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After already digitally publishing the UK edition of Food and Travel magazine, PageSuite collaborated with Gulf Digital to produce a digital version of Food and Travel Arabia. Each month, the award winning publication explores new foods, flavours, people and places from across the globe.

Gulf Digital chose PageSuite with a view to provide a stable digital platform that reflected the overall high quality of the Food and Travel publication. Although evolving rapidly, the market in the Middle East is still predominantly print based. Gulf Digital wanted to deliver a higher level of service and content to their stakeholders, readers and advertisers and thus required a high-quality digital version to attract the burgeoning digital market to augment their existing printed publications and lead the way for the highly active digital consumers in the Middle East.



After their research revealed that most publishers in the Middle East do not really understand or wish to staff for the digital arena, Gulf Digital wanted to take advantage of the gap in the market and provide an improved user experience.

PageSuite worked with Gulf Digital to replicate and augment the print version of Food and Travel Arabia. Using our Infinity solution, we were able to create an app replica of the magazine and enhance the quality and interactivity of the publication. The app is now available to download from iOS and Android app stores.


  • Although the app is relatively new, Gulf Digital is very happy with the positive level of engagement from their stakeholders.
  • They are particularly impressed with the engagement levels in the most lucrative and tough-to-crack markets such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

“We have now shown that the market in the Middle East is certainly ready for digital solutions – of the right quality! We are very happy with our regional tests and feedback from existing and new readers and stakeholders alike.”

Salah Alhaiki, Publisher