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Enhanced Online Editions

Enhance published content with PageSuite’s creative tools to publish interactive digital magazines, newspapers and other collateral. PageSuite’s online software publisher tools allow unlimited video, rich media and branding opportunities across digital, mobile and tablet editions.

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Reader features

Reader Features

Users will find that there are various ways to navigate through Digital Editions thanks to the range of functionality available. For a more enhanced reading experience there are multiple zoom levels and a full-screen reading mode option available. Readers will have the option to share content, search archives and download editions to read offline.

Engaging Content

Thanks to our range of publisher tools you’ll be able to include unlimited rich media and videos to increase user engagement. Including videos alongside your content will help to increase the amount of time readers spend reading your edition and will deliver a more enhanced user experience.

Engaging content
HTML5 bolt-on

HTML5 Bolt-on

Upgrade and have PageSuite publish your Flash-based Digital Edition across tablet and smartphone mobile web platforms. Readers will be auto-served HTML5 web editions on both their smartphone and tablet devices. You’ll have the ability to layer YouTube videos and add interactive links throughout editions.