDF content. Live feed content links straight to the publication’s website and ensures that readers are provided with up-to-date content in-between editions. The PDF edition enables readers to download editions, share content and search editions for specific content. The apps feature ‘pinch to zoom’ ensuring excellent text clarity. All ‘paid-for’ apps feature a gated subscription model which allows readers to access a certain number of pages before they are prompted to subscribe. This strategy enables potential subscribers to access content and ‘trial’ the app before signing up for a subscription. Chris Scarle, Digital Magazines Manager at Archant Ltd, said, “‘The launch of our titles onto PageSuite’s Infinity platform is the culmination of a significant project to reinvigorate our digital presence across the App Stores. We have worked with the team to create custom templates to fit the needs of each publication and incorporated a range of new features to increase user experience and drive engagement. I feel that we have created apps that give a vastly improved digital experience for our readers and I’m very excited to push them live.” Additional features include Rich Media Push Notifications which enable the publishers to send enhanced push notifications with images and links directly to an inbox within the app. Social media links have also been included so that readers can navigate directly to the publication’s Facebook or Twitter page. The first few apps to be released will be Buckinghamshire Life, Canal Boat magazine and Country Smallholding.", "date": "04-07-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/archant-news-banner.jpeg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-launch-60-newspaper-magazine-apps-archant/" }, { "title": "New Managed Service Tool", "category": "Company, New Launch, Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Within our brand new beta portal you can now populate article pop-ups within your Digital Edition by utilising our Managed Service tool. You’ll be able to easily extract images and content from your PDFs to populate the ‘pop up’. Once completed this will then enable readers to view content in a completely new way, in a view optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile. If you don’t have the resource to populate the pop ups yourself then you can speak to us about our Managed Service packages. Email hello@pagesuite.com or speak to your Account Manager for more information.", "date": "04-07-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Managed-Service.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/new-managed-service-tool/" }, { "title": "New Beta Portal", "category": "Company, New Launch, Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Our new Portal is now available in beta! From today you’ll see the option to ‘try’ the new portal within your existing PageSuite Professional account. We’ve developed our existing portal to make it more user-friendly and have implemented a sleek, newly-designed interface. In addition to this, we have integrated our app CMS into this new portal so that you can create, edit and manage both your digital editions and apps in one centralised location. Within the new portal you will be able to: Create and manage editions Build PDF and feed-driven apps Control branding, logos and fonts across Apps and Digital Editions Manage advertising and subscriptions Create and schedule push notifications Control media and links Manage content Use the Managed Service Tool to populate article pop ups Access our new support guides Add analytics tracking, and much more! All existing clients will be given the option to try our new ‘beta’ portal by clicking the button within the existing Professional Portal. For further information on switching to our new portal please contact your Account Manager or email hello@pagesuite.com If you have any feedback regarding the new portal please email: portal-feedback@pagesuite.com We will be releasing a full Help Section over the coming weeks which will include training videos, help guides and FAQs.", "date": "04-07-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/New-Beta-Portal.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/new-beta-portal/" }, { "title": "Company Overview", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "PageSuite develops market-leading ePaper and apps for desktop mobile and tablet devices. We work with national and regional newspaper groups, B2B & B2C magazine publishers and corporate organisations. Our Company Overview video showcases our range of services and solutions. From ePaper to PDF or Feed-Driven apps, we've developed leading digital publishing solutions for clients across the globe. Get in contact to find out more. ", "date": "01-07-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/news-video.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/company-overview/" }, { "title": "Changes to our Support Services", "category": "Company, Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We’re delighted to announce that we have just migrated across to the Salesforce Service Cloud. This move will enable us to streamline our current support processes and improve the level of support that we provide to our clients. The Salesforce Service Cloud is one of the leading software solutions in this market and will ensure that we provide our clients with better support than ever before. This move will enable us to: - Have greater visibility on client issues - Improve support response times - Carry out detailed service audits and much more Our knowledgeable support teams are available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We pride ourselves on offering our clients superb levels of support and we’re confident that this move will enable us to fulfil this. If you have any questions about our Support services please contact hello@pagesuite.com", "date": "27-06-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/support-news-1.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/changes-support-services/" }, { "title": "iOS 10: All you need to know", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Earlier this month Apple announced details about the upcoming iOS 10 software update. What we know now is that the release will be staggered as with iOS 9. Firstly, developers will have access to the beta version, this version will then be available to the public in July and then the final release is expected to be alongside the release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September. We also know that new system will not be supporting iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPod touch 5th generation. So, what’s included in the new release? • There’s a re-designed lock screen • ‘Raise to Wake’ – simply raise your iPhone to wake it. This will save you from missing home screen notifications • ‘Rich lockscreen notifications’ mean that notifications will be broken up into bubbles now. They also use 3D touch which means you can ‘hard press’ on a calendar invite alert to accept or decline it • 3D touch also means that you’ll be able to immediately respond to messages as soon as you pick up your phone without having to leave the lockscreen • Clear all notifications – You will be able to clear all notifications with 3D Touch – simply tap the ‘x’ icon and they’ll all disappear • Tidy Control Center – The display you see when you swipe up from the bottom of your phone has been tidied up. You’ll now see four app shortcuts (flashlight, stopwatch, calculator and camera) making it easy to navigate. Music controls have been moved to their own dedicated ‘pane’ when you swipe right on the control center • There’s a quicker way to access your camera from the lockscreen • There will be enhancements to Siri • Changes to Apple Maps – users can now scroll ahead and pan and zoom around the map. Traffic will be added and the ‘nearby’ functionality will also be improved. • Voicemail Transcription – this means that you won’t have to actually listen to your voicemails as they’ll be converted into text • Rich links will be added to messages so that you can easily include emojis. Talking about emojis, Apple will also be introducing bigger emojis that are three times the size. The keyboard will also be able to identify words you use and replace them with emojis upon a single tap There’s much more included in this release and we’ll be exploring all of the new features to ensure that our apps function smoothly upon launch.", "date": "23-06-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Blog_Tablet-Apps-1.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/ios-10-release-imminent/" }, { "title": "100 million devices use Adblock Plus", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "At a recent TechCrunch conference in New York, Till Faida, the founder of Adblocker developer, Eyeo, revealed that Adblock Plus is activated on more that 100 million devices around the world. This figure is not directly proportionate to the number of users, as users maybe using the software on multiple devices. It does however, suggest that the company is the market leader and highlights the fact that adblocking is becoming increasingly popular. The company noted stable usage in countries such as France and Germany where “adblocking is well known” but implied that adoption rates were faster in the UK and US. A survey by KPMG found that 44% of UK adults were planning to adopt an adblocker in the next six months. Adblocking is increasingly creating issues for online publishers who rely on advertising. Eyeo’s approach to this has been deemed somewhat controversial, as the company exercises an ‘acceptable ads’ programme, which charges larger publishers and advertising companies a fee to be able to display ‘less annoying’ ads. For information on how to tackle adblockers, take a look at our ‘Beat The Blockers’ webinar here. Source: http://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/may/09/adblock-plus-100-million-devices-adblocking-software?utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Media+Briefing+new+v2&utm_term=171355&subid=6508274&CMP=ema_546", "date": "22-06-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Blog_Mobile-Apps.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/100-million-devices-use-adblock-plus-2/" }, { "title": "As iOS shrinks, Android shows strongest growth in two years", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "With the competition intensifying between Apple and Android ahead of the release of the iPhone 7, Google has recorded Android’s significant growth in the last two years. A recent study conducted by Kantar Worldpanel showed that in the first quarter of 2016, Android’s market share increased by 7.1% across Europe where it now holds 75.6% of the market. Apple’s market share fell from 20.2% to 18.9%. In Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, the growth of Android emerged as a result of failing sales of the Windows Phone. Italy and Spain were formerly the strongest Windows Phone markets but by the end of March 2016, 10% of Windows Phone users chose to switch to Android. The transition to Android was largely driven by handsets made by Huawei, Wiko and Asus. In Britain, Samsung continued to dominate Android growth. In the US, Android sales were up 7.3 per cent to 65.5 per cent. This was aided by the popularity of Samsung’s flagship handset, the Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge accounted for 5.8% of all smartphone sales, making the Galaxy S7 the fifth best-selling model during the first quarter of the year – despite it only being available for a few weeks! This came as a relief following the previous year’s poor sales for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. With Apple’s iOS market share falling by 4.9% in the US and 5% in China, they are anticipating the launch of their next smartphone in September, the iPhone 7. The details of the latest version of iOS will be unveiled next month, so we are looking forward to seeing the market trends as this competes with Google’s Android N. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2016/05/17/android-roars-back-in-strongest-growth-in-two-years-as-apple-shr/", "date": "13-06-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Blog_Tablet-Apps.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/ios-shrinks-android-shows-strongest-growth-two-years/" }, { "title": "Mobile Readership Grows at The Times and The Guardian", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "The National Readership Survey revealed that The Times has 5.39% of its readers accessing content solely on mobile devices. This is an increase of 1.39% compared to the same period last year. The Times has 5.11 million readers. The Guardian has seen its mobile audience grow by 1% and they now have a reported 55.7% (24.2 million) of readers accessing content solely on smartphones. The Times still operates a hard paywall and have recently launched a series of new phone and tablet apps in-line with their new strategy of publishing editions at peak times throughout the day. Over the past 12-18 months we have seen mobile audiences increase dramatically, highlighting the growing trend for readers wanting to access content on-the-move. Publishers are constantly innovating and seeking to ensure that they are providing their readers with a highly engaging and personalised experience across all platforms, at all times of the day. Mobile-Only Audiences The Times – 5.39% The Guardian – 55.7% The Telegraph – 53.48% Metro – 33.2% Daily Mirror – 12.68%", "date": "07-06-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Blog_Mobile-Apps.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/mobile-readership-grows-times-guardian/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Collaborate with The Post Newspapers on Revolutionary ‘Mobile First’ Strategy", "category": "Industry, New Launch, Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "The Post Newspapers have re-imagined their paper to fit with their new vision to ‘marry digital with traditional print’ in a way that enhances both offerings. We were delighted to work closely with The Post Newspapers in assisting them with the development of their major digital transition. The idea has been in planning for two years and was born out of Bruce Trogdon’s, The Post Newspapers CEO, desire to make their newspaper easily accessible across smartphones, whilst ensuring that their printed paper remained as good as ever. The team at The Post Newspapers have been gradually transitioning their traditional print pages into a new format designed specifically for smartphones. They have adjusted column widths, amended type sizes and re-worked the layouts. They have since launched with a series of PDF-replica apps and digital editions for each of their titles which are available across desktop, phone and tablet on iOS or Android. This new suite of products is a result of their new vision to make their content designed-for-device and accessible to their readers across all platforms. We have been able to undertake this approach and by utilising the flexibility in our systems, deliver apps to accommodate this new way of publishing. Bruce Trogdon, CEO at The Post Newspapers said, “I believe in the importance of newspapers to their communities, but I also see how much more powerful and valuable they could be if we could utilize the power of digital to enhance the existing print vehicle rather than complete with it”. Jason Pyne, VP Operations at PageSuite said, 'The Post Newspapers presented us with their business strategy for transitioning to a ‘digital first’ approach. With our shared expertise we have worked on amending page sizes through their production team and our developers have specially crafted apps that are aligned with their ‘mobile first’ vision. With the re-engineering of their printed pages for both print and digital, editorial and advertising is delivered immediately across multiple platforms.” View The Brunswick Post e-paper", "date": "03-06-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Post-Newspaper-Banner.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-collaborate-post-newspapers-revolutionary-mobile-first-strategy/" }, { "title": "New Reader SDK Now Available!", "category": "New Launch, Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "You can now seamlessly plug our e-paper software into your existing app solution with our new reader SDK. By integrating your digital edition into your app you'll be driving reader engagement, offering your audience a familiar browsing experience and enhancing your digital offering. You can see just how easy it is to plug into your current app solution by watching the video below: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAbMGItWhnk[/embed] Our reader SDK comes with an implementation guide which provides all of the relevant instructions for integration. Contact us today for further information.", "date": "02-06-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/New-SDK-Banner.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/new-reader-sdk-now-available/" }, { "title": "Newsday Wins INMA Global Media Award for ‘Best Use of Mobile’", "category": "Events, Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We congratulate Newsday on winning the ‘Best Use of Mobile’ Award at the INMA Global Media Awards. The ceremony took place on Tuesday 24th May at London’s spectacular Victoria and Albert Museum and welcomed media companies from around the world. INMA’s Global Media Awards reward excellence in innovative initiatives to grow audience, revenue, and brand - something which strongly resonates with PageSuite’s core values. We are therefore extremely happy that the Newsday mobile app won first place. Newsday partnered with PageSuite to completely rebuild the Newsday app with a heavy emphasis on personalization. Launched in mid-2015, the app has a strong community focus. Users within any of the communities on Long Island can customize the app content for sections such as: local news, high school sports, events, weather, traffic and more. The app allows users to seamlessly access updated content or leisurely read Newsday’s e-edition. The Newsday and PageSuite teams work closely to continuously develop and refine the Newsday app. Again, we would like to congratulate Newsday on this award!", "date": "25-05-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/news-newsday-win.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/newsday-wins-inma-global-media-award-best-use-mobile/" }, { "title": "Facebook as a publishing platform – good or bad for publishers?", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "One of the key points we took away from the PageSuite Spring Innovation Conference, was the universal acknowledgement that social media plays a significant role in reaching audiences. Social media sites are where the audience is, so publishers are now striving to create a bustling community on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and the increasingly popular Snapchat. Tony Silber, VP of Folio, observes that Facebook is no longer a place for people to share photos and personal updates; it is now a source of news, information and increased video content[1]. Publishers have witnessed increased traffic, more subscriptions and additional sales as a result of publishing across social media. The ability to share stories on social platforms enables publishers to extend their reach and further grow their audiences. In April, Vox Media announced that they will officially launch a new outlet named Circuit Breaker, which is essentially a Facebook page that publishes news about technology[2]. Facebook’s new Instant Articles make it easier for publishers to submit content on Facebook and allows them to receive faster responses. The set of tools also gives publishers access to native multimedia and permits them to sell advertising directly with the content they post[3]. This therefore makes it easier for publishers to engage with their audiences. At the opposite side of the spectrum, it can be suggested that this type of publishing trains audiences to consume news via social media, not via the websites of the publisher. In this light, Facebook is rapidly becoming a media company without the expense of content creation. The solution? PageSuite’s software enables social sharing which links the story directly back to the edition. If you intend on sharing your content on social media, why not publish just a snippet of the article and include a link to view the full story. The link drives the traffic straight back to your website and enables the reader to engage with other articles on the site. Discuss your social sharing strategy with a member of our team today by emailing hello@pagesuite.com or give us a call on +44 (0)1233 721030   [1] http://www.foliomag.com/2016/facebook-as-a-publishing-platform-isnt-good-for-publishers/ [2] http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/25/business/vox-media-tries-something-old-on-something-new.html?_r=1 [3] http://www.foliomag.com/2016/facebook-as-a-publishing-platform-isnt-good-for-publishers/", "date": "23-05-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/facebook-publishing-platform.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/facebook-publishing-platform-good-bad-publishers/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s Panel Discussion", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "During the last session of the PageSuite Innovation Conference on 12th May, our SVP of Business Development, Ben Edwards, hosted a panel discussion with executives from two of the UK’s major publishers. Sam Miller, Senior Project Manager at DC Thomson and Simon Fry, Mobile & Tablet Product Manager at The Independent & Evening Standard took to the panel to provide their views on key industry topics. Both of our panellists provided some interesting insights into their worlds and here is what we found out … Question 1) How much of your audience currently access content via a mobile device? Sam stated that DC Thomson is a print-first company and has been slower to adopt digital, so therefore their audience has followed suit. DC Thomson is now looking to help push their brands through the upgrade of all Digital Edition titles, so perhaps this will encourage an increase in their digital readership. However, one of DC Thomson’s titles, the Aberdeen Press and Journal, is now digital-first. They see more consumption from mobile across their newspapers compared to their magazines. With the recent closure of The Independent’s print edition, Simon explained that his team are now curating content for one edition per day across desktop (website) and mobile devices (app). When asked by a member of the audience what The Independent’s offices are like since the closure of the print edition, Simon jokingly replied “Well… there’s a lot less paper!” Simon also explained that almost 75% of The Independent’s UK audience is from mobile – both web and apps. This is a significant increase over the past 12 months; obviously the closure of the print edition had an impact on this.  He also mentioned that over 60% of the Evening Standards audience comes from mobile. Question 2) What are the differences in behaviour between mobile web users and desktop? Simon revealed that users of the Evening Standard and Independent free apps are highly engaged and tend to view up to 10 articles per visit. This type of user is already committed as they have downloaded the app. The most engaged audience group though are users of the Independent’s Daily Edition app, who will consume over 40 pages per day. For a regular web user, the average number of article views is 2 per visit. Facebook is the main source of traffic for web users, along with other social sources. Sam divulged that users spend a lot more time viewing magazines via their digital edition, not their website in some cases as this can vary from brand to brand and across mature and kids titles. They see lots of Facebook traffic for their regional newspapers, with mobile being a major source of traffic. Question 3) Why are apps an important part of your product suite? On the web, The Independent is just one of many news sources, whereas app users are naturally more engaged with the brand. Although the app audience is considerably smaller than the website audience, they are a loyal audience who consider us to be their preferred source of news. As such they are extremely valuable. In terms of distributed content, Facebook’s Instant Articles have been extremely successful in driving traffic. Google’s AMP are still in their early phases but are seeing satisfactory results. So, apps are fundamental for user engagement. For DC Thomson, it is important to have an app presence. They launched their range of apps in 2012/2013 and are still seeing growth of tablet usage, despite some people stating tablet readerships are plateauing. Apps are therefore a contributor to growth for DC Thomson particularly in newspapers. Question 5) What are you working on next? Simon disclosed that his team are working to rebuild the free Evening Standard app on smartphones with PageSuite. They want to make it quicker for users to get content. They will be utilising the same advertising strategy, so will still be using agencies and an in-house ad sales team. DC Thomson are currently looking to organise their data to improve the user interface across subscriptions and renewals by integrating with PageSuite to create the 360 journey for customers. They want to work on making more use of their data to gain information on their users’ subscriptions. Sam commented that they also want to focus on using data to create personalised messaging for users and by upgrading to infinity and including notifications and more sophisticated way of working than the older digital edition platforms this should help indeed. DC Thomson are also looking at implementing print and digital bundles and aiming to build upon their brand as a whole.   Our audience found the panel discussion extremely engaging and it was great to hear Sam and Simon’s perspectives on audience behaviour and app performance!", "date": "23-05-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/blog-panel-discussion.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-panel-discussion/" }, { "title": "Spring Release 2016", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Find out more about our latest developments across our desktop and app solutions, as well as a series of exciting new features. During the 45 minutes long webinar we introduce our new HTML5 Interface for desktop, tablet and mobile. – More ways to display your content – Optimised performance – Enhanced user experience – Greater marketing tools – Improved reader features – Multiple advertising options We hope you enjoy the webinar. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7V3BfqR710&feature=youtu.be[/embed]  ", "date": "20-05-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/spring-release-news-img.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/spring-release-2016/" }, { "title": "Google to phase out Flash", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Google plans to phase out full support for Adobe’s Flash software on Chrome by the end of 2016. The decision comes as a result of Flash becoming increasingly popular with cyber-thieves, who exploit bugs to compromise web users. Google is following other firms such as Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla, all of which have terminated support for Flash. Only 10 sites will have the technology enabled by default, these include YouTube, Amazon and Facebook. All other sites will require the user to manually activate Flash. The 10 sites that will enable the functionality were chosen according to internal metrics that revealed the most visited sites that use Flash. Anthony Laforge, Google Chrome’s technical lead, stated that Chrome will seek to use alternative functionality such as HTML5 to play videos on all other sites. On May 4th, PageSuite’s Spring Release Webinar unveiled our new HTML5 reader, which supports the tech firms’ decisions to abandon Flash. Our enhanced digital edition software replaces the Flash version and enables your publication to be read across all platforms including; desktop, tablet and smartphones. Now, your publication can be accessed via all browsers without the hassle of manually enabling Flash. PageSuite’s innovative HTML5 reader also provides more ways to display content than ever before. Coupled with greater marketing tools and various advertising options, the new reader permits an optimised performance and enhanced end-user experience. You can find out more about PageSuite’s new HTML5 interface by watching our Spring Release Webinar, or you can book an online demonstration with one of our specialists by emailing hello@pagesuite.com – don’t be left behind!", "date": "18-05-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/flash-story.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/google-phase-flash/" }, { "title": "Speed is a Key Factor in Driving Consumers’ Relationships with Digital Content", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "A recent INMA report produced by Grzegorz Piechota found that speed is a crucial factor in determining the success of consumer relationships with digital content. The study entitled ‘Evaluating Distributed Content in the News Media Ecosystem’ revealed that the loading speed of content is a key performance indicator for websites and apps. How fast or slow content loads is a critical issue that drives digital consumer behaviour. Readers that lead fast-paced lifestyles want everything instantly, so if your app or digital edition is underperforming, they are likely to abandon it.[1] Piechota noted that “Web site performance matters, and in mobile, every second counts.” He reported that when web performance company, Gomez, analysed page-abandonment data across more than 150 Web sites and 150 million pageviews, the average user expects pages to load in two seconds or less. After three seconds, up to 40% of users abandon the site.[2] With this in mind, PageSuite has been working to improve the overall performance of our solutions. Our brand new product series launched on May 4th as part of our Spring Release and includes; a refined HTML5 reader, five optimised new app templates, Apple TV apps and several enhanced features. Our portal and products are now faster than ever before, which assures increased engagement and app retention rates. For more information on our Spring Release, view our webinar here. [1] http://www.inma.org/modules/store/index.cfm?action=store_detail&pubid=187 [2] http://www.inma.org/blogs/digital-strategies/post.cfm/need-for-speed-drives-consumer-relationship-with-digital-content?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=dailyMember", "date": "18-05-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Blog_2-1.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/speed-key-factor-driving-consumers-relationships-digital-content/" }, { "title": "What Does iOS 9 Mean for Publishers?", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Our Senior Developer, Business Development Director and CEO discuss the impact of iOS 9 and the mobile and tablet opportunities in 2015. Find out what iOS 9 means for publishers and learn more about the latest digital and mobile opportunities. Webinar presented by Andy Copsey, Ben Edwards and Ross Murphy. We hope you enjoy the webinar. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DekI6FlgRPo&feature=youtu.be[/embed]", "date": "18-05-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/ios9-news-img-1.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/what-does-ios9-mean-for-publishers/" }, { "title": "What Does iOS 9 Mean for Publishers?", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "    Find out what iOS 9 means for publishers and learn more about the latest digital and mobile opportunities. Webinar presented by Andy Copsey, Ben Edwards and Ross Murphy We hope you enjoy the webinar.", "date": "18-05-2016", "image": "", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/?post_type=news-article&p=3579" }, { "title": "Beat the Blockers – Your 2016 Ad Survival Guide", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "Our SVP of Business Development discusses ways that you can beat the blockers and future-proof your advertising strategy in 2016. [embed]http://www.slideshare.net/LucyTozer/beat-the-blockers-your-2016-ad-survival-guide[/embed]", "date": "18-05-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/beat-the-blockers-news-img.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/beat-blockers-2016-ad-survival-guide/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Spring Innovation Conference Round Up", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Last Thursday, PageSuite welcomed selected guests to our Spring Innovation Conference at the Arch Hotel in London. The full-day event offered industry executives a chance to hear from some key media and publishing professionals and engage in the latest topical debates. The morning session began with our SVP of Business Development, Ben Edwards, welcoming guests and providing some information on what we’ve been working on over the last year. This was a chance for our guests to really get to know PageSuite and understand our core company value of innovation. Our first speaker, Carolyn Morgan, discussed the dramatic shifts in digital media consumption and shared 10 key considerations for securing a successful digital strategy. Google’s Luca Forlin joined us to provide an insight into the latest developments from Google and showcased the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative. This gave our guests the opportunity to raise any questions they had regarding AMP.  The morning concluded with a presentation on Digital Trends in Finland from Jari Suni, Product Manager at Keskisuomalainen. Jari provided conference attendees with an exclusive insight into media consumption and audience trends in Finland. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFBV5XsB3pY[/embed] After an indulgent lunch buffet provided by the hotel, Dr Franςois Nel showcased his findings from the World News Media Innovation Study, which was extremely informative. Subsequently, The Media Briefing’s Editor-at-Large, Peter Houston, delivered an inspiring, yet very comical presentation on Post Digital Publishing. Peter emphasised the importance of discussing publishing in a way that considers the value of all available platforms – not solely digital! The afternoon then concluded with a panel discussion led by PageSuite’s Ben Edwards, who posed questions to The Independent’s Simon Fry and DC Thomson’s Sam Miller. They discussed the importance of apps, audience behaviour and gave our guests an insight into their digital focus for the future. Click here to see what we found out during the discussion! Overall, the day was a huge success and we were thrilled at the engaging and thought-provoking discussions that took place. Thank you to all that attended and we look forward to hosting our next event!     ", "date": "18-05-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/SIC-banner-website2.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-spring-innovation-conference-round/" }, { "title": "Edition Editor", "category": "Blog", "author": "Shaun Bremner", "content": "This tutorial will run through how you can utilise the Edition Editor and Manager Tool in PageSuite Infinity to enhance your existing PDF content, change the page flow and add or delete brand new pages or adverts. We hope the tutorial is helpful. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO9PAIOqX8k&feature=youtu.be[/embed]", "date": "18-05-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/edition-editor-news-img.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/edition-editor/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Join Forces with The Boston Globe", "category": "Homepage News, Industry, New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new e-paper and app for the Boston Globe. We collaborated with the Boston Globe to develop a mobile and tablet app which is now available across iOS, Android & Kindle Fire and a brand new e-paper. The custom e-paper features ‘article pop-ups’ which offer users an enhanced browsing experience when viewed on desktop, mobile and tablet. PageSuite’s solution allows readers to download editions for offline reading, view archived editions, jump to specific sections and view supplements. The new mobile and tablet app offers the Globe’s readers another way to view their content. It was developed using PageSuite’s Infinity app CMS and utilises additional functionality to further enrich their readers’ digital experience. The app features the latest PDF replica of the daily newspaper as well as an extensive archive and supplementary publications; ‘Globe Magazine’ and ‘Parade Magazine’. The Boston Globe chose to incorporate several features within the app in order to enhance engagement and interactivity. PageSuite assisted with the implementation of ‘article pop-ups’ within the reader, the same feature that was implemented in the e-paper. The pop-ups allow the user to alter the size of the article text and enable the article to be shared directly to various social platforms. Both the article pop-ups and PDF pages can be downloaded and read offline at their audience’s convenience. iOS users are also able to print their favourite articles using Apple’s AirPrint technology, giving them the capability to obtain full quality photos and stories straight from the app. Udo Nelson, Director of IT Support, Production and Newsroom Technology at the Boston Globe said; “PageSuite has allowed us to improve stability, time of availability, and consistency across ePaper platforms. The PageSuite publication process is quite tolerant of the variables inherent to the print production process. When changes are necessary, those changes can be made quickly and effortlessly without jeopardising the edition. Aside from the product and process improvements, our relationship with PageSuite has been the model of an ideal vendor relationship through both challenges and successes”. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-Wb_ijvgfk&feature=youtu.be[/embed]", "date": "29-04-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/news-Boston-Globe.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-join-forces-boston-globe/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Develop New Property Week App", "category": "Industry, New Launch, Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "PageSuite are delighted to announce a recent collaboration with London based magazine, Property Week. The fruit of this labour, from two industry giants, has resulted in the launch of the new and sophisticated ‘Property Week’ infinity app. As the number one source for commercial and retail property news, heralded for its many achievements over the years; the launch of the new app is set to be met by Property Week’s 36,000 readership with much anticipation. As a source for all of the latest breaking news, market reports and data analysis, Property Week – part of Metropolis International Group – have launched into the digital market with a game changing addition to their subscription portfolio. Multifunctional and diverse, the app is ideal for the fast paced property industry which it is set to take by storm. Features include a minimalistic yet modern interface, based around the infinity template ‘edition & feeds A’ providing a multipurpose platform where users can download the magazine to read offline. Plus, view breaking news reports across a number of topics including; ‘finance’, ‘data’ ‘RESI’ and ‘retail’, not to mention an impressive back catalogue also available to download. Property Week are thrilled that this project has presented such a “polished product which our readers will truly benefit from” Nick Stimpson, Publishing Director of Property Week. Available at no extra cost to subscribers the decision to work with PageSuite to develop this app was designed solely to benefit Property Week’s new and existing customer base. As part of the subscription portfolio the app is free to download to all who purchase a Premium or Digital subscription from the Property Week website. So we say to you, and all those seeking a reliable source for commercial property data and market trends whilst out and about, the Property Week app is a profitable solution to you and your company. Click here to download to iOS or Android now.", "date": "22-04-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/90a34b69-e3c8-4bce-9118-2fed4405052e.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-develop-new-property-week-app/" }, { "title": "PageSuite are Exhibiting at the INMA World Congress in London", "category": "Events", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "PageSuite are looking forward to exhibiting at The International Media Association (INMA) World Congress in London. This year, the congress will take place on the 22-24th May at the Pullman London St Pancras Hotel. Our Mobile and Digital Specialists will be at Table 1 showcasing our newest digital publishing solutions which are set to be officially launched on May 4th. Be the first to see our latest products by booking your private, one-to-one demo – this can be arranged by emailing hello@pagesuite.com INMA is the world’s leading provider of global best practices for news media companies that are looking to grow their revenue, audience and brand. INMA members mostly include executives from the world’s leading news media companies. We can’t wait to see you there!", "date": "18-04-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/inma-conference.png", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-are-exhibiting-at-the-inma-world-congress-in-london/" }, { "title": "Introducing a Sneak Preview of Our New Digital Edition Interface & Software…", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "PageSuite's new Digital Edition Interface & Software will offer publishers optimised performance, greater reader features and new ways to display content... [embed]https://youtu.be/8dXn7cLBgtU[/embed] Sign up to our Spring Release Webinar on May 4th at 3pm BST to find out full details...", "date": "14-04-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/introducing-a-sneak-preview-of-our-new-digital-edition-interface-software/" }, { "title": "70% of Axel Springer’s Revenue is Generated from Digital", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "A recent report featured on Digiday showed that according to their latest financial results, 70% of Axel Springer’s revenue came from digital. Axel Springer’s CEO, Mathias Döpfner, had a 10 year goal to have 50% of the company’s revenue coming from online products by 2016. This target was beaten significantly by 20%. The secret to success is the company’s focus on three main business models; paid content, classified ad business and marketing. Jens Müffelmann, president of Axel Springer USA, explained “We started with a focus on later-stage investments, such as established business models strongly aligned with our strategy, with rather complex merger and acquisition processes.” Then, two years ago, they needed to change their strategy. They wanted to invest in more early-stage development businesses and target the US. Since 2013, the company has invested in more than 90 early-stage businesses. One successful investment example has been ‘Runtastic’, an Austrian fitness app. In 2013, Axel Springer took a majority stake in the business and sold the app to Adidas two years later, making a huge profit of €20million! Müffelmann commented “In the case of Runtastic, we supported them with our existing marketing power across Germany and Europe in order to drive awareness for their product.” Their mission to target the US also proved fruitful, with their US portfolio focusing heavily on digital-content businesses. Axel Springer currently owns Business Insider and has shares in NowThis, Mic, Ozy and virtual reality business Jaunt. Most of these present opportunities for content sharing. Müffelmann also said that the company will be further focusing on classified businesses and marketplaces that have the potential to disrupt the old guard. Media analyst, Thomas Caldecott, suggested that the classified market is lucrative, with fewer competitors than online news. However, Caldecott also said “The print-to-digital transition that drove growth is fairly advanced now in most markets and it may be that Springer has entered classifieds too late when the leaders are already established and competition is more fierce.” … We look forward to seeing more from Axel Springer in the future! Contact our team today to discuss your digital strategy. You can email us at hello@pagesuite.com or give us a call on +44 (0)1233 721030. (http://digiday.com/publishers/inside-axel-springers-digital-investment-strategy/)", "date": "11-04-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/70-of-axel-springers-revenue-is-generated-from-digital/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Spring Release – Product Announcement Coming Soon!", "category": "Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "In keeping with our core value of innovation, we have been busy working to enhance our products to ensure that we continue to offer our clients market-leading solutions. On the 4th May, we will be revealing our latest developments across our desktop and app solutions, as well as a series of exciting new features. Our revolutionary enhancements promise to further enrich the digital experience for both you and your users. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be hinting at what is to come – we can’t wait to show you! Be the first to find out about our newest innovations by signing up to our Spring Release Webinar. The webinar will be taking place on Wednesday 4th May at 3pm GMT. Click here to register!", "date": "07-04-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Spring-Release.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-spring-release-product-announcement-coming-soon/" }, { "title": "Utilising Digital to Reduce Print Churn", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": " Using an E-Paper solution as a way to reduce print churn is an increasingly popular model. The relatively low cost of PageSuite’s digital edition solution allows publishers to integrate a variety of subscription models which can add tremendous value to your reader. You may think E-Paper is only confined to a desktop audience, but when you look at some of our clients’ optimised mobile and tablet web or app versions – you’ll let the pop-up articles take the reading experience well into the mobile world. To give you a real-life example, let’s use this newspaper here, a daily paid-for title with declining print circulation but have a license to PageSuite’s digital edition and app solutions and are looking to use the E-Paper to reduce print churn. They currently have… A print circulation of 50,000 Annual price of £150 Year on year print decline of 10% By introducing a digital replica and offering more products at a similar price, every 1% you save is £75,000 in subscriptions. By offering a similar product of a lower price, every 1% you lose on print but keep as digital-only, is £37.5k in subscriptions. So, say 10 customers try to unsubscribe, but you save 3 out of every 10 by offering E-Paper as a complimentary bolt-on… That creates £225,000 value. Or, say 2 out of 10 unsubscribe but downgrade to the digital-only offering at 50% of the original price, you create £75,000 value. Added to the 3 fully saved subscribers is a total £300k value. Also, the average person who registers and starts using the E-Paper will consume around 75% of the paper’s edition. On desktop or mobile, web spend is around 6-8mins per session, on tablet it'll be 12-15mins. On a tablet app this will be 20mins+. Can you build an audience accessing E-Paper on desktop, smartphone or tablet device to the tune of 3-10% relative print audience? Added benefits of using E-Paper to reduce print churn: Maintaining print ad rates Collecting customer data Maintaining cross-selling opportunities Converting to a digital customer with some paid-for attribution Selling ad space per campaign or on a direct basis through ad servers, including all standard units including; banners, MPUs and interstitials Customer wants: A basic replica – suitable for tablet and desktop Enhanced version – mobile and beyonf Seamless part of a membership or subscriber offering Publisher has to: Market and promote new digital offerings in print, online and across social networks Subscriber  exclusive lead proposition Use automated workflows to keep costs low Minor PageSuite upgrade for web and app frameworks that integrate membership and subscription model CRM tool connected via instant API calls for access/denial & customer data mining Publishers who have followed this model report that their E-Paper audience is the most engaged across any product. Some digital leaders may struggle to get their head around it but if you speak to the publishers and their customers, the E-Paper resonates as a paid-for component with that key demographic. Monetising through advertising or paywalls are two of the other alternative models. If you would like to discuss how bundling & membership strategies can reduce print churn, please contact sales@pagesuite.com for your consultation.   ", "date": "05-04-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/utilising-digital-to-reduce-print-churn/" }, { "title": "French publishers fight back against ad blockers", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "In a bid to combat ad blocking, the French online publishing trade body, Geste, has urged a group of high profile publishers to trial a week-long experiment to deter ad blockers. Le Monde, Le Figaro, RTE, Le Parisien and L’Equipe are amongst those par-taking in the experiment which started on the 21st March. Each publisher is taking its own approach in fighting the ad blockers; L’Equipe is taking the hard approach and blocking their content from ad blocker users. Users must disable their ad blocker in order to read articles. Daily tabloid, Le Parisien, is also concealing content for people using ad blockers. Users must either whitelist, log in to the site or get an ad-free experience by paying €1 for three months. Le Monde is following suit with the Guardian and shows a message from the editor-in-chief, Jerome Fenoglio, saying “To enable our journalists … we must be able to rely on advertising revenue.” People are then able to click through to the article, whitelist the site, or pay €1 for one month for a ‘limited’ ad reading experience. German publishers Bild and Gruner + Jahr are seeing positive results by using the micro-payment approach. Some publishers in Sweden are blocking content for a whole month for users who have installed ad blockers. http://digiday.com/publishers/french-publishers-fight-back-en-masse-ad-blockers/", "date": "30-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/french-publishers-fight-back-against-ad-blockers/" }, { "title": "New Apple Releases 21.03.16", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Yesterday, at its headquarters in San Francisco, Apple unveiled its exciting new product developments. Amongst the releases, the tech giant launched the iPhone SE, dubbed as the “most powerful 4-inch phone ever” and a smaller version of the iPad Pro… iPhone SE The design of the iPhone SE is very similar to 2013’s iPhone 5S and is described to take “a beloved iPhone design and reinvent it from the inside out”. The device has a four inch display, aluminium casing, 12 megapixel camera and has the ability to capture 4K video. Touch ID and Apply Pay are also integrated. The smaller sized phone is inspired by Apple’s observation that there is still a strong demand for ‘compact’ phones, particularly in China. The phone also includes a 64 bit A9 chip and an M9 motion co-processor, the same as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, therefore promising to deliver the same performance as last year’s renowned handsets. More LTE bands are also included within the iPhone SE, which will provide better worldwide roaming and will support Voice over LTE and Wi-Fi calling. The iPhone SE will be available to order on 24th March with a starting pricing of $399, making it the most affordable price for a new iPhone. iPad Pro The new iPad Pro oversees Apple’s decision to revert to the original size of the iPad. Weighing in at just under a pound, the tablet measures 9.7 inches in length and is 6.1mm thick. It also includes a 64 bit A9X chip that is claimed to compete with most portable PCs. The device also features a four speaker audio system, a rear 12 megapixel camera, 4k video capabilities, a front facing 5 megapixel camera and also supports the Apple Pencil - which was launched last year alongside the larger iPad Pro. Apple also introduced a new smart keyboard for the device. The starting price for the new iPad Pro is $599 for a 32GB Wi-Fi model and is available in four different colours; silver, space grey, gold and rose gold. There is also a new 256GB capacity version for both Pad Pro models. iOS 9.3 capabilities and more! Apple’s recent software update showcases a pioneering night mode, which is designed to promote a better night’s sleep as a result of the reduction in blue light emitted from iPhones. The phone automatically detects when the sun has set and therefore emits warmer tones of light. The Apple Watch is now complete with a set of new bands and a price reduction, with the watches now starting at $299! Apple also introduced an innovative new robot, Liam, which supports the initiative to “empower people to take more active care” of their lifestyles. Liam is designed to make it easier for people to recycle iPhone and Carekit components. Yet again, some exciting releases from Apple this year. We can’t wait to see how the new devices perform!", "date": "22-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/new-apple-releases-21-03-16/" }, { "title": "UK Publishers’ Digital Revenues Grew By 5.2% in 2015", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Last week, Deloitte and the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) revealed the findings from the latest Digital Publishers’ Revenue Index report (DPRI). The results showed that there was an overall revenue growth to £416.2 million for UK publishers! The report showed that display advertising remains the largest source of revenue, with the category accounting for 46% of the total. Overall revenue growth was driven by three formats, online video (27% increase), sponsorship (19% increase) and mobile (11% increase). Desktop display proved to retain its position as the most significant source of revenue but showed a slow and steady decline over the last year. Video advertising however, experienced positive growth throughout the year, showing an annual increase of 43.1% in the fourth quarter alone. Mobile also continued to demonstrate a positive performance. Advertising revenue saw an 11% increase, largely driven by smartphone display advertising which showed a 43% increase. The introduction of larger-screen smartphones also helped the increase and may have contributed to the 11% decline for tablet revenue. Mobile advertising revenue now makes up 10.2% of total revenue, up from 9.6% last year. The report also shows a total of seven years of sustained growth in video and mobile advertising revenue – this surpassed £50million for the first time! The DPRI report clearly presents yet another year of success for UK publishers, with advertising remaining a strong source of revenue. For information on the various types of advertising available to digital publishers, have a read of our In-App Advertising White Paper.   [http://www.inpublishing.co.uk/news/articles/uk_publishers_digital_revenues_grow_to_4162_million_in_2015_9840.aspx]", "date": "18-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/uk-publishers-digital-revenues-grew-by-5-2-in-2015/" }, { "title": "Designing for Device: Consider the Amount of Content", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "The amount of content should always be considered when designing apps for different devices. The volume and depth of the content changes depending on the size and purpose of the device. A tablet for example, is a lot bigger and is generally used for more in depth reading of books and news and magazine articles. The environment in which media is consumed on these devices is also crucial, as tablets are used to leisurely consume content in a relaxed environment at home or on a long commute. We are therefore given more room to play with when designing a tablet app, there is much more room to fit all kinds of content and the user will usually be in a comfortable position to consume the media. Smartphones are smaller, yet also a popular content consumption channel. There is slightly less room, so buttons and menus are often designed to maximise the amount of space for important content. Smartwatches however, are mostly used ‘on-the-go’, so a quick notification of breaking news or a snippet of a headline is more useful here. Users will not want to read in depth stories on a small, wearable device. Consumers use different devices for different things, so trying to ascertain people’s needs and specifications for an app on a specific device is critical.  The same app across different devices will hold different purposes for the user, so the amount of content needs to be relative to these.", "date": "17-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/designing-for-device-consider-the-amount-of-content/" }, { "title": "Designing For Device: Purpose & Unique Aspects", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Designing for unique aspects and purposes of different devices is becoming increasingly prevalent within the digital arena. The introduction of revolutionary devices such as smartwatches and larger screen tablets has intensified the requirement for extensive design measures. It is imperative to consider the purpose of the device in order to effectively tailor your designs. For example, smartwatches serve a very different purpose to a smartphone or tablet, so it is important that the apps reflect this. Larger screen tablets such as the iPad Pro would be used for reading, watching movies and even drawing, whereas smartwatches are primarily used ‘on-the-go’. App designs for tablets can therefore be more intricate and contain more content. Smartwatch app designs have to be more simplistic and visual. The ability to tap into the unique aspects of the device is what can separate an app from the rest, for example, taking full advantage of the elite functionalities on a smartwatch. App designs for wearable devices such as the Apple Watch are continuously evolving and are building upon the personal aspects of the device.  The Activity and Workout apps provide simple visual snapshots of your daily activity, including charts of how many calories you have burned.", "date": "16-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/designing-for-device-purpose-unique-aspects/" }, { "title": "Designing For Device: Utilising Space", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "A vital consideration when designing an app is how best to utilise the space. Designing for smaller devices such as smartphones significantly reduces the amount of available space, so designers have to find solutions for fitting the same amount of content into a phone as the tablet edition. Using different functionalities can help to tackle this potential issue. Incorporating functions such as menus and dropdowns can help to filter areas and even hide less important items without removing them altogether. Establishing the hierarchy of app content and features helps with this, as it eases the decision on what needs to be eliminated from the mobile app. PageSuite’s Lead Designer, Emily Jarvis, says “Having a clear idea of the goals of the app and keeping the content focused is key to avoid unnecessary clutter. Even though space is limited, it’s important to make effective use of white space too and give sufficient padding to graphical elements and text to ensure the mobile design is user-friendly and readable.”", "date": "15-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/designing-for-device-utilising-space/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Spring Innovation Conference", "category": "Events", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We are elated to announce that we will be hosting a full-day conference at The Arch Hotel in London on Thursday 12th May. The conference-style event will consist of a morning and afternoon session with key speakers talking about innovations and delivering insight into the industry. The sessions will focus primarily on innovative digital strategies, cross-platform publishing, client case studies and will feature a panel-style discussion from some of the speakers. The event is open to industry professionals from across the globe and will provide a perfect opportunity for attendees to network and share ideas in the heart of the capital. PageSuite’s SVP of Business Development, Ben Edwards, said; “Due to the fact that the Publishing and Media Expo is no longer taking place in its usual form we wanted to create an event that would still allow us to connect with key individuals from the publishing industry and share innovations and industry insight. We already have some great speakers lined up from within the UK and in Europe and are looking forward to sharing information and networking with key industry professionals.” UPDATE: Our Conference schedule and full speaker line-up can be found below. To sign up for either the morning OR afternoon session please email us at hello@pagesuite.com stating your preference. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to attend the full day, please specify this within your email – we can’t wait to see you there! Morning Session 09:30 - 09:45, Conference Introduction - Bed Edwards, SVP Business Development, PageSuite 09:45 - 10:30, Growth of Android, Mobile Strategies & AMP - Luca Forlin, Head of International Play Newsstand Partnerships, Google 10:30 - 11:15, 10 Successful Digital Media Strategies - Carolyn Morgan, Managing Director, Panmaen Media 11:35 - 12:30, Digital Trends in Finland - Jari Suni, Product Manager, Keskisuomalainen Plc Afternoon Session 13:45 - 14:00, Conference Introduction - Ben Edwards, SVP Business Development, PageSuite 14:00 - 14:45, Findings from The World News Media Innovation Study - Francois Nel, Director, Journalism Leader's Programme 14:45 - 15:30, Post-Digital Publishing - Peter Houston, Editor-at-large, TheMediaBriefing.com 15:50 - 17:00, Panel Discussion, Simon Fry, Mobile & Tablet Product Manager, The Independent. 3 x Panellists TBC  ", "date": "15-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Innovation-Conference.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-spring-innovation-conference/" }, { "title": "Designing For Device: Operating System Functionality", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "When designing apps for different devices it is imperative to take into consideration the various functionalities on different operating systems. The user will be accustomed to certain functionality on their preferred operating system. For example, an Android phone works entirely different to an iOS phone, so the user will be used to their apps working in a specific way. Variations even consist of simple functionalities such as; the location of the ‘back’ button or the appearance of the ‘social share’ button. Following the conventions of each OS will contribute to the overall user experience and will enable the user to successfully navigate their way round the app. You can refer to the Interface Guidelines below to ensure that you meet the standards of each operating system: Apple | Android | Windows", "date": "14-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/designing-for-device-operating-system-functionality/" }, { "title": "MWC 2016: Google’s Android Village", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Google’s presence was prominent at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Although they did not announce any significant releases, they certainly did not go unnoticed by attendees. This year, Google brought a sense of fun to MWC with their Android village situated in between halls. The area was home to a smoothie and hot chocolate stand, whereby you could order a range of flavoured drinks in exchange for payment of a high-five! It was a really effective touch and the lively team behind the counter proved popular with attendees. To continue the theme of ‘fun’, Google partnered with several exhibitors and graced their stands with Android statues, stickers and most importantly, the pin badges. There were 87 different pin badges to be collected by attendees, all hoping to get a full collection and to win bronze, silver and gold pin prizes. Attendees could also ‘Androidify’ themselves at the interactive stations. You could print out your creation and place it within a lanyard or have it painted onto a water bottle. The picture below shows PageSuite’s Marketing team looking pretty chuffed with their freebies! ", "date": "11-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/mwc-2016-googles-android-village/" }, { "title": "Newsday Nominated For INMA Global Media Award", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "PageSuite are proud to report that Newsday has been nominated for ‘Best Use of Mobile’ at the INMA Global Media Awards. Newsday’s Mobile App is up against the likes of the ‘Isolezwe Asidlale Mobile Campaign’ and the ‘Toronto Star Touch’ for the award. The 117 finalists in the INMA Global Media Awards were announced on 8th March. There are 20 categories and two groups for global/national brands and regional/local brands and winners will be revealed at the Global Media Awards Dinner on May 24th, at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The dinner also marks the conclusion of the 86th Annual INMA World Congress.[1] The International News Media Association is the world’s leading provider of best practices for news media companies who want to increase their revenue, audience and brand. PageSuite will be exhibiting at the event on May 22nd – 24th at Table 1, email us on hello@pagesuite.com to book a meeting with one of our specialists.", "date": "11-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/newsday-nominated-for-inma-global-media-award/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Are Exhibiting at iConnect Solutions Next Month", "category": "Events", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the iConnect Solutions conference in Minneapolis next month! Come and visit us in the exhibitor area on April 17th-20th at the Hilton Minneapolis/St Paul Airport Mall of America to discuss your digital strategy. Our mobile and digital specialists will be demonstrating our newest and most innovative solutions and will be available for private one-to-one demos upon request. Email us today at hello@pagesuite.com or give us a call on +1 781-365-0946 to book your exclusive product demonstration. We look forward to connecting with you!", "date": "11-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/i-connect.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-are-exhibiting-at-iconnect-solutions-next-month/" }, { "title": "MWC 2016: Sony", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Sony released two new handsets at their Mobile World Congress press event, the Xperia X and the Xperia XA. The Xperia X is designed for photography enthusiasts with a 23 megapixel rear camera. Sony has worked to improve the battery life, camera and design of each handset. The handsets will come in black, white, graphite, lime gold and rose gold. Aside from the new handsets, Sony also revealed some intriguing new gadgets at the show. The Xperia Eye, Xperia Ear, Xperia Eye, Xperia Projector and Xperia Agent are all designed to be used hands-free and even ‘eyes-free’. These also come in a range of colours to match the new handsets. These accessories are designed to enable the user to freely experience life whilst using smartphone technology but without having the physical hindrance of a phone. For more information on each of these new gadgets, click here.           ", "date": "10-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/mwc-2016-sony/" }, { "title": "MWC 2016: Huawei", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "The star of Huawei’s announcements at the Mobile World Congress was definitely the MateBook. Amongst the widespread release of smartphones from the other manufacturers, Huawei chose to unveil their new tablet. The sleek MateBook boasts a 12 inch display and has a width of 6.9mm. It has a full metal body and comes with a range of stylish accessories including the detachable keyboard cover and MatePen stylus. The device operates on the Windows 10 system and is secured by a fingerprint sensor and has a full day usage battery.             ", "date": "09-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/mwc-2016-huawei/" }, { "title": "MWC 2016: LG", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "LG also announced some major developments at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress. They unveiled their new handset, the LG G5. The handset has a dual camera on the back and has a removable battery. The release of the LG G5 is supplemented by further announcements of a new line of bolt-on accessories, such as the LG CAM Plus and LG HiFi Plus. The CAM Plus attaches itself at the bottom of the device and enables the user to take photos more comfortably and efficiently. It provides the user with a better grip and even boosts the battery life! LG has also released their virtual reality kit; the LG 360 VR Headset and the LG 360 Cam. The headset is extremely lightweight and you can wear it like a pair of glasses. LG’s VR headset is much more comfortable than the Samsung Gear, as Samsung’s version is quite bulky and heavy. However, in terms of user experience, we preferred the Samsung Gear. Gear provided a more authentic simulation of reality.    ", "date": "08-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/mwc-2016-lg/" }, { "title": "Designing for Device: App Journey & App Aesthetics", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "It is important to give thought to the user’s app journey and how your design can facilitate smooth navigation around an app. Planning the user journey should be done during the initial app design stages in order to visualise the user requirements and app functionality. It is important to consider the user’s goals, motivations and main tasks they want to achieve when using the app. You will need to think about the following five steps when planning the app journey[1]: 1. Context – What is your target audience and where are they? Are there likely to be any external factors which may be distracting them? E.g. commuters on public transport 2. Progression – How many steps does it take the user to find and read an article? 3. Devices – What device are they using and what features does it have? 4. Functionality – What type of functionality are they expecting? Is it achievable? 5. Emotion – What is their emotional state in each step, are they engaged or bored? The fluidity of the journey is relative to the aesthetics of the app. It is essential that the interface is simplistic as possible so that the user knows how to use the app effectively. Using common images, icons and buttons will enable the user to clearly identify their function, for example, using a magnifying glass as a search icon. Icons and buttons are also particularly useful when designing for mobile devices. They can be used to section off parts of the app to make room for more content and to minimise cluttering. The pre-designed templates within our Infinity portal enable your users to efficiently navigate their way round your app and find their desired content. Alternatively, our Designers are on hand to assist with any custom projects. Speak to a member of our team today by calling +44 (0)1233 721030 or email us at hello@pagesuite.com [1] http://theuxreview.co.uk/user-journeys-beginners-guide/", "date": "07-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/designing-for-device-app-journey-app-aesthetics/" }, { "title": "MWC 2016: Samsung", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Samsung had a significant presence at this year’s Mobile World Congress and announced some extremely exciting and highly anticipated developments. Samsung unveiled two new smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is 5.1 inch smartphone with a dual pixel 12 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera. It is also water and dust proof down to 1.5 metres and for up to 30 minutes. The Galaxy S7 Edge has very similar specifications aside from its 5.5 inch curved display. Samsung also showcased their advances in virtual reality with the release of the Samsung Gear 360. The Gear 360, as its name suggests, is a 306 degree camera designed for consumers to take stills and videos which can then be used in VR headsets. The camera has both rear and front lenses each with 12 megapixels. The images and video footage can then be stitched together using a devoted smartphone app and can then be experienced through a Samsung Gear VR headset.     The PageSuite team was able to sample this technology at the Samsung Gear VR Theatre – we thoroughly enjoyed it! We each had a Gear headset and were able to experience a virtual roller coaster ride. The clarity of the footage was remarkable and the 360 degree views dramatically enhanced the authenticity of the experience.  The moving theatre seats also aided the simulation of the ride and even made our stomachs turn! The industry has witnessed some extraordinary developments from Samsung over the years and we can’t wait to see how the new releases perform. ", "date": "04-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/mwc-2016-samsung/" }, { "title": "Designing for Device: Orientation & Resolution", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "When designing apps for different devices it is essential that you consider both the orientation and resolution of each device. It is important to establish whether the device you are designing for orientates in both landscape and portrait. The design needs to suit both orientations and needs to transition smoothly when the angle is changed. It is also necessary to consider the default orientation of the device, for example most smartphones and iPads adopt portrait, whereas most Android and Windows 8 tablets are primarily defaulted to landscape. You should always remember that the primary orientation of your app should always serve the device’s default mode and functionality[1]. Designers should also take into account the various resolutions across the different devices to guarantee that the app looks effective and works properly. Conduct research on the different devices to ensure that you maximise quality and resolution of all app assets. This will help to minimise the amount of pixilation and poor image quality. PageSuite’s Lead Designer, Emily Jarvis, said 'Making effective use of screen real estate is always a design challenge. Consider the task at hand and how this affects the UI layout, as some content lends itself better to a particular orientation. For example, long scrolling lists tend to work better in a portrait orientation or viewing a double page spread of a newspaper or magazine is better suited to just a landscape orientation. Also, in instances where specific functionality is available in only one orientation, it’s important to make it as clear as possible through either quick tutorial screens or pop-up screen hints to help notify the user.' [1] https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2012/08/designing-device-orientation-portrait-landscape/", "date": "03-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/designing-for-device-orientation-resolution/" }, { "title": "Mobile World Congress 2016", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "This year, PageSuite’s Marketing Team was lucky enough to attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We were amazed by the innovative technology on display and cannot wait to further develop our solutions to cater for the various new devices. There was a mix of key product developments from each manufacturer, particularly surrounding virtual reality, which was a prominent theme throughout the four day congress. Samsung’s new virtual reality kit, Gear 360, and the LG 360 VR were both particularly impressive and the demos were thoroughly enjoyed by MWC attendees. 5G was also a major feature of the show, with most technology corporations showcasing the capabilities of the next generation of wireless networking. Tech giants such as Samsung, Ericsson and Intel have all committed to the prospects of 5G and even demoed their newest products across their 5G networks. Throughout the course of the next few weeks, we will be publishing a series of posts spotlighting each of the major developments from the key exhibitors. Keep an eye on our blog to see the latest!", "date": "02-03-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/mobile-world-congress-2016/" }, { "title": "8 Key Points for Designing Apps for Different Devices", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "The topic of this month’s blog series is ‘Designing for Device’. Each post will focus on different key points to consider when designing apps for various different devices. The Infographic below shows eight points that PageSuite’s Designers consider the most important… The next post in the series will focus on Orientation and Resolution! ", "date": "19-02-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/8-key-points-for-designing-apps-for-different-devices/" }, { "title": "Register Now for the World Publishing Expo", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "You can already sign up to this year's World Publishing Expo which takes place from October 10 - 12 in Vienna, Austria. We'll be exhibiting once again and are looking forward to connecting with newspaper professional to talk about all things digital. WAN IFRA are currently offering free registration for all attendees until May 31! Sign up here: https://www.wan-ifra.org/registration/world-publishing-expo-2016-visitor-registration-0?nid=142825  Thousands of visitors from up to 100 countries (85 percent decision-makers) attend the World Publishing Expo annually making it also an ideal meeting point to network and exchange views, news and plans with your international peers. Email hello@pagesuite.com for more information", "date": "18-02-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/register-now-for-the-world-publishing-expo/" }, { "title": "Paywalls Promise Growth for Digital Newspapers", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "There have been growing developments for digital paywalls within the newspaper industry, as many renowned publishers have reported increased revenue and a surge in subscribers. After launching its metered paywall back in 2011, the New York Times has experienced noteworthy growth across its business. Just recently, it remarkably reached a total of 1million digital-only subscribers. Other major brands such as The Wall Street Journal now have 900,000 digital-only subscribers, followed by the Financial Times, which has over 520,000 digital-only subscribers. Gannett, which owns over 90 daily newspapers in the US, also reported an extraordinary increase of 37% for digital-only subscriptions in the third quarter of 2015. For the Times, the implementation of its paywall model has been extremely worthwhile. It now earns more revenue from its readers than advertisers, with readers accounting for approximately 55% of all revenue. Ken Doctor, a media analyst for Newsonomics, observed “Reaching the point of earning more than 50 percent of your revenue from readers is an important crossover point for any newspaper”, he also went on to explain that the fact that satisfied readers willing to pay for unique content enables newspapers to get paid by the people they are truly serving. The Times has also cleverly used its paywall to create unique advertising opportunities. Global brands such as Ralph Lauren and Lincoln Motor Co. have collaborated with the Times to sponsor their content and promote free access to the app for selected users. Read our ‘Subscription Models’ White Paper to discover the various types of models available and how they can assist in driving revenue.", "date": "16-02-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/paywalls-promise-growth-for-digital-newspapers/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s Fundraiser for The British Heart Foundation", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "On Friday 5th February, the PageSuite team hosted a fundraiser for The British Heart Foundation’s ‘Wear It, Beat it’ event. With everyone wearing an item of red clothing, we enjoyed selling (and eating!) a range of homemade cupcakes, cookies and biscuits. With the combination of the cake sale money and donations made on our Just Giving page, we managed to raise an incredible £602.42! We'd like to say a big 'thank you' to all those who donated to such a great cause! Here are some pictures from the day…     ", "date": "16-02-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-fundraiser-for-the-british-heart-foundation/" }, { "title": "PageSuite to Launch Mobile & Tablet Apps for Four Finnish Newspaper Titles", "category": "New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We are delighted to announce our recent collaboration with Keskisuomalainen, Savon Sanomat, Mediatalo ESA and Sanomalehti Karjalainen. PageSuite will be working to produce live feed-driven mobile and tablet apps across iOS, Android and Windows platforms for four Finnish newspaper titles. Each of the apps will utilise PageSuite’s App Replica & Feed solution which includes both feed-driven content and the regular PDF replica edition, enabling users to view articles in their preferred format. The feed-driven content will be pulled directly from the websites of the following titles; Keskisuomalainen, Savon Sanomat, Etelä-Suomen Sanomat and Karjalainen, and will then be streamed directly into designed-for-device phone and tablet apps. Our App Replica & Feed solution also hosts the option to include a range of advertising options to drive ROI as well as subscription integration. Kirsi Hakaniemi, Head of Digital Business for Keskisuomalainen and Savon Sanomat said, “We chose PageSuite for its ready-made and cost efficient way for publishing a news mobile app. More than half of our customers use mobile devices for reading our content. Now we can serve them better during the day and provide a better user experience for the growing audience.” Risto Salminen, Digital Business Manager for Sanomalehti Karjalainen, said ”We were looking for a partner who could help us develop a product for mobile devices with a replica of a daily newspaper and latest news from our website. We also wanted the chance to have good control on the content inside the app. PageSuite’s solution matches our needs. ” This working relationship is a reflection of the efforts PageSuite are making to widen their successes in the UK and US markets to Europe. PageSuite’s solutions give more control to publishers, enabling them to maximize their revenue streams and exposure to the digital audience. If you require further information on our vast range of solutions, contact one of our specialists today on (+44) 1233 721030 or email hello@pagesuite.com", "date": "09-02-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/finnish-newspaper-launch.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-to-launch-mobile-tablet-apps-for-four-finnish-newspaper-titles/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s New White Paper: Subscription Models", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "The PageSuite team has been busy researching and putting together our latest ‘Subscription Models’ White Paper, which is now available in our Resources section on our website. The paper explores the range of subscription models available to digital publishers and examines both the successes and limitations of each format. We also reported the results published by various global publishers after employing their subscription schemes The resource also aims to highlight effective ways to strategically drive revenue using an appropriate model to suit your publication and your audience. Click here to visit our Resources section and learn more about the different types of subscription and how they can help to refine your digital strategy.", "date": "27-01-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-new-white-paper-subscription-models/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s 2016 Events", "category": "Events", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "2016 is already shaping up to be a busy year for PageSuite! We are thrilled to announce that we have signed up to exhibit at three key industry events in the coming months and we hope to see you there! So far, we are confirmed exhibitors at the following events: 2016 Key Executives Mega-Conference | Austin, Texas | February 22nd-24th – Booth 304 INMA | London | May 22nd – 24th – Table 1 WAN IFRA | Vienna | October 10th – 12th – Stand C.443 Each of these events provides us with an opportunity to showcase our industry leading cross-platform solutions. Our Digital and Mobile Specialists will be available for one-to-one product demonstrations, showing off our vast product range. To pre-book a one-to-one demonstration with one of our Specialists at any of these events, please email hello@pagesuite.com and we will happily allocate you a designated time slot. For further information on the 2016 Key Executives Mega-Conference, please click here. More information covering PageSuite’s presence at INMA and WAN IFRA will be released in due course.", "date": "21-01-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/pagesuite-events.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-2016-events/" }, { "title": "Ad Blockers & The Magazine Industry", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "In 2015, the digital magazine industry witnessed the escalating battle between ad blockers and publishers. Ad blocking can have a detrimental impact for online publishers who rely significantly on digital adverts for revenue. According to a report by PageFair and Adobe, it was estimated that publishers would have lost $22million by the end of 2015[1]. However, with the right strategies, publishers can easily secure their position and minimise loss. Like many in the digital arena, magazine publishers have begun to work around the ad blocking issue. Large brands such as Forbes are starting to deny access for users who have installed ad blockers onto their devices. Visitors who use ad blockers are now faced with a polite but firm message before they land on the Forbes website. The message reads “Hi again. Looks like you’re still using an ad blocker. Please turn it off in order to continue into Forbes’ ad-light experience.”  Once the user disables the ad blocker, they are promised the ‘ad-light experience’ for 30 days. Since they implemented this approach, Forbes has seen a huge surge in traffic. In November, they recorded their largest ever comScore audience of 43million, (including mobile and desktop). This is 38 million more than the previous month and 30% year on year[2]. Other magazines such as The Atlantic are completely denying access to ad blocker users, unless they disable the software. Denying access to ad blocker users is just one of the many ways to tackle the issue.  Some publishers are trying to outsmart and work around ad blockers by changing their ad codes. The ad blockers then adapt to the new codes and publishers change the code again, turning it into a repetitive cycle[3]. However, this can be harmful to the publisher. The president of Reelio, Dave Dickman, stated “Trying to get around ad blocking is not the best approach because it will only upset the consumer, in turn damaging that relationship between your brand and your audience.”[4] It is therefore recommended that publishers try some of the following strategies; Offer higher-quality content that’s worth paying for – Publishers need to offer engaging content that benefits consumers and makes them want to pay to read. Implement different levels of paywall to test this. Educate users about ad blocking implications – Teach your users about the effects of ad blocking and what positive actions you are taking to safeguard their user experience. If they continue to use ad blockers, encourage them to whitelist your publication. Recognise when ad blocking occurs – Use consumer data wisely to recognise the point at which users begin to block ads. Organisations such as BlueConic have developed an ad blocking plug-in for publishers. This allows them to store data in user profiles which informs publishers on their ad blocking status. They can then email ad blocker users separately and present them with relevant content, offers and promotions where ads should have been displayed[5]. For further information on the subject of ad blockers, watch our ‘Beat the Blockers: Your 2016 Ad Survival Guide’ webinar slides here. [1] http://www.econtentmag.com/Articles/News/News-Feature/How-Ad-Blocking-Is-Affecting-Digital-Publishers-and-What-They-Can-Do-About-It-107803.htm [2] http://digiday.com/publishers/forbes-ad-blocking/ [3] http://www.econtentmag.com/Articles/News/News-Feature/How-Ad-Blocking-Is-Affecting-Digital-Publishers-and-What-They-Can-Do-About-It-107803.htm [4] http://www.econtentmag.com/Articles/News/News-Feature/How-Ad-Blocking-Is-Affecting-Digital-Publishers-and-What-They-Can-Do-About-It-107803.htm [5] http://www.econtentmag.com/Articles/News/News-Feature/How-Ad-Blocking-Is-Affecting-Digital-Publishers-and-What-They-Can-Do-About-It-107803.htm ", "date": "20-01-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/ad-blockers-the-magazine-industry/" }, { "title": "Growing Digital Magazine Audiences", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Following the upward trend noted over recent years, digital magazines are continuing to experience overall growth. In a report published by The Association of Magazine Media (MPA), results revealed that the total monthly average audience for digital mags grew from 1.55 billion to 1.73 billion from 2014 – 2015[1]. The numbers included web, mobile web, and video. Print+digital audiences also grew by 0.2% thanks to the growth of digital editions. The study also showed that the percentage of US adults that read digital magazines has more than quadrupled in the last three years and 99% of the top 15 Lifestyle apps were magazine apps. The growing digital audience comes as a result of refined marketing strategies used by media companies. Traditionally, the only way to read content was to buy a publication but the web has completely transformed that. Today, articles are part of a “large pool of digital content that the audience consumes on their terms via their device”[2]. Social media plays a large role in this growth. A study conducted by Ofcom reported that social networking apps were most popular in 2015 with 65% of UK adults accessing social networking sites weekly[3]. Articles and news stories are now becoming increasingly accessed and shared across social media.  Publishers therefore should definitely look to implement social sharing integrations within their digital magazines to drive their digital audience. Organisations such as NewsCorp have realised the importance of social media integration within their digital solutions. NewsCorp have turned to a real-time social curation company, Livefyre, to assist them in leveraging the 24 hour news cycle. This allows them to share breaking news, live sport updates and encourages user engagement through hashtags, photo sharing and live comments[4]. In order to secure the success of their social media strategies, magazine publishers must ensure that they utilise social platforms to generate conversation and make their brand the content hub. It is fundamental that they focus on conversion rates by measuring how many users turn into registered users[5]. PageSuite’s solutions can enable you to integrate social sharing options within your app or digital publication. We can also assist in incorporating third-party analytics to enable you to measure the success of your digital growth. Email us at hello@pagesuite.com to discuss further.     [1] http://mediaworks.io/blog/report-on-growth-of-digital-publishing-industry [2] http://www.cmo.com.au/article/573109/how-news-corp-growing-its-digital-audience/ [3] Offcom, 2015, International Communications Market Report 2015 [4] http://www.cmo.com.au/article/573109/how-news-corp-growing-its-digital-audience/ [5] http://www.cmo.com.au/article/573109/how-news-corp-growing-its-digital-audience/ ", "date": "19-01-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/growing-digital-magazine-audiences/" }, { "title": "Driving Digital Engagement", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "With reports confirming that 56% of digital media time in the UK is spent on smartphone apps , it is no wonder that publishers are turning to digital. However, the success of an app or digital solution is largely dependent on the level of engagement. For example, nearly 90% of users will delete an app if it fails to engage[1], this can have dramatic implications for customer retention and consequently revenue. Engagement is thus a crucial requirement to ensure victory within the digital arena. We recommend focusing on the following techniques to drive digital engagement … KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE The first step to driving digital engagement is to ensure that you really understand your consumers. Publishers can now utilise the intelligence derived from mobile usage data to gain an insight into their audience’s consumption habits and identify the true level of engagement[2]. This data can assist in establishing the type of content favoured by your users and the times of day they are most engaged. SEND PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Push notifications are useful tools for driving engagement. They provide up to date information for users and alert them to breaking news and new content. Push notifications are a valuable way of re-engaging lapsed subscribers as they remind users that the app is there and is bursting with fresh content. Using advanced analytics, publishers are able to track the open rate, interactions and the situations which generate the highest levels of engagement[3]. A recent study revealed that push notifications can result in an increased retention rate by 125% for the average 30 day audience. The average 60 day retention rate can increase by 150% and average 90 day retention rate is increased by 180%[4]. ENRICH YOUR CONTENT It is fundamental that users do not tire of boring, static content. Enhance your app or digital edition with fresh, updated articles and interactive content such as videos, photo galleries, puzzles and much more. Selected brands using interactive content within their digital solutions have reported seeing up to 70% more conversions compared with conversions from static content at around 36%[5]. Speak to a member of our team for further advice on driving digital engagement. Call us on +44 (0)1233 721030 or email on hello@pagesuite.com [1] http://www.talkingnewmedia.com/2015/06/30/importance-of-opting-in-and-engagement-seen-in-mobile-app-report-from-kahuna/ [2] http://digitalmarketingmagazine.co.uk/digital-marketing-apps/the-importance-of-measuring-mobile-app-engagement/1767 [3] https://www.appmakr.com/blog/the-benefits-of-including-push-notifications-in-an-app/ [4] http://www.talkingnewmedia.com/2015/06/30/importance-of-opting-in-and-engagement-seen-in-mobile-app-report-from-kahuna/ [5] http://www.business.com/content-marketing/industry-stats-and-how-to-grow-your-small-business-with-interactive-content/ ", "date": "19-01-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/driving-digital-engagement/" }, { "title": "10 Ways to Make Your Digital Magazine More Engaging", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Whether you have an app or e-magazine, engagement is essential in maximising the success of your publication. With so many digital magazines readily available for download, publishers need to know that consumers are reading their magazines and that they are fully engaged with the content. Monitoring important factors such as; the number of active users, the number of sessions and the length of time spent reading the magazine, all allow publishers to determine how engaging their publications are[1]. PageSuite offers a range of versatile options to enrich your audience’s experience. Take a look at our 10 points to discover how you can boost engagement … Include Video - Readers love eye-catching visuals to supplement their reading. PageSuite’s software allows you to integrate videos alongside articles to enhance the content and develop the user experience. Interactive Ads – Interactive and animated adverts are a perfect way of increasing engagement. They also provide a great opportunity to boost digital ad revenue – read our In-App Advertising White Paper to find out more! Social Media – Including social sharing options within your app or digital edition promotes interaction and content sharing and therefore increases exposure to your magazine. Push Notifications – Send your readers push notifications to alert them of new articles and content. This is a useful way to re-engage your users! Audio – Adding sound to your magazine will provide your users with a fully immersive experience. PageSuite has the ability to implement an audio-reader into your magazine; this therefore enables you to also engage all types of readers including those with visual impairments. Geo-targeted Messages – Use cutting-edge technology to send your readers a scheduled message when they are at a certain location. You could send them a message when they are near a news agents to inform them of any offers on your print edition. Archive & Supplements – Include seasonal supplements to enrich your readers’ experience. Having an archive of previous editions will also engage your consumers. Brand Your Edition – Ensure that you include branding within your digital magazine or app. Customise the background, loading logo and add your logo to the interface to ensure that readers recognise your brand and sustain interaction. Add a Contents List – Empower readers to browse sections of interest by adding a contents list. They will be able to navigate directly to a specific page within the edition. Readers will engage with their favourite content and not be put off by articles which do not interest them. Include bookmarks – Use PageSuite’s bookmark functionality to highlight a specific feature or charge additional ad revenue. There are two different styles of bookmark available with our Digital Editions, standard bookmarks and roll-out bookmarks which will display as a pop-up menu when clicked. For further information, speak to one of our Digital & Mobile Specialists on (+44) 1233 721030or email hello@pagesuite.com", "date": "19-01-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/10-ways-to-make-your-digital-magazine-more-engaging/" }, { "title": "Why Go Digital?", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We are kick-starting this month’s Engagement Series with five reasons to go digital. Our infographic below shows the five key benefits of having a digital publication … ", "date": "19-01-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/why-go-digital/" }, { "title": "Canadian Newspapers Drive Digital in 2015", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "After declines in circulation and advertising revenue in recent years, digital platforms were fundamental in the survival strategy for Canadian broadsheets in 2015. Montreal’s French-language paper, La Presse, is a prime example of the success of digital. La Presse announced back in September that it will end its weekday print editions in 2016 and pin its hopes on the successful tablet edition of La Presse+. The publication, which is 131 years old, cut 158 jobs last year and has now made the print edition available on Saturdays only. The free tablet app has over double the number of readers of the print edition and reaches more than 450,000 readers each week. Many publications in Canada have also implemented paywalls to generate revenue but this has seen varying degrees of success. Papers such as the Globe and Mail chose to stick with paywalls whereas the Toronto Star dropped them in favour of a free tablet app, Star Touch. The app was inspired by the success of La Presse+ and cost between $10million and $12million. The Globe and Mail also revamped their tablet app in May 2015 in an effort to expand its reach to iPhone users. The Globe chose to stick with a paywall but allows access to 10 free articles a month before prompting users to subscribe. 2015 was clearly a successful year for the digital newspaper frontier in Canada and we hope to see further developments in 2016! http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/newspaper-digital-paywall-revenue-2015-1.3384606", "date": "18-01-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/canadian-newspapers-drive-digital-in-2015/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Are Exhibiting at the 2016 Key Executives Mega-Conference", "category": "Events", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2016 Key Executives Mega-Conference next month! The conference will take place from 22nd – 24th February in Austin, Texas and is described as the “Biggest industry conference of 2016”. Come and join us at Booth 304, where we’ll be showcasing some of our renowned online replicas, PDF replica apps, feed-driven apps and custom app solutions. PageSuite’s Mobile & Digital Specialists will be on hand to discuss our vast range of solutions and are available for one-to-one product demonstrations. Product demonstrations can be booked in advance by emailing hello@pagesuite.com – just let us know when you’re available!", "date": "15-01-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/mega-conference.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-are-exhibiting-at-the-2016-key-executives-mega-conference/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Collaborate with POLITICO", "category": "New Launch", "author": "Danielle Chatterton", "content": "Politicio.eu has quickly become the most sought out destination for European politics and policy. With more than 1.5 million readers across Europe and around the world, it is the #1 most-read media outlet by EU policy influencers, according to the 2016 ComRes/Burson-Marsteller EU Media Survey.  POLITICO delivers journalism covering the politics, policy and personalities of the European Union. More authoritative in its sophistication and nonpartisan perspective than any other news source; it appeals more to people with a professional interest in public affairs; and that is more fun to read for a community of people who love the drama and sheer sport of politics. With reporting assets across the Continent, POLITICO’s coverage includes video features, regular columns, photo galleries, cartoons and political forums. We collaborated with POLITICO to develop a fully optimised digital edition and PDF replica App both offering engaging experiences. The digital edition of POLITICO leverages the innovative PageSuite platform and incorporates its powerful features. Etienne Bauvir, Director of Platform Development commented “A key reason we chose PageSuite, is the cross-device guarantee. This fits perfectly with our cross-device strategy of maintaining a fully responsive site, rather than native apps. PageSuite offer a quick and simple way to get an app to the market for our print readers.”   Discover POLITICO Find out more about our solutions and other clients here.", "date": "08-01-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/politico-news-post-1.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/politico/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s Predictions for 2016", "category": "Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "2015 has been an eventful year for the digital publishing industry. With increased revenue invested in advertising and maximising user engagement, the emergence of ad blockers created a furore amongst publishers worldwide. The demise of Apple’s Newsstand and the launch of the News app was also an adjustment for publishers, with many initial concerns over subscriptions and incoming revenue. This year has also been particularly successful for mobile, with industry research also showing a universal growth in mobile media consumption ahead of desktop, along with a surge in mobile ad rates. So, with the arrival of 2016 we thought it would be an ideal time to collate a set of industry predictions with exclusive forecasts from PageSuite’s senior management team. We anticipate further developments across advertising with the focus remaining on enriching the user experience and increased expansion of the geo-location market. We also envisage growth of digital solutions for Windows platforms and increased battery life across devices. Nathan Parrett, PageSuite Founder, says “I expect to see big launches from HTC, Samsung, LG and Sony to take on the upcoming iPhone 7. We will see a rise of 4k screens from other manufacturers. We may well see the big 4 take on Apple with a new version of their TV modules. TV Apps will become bigger and will see a substantial growth. Expect to see some publishers experiment with them... I expect Windows 10 to have a whole new range of 2 in 1s to take on the superb Surface range. There will be an answer to Apple/Google from Microsoft with its competitor to Apple News/Google News. I expect to see a big take up from Google's AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project too. There will be more SDKs/APIs to be integrated into apps. HTML5 will become a bigger business and Flash will start to become redundant by the end of the year, as companies invest money to remove Flash from their business. We will launch our new reader shortly that is HTML5 only. The smart watch arena will become even more fragmented and Apple will launch a successor to their Apple Watch. Battery life on phones and watches will be optimised further. Laptops/Tablets will need to break the 12 hour mark to be successful. Smart watches will have an improved battery life and we will see a rise of built-in GPS in watches. We may also see a Surface Phone… although I expect that in 2017” PageSuite’s CEO, Ross Murphy, forecasts his set of industry expectations, “I predict further developments with fast charging batteries, pushing 60% in 2 minutes being made available for mobile use. I think there will be more location based marketing seen through mobile, with both large and small geo fences from mobile and iBeacon technology. I also see small businesses adopting mobile first strategies, as the technology previously only associated with the large enterprise applications becomes more readily available to more business owners.” Ben Edwards, SVP of Business Development, says “I think newspaper advertising sales execs will grasp online & app opportunities, which will see richer and more engaging display and native adverts across digital, mobile and tablet channels. I’d also like to see some bigger dailies or magazines try a lower cost and longer-term digital or app-only subscription point. For example, a few pounds for a couple of months just for the iPhone app just to target the digital-first, predominantly younger-commuter audience who don’t have the time to sit back and read every day for 40 minutes. This would get them used to paying for something that provides value to dip-in and dip-out. From personal experience, I feel guilty if I don’t read my new paid-for digital publication of choice. I also feel a barrier to entry if the price is either too high or the offer length is less than a month.” Our SVP of Sales, Chris Took, predicts “2016 will be the year that Windows phone and tablets really take off - obviously the market is dominated by iOS and Android but I think Windows will break out of the 2-3% market share and be close to double this by the end of 2016 (with a continuing upward trend).” Jason Pyne, SVP of Operations, says “2015 I feel has shown a seed change with consumers reading news content and digital editions on a mobile phone more than a tablet. Consumers are becoming more intuitive with the use of the Windows Surface environment and large devices such as the iPad Pro. For the year ahead, I see the same growth and the continued evolution of how publishers engage with their audiences and the content they deliver in a digital environment. I see targeted content and localized engagement gaining significant traction on the GEO fenced push market as well and iBeacons and targeted market hotspots. Even more than ever the phone, I believe, will be the first choice device for consumers and publishers to drive traffic and embrace the commercial opportunities this can bring.” Within the last decade, the digital publishing industry has rapidly evolved and we are really looking forward to seeing further growth in the coming year. We are interested to know your thoughts too, feel free to send us your predictions via Twitter, using the handle @PageSuite and hashtag #PageSuitePredictions.", "date": "04-01-2016", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/pagesuites-predictions.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-predictions-for-2016/" }, { "title": "The PageSuite Games", "category": "Company", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "PageSuite's 2015 Christmas video is now live! Watch the video to see which team was victorious... [embed]https://youtu.be/VlkQ3FGw6ik?list=PLGlvxw9JDZM4iavgeOjlQfktSFrteZiMs[/embed]", "date": "11-12-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/the-pagesuite-games.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/the-pagesuite-games/" }, { "title": "Is there a future for publishers and display ads?", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "A recent report from Econsultancy has identified a new challenge faced by publishers and their advertising strategy… is there a future for display ads? Using data from a survey of 127 senior marketers from US companies worth at least $50m and with direct knowledge of ad opportunities, the report highlighted that 40% of the respondents noted stagnant or declining display ad revenue. 60% however, reported increased ad revenue.[1] The report found that ad blockers and the unique challenges created by mobile were factors that contributed to the waning revenue. Consumers desire a better experience, especially on mobile devices. This requires a move away from the overwhelming presence of mobile ads and has given rise to the use of ad blockers. The mobile challenges also include the difficulty to recognise the audience across devices. Individual identification is necessary to optimize the user experience and analyse engagement. The study also showed that dynamic content on mobiles also presents a challenge. So, how can publishers add value to their display ads? The results of the study revealed that the use of data and varied targeting both play an integral role in increasing ad revenue. Of those publishers interviewed, 76% suggested that the identification of individuals across devices/platforms will add a CPM premium. 69% said that targeting registered subscribers and using first party data would also considerably improve revenue – something which is often under-utilised. The combination of harnessing advertiser data, varied targeting and sharing data between publishers is the recipe for success in driving ad revenue. [1] https://econsultancy.com/blog/67271-is-there-a-future-for-publishers-and-display-ads/ ", "date": "09-12-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/is-there-a-future-for-publishers-and-display-ads/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Develops New Infinity App for ViVi Magazines", "category": "New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Here at PageSuite, we are thrilled to announce the release of the ViVi Magazines Infinity app! The app is completely free to view across iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and offers twelve different magazines within each monthly edition to cater to ViVi’s varied audience. ViVi Media chose to use a custom template to suit the versatility of its publications. They took full advantage of the various tools within PageSuite’s Infinity solution to enhance their content. In using our Edition Editor tool, ViVi was able to include links within the publication’s contents page so that users can jump to their favourite title. Users are able to choose to view different magazines within the monthly publication and can choose from categories such as; health, beauty, education, business and travel. ViVi also adapted their use of the Edition Editor to suit each magazine. For example, ViVi Fashion magazine features ‘Buy Now’ buttons, these take the reader to external retail websites where they can buy the items of clothing or accessories featured within the editorial. ViVi Food and Wine features play buttons next to meal recipes and when clicked, these direct the user to video tutorials. After closing the external windows, the user is then able to resume their place within the app. This is an effective example of how the tools within PageSuite Infinity can be used to supplement content and enrich the user experience. The director of ViVi Media, Darren Guest, commented on the reception of the app. He said “Our move to use Infinity and take our digital publications from desktop to smartphone app is proving a great success. Clients are really embracing it for their marketing with the knowledge that more and more are using a mobile device for news and entertainment. Readers are giving us loads of positive feedback.' He added 'We are looking forward to working with Pagesuite to improve the app in order to give our customers a better digital experience'. ViVi Magazines can be downloaded and read offline at your convenience. Click the links to download the app for FREE: iOS | Android", "date": "04-12-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Vivi.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-develops-new-infinity-app-for-vivi-magazines/" }, { "title": "Ad Blocking’s Biggest Myths Exposed", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "The rising popularity of ad blockers has been a worry of those in the digital publishing industry and whilst the controversy has unearthed some real concerns, it has also created several misconceptions. Here, we aim to address some of the myths surrounding ad blockers. Myth 1: Ad blocking does not affect native ads Many publishers have turned to native advertising in a bid to escape ad blocking and although native adverts aren’t the primary target for blocking, they’re not completely immune to it. Ad blockers are programmed to block both traditional ad servers and native ad platforms. Ad blockers strip the page of these ads and replace them with regular content. However, native ads are being positioned as the ‘favoured ad type’ thanks to their inconspicuous nature. The theory is, if publishers use native advertising in the right way, then fewer readers will use ad-blocking software in the future. Myth 2: Ad blockers only affect gaming and tech sites Thanks to their audiences, gaming and tech sites have traditionally been hit the hardest by ad blockers. The gaming site, Destructoid, said that 50% of its readers blocked adverts. Although the typical gaming site now sees ad blocking rates as high as 55%, other sites such as entertainment and fashion are now seeing increases. An ad blocker provider, Secret Media, reported a rate of 29% for entertainment and 26% for fashion. Myth 3: Ad blocker users hate all ads Despite the rise in ad blockers, one of the most popular iOS ad blockers, Crystal, found that half its users would be willing to view ads that weren’t too distracting, resource-heavy or data-intensive. AdBlock Plus found similar results amongst its own users, with 70% saying that they were fine with ads that meet its “Acceptable Ads” criteria. Myth 4: Ad blockers only block intrusive ads No matter how intrusive an advert is, ad blockers treat each one the same. AdBlock Plus’ “Acceptable Ads” program attempts to rectify this by allowing white-listed ads through. Most ad blockers however, do not do this. Ad blockers work from blacklists containing URLS and other page elements associated with advertising. This means that even the most unobtrusive ads get blocked. For further information on ad blockers and how to secure your digital advertising strategies for 2016, join our webinar on Thursday 10th December! Sign up here: Beat the Blockers – Your 2016 Ad Survival Guide", "date": "30-11-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/ad-blockings-biggest-myths-exposed/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s December Opening Hours", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "With Christmas fast approaching, we felt it would be valuable for our clients to know exactly when we are available over the festive period. You will be pleased to learn that PageSuite will be open for business as usual, with members of staff available throughout December and the beginning of January. To ensure that your requests are dealt with responsively as ever over the festive period, our support team will be available from 06.00 - 22.30 GMT on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. If you have any queries during this time, please do not hesitate to call us on 01233 721030 or email supportdesk@pagesuite.com", "date": "26-11-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-december-opening-hours/" }, { "title": "Spotlight on ‘Bundled Subscription Models’", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "The final post of PageSuite’s Subscription Series focuses on bundled subscriptions, whereby users have access to both digital and print publications through a single payment each month or year. The bundled subscription model is a popular choice for publishers wanting to protect and maintain their print circulation. By including both print and digital options within the subscription, publishers are able to distribute print content at a lower cost and can also increase their digital sales. Publishers such as Dennis Publishing have reported growth amongst both print and digital sales since introducing bundles. For their publication, ‘The Week’, Dennis introduced a series of different subscription options with the core intention that digital content should be paid for. Although digital-only subscriptions were initially the most popular, the biggest growth came from bundling print and digital together. The strategy behind the growth was to increase the price of digital-only subscriptions, but make the difference between print and bundle costs moderately small. It therefore works so that the inclusion of the digital edition within the bundle costs a mere 20p extra per week![1] Several of our clients including Archant, DC Thomson and the British Film Institute also utilise the bundled subscription model. In utilising the bundled subscription method, publishers are able to circumnavigate app stores that take 30% net of any digital sales Bundled subscriptions are also advantageous for consumers. The flexibility of bundled subscriptions is suited to readers on the move. Nowadays, people are more mobile which means that they may not always have access to their print publication. They now have the capability to view the digital edition across multiple devices instead. Tim Blott at the Herald and Times said “The flexibility of our print-digital combination subscription packages suits readers who like the option of scrolling through our mobile site while adding comments through their own social media channels, or relaxing with our SundayLife magazine over the weekend.”[2] This model is a useful tool for generating revenue and increasing circulation for both print and digital but in order to maximise success, publishers need to ensure that they price their subscription models strategically. Bundling also makes sense for a consumer who feels they have paid once for a product and are able to consume content regardless of which platform they use. For further insight into the various available subscription models, watch out for our upcoming Subscriptions White Paper available on our Resources section soon! [1] http://www.dovetailservices.com/guides/case-study-the-week-making-digital-bundles-pay/ [2] http://www.scotns.org.uk/herald-times-grows-circulation-hits-record-online-subscriptions-in-september/ ", "date": "23-11-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/spotlight-on-bundled-subscription-models/" }, { "title": "Spotlight on ‘Freemium Subscription Models’", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Freemium subscriptions are rapidly becoming the dominant business model within the digital publishing industry. As its name suggests, the freemium model offers a combination of ‘free’ and ‘premium’ content. Websites and apps that adopt this format typically offer a smaller proportion of free content, users who want to access the rest of the content will have to pay. With the predominant goal to attract new users, the theory behind freemium subscriptions is that users will be so compelled by the quality of the free content that they will then want to subscribe to see the rest of the articles. Publishers must ensure they get the correct balance of quality between their paid and free content. If publishers are failing to attract new users, it probably means that the free offerings are not captivating enough – why would users then want to pay for more of the same? In this case, you’d probably need to provide richer features for free. If you’re producing lots of traffic but people are failing to upgrade – your free content is toorich.[1] It’s all about getting the balance right. When implemented correctly, freemium subscriptions are effective in enticing new users and converting them to subscribers.  However, it is also important to recognise the value of free users, as not only do they potentially become subscribers, they also attract other new members who become subscribers. Reports from the Harvard Business Review show that a free user is worth around 15% to 25% as much as a premium subscriber, with significant value as result of referrals.[2] Publishers can increase the value of referrals by introducing incentives for users. A key example of a successful freemium model in practice is BILD, Germany’s biggest newspaper. Its parent company, Axel Springer, introduced the freemium model two years ago and at present, about 20% of the articles are paid and 80% are free[3]. BILD’s paid subscriptions rose by 25% to more than 392,000 in the third quarter of 2014.[4] Despite increasing their digital focus, BILD also manages to support their print circulation by giving their print readers a special code whereby they can read the digital version for free on the day they buy the paper! The freemium model is clearly beneficial for publishers, consumers and even the print industry. Publishers have the opportunity to use their content to convert users and also increase their circulation. Consumers are able to have free access to content and have the choice to pay for the rest. [1] https://hbr.org/2014/05/making-freemium-work [2] https://hbr.org/2014/05/making-freemium-work [3] http://www.inma.org/blogs/conference/post.cfm/how-bild-made-its-freemium-model-a-success-just-2-years-in [4] http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/05/business/media/axel-springer-raises-outlook-citing-strength-of-ad-sales.html?smid=li-share&_r=1 ", "date": "16-11-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/spotlight-on-freemium-subscription-models/" }, { "title": "Mobile ad rates are overtaking desktop", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "According to emerging data from PubMatic, publishers are beginning to succeed with their mobile advertising efforts and the ad rates are now starting to overtake desktop. The report on quarterly ad rates suggests that mobile advertising is beginning to mature within everyday apps and across the mobile web. Rates appear to be higher and growing faster on mobile at 12% each year, compared to desktop with a yearly growth of 10%. Mobile CPMs were also a significant 34% higher than on desktop! Jennifer Lum, the co-founder of mobile ad platform ‘Adelphic’, suggested that the growing mobile ad rates are a result of better user data. She said “Whether it’s location, behavioural data, or first-party [customer] data… Advertisers and agencies are starting to embrace more broad usage of data”. Brands are bringing the first-party data to their ad buying to target individual users, and the better the targeting, the more valuable the ad impression for publishers. The report also advises that private marketplaces are also helping to push mobile rates higher, as they provide alternatives to open bidding and enable publishers to closely control their inventory. Although the cost per thousand impressions are five to six times higher when sold through private marketplaces, Lum observed “We are seeing pretty strong increases in demand for mobile private marketplaces”. However, while the data and formats are improving, it would seem that publishers are still yet to be convinced of the value of mobile advertising. Warren Zenna, the managing director of the mobile media planning firm, Mobext, supports this view. He said “Clients don’t necessarily understand the role mobile plays in the life cycle of the consumer decision process.” Zenna observes that some advertisers are still stuck in a ‘banner-based world’, which doesn’t correspond to mobile. Others however, are starting to recognise the requirements for mobile optimisation – personalised content. It is recommended that publishers use one highly targeted ad opposed to twelve lower quality display ads that show on desktop. Zenna said “The smart publishers are putting up only one ad and charging a lot for it”. To find out how you can optimise your advertising strategy for the new year, sign up to our upcoming webinar here: Beat the Blockers - Your 2016 Ad Survival Guide", "date": "13-11-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/mobile-ad-rates-are-overtaking-desktop/" }, { "title": "Target Users with Rich Media & Geo Location Push Messages", "category": "Products", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "PageSuite Infinity’s Rich Media & Geo Location Push Messages allow your marketing efforts to be more targeted than ever before. You can carefully and methodically send alerts to users based on their location & you can also send richer content that’s far more likely to engage your users. Rich Media Messages If you choose ‘Rich Media Messages’ you will be able to send links or images directly to the in-app inbox that sits within your app. The screenshot above shows the message inbox to the right and the opened message to the left. Publishers can use this as an advertising tool, as a way to send richer notifications or as a way to send special offers via a URL link. Publishers can send a standard text notification to encourage their readers to open the messages within the in-app inbox. Geo Targeted Messages Target users who are in a specific location, outside of a specific location or as they enter or exit a fixed location. This highly targeted method enables you to send and schedule very specific messaging that is far more likely to resonate with your app users. For example, you could set a target area around a sports stadium so that your app users receive a highly targeted message as they approach the stadium. There are numerous commercial opportunities! Using Google Maps you can set your target area. Both Google and Apple recommend that a minimum ‘fence size’ of 100 meters is set, we have therefore set this limitation. You can then simply write your message and control the message settings. Both Rich Media Messages and Geo Location Messages are available as bolt-on options with PageSuite Infinity. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. ", "date": "11-11-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Rich-Media-Geo.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/target-users-with-rich-media-geo-location-push-messages/" }, { "title": "Spotlight on ‘Metered Content Models’", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": " The first post in PageSuite’s Subscription Series blog is centred on the metered model. Metered subscriptions permit customers to view a certain amount of free content before a paywall appears. Once readers have reached their article limit, a small pop-up notification appears with a call to action to subscribe for a small fee. This model is particularly popular amongst publishers as it typically allows them to attract customers with the free content. Metered subscriptions were pioneered by the Financial Times and Daily Telegraph who have both reported huge successes since the introduction. The Financial Times’ 2014 results showed that the metered model helped them to reach a print and digital circulation of 720,000. Profits have also tripled each year. The CEO of the FT, John Ridding, said “Eight years ago we launched the metered model which has been fantastically successful. It’s been a real source of transformation and a good source of contribution to the business.”[1] The Telegraph also reported a profit of £55million in 2014 as a result of the implementation of a metred paywall.[2] The retention rate for content with metered subscriptions is also considerably higher compared with other models such as hard paywalls. The average retention rate for newspapers using metered paywalls is 58.5%, with some reporting as much as 90% reader retention![3] The metered subscription model is also beneficial for consumers. They are able to sample the app/digital publication for a period of time before they commit to a subscription. Ridding commented on the concept behind this, he said “The theory is that within that they can build a habit, and then become a subscriber.” The success of this theory is clearly proven by the reported retention rates. Metered subscriptions appear to have benefits for both the publisher and consumer. With a proven success rate for circulation, revenue and retention, the metered model is certainly a successful strategy for many. [1] http://www.theguardian.com/media/2015/feb/27/financial-times-to-change-way-it-charges-for-online-content [2] https://econsultancy.com/blog/66002-newspapers-and-subscription-barriers-what-works-best/ [3] http://www.theguardian.com/media/greenslade/2014/nov/07/paywalls-charging-for-content ", "date": "09-11-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/spotlight-on-metered-content-models/" }, { "title": "PageSuite Webinar Series: Beat the Blockers – Your 2016 Ad Survival Guide", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Following the success of our ‘What Does iOS9 Mean For Publishers’ webinar, we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting another webinar entitled ‘Beat the Blockers – Your 2016 Ad Survival Guide’. The webinar will take place on Thursday 10th December at 4pm GMT / 11am EST and will be hosted by our SVP of Business Development, Ben Edwards. Ben will discuss the topical controversy surrounding ad-blockers which are estimated to cost the industry $10.7 million in lost ad revenue[1]. In light of this, the webinar will aim to help publishers plan successful advertising strategies for 2016 and will focus on ways to increase revenue despite the increased attempts to block adverts. Ben will also explore the various mobile and tablet opportunities set to grace the industry over the coming year. To ensure that you don’t miss out on some key industry insights, click the link below to join our webinar: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1099963897353999618 [1] http://digiday.com/publishers/ad-tech-always-wins-ad-blocking-users-new-hot-ad-targeting-segment/", "date": "05-11-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/beat-the-blockers.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuite-webinar-series-beat-the-blockers-your-2016-ad-survival-guide/" }, { "title": "Have an ‘App-y’ Christmas: PageSuite’s Guide to Boosting App Sales", "category": "Industry", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "It may seem a little early to be talking about Christmas but industry professionals will understand that early November is a key time to be thinking about digital initiatives. With the holiday season fast approaching, it is essential that publishers prepare for the download surge! As a result of new smartphones and tablets received around Christmas, the industry has seen a significant increase in app downloads over the festive period in recent years. Last year for example, there was a 40% increase in iOS and Android app transactions between 21st November 2014 and 4th January 2015[1]. The previous year, TechHive reported 1.2 million cumulative iOS and Android app downloads during the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.[2] Also, with Apple’s recent new product launch, we are sure to see a significant rise in iOS app downloads! Last Christmas, following the launch of the iPhone6 and iPhone6 PLUS, Flurry reported that 51.3% of device activations were in fact Apple products.[3] This year, Apple has launched a wider range of products; we can therefore expect an even higher download rate. Although this trend is positive for publishers, it can be increasingly difficult for smaller apps to get noticed. PageSuite is on hand to help! With advanced functionalities, our vast range of products can be tailored to captivate consumers!  Our various app solutions, PageSuite Infinity, PageSuite Live or Custom Apps give publishers the opportunity to create, customise and have full control over their app. The tools within our products enable publishers to increase interactivity and engagement with their users. It is important that publishers market their apps effectively during the holiday period. For those with a global reach, be sure to adapt to different seasonal customs and even weather for different countries. Although many users will be keeping cosy and out of the cold, others in the southern hemisphere will be enjoying a hot, sunny Christmas! Read our ‘Marketing Your App’ White Paper for further guidance! Publishers may also want to refresh app store descriptions with Christmas specials. Updated screenshots incorporating Santa hats and Christmas trees within the app stores may attract new users! Apps with pay walls and metred subscriptions could also incorporate Christmas offers such as free access to certain articles! If you’d like your app to be developed and launched in time for the download surge, contact one of our Mobile & Digital Specialists today on 01233 721030, or email hello@pagesuite.com [1] http://www.telemediaonline.co.uk/uk-retailers-mobile-app-sales-increase-by-40-over-2014-christmas-shopping-period/ [2] http://www.techhive.com/article/247197/android_ios_app_downloads_top_1_billion_over_christmas_week.html [3] http://flurrymobile.tumblr.com/post/115194652995/apple-and-apps-dominated-christmas-2014 ", "date": "02-11-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/appy-christmas.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/have-an-app-y-christmas-pagesuites-guide-to-boosting-app-sales/" }, { "title": "An Introduction to PageSuite’s Subscription Series", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Over the last four years, digital subscriptions in the UK have risen significantly. There is a variety of subscription models utilised by publishers within the digital publishing industry and they are becoming increasingly important within apps and for online editions as a way for publishers to increase their revenue. As a result of the growing significance, PageSuite will be publishing a series of subscription-based blog posts every Monday. The posts will spotlight individual subscription models and their various benefits for publishers and consumers. So why are more and more publishers placing increased focus on subscriptions and experimenting with different models? Paid subscriptions are a great way of generating constant revenue and publishers are able to forecast their approximate monthly revenue. The use of subscriptions generally improves the average customer lifetime value and creates a sense of brand loyalty.[1] There are also benefits for consumers, who find subscriptions more convenient for their active lifestyles and enjoy reading their favourite publication in both print and digital. One key issue surrounding subscriptions may be the willingness of people to pay for content they can already access via several free online news sources. Yet publishers are able to offer added value to their subscriptions. Cablevision for example, gives their subscribers complimentary access to Newsday apps. Specialist publications such as the Financial Times also avoid this issue as they offer content dedicated to certain sectors. Interestingly, consumers are not deferred by the requirement to pay for news. The success of hard-paywall subscriptions has been reported by publications such as The Sunday Times and The Times.  After the implementation of hard paywalls, there has been an 8% year on year increase in digital subscribers for The Times. The Sunday Times also reported a yearly increase of 12%.[2] The vast range of desktop, mobile and tablet subscription options include; bundles, value-added, membership, digital/print only, single copy sales, recurring subscriptions, metered and freemium models. The infographic below highlights some key statistics relating to different subscription formats in the UK and US. PageSuite’s ‘Subscription Series’ will explore a selection of these models in further detail. Visit our blog next Monday for further information! [1] http://www.subbly.co/blog/10-best-practices-for-online-subscription-business-models/ [2] http://uk.businessinsider.com/the-times-swings-back-into-profit-and-posts-digital-subscriber-uplift-2014-12?r=US&IR=T ", "date": "02-11-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/an-introduction-to-pagesuites-subscription-series/" }, { "title": "Kuoni Travel Unveils New PageSuite Infinity App", "category": "New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "PageSuite are pleased to announce the launch of Kuoni Travel's brand new app, built using our latest app CMS, Infinity! The newly developed app gives users access to brochures, videos and store locations as well as direct links to the website. Kuoni Travel, who in 2013 were named “World’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator”, have been specialising in the UK long-haul holiday market and have consistently been the most successful specialist tour operator in the United Kingdom. The app provides full access to the Kuoni Magazine editions, which can be read online or downloaded and viewed offline. Additionally, you are able to save whole editions within the app or individual pages that are relevant to each user. Navigate through the brochures by scrolling and swiping through the visually striking individual / double page spreads, and pinch to zoom in on areas of the pages for an enhanced reading experience. Kuoni chose to take full advantage of PageSuite’s pre-designed templates available within Infinity for the design of their app. ‘Edition Banner B’ enables Kuoni Travel to display the main publication along with a full archive of their brochures for users to access in an instant, directly on their smartphone or tablet. Upon launch of a single edition within the app, users will see the new welcome tutorial screen which explains how to navigate through the brochure. This can be revisited at any time by pressing the information icon in each edition. From the idyllic desert island splash screen and branded header banner, to the striking brochure covers, this is prime example of a great end user viewing experience. It has been described as “the perfect app for helping you to research and plan your next holiday from the comfort of your own home or on the move” by Kuoni themselves. We are pleased to announce that the Kuoni Travel app is now available to download and browse on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire, and is free to download.", "date": "28-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/kuoni.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/kuoni-travel-unveils-new-pagesuite-infinity-app/" }, { "title": "Apple News Arrives in the UK!", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Apple’s News app is now available in the UK for iPhone and iPad users and provides you with “all the news you want, right where you want it”. News has been designed to act as a personalised newsfeed aggregator for digital media, so you no longer need to move between apps to stay informed! The newly introduced app combines “the rich and immersive design found in print with the interactivity of digital media”, which allows the reader to enjoy wonderfully crafted articles that fully reflect the style of the publication it is coming from. Apple’s News acts as a replacement for Newsstand, and allows users to explore a huge selection of topics from various sources, and choose their favourites so that they can receive the news that exclusively interests them. The more you read, the better the app understands your interests and news needs for future updates and recommendations. Some of the UK partners for News so far, include The Telegraph, Financial Times, Conde Nast, The Times and Sunday Times and The Sun; with plenty more household names developing solutions for Apple’s latest news offering. If you would like to find out how you can work with PageSuite and be a part of News, then please get in touch with one of our Digital and Mobile Specialists today by emailinghello@pagesuite.com or calling +44 (0) 1233 721030. Alternatively, to stay up to date with PageSuite’s industry focused news and updates, find us on social media and hit follow! LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google+ | YouTube", "date": "28-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/apple-news-arrives-in-the-uk/" }, { "title": "DC Thomson Launch Infinity App for ‘No.1 Magazine’", "category": "New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Scotland’s top ladies lifestyle title ‘No.1 Magazine’, published by of DC Thomson, has launched brand new PageSuite Infinity app which is now available to download for free on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire for smartphone and tablet devices. No.1 Magazine is known as “Scotland’s glamorous glossy” and is published monthly, updating readers with ‘of the moment’ celeb news and gossip, seasonal fashion trends and beauty tips - ideal for the busy, modern, lifestyle-conscious woman. By utilising PageSuite’s pre-designed template, ‘Edition Banner B’, No.1 Magazine’s Infinity app displays the current edition as well as an easily accessible archive of previous copies of the magazines. This template also allows DC Thomson to fully customise the app’s aesthetic, including a branded header and relevant button colours. The app has taken full advantage of PageSuite’s excellent subscription management tool, offering various tiered subscription packages to readers. A monthly subscription is available from just 79p and a 6-monthly subscription can be purchased for £3.99. In addition, any previously downloaded issues of No.1 can be retrieved in the ‘Downloads’ section of the app. The editor of No.1 Magazine, Nadine Hawkins, commented “The app is a great way for No.1 readers to access our magazine whenever and wherever they like.  Everyone likes to be able to do things on the go; shopping, social media, catching up with news, and now our readers can indulge in ‘me time’ with No.1 anywhere!” Download DC Thomson’s No.1 Magazine now, to smartphones and tablets, by following the links below: iOS | Android | Kindle Fire", "date": "27-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/dc-thomson.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/dc-thomson-launch-infinity-app-for-no-1-magazine/" }, { "title": "62% of Brits Now Read and Download Online News, Newspapers and Magazines", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "It has recently been announced by comScore, that the digital newspaper audience has grown twice as fast as the internet in the past twelve months. The rate at which the digital audience engaged with newspaper content peaked in August of this year, at an impressive 179.3 million adult unique visitors. This is a 10% increase recorded in twelve months and is double the growth rate of the Internet as a whole, which only recorded a growth of 5%! The data also revealed that half of digital newspaper audiences are composed of those who only use their smartphones and tablet devices to access digital newspapers, rather than print papers. It has been confirmed that eight in ten people use their smartphone to access online news, proving the importance of establishing a successful smartphone app strategy. Composition of Newspaper Digital Audience by Platform Type: August 2015 (Adult Unique Visitors) Mobile-Exclusive: 50% PC (Desktop/Laptop): 27% Both PC and Mobile: 23% Source: comScore The newspaper digital audience grew more than twice as fast as the overall internet audiences for the following age ranges: 18 - 24, 25 - 34 and 35 - 44. The growth rate was notably large among younger age groups, as unique visitors grew by 16% over the past twelve months for 18 – 24 year olds, while the internet only grew by 6% for this age category. Share of individuals reading and downloading online news, newspapers or magazines in Great Britain from 20017 - 2015 2007:     20% 2008:     34% 2009:     39% 2010:     39% 2011:     42% 2012:     47% 2013:     55% 2014:     55% 2015:     62% Source: Statista", "date": "27-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/62-of-brits-now-read-and-download-online-news-newspapers-and-magazines/" }, { "title": "Changing App Vendor", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Looking to change app vendor? It isn’t as difficult as you may think… A lot of publishers often put their Digital Edition or app projects on hold because of the misconception that switching vendors will be a long and arduous process. In fact, it is much simpler than you may think and there’s a lot that we can do to make the process as seamless and pain-free as possible. Training We have offices located in Kent, London and Boston and can easily hold training sessions on-site to show you around our software. Alternatively, we can visit your office to hold group training sessions to make sure that everybody is up-to-speed on creating, managing and enhancing your digital edition or apps.  We’ll provide you with dedicated support throughout the entire transition process. Automation Many elements of our Digital Edition and feed-driven app software can be automated which reduces the amount of internal resource required to make them run.  Our Support Team can also assist in processing editions, managing links and naming files. Speed We have a wealth of experience in turning around projects in a relatively short period of time. We’ve turned around replica editions in just a few hours! We also launched over 50 apps for one of the Middle East’s top publishers in just three months. If you’re looking to change vendor and want to know more about timescales or the changeover period then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our digital publishing specialists, we’ll be happy to help!", "date": "23-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/changing-app-vendor/" }, { "title": "Meet PageSuite at University of Kent’s Careers Fair 2015", "category": "Company, Events", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "On Tuesday 3rd November 2015, PageSuite will be exhibiting at the University of Kent’s Careers Fair taking place at Canterbury Campus’ Sports Centre between 12pm - 3pm. Visit us to find out how you can become part of the PageSuite team! We will be among 130 employers at November’s event, where we will be showcasing our career opportunities for Kent students and graduates. We offer a range of opportunities, from graduate roles to summer internships and year-long placements for those still studying at university. At PageSuite, we have many different divisions of the business, including Account Management, Accounting and Finance, Administration, Design, Development, IT Support, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Recruitment, Sales and Web Development. These are all areas of the business we are keen to continue developing, and always look to source local talent when recruiting. Ross Murphy, CEO explains, “With continuous expansion across the company, there couldn’t be a more exciting time to join the team. We are always looking for fresh new talent in all areas of the business, from Development to Marketing, and are passionate about recruiting local talent. We have some really great teams here at PageSuite, and if you are forward thinking and diligent, with an interest in the industry then this could be exactly the right career move for you!” This year’s Careers Fair is reported to be bigger than ever, as it spans across two halls and we are really looking forward to meeting potential recruits at the show. Meet us at Stand #1 for advice on how you can shape your career with PageSuite, and find out about our current vacancies. Don’t forget to grab a free doughnut, sweets and a ‘goodie bag’ too! To stay up to date with our company and career updates, follow us on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Google+ | YouTube We look forward to seeing you there!", "date": "23-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/careersfair-newsimage.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/meet-pagesuite-university-kents-careers-fair-2015/" }, { "title": "Thunderbirds Are Go With a New PageSuite Infinity App!", "category": "New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We are thrilled to announce the launch of DC Thomson’s “Thunderbirds Are Go” app built using our latest app CMS, PageSuite Infinity. The app is now available to explore on smartphone and tablet devices for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. The Thunderbirds Are Go Infinity app accompanies the ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures’ action adventure television series and newly released print magazine now available in stores. The app has been built using an impressive custom template designed and developed in-house, which creates a fully immersive in app experience from start to finish for the user. The fully branded splash screen is a great way to launch into the app and leads you to the week’s latest issue of the magazine, as well as a full archive. Perfect for children between the ages of six and twelve, each magazine’s replica edition is full of epic missions, mega make-its, jokes, comic adventures and Brains’ coolest gadgets! DC Thomson have taken full advantage of PageSuite’s subscription management tool, as users have the option to purchase either a 6 month or yearlong subscription package. Once the subscription has been activated, all purchased editions can be found in the ‘downloads’ section of the app for ease of use. The advertising banner at the base of the app links to the television programme’s Facebook page in order to increase social media presence and sharing via the app; encouraging readers to follow the page. PageSuite client DC Thomson, are continuously looking at ways in which to innovate and Thunderbirds Are Go is a major new launch for the company. Trudi Hayward, SVP Head of Global Merchandise at ITVS GE speaks highly of DC Thomson during this project, “Their unwavering dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to the Thunderbirds Are Go brand is reflected in the excellent quality of products they’ve developed.” PageSuite are equally as happy to be part of the Thunderbirds Are Go mission, as the hit show celebrates its 50th birthday this year! Follow the links below to start your Thunderbirds adventure today! iOS | Android | Kindle Fire", "date": "22-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Thunderbirds-news-banner.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/thunderbirds-go-new-pagesuite-infinity-app/" }, { "title": "Crafts Magazine Release New PageSuite Infinity App", "category": "New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "We are delighted to unveil Crafts magazine’s new Infinity App which is now free to download onto iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. PageSuite Infinity enabled Crafts to create stunning digital replicas of their print editions. With more than 250 issues, Crafts magazine is the go-to publication for those with a passion for contemporary craft. Each issue provides the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of craft by exploring the latest movements and discussing the role craft plays in society today. Using our pre-designed Infinity template 'Single Feed A', Crafts magazine are able to showcase their vibrant range of editions within the app. Subscribers are able to swipe along the interactive library to download and read their chosen issue. Once downloaded, the editions can be conveniently read offline. Users are also able to swipe through the colourful pages with ease and can use our pop-up page selection menu to skip to their desired page. The ‘Single Feed A’ template also enables Crafts magazine to supplement the app content with a single news feed. Live articles are pulled straight from their website via an RSS feeds, to ensure the content is always up to date and consistent. “This month, we launch our free app and first digital subscription available on iPhone, iPad and Android. It’s free to print subscribers but is available to everybody else for as little as £4.99; giving you access to the last two years of back issues, which are searchable and interactive. It’s a resource that promises to grow in the coming weeks and months.” – Grant Gibson, editor Crafts magazine. To find out the latest in the world of contemporary crafts, click below to download the app! iOS | Android", "date": "21-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/craftscouncil-newsimage.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/crafts-magazine-release-new-pagesuite-infinity-app/" }, { "title": "Book a Demo at American Jewish Press Association Conference in Washington D.C.", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "PageSuite are pleased to confirm that we will be exhibiting at the AJPA Conference next month in Washington D.C., from 9th - 11th November, and will be offering one-to-one product demonstrations throughout the duration of the show to any attendees. We would encourage that you reserve your slot before the show as availability will be limited on the day. Email hello@pagesuite.com before the show with your availability and we will be in touch in due course to confirm your appointment. Our digital publishing will be on hand at the conference to take you through our products and show you how we could work with you on any digital projects may have. We are looking forward to showcasing our Digital Editions, app CMS solutions and our Custom Apps to all attendees throughout the duration of the show. Find out how PageSuite launched a replica solution, with integrated subscriber management tools, for New Jersey Jewish News by reading our exclusive client case study online today. We look forward to meeting you at next month’s conference!", "date": "19-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/book-a-demo-at-american-jewish-press-association-conference-in-washington-d-c/" }, { "title": "The Independent Showcases Fiat 500X Animated Interstitial", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Amidst the flow of article pages within The Independent app, readers will find the latest animated interstitial advert for the Fiat 500X. Although the ad is vibrant, it does not interrupt the user’s viewing; instead it becomes an interactive element of the app content. Upon clicking on the advert, the user has the opportunity to explore two different styles of the Fiat 500X. Users are launched into a multi-dimensional ad, whereby they have the option to click on several tabs to explore various features of the car. The advanced functionalities within the advert effectively imitate an in-app experience. [embed]https://youtu.be/YgIDEF46T6k[/embed] The video above shows the ability to flick through photo galleries, view videos and have a 360 degree view of the car. The user is able to simply press the back arrow to resume their place in the content stream and move onto the next article. The Fiat 500X interstitial is a classic example of the innovative advertising solutions becoming increasingly prevalent within our clients’ apps. This particular example was integrated using a third party solution. Animated adverts are a great way of boosting user engagement and driving ROI. Speak to one of our Digital and Mobile Specialists to discover a range of custom advertising options available to you. Call us on 01233 721030 or email hello@pagesuite.com.", "date": "19-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/the-independent-showcases-fiat-500x-animated-interstitial/" }, { "title": "App Update: Evening Standard’s Redesign Using PageSuite Live", "category": "New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "PageSuite are delighted to unveil the updated Evening Standard app! We worked with the Evening Standard to execute a complete redesign of the app for smartphone and tablet devices, complimenting changes to their website. They remodelled their app solution to align it with the redesigned Evening Standard website and their digital products as a whole, creating a consistent user experience across all outlets. The Evening Standard has utilised the PageSuite Live system to seamlessly alter the template designs, fonts and layouts of various pages.  The restructure aims to improve the in-app navigation for the user, allowing them to easily browse and access their desired content. The revised fonts and page layouts enhance the overall consumption experience and give the content a more user-friendly appearance. The Independent and Evening Standard’s Mobile Product Manager, Daniel Pape, described how PageSuite Live enabled the seamless redesign. He commented, “The PageSuite Live platform is a tool that is vital to creating a product that looks great and performs well. The stability of a native platform combined with the customisability of web views makes it simple to design and implement page layouts, while also being able to make swift improvements based on user feedback.” The Evening Standard is available to download onto iOS, Android and Kindle Fire smartphones and tablets. Visit the relevant app stores to update your current version, or follow the links to download: iOS  |  Android  | Kindle Fire", "date": "15-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/EVENING-STANDARD-NEWS-BANNER.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/app-update-evening-standards-redesign-using-pagesuite-live/" }, { "title": "Archant Releases New Title ‘Rifle Shooter’ & Supporting Infinity App", "category": "New Launch", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "As Archant unveil their new title, Rifle Shooter, PageSuite are pleased to announce the launch of the supporting Infinity app which is now available to download on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire to smartphone and tablet. The all-new shooting magazine, ideal for rifle enthusiasts, hosts informative editorial and stunning photography. The specialist magazine is published monthly and all previous editions can be found within the app’s archive and once downloaded can be continually accessed. Rifle Shooter takes full advantage of PageSuite Infinity’s pre-designed templates by using the Edition Banner B template; displaying the current publication and a full archive to compliment. Archant have also taken advantage of the customisation within the app, by branding the header with corporate branding. Offline reading is another key feature, allowing app users to access the editions on the go, as well as having excellent search functionality, making it quick and easy to find relevant and desired articles. Archant have successfully implemented PageSuite’s exceptional subscription solutions, offering readers subscription packages for 1 month, 3 months or 1 year with apt savings (up to a 51% saving for a year subscription!) Chris Scarle, Digital Magazines Manager at Archant, explains “PageSuite’s Infinity platform provides us with improved features, an increased user experience and the opportunity to customise the layout of our apps to suit the needs of our titles. We are excited to have Rifle Shooter as our first launch on the platform and look forward to utilising Infinity’s functionality to create more advanced custom apps going forward.” The app is now available to download to smartphone and tablet devices for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire at the following links: iOS | Android | Kindle Fire", "date": "14-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Archant.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/archant-releases-new-title-rifle-shooter-supporting-infinity-app/" }, { "title": "Spotlight on ‘Takeover Ads’", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "The final post in our ‘Advertising Series’ explores the innovative concept of ‘takeover adverts’. More and more publishers are deciding to implement takeover adverts within their solutions to enhance their digital advertising strategies. The growing popularity of the takeover ad stems from its non-intrusive nature, despite its obvious presence amongst the content. Takeover ads typically wrap round an entire article within an app, creating a border or frame effect. The advert almost appears as a ‘skin’ and is usually featured on high-traffic pages. Takeover ads have proven to be successful amongst app users as they do not obstruct their view of the content or interrupt their in-app experience. ‘Yahoo!’ reported that, when compared with banner adverts; there was a 67% increase in the average user dwell time for takeovers[1]. The example below shows a takeover ad framing an article. This was implemented using third-party integration. The advert effectively creates a border-like appearance without interfering with the content. Our ‘Advertising Series’ has explored just a few of the different advertising formats available to publishers; there are many more advertising formats to consider. PageSuite’s flexible toolset enables clients to implement a range of alternative ad solutions into their apps. For further examples of ways to monetise your digital solution, click here to download our ‘In-App Advertising’ White Paper.", "date": "12-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/spotlight-on-takeover-ads/" }, { "title": "How Do Americans Spend Their Time on Mobile Devices?", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Data sourced [from Flurry Analytics] states that Americans spend, on average, 3 hours and 40 minutes using their mobile device per day in the past quarter. Of that total, it has been confirmed that they spend 90% of their time within apps and the remaining 10% using a mobile browser. These statistics prove the significance of successful mobile and tablet apps to digital publishers, as users undoubtedly prefer using apps to mobile websites. Find out how PageSuite can assist you within your digital projects, from Digital Editions and E-Papers to our diverse range of app solutions here. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss our products in further detail, please email hello@pagesuite.com or call 01233 721030 to speak to a specialist. How Ameriacans Spend Their Time on Mobile Devices: Q1 2013: Apps - 80% Mobile Browser - 20% Time Spent /Day - 2hrs 38mins Q2 2014: Apps - 86% Mobile Browser - 14% Time Spent /Day - 2hrs 42mins Q2 2015: Apps - 90% Mobile Browser - 10% Time Spent /Day - 3hrs 40mins", "date": "12-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/how-do-americans-spend-their-time-on-mobile-devices/" }, { "title": "WAN IFRA 2015 Round Up", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "PageSuite had a fantastic time at WAN IFRA! If you didn’t get a chance to connect with us at the expo, here is a roundup of our Hamburg highlights! PageSuite had a successful first day with our SVP of Business Development, Ben Edwards, providing an enlightening talk on ‘Monetising Mobile’. Ben gave the audience an understanding on how PageSuite can assist publishers in generating additional revenue by integrating advertising and subscriptions into their desktop and app solutions. Ben then collaborated with our Senior iOS developer, Andy Copsey, to deliver an informative industry insight at the ‘Mobile News Summit’ on the morning of Tuesday 6th October. The duo took part in a presentation and panel discussion covering topics such as iOS 9 and the ‘News’ app, which followed on nicely from last month’s webinar. Ben and Andy both thoroughly enjoyed interacting with publishers from across the globe and answering their queries surrounding Apple’s latest updates. PageSuite also had the opportunity be part of WAN IFRA’s exclusive Audio Tour. We were really impressed with the number of industry professionals who stopped by to hear more about our vast range of solutions for the fifteen minute presentation slot. Our Senior Product Specialist, Matt Beaney, also provided a great demo of our latest app CMS, PageSuite Infinity, during the Tour. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to connect with us at this year’s expo. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting lots of like-minded individuals who took an interest in our solutions. To discuss our products in further detail or to book a demo, please email hello@pagesuite.com or get in touch by calling +44 (0)1233 721030. See you next year!", "date": "09-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/wan-ifra-2015-round-up/" }, { "title": "App Usage: It’s all about the Top 10!", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "For publishers, having an app is universally perceived as prerequisite of being successful in the media industry. With the emerging data showing that people in the US spend 90% of their time per day using apps[1], it would seem that those trying to expand their digital audience should ensure that they explore the prospect of an app solution. However, further studies also show that smartphone users in the US spend 80% of their total app time in their favourite three apps and 96% in their top ten apps![2]  This is now proving to be a concern for publishers, as having an app is no longer enough, the pressure is on to make the top ten favourites! There is a correlation between the genre of the app and its popularity. In most cases, the top three favourite apps amongst smartphone users are those used to consume media, for example, messaging and social networking apps. Publishers should not be disheartened though, as it would seem that instead of pushing out other content, social media apps have become a platform for users to share, access and consume content. In light of this, publishers should be considering integrating social sharing options into their digital solutions as a way of getting their content seen by a wider audience. To find out how to implement social sharing into your solution, contact one of our Digital and Mobile Specialists today on +44 (0) 1233 721030 or email hello@pagesuite.com. [1] http://www.statista.com/chart/3821/mobile-device-usage/ [2] http://www.statista.com/chart/3835/top-10-app-usage/ ", "date": "08-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/app-usage-its-all-about-the-top-10/" }, { "title": "Some New Faces at PageSuite!", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "As PageSuite continue to undergo their biggest recruitment drive yet, we are happy to welcome lots of new faces to the team in our UK and US offices. PageSuite are truly flourishing with the wealth of knowledge within each team in all four offices. Our new recruits over the past few months include… Alexandra De Almeida: HR Recruiter | Aldington, UK Christian Freitag: Director of Sales | Boston, US Crystal Reddick: Admin Assistant | Boston, US David Lopez: Developer | Smeeth, UK Jake Ruck: Account Manager | Aldington, UK Josh Potterton: Developer | Smeeth, UK Leyden Irwin: Support Technician | Aldington, UK Meeghan Stevenson: Personal Assistant | Aldington, UK Ollie McMartin: Developer | Smeeth, UK Penny Mayes: Accounts Assistant | Aldington, UK Simon Cundy: Head of QA | Smeeth, UK Stefan Prescott: Director of Sales | Boston, US Tom Harding: Developer | Smeeth, UK Will Hodgson: Developer | Smeeth, UK Here is a short introduction to a few of our new starters from across the company that we have welcomed since our recruitment drive began... Ollie McMartin, Developer “I am currently studying Computer Science at the University of Kent, Canterbury, and am on placement at PageSuite for a year to gain experience in the industry. My experiences of the real world applications of my field of study had been minimal prior to joining PageSuite, so seeing how all of the things I have learnt slot together is an interesting and invaluable experience. Through working at PageSuite I hope to build on the base understanding that University has given me so far. The variety of products that PageSuite has on offer presents an exciting challenge and wealth of experience that I look forward to getting my teeth into.” Simon Cundy, Head of QA “It is an exciting time to be joining the team here at PageSuite, helping to establish a full QA process and structure to even further improve the quality of the product for the client. I come from a background where I have performed QA for the likes of ITV, Barclays Bank, Compare the Market/Meerkat, Alton Towers and also News International on their app, The Sunday Times Social Rich List. I have lead teams of 14+ and offshore test teams, also while working for my previous employer VeriFone where my team were responsible for testing the software that was placed on the PIN entry devices that customers use when paying by card, this also includes Contactless payments.” Meeghan Stevenson, Personal Assistant “I’ve recently moved to Ashford from Dartford and feel PageSuite is an exciting company to work for in a field which I will find very interesting. I graduated from University with a Media Studies and Production degree and have since been a PA and Administrator for the past 2 years. I’m very much looking forward to finding solutions for organising the company, making it the best it can be.” Get familiar with the PageSuite team online today…", "date": "07-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/some-new-faces-at-pagesuite/" }, { "title": "iPhone 6S & 6S+ Break Apple Records!", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Following the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S+, the tech giants have confirmed these devices have broken all their previous mobile phone sales records. More than 13 million units were sold worldwide within the first three days, beating last year’s iPhone 6 & 6+ by 3 million units! Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, stated “sales for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been phenomenal, blowing past any previous first weekend sales results in Apple’s history. Customers’ feedback is incredible and they are loving 3D Touch and Live Photos, and we can’t wait to bring iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to customers in even more countries on October 9.” However, it should be noted that this year’s iPhone launch included sales in China, whereas the previous launch commenced a month later in China.  July 2008  iPhone 3G  1 million  July 2009  iPhone 3GS  1 million  June 2010  iPhone 4  1.7 million  October 2011  iPhone 4S  4 million  September 2012  iPhone 5  5 million  September 2013  iPhone 5S & 5C  9 million  September 2014  iPhone 6 & 6Plus  10 million  September 2015  iPhone 6S & 6S Plus  13 million           Source: statista.com Find out how PageSuite can prepare digital publishers with the changes in iOS 9 by watching our latest webinar online today.", "date": "07-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/iphone-6s-6s-break-apple-records/" }, { "title": "4 UK Newspapers’ Audiences Now Mostly Mobile-Only", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "The National Readership Survey report has revealed that more than half of UK newspaper readers of four national titles access news from mobile devices, rather than print or via a computer. 56.9% of Independent readers access content from their smartphones or tablets. 53.2% of the Daily Mirror readers access content on their handheld devices, as well as 50.7% at the Guardian. The Telegraph is not far behind, with 49.3% of their readers reading news on phones and tablets. According to figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation, the digital audience at the Express has also recently been on the rise, as the title has reached over one million daily readers in both June and July of this year. Find out how PageSuite can assist with your digital publishing needs online today, or emailhello@pagesuite.com to request further information.", "date": "05-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/4-uk-newspapers-audiences-now-mostly-mobile-only/" }, { "title": "Spotlight on ‘Animated Adverts’", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Following the success of the interstitial advert, ‘animated interstitial adverts’ are becoming increasingly prevalent within the digital publishing industry. Publishers are continuously looking to advance their digital advertising strategies and with user engagement becoming a key tool for gauging the success of an advert, ‘animation’ is rapidly becoming an essential device for further enhancing engagement and ultimately, increasing revenue. Like standard interstitials, animated interstitials appear periodically within the article swipe. The user is therefore more likely to pay attention to the ad as it falls into the systematic flow of content. A recent scientific study conducted by Neuro-Insight compared user engagement with animated adverts to engagement with standard display ads. It measured the following; the length of time audiences spent with each ad format, how well they remembered the ad and their emotional response to each of the two ad formats[1].  The study revealed that compared to standard display ads, users responded much better to animated adverts; engagement was 29% higher, positive responses were 25% higher and user dwell time was 41% higher! Several of PageSuite’s clients have implemented animated adverts into their solutions. The example below showcases the latest interactive ad for ‘Volvo’.   Users are able to reposition the sun in the sky to view how the new Volvo model adapts to different environments. Users are also able to click on the different ‘touch-points’ of the ad to explore different features of the car. The interactivity of animated adverts creates a more positive and memorable experience for the user. Users want to interact and explore the various functions of the advert, which therefore make the ads part of the in-app experience. This type of advert can be easily integrated into any of our app solutions. For further guidance, contact one of our Mobile and Tablet Specialists by calling 01233 721030 or emailing hello@pagesuite.com", "date": "05-10-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/spotlight-on-animated-adverts/" }, { "title": "Spotlight on ‘Interstitial Adverts’", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "Interstitial adverts are full-page adverts that periodically appear between the pages of a digital edition or app and are becoming an increasingly popular advertising method. An in-app interstitial typically falls into the regular stream of content, meaning that users are able to naturally swipe past the advert to return to the desired content. It is the very nature of the ad which makes it such a popular option for digital publishers, as its appearance within the flow of content minimalizes interruption and maximises engagement. The screenshots below showcase interstitial adverts found within the ‘London Evening Standard’ and ‘The Independent app’.  The adverts appear when swiping through the article section fronts.      The interstitials resemble the content of the app which increases the chance of users paying attention to the advert. Engagement with the advert can be amplified further by implementing an animated interstitial to increase interactivity. The example below shows an animated interstitial advert within The Independent’s tablet app. This type of ad encourages user interaction and often generates a higher conversion rate. [embed]https://youtu.be/FbbOreIYtGc[/embed]   You can speak with one of our Mobile and Tablet Specialists about ways to generate a higher ROI by calling 01233 721030 or emailing hello@pagesuite.com", "date": "30-09-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/spotlight-on-interstitial-adverts/" }, { "title": "PageSuite’s New White Paper: In-App Advertising", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "PageSuite is excited to announce the release of our latest white paper ‘In-App Advertising’! The paper examines the shift in digital advertising trends as a result of changing media consumption habits. The discussion concentrates on the growing focus upon making adverts more engaging and how PageSuite’s various advertising solutions enable publishers to achieve this. The paper explores the standard adverts including banner ads and MPUs, as well as our more sophisticated implementations including; animated interstitials, takeover ads and cover wraps. The white papers can be found within the new ‘Resources’ section on our website. In this section, we provide a series of webinars, product brochures and white papers so that our clients can refer to these to enhance their solutions. Whether you are an existing or prospective client, our webinars will provide you with the understanding to utilise our solutions effectively. The product brochures offer information on our various solutions to cater to a range of publishing requirements, and our white papers examine the latest industry-related research and technologies. To visit our Resources section, click here!", "date": "22-09-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/pagesuites-new-white-paper-in-app-advertising/" }, { "title": "Spotlight on ‘MPU Adverts’", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "This week marks the first post in PageSuite’s Advertising Series. This piece focuses on the characteristics and effectiveness of the renowned ‘MPU’ format which make it a popular advertising method for publishers. MPU adverts are typically 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall and are displayed amongst the content of an app, so that they are almost ‘camouflaged’. Their unobtrusive nature enables them to become part of the ‘consumption experience’; users are therefore more likely to view the adverts – this makes them a useful tool for generating additional revenue. The first visual below shows an MPU ad within the London Evening Standard mobile app. The second visual shows an MPU ad within an article view within Newsday’s app. These visuals show two ways that publishers can utilise MPU ads.           The easy-to-use tools within the PageSuite app CMS enable publishers to effortlessly integrate MPU adverts into their apps to boost revenue.  The advert space can be used to promote supplements, publications or even to advertise third-party products without interrupting the user experience. There is a selection of pre-built PageSuite Infinity templates available that already have space for an MPU advert to be inserted. Publishers can opt to integrate their apps with a third-party ad server, such as DFP, so that they can easily manage their digital ad revenue. Click here to find out how our Infinity solution can help monetise your app!", "date": "21-09-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/spotlight-on-mpu-adverts/" }, { "title": "25% Annual Growth for UK Publishers for the First Time Since Early 2014", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "A recent study by the ‘Assocation of Online Publishers (AOP)’ and ‘Deloitte’ showed that UK publishers have experienced significant positive growth since the beginning of 2014. 26% of participants who took part in the survey displayed annual growth in excess of 25% for the first time in five consecutive quarters! Further to this, the results revealed that mobile advertising revenue continued to rise in Q2 of 2015, with a 21% increase over the year and a whopping 44% rise in smartphone display revenue! Advertising revenue was certainly cited as a key focus for future growth amongst publishers, as according to the ‘AOP Sentiment Index Report’, all publishers said that they forecasted growth in digital advertising over the next year. Compared to the previous quarter, 24% fewer publishers cited cost reduction as a focus for future growth, which suggests that digital advertising really is a top contender for boosting revenue! Tim Cain, managing director of AOP, observed the recurring theme surrounding advertising revenue, he commented “The Q2 report once again highlights that advertising revenue reflects the increasing consumption of media on mobile and will remain a key focus for publishers during the next quarter.” Publishers recognise that digital advertising is now a crucial strategy for growth as a result of the changing media consumption habits. To find out how PageSuite can help to enhance your digital advertising strategy, our new ‘In-App Advertising’ white paper is NOW LIVE on our Resources section!", "date": "15-09-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/25-annual-growth-for-uk-publishers-for-the-first-time-since-early-2014/" }, { "title": "An Introduction to PageSuite’s Advertising Series", "category": "Blog", "author": "Lucy Tozer", "content": "To supplement the pending release of our new ‘In-App Advertising’ white paper, PageSuite will be publishing a series of advertising-related content on the blog every Monday! Each week, we will place one form of advertising under the spotlight and examine how this can increase user engagement as well as boost revenue. The posts will also include the latest advertising industry news and explore ways in which publishers can monetise their apps by using various different advertising methods. Our latest infographic below provides a brief overview of the specific types of advert and highlights some of the key statistics relating to their effects on revenue and engagement. To examine this in greater depth, visit our blog on Monday! ", "date": "14-09-2015", "image": "https://www.pagesuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Blog.jpg", "URL": "https://www.pagesuite.com/news-article/an-introduction-to-pagesuites-advertising-series/" }]